First Gay Divorce Granted In Colorado

Confused?  So is the Angle.

The Gay Marriage mess extends largely because the entire premise of marriage sanctioned by government has entangled people, their religions, and their need to have legal contracts between them when forming a household - despite their sexual preferences.

That's why only 13 states have some form of legal marriage and/or civil unions for gays.   Will gays one day be able to get married and divorced in all the states in the same way as straights?  No one can say for sure.

But for now, the quagmire is deep and the hassles large for gays.

Colorado passed a civil union law on May 1.  The law is pretty broad, so broad that it allows out of state gay marriages to be both recognized and dissolved by Colorado family law courts.  And that's exactly what Juli Yim and Lorelei Jones who wed in Massachusetts in 2009 and moved to Colorado, did.

Apparently Ms Yim found someone new in Colorado and wanted out of her MA marriage to Ms. Jones.  Colorado doesn't have gay marriage, Ms Yim will not be able to remarry in Colorado should she and her new flame heat up to the point of permanency.

Clear now?

Black Bank Robbers Use White Face Disguises

Do white robbers do better robbing white people?  Three black guys in Queens, NY thought so.

Akeem Monsalvatge, Derrick Dunkley and Edward Byam are sitting in a Brooklyn, NY federal court today after failing to get away with the check-cash store robbery they planned for two months.

The idiots bought $2,000 latex heads to cover their own black faces and nappy hair figuring white people would be easier to rob if they looked like white guys.  The three also put on cop uniforms to complete the ruse.  The idea came from watching movies, of course.

Intending to appear as white cops, the Queens perps wore the NYPD clothing and badges as they pulled up to a Pay-O-Matic in Queens in February 2012 in a Ford Explorer, prosecutor Cruz-Melendez said.

It took just three minutes for the thieves to raid a safe and a cash drawer of of $200,000 before jumping into the SUV and splitting.  As soon as the hoodsters started blowing the $200,000 the cops closed in and collared them.

The burning question, of course, is not that these three were stupid enough to get caught.  No, no...the real question is, if they had $2,000 to buy the disguises why did they need to rob the store?  Oh yea, greed.

Black United Workers Rob Baggage During SFO Disaster
Hawaii Paid 17,000 Homeless $100,000 To Leave State
Florida Town Where 50% Are Sex Offenders

Columbus Brought Syphilis From The New World

New evidence proves Cristoforo Colombo’s crew did indeed bring syphilis from the New World and infected Europe.

Not, as has been believed, the other way around.

The first recorded case in Europe is pegged to 1495 - three years after Columbus's first voyage.

Researchers George Armelagos, from Emory University, Molly Zuckerman, from Mississippi State University and Columbia University’s Kristin Harper say no evidence of an earlier infection is found in forensic examination of skeletal remains.

This pinpoints Columbus, and his return voyages as the primary vector in the disease, and disproves some four dozen studies done previously that got it wrong for decades.

History revisionists love the notion that the native American Indian populations were devastated by European diseases.  In the case for smallpox, and plague, the Indians did suffer.

But the American natives likewise gave Europe back one of the most devastating bacterial infections Europe has ever seen. The Treponema pallidum bacteria ripped thru Europe like the black plague and left scars lasting to modern times.

Arkansas Arms 20 Teachers

Slowly and deliberately some school districts in the country are waking up, arming up and raising the bar on school shooters.  And it's long overdue.

Israel's teachers are not only trained to use a handgun, all of them have served their mandatory time in the IDF (Israeli Defense Force), including the women.

Cheyne Dougan is the assistant principal at Clarksville High School in Arkansas.

Dougan is part of the initial group of 20 teachers and administrators that will carry concealed weapons. All 20 in the program received 55 hours of training and $1,100 stipend to purchase a handgun and holster.

The district has posted signs warning potential bad guys about the armed staff. None of those carrying weapons will be known outside of the group so if a shooter does show up he/she will have no chance to guess who will step in front of them and end their insanity with a single shot.

Some of the parents aware of the program are yanking their kids out of the Clarksville school because they want them to go where mass shooters have a better chance to get an unchallenged shot.

Man Gets 90 Years For Incest

The most notorious 'father' in US history is off the streets.  The guy just got a fresh 50 year sentence tacked onto the current 40 year 2011 sentence he's now serving.  And the animal still has four more trials to go on the same charge...

Aswad Ayinde, 55, of Paterson, NJ raped his six daughters repeatedly over a thirty-year period and made six incest babies.

Aswad (prounounced 'ass-wod') told his ex-wife he was going to create a ‘pure family bloodline’ by raping his daughters, one as young as eight.. Aswad testified 'the world was going to end, and it was just going to be him and his offspring and that he was chosen.'

Aswad already had twelve other kids with three other women before embarking on what's no doubt the most evil and depraved reign of terror one man could perpetrate on other human beings - especially his own progeny.

If ever there was justification for the death penalty and subsequent crushing by a steam-driven pile-driver Aswad is it.  May Aswad find real justice at the hands of a fellow prisoner before he gets a chance to check out from natural causes.

Athletes With Most Illegitimate Kids
Blacks Boast 72% Unwed Mom Rate
Black Guy Has 30 Illegitimates With 11 Women Wants Taxpayers To Pay

Twitter Arrest Made In Britain

Tweets come in 120 character chunks of spittle prattled off on a crud covered keyboard. None can say with certainty whose screen the Tweet lands on or who reads them.

And that's the bane and the beauty of Twitter.  Twitter takes apart the impulsive in the micro-second it takes to click the Enter key.

Can what you Tweet be proof of a 'future' crime?  Some say yes.

Caroline Criado-Perez is a goofy Brit gender activist who says she kept getting 'threats' on Twitter. She insisted the Tweets were connected to her whining campaign to get a woman's face printed on Brit currency. Ms Criado-Perez took umbrage when the Brits replaced Elizabeth Fry with Winston Churchill on the five pound note.

Scotland Yard confirmed the Twitter arrest, 'A 21-year-old man has today been arrested in the Manchester area on suspicion of harassment offenses...The arrest is in connection with an allegation of malicious communications...'

Though Caroline's happy, what real tangible shred of evidence is there the Tweets constitute anything more than taunting and venting toward Ms Criado-Perez?  None.

Be careful folks. At least in Britain and France you can end up in a real jail cell for your virtual missives.

Future Crime From A 6-Year Old?
Seattle's Future Crime Software
LA Likes Crime Predicting Too
Cities Predicting Murder

Russian "Genius" Is Real Life Body Snatcher

Anatoly Moskvina, 45, speaks 13 languages and is considered a world-class expert on history.  Comrade Moskvina had a secret, one he couldn't share with anyone, his parents, or the police.

Moskvina dug up twenty-six mummified female bodies from graves, dressed them in period clothing, and staged them around his three-room apartment.

The bodies were 'discovered' when his parents 'dropped-by' for a surprise visit.  In case you're wondering, the parents didn't stay..

Moskvina admitted he slept in a coffin during one cemetery raid.  And there's no medical term for what Moskvina has.  But most agree Anatoly is several cupcakes short of a dozen.

Why are Russian crazies so wrapped up with corpses? Is it the vodka?

People already fear smart people.  And Anatoly's antics seem to fit the picture but why do it with dead women?  Thanks bunches Anatoly - next time get a hobby parents can't smell when they visit.

Top Ten Psychosis And Their Myths

Red Neck Day At High School Sparks Black Outrage

The DOE (Dept of Ed) is going after Queen Creek High School near Phoenix.  The students put together a 'Redneck Day.'  The point was to dress like – and spoof – “Duck Dynasty,” an A&E reality show which follows a wealthy, eccentric red-neck Louisiana family who make duck calls for a living.

So local black 'leaders' went ballistic.  They saw the event as a 'racially hostile' act of violence. The racial hostility allegedly stems from one student who briefly wore a Confederate flag—apparently like a cape. When asked to remove the cape the student complied without complaint. But that wasn't good enough for the hopped up race hustlers in Phoenix.

“We have determined that we have the authority to investigate this allegation,” the DOE says. “We note, however, that the display of the confederate flag concerns rights protected by the First Amendment of the United States Constitution. Therefore, the scope of OCR’s investigation will be limited to whether a racially hostile environment was created due to language and actions that were not protected by the First Amendment.”

So blacks are free to pile into Florida's capital building spitting on floors and yelling racial invectives.  And blacks are free to spray paint businesses and break windows in Oakland chanting and yelling race hate epithets.  But the Fed only pays attention when a kid wears a confederate flag as a cape to a school function.

Blacks might think they're burning out racism but in reality they are fomenting and practicing it.

Florida Capital Taken Over By Black Protestors
Waiter Attacked At Oakland Protest
Dirty Thirty-Five Acts Of Black Violence Since Zimmerman
Remember Black Panther Bounty On Zimmerman's Head? 
Holder Declares War On Texas, Ignores Supreme Court Ruling
Obama Praises Ho Chi Minh
Holder Promises Russians He Won't Torture Or Kill Snowden
Black Man Supports Girls Right To Wear Confederate Flag Clothes
Rick Perry Cuts Of Food To Trayvon Protestors

U.S. Adult Poverty Hits 80%

A grim 4 in 5 U.S. adults are either jobless, near poverty and/or are on welfare.  The Obama policies over the last six years have been an utter disaster for everyone, but especially for blacks and Hispanics.

More than 19 million whites fall below the poverty line of $23,021 for a family of four, accounting for more than 41% of the poor.  Remember, whites make up 70% of the 320 million in the country.

Blacks number around 13 million yet fully 10 million are below the poverty line. Hispanics don't fair much better than blacks.

And these numbers don't take into the working poor who were once full-time and now part-time due to Obamacare and a feeble 1% GDP.

By the end of Obama's run close to 85% of all working-age adults in the U.S. will experience bouts of economic crises.

Just 45% of whites say their family will improve their lot based on the way things are in America.  The pessimism hasn't been this low since Jimmy Carter's debacle presidency.

San Francisco Cynicism: Pay To Eat Like A Prisoner
CA Prison With Wide Screen TV And Hotel Beds
Obama Housing Bailout Borrowers Re-Defaulting
NYC Welfare Food Shipped In Barrels To Black Market

Obama Blamed Economy On 'Lazy' Americans

Obama told an audience in Hawaii that America’s economic problems are caused by lazy American workers. Obama insists the 'cure' is more centralized government. (note. Obama's debt zooming past $17 trillion now).

“We’ve been a little bit lazy, I think, over the last couple of decades...”, so 'we' have failed Obama snorted.

Last year Obama told a Florida crowd, “this is a great country that had gotten a little soft, and we didn’t have that same competitive edge that we needed over the last couple of decades, and needs to be whipped into shape....”.

Remember, Obama is the loose cannon behind the Netanyahu 'a liar' crack that permanently alienated  Israel - Israel turns to China now.

Deflecting is Obama's forte. The failure in chief has blamed Americans and especially George Bush all along.  Remember, Obama's been lying since before the 2008 election, 'if in three-years the economy is not fixed I will be a one-termer.' 

Well, the economy is even worse than the one he inherited, and the debt is his legacy.  So we American's may as well stop working and rake in a little of the funny money Bernanke is printing.

Obama Blames The Internet For Job Losses

Holland Blows Billions On Failed Wind Project

The Netherlands has been into windmills for centuries. Not to make electricity but to grind flour.

The Netherlands bit big and launched the biggest wind-power project in the world.  They deployed  giant mega wind-turbines far out to sea where the wind is brutally constant, shearing, and corrosive - 60 massive turbines in all. All with mega pricetags.

The goal?  Power about 150,000 households.

After five years and billions lost, the government wants out. Faced with the need to cut its budget deficit, the Dutch government says offshore wind power is too expensive. The subsidy cost of $.18 per KWh - some $6 billion last year alone.  

The answer?  Pass the red ink to consumers.  Not all the cost, just 30% of it, and teach the public what it means to be sold a bill of goods in green technology.

Green tech, especially wind power, and solar power, are not cost effective - they are feel good solutions that can only exist with massive taxpayer subsidies.  The truth is these things are prone to breakdowns, dangerous to wildlife, only give part-time production, have high deployment and maintenance costs, are deadly to workers, and best of all - make very little power, under 1% in the USA.

USA Electricity Costs
Google Gives Up On Renewable Energy
UK: Giant Wind Turbines Shattered In Gales
Rusting Giants: Hawaii Wind Turbines

Canadian Zoo Splits 'Gay' Penguin Pair

Zookeepers in Toronto are separating a pair of male African penguins.  The two have formed an unholy union and now won't mate with females. But is this an outrageous violation of their right to choose?

'They do courtship and mating behaviors that females and males would do,' zookeepers whined.  'Those behaviors include making a braying sound, almost like a donkey, which is a mating call. They defend their territory, preen each other, and are constantly standing alone together...'

Fudge-packing penguins?

Should human gays be forced to split up and mate with heterosexuals? Well, it does give one a chance to ponder the obvious, after all, the zoo can't have a couple of light-in-the-web-feet donkey honking penguins scaring the kids. And what's with African penguins?

Muslim Husband Mutilates Defiant Wife

Obama says the most beautiful sound he's ever heard is the Muslim Adhan - call to prayer.  Obama is scewball, of course.

The ugly truth about Islam is not just the jihad dealie. The sinister face of Islam is also the ferocious misogyny embodied in horrific acts of inhumanity impotent males commit against females, wives, daughters, really women in general.

Muslim Rafiqul Islam, 30, blindfolded his wife Hawa Akhter, 21, taped her mouth,  and told her lovingly he was going to surprise her with a gift. Rafiqul then told her to hold out her right hand, whereupon, he chopped off all five of the fingers.  Incidentally, she's right handed.  One of his relatives threw Hawa's fingers into the trash so there was no chance for reattachment

Rafiqul is a migrant worker with an elementary school education. Jealous, and filled with the Islamic code that dictates husbands 'own' their wives, he repeatedly warned Hawa that there would 'severe consequences' if she didn't give up her dream to get a college education.

Rafiqul got life in prison.  Hawa is learning to write with her left hand and she's completing her studies.

The brutish, backward, 5th century culture that is Islam is a cancer in the world.  Obama still gets a woodie, though, when he hears the Adhan - a sound he shares with Jihadists.

MSNBC: Life Begins When Parents Decide

MSNBC has cornered the media market on maudlin mouth-movers.

One of them is Mellissa Harris-Perry who's the corn-rowed, hyphenated, wimpy half-black female the network lets run loose like a urine-soaked monkey throwing feces at zoo-goers.

Born in one of the libbie hell-holes, Seattle, WA  Harris-Perry has gone thru a couple of marriages and even attended a divinity school at one point.  Something bad must have happened because her agenda is now planted solidly on the dark side.  

Harris-Perry is a born-hard hyper-libbie and abortion fanatic.  Her on-air rants and antics are a yawn, but does she speak for women who prize the 'right' to privacy over the 'life' in a womb? 

One recent idiotic notion of hers was to advance the feeble idea that 'children' belong to a 'collective' and should be raised by the 'villiage' - any of these terms ring a bell?

When Texas finally passed and signed their limit on late-term abortion Ms Harris-Perry stuck on a pair of self-constructed tampon earrings.  This allegedly to call attention to what, in her outraged mind, was Texas usurping her notion of unlimited abortion on demand. 

But today's gem can only be explained by a truly troubled mind.  Mellisa offers her 'solution' to the enigma - 'when does life begin'.  Her answer?  Parents Decide...

MSNBC is teetering on the edge of oblivion.  Why, should be obvious.

Belefonte Says Teaparty To Blame For Race Divisions
Most Support 20-Week Limit On Abortion

Frozen Beer Saves Man Stranded In Nome, AK

Clifton Vial, 52, plunged into a snow drift 40 miles outside Nome.  Temperatures dipped to -17f  while he sat inside the truck.

No cellphone signal, and lightly clad in jeans and a tee-shirt, Vial had to come up with something good. So he wrapped up in a sleeping bag, wrenched a beach towel around his feet, and ran the truck heater just enough averting running out of gas.

But what about food?

Cliff looked around the cab and there on the floor was half a six-pack of Coors Light, frozen.

'I cut the lids off and dug it out with a knife,’ he told police. ‘I felt really pissed at myself. I shouldn't have been out there by myself unprepared for what I knew was possible.’

After three days Cliff started to run out of the Coors. Suddenly rescuers pulled up behind his truck. Finding him delirious and with really bad beer breath they gave him a Snickers bar and an orange soda.

Hey Coors Company you guys should get your marketing weenies working on a new seasonal product - call it "Snow Drift Stranded Brew Food" - for those times when you're dumb enough to run out of gas and it's -17f outside!

Bill Gates Peddling Nuke Power To China

Billionaire Bill Gates wants China to jointly develop a new and safer kind of nuclear reactor with his company TerraPower.

Why is Gates in China and not in the USA, Japan, or the EU advancing this critical technology? Because China and India are open to truly green energy - and the Obama regime is not.

The whining left-wing in the USA are sticking their collective heads in the sand waxing over laughably in-viable niche solar power, and goofy rare-species killing windmills

“The idea is to be very low cost, very safe and generate very little waste,” noted Gates. Gates is a lead investor in TerraPower the company behind Generation IV nuclear reactors.  These devices run on the waste product from the nuclear weapons industry - depleted uranium.

The stunning notion that one of America's most innovative, and successful entrepreneurs is peddling advanced nuclear power designs to China says more about the chilling, ignorant, backward left-wing controlled government in the USA, than anything else.

Energy will be the currency of the future, not gold, not dollars, not carbon credits, and certainly not the mountains of sovereign debt Obama is piling up.

Next Generation Reactors - A Tutorial
Toshiba Reactor Design Approved By NRC - First License In 30 Years

Obama Mannequin Record Sales

Obama said had he produced a son the hoodie-clad Trayvon Martin would have been him.  So a Vegas company created an urban-styled Obama mannequin and it's selling faster than a watermelon at an NAACP convention.

The company says demand is so brisk they're ramping up units for the public market now.  The eerie fiberglass likeness is popular at stores frequented by blacks. And gays seem to be gobbling them up for some unknown reason.

From the company brochure, ‘These fiberglass-constructed mannequins have two styles to choose from, full body or just a head.’ Sounds like the same idea behind those life sized sex dolls.

The picture above shows 'Obama' complete with knit hat, Chicago-plaid shirt, and a hoodie sweat-jacket harkening back to his days hustling government money while working at ACORN.

Shock Study: Wash DC Least Honest City

The word politician and honesty are easy opposites to spot.  But what about the average guy in the streets?

Tea makers Honest Tea visited all 50 U.S. states and Wash DC to find out where honesty prevailed. The company set up 61 unmanned kiosks offering tea for $1. Those taking tea were 'asked' to place a buck in a nearby canister. Of course the whole thing was videotaped.

Despite the mere dollar requested, 2 in 10 tea drinkers in Wash DC rabbited without paying. By far the worst rate of honesty of all the cities and states tested.

By contrast, 100% of those in Hawaii and Alabama paid in full. Other pretty honest places included Nevada, Tennessee and Oklahoma. Connecticut, Maryland, Delaware and Kentucky were also near the bottom when it came to simple trustworthiness.

The East coast of the USA, especially in and near the capital city must be an armpit of petty rip-offs.  You know, the double-blue government parasite places.

Coffee Prevents Depression?

Women Want Funny Men

Stanford University School of Medicine scanned the brains of 22 girls and boys aged 6 to 13 watching funny videos.

'Our data for the first time disclose that sex differences in humor appreciation already exist in young children.'. During funny clips, girls brains showed more heightened activity than the boys' in a range of in their midbrain and amygdala.

The research suggests women are suceptable to selecting a mate based on humor, 'because the female brain, and particularly the reward circuit, is biologically better prepared to respond accordingly'.  Yikes, med speak sorta takes the funny out of it, huh folks?

Stanford conclude women use a man's ability to make them laugh as a way to judge his genetic fitness as a suitable partner and potential father.

Translated, Stanford says women have evolved to laugh like hell at practically anything, and men have evolved into ass-clowns in a desperate attempt to trick women into bed..

If true, Borat must have 10,000 kids hiding in the open somewhere.

Lonely Guys Woman Shaped Pillow
Men Prefer Orgasms Over Love
Car Salesman Says Women Need Guys To Buy A Car
Cops Tell UC Student No Rape Unless HE Orgasms
NYC Kiddies Need $400/Hr Play Time Consultants

Nancy Pelosi Holds Court On Race Hate

San Francisco's Nancy Pelosi has been court jester of congress for a long time.  So after the Zimmerman verdict and a bunch of scrappy blacks took to the streets in Oakland the goofy old dotard decided she will single handedly solve black rage.

What's her plan?  Invite the most insidious left wing goons in the country to sit around a conference chamber and unleash their vile idiocy in front of cameras.  Just another day in the life of a Dem trying to keep the race conversation going.

Pelosi calls the circus event, “A Conversation on Race and Justice,' and it opens for big laughs and lots of guffaws on July 30 on Capitol Hill.

Other than the brain damaged Pelosi sitting at the head of the table, the list of invitees is extra special.   The dogs and ponies will include Southern Poverty Law Center founder Morris Dees, Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson and civil rights lawyer Maya Wiley, president of the Center for Social Inclusion.

Morris Dees is a well known race hustler and left wing goon.  He grew the SPCL into a radical fear-mongering outfit for fun and profit.

Eugene Robinson is the embedded white conservative hater and race hustler at WaPo.  Lets guess what he'll spit up at Pelosi's charade...

Maya Wiley is a self described 'food, gender and race activist.'  Kind of an all-in-one activist mission. But hey, her token blackness and femaleness will suffice no doubt.

Pelosi's still stinging from her 2010 defeat costing Dems their supermajority and her the speakership.  So don't be fooled - this is Pelosi blowing sunshine up black people's asses as a run-up to 2014 midterms.

Nancy's Upset With Weiner
Poll: Race Relations At All Time Low Since Obama 
Pelosi Behind NSA Spy Program Salvage This Week

The Rich Really Are Getting Richer

The after-tax income of the top 1% of U.S. households is up 170%, from 2009 to 2012. The middle class lost income. And the working poor are in the streets in record numbers.

Obama's class war is being lost by the middle class and poor. Since the error-in-chief took over the US middle class has slipped to 27th worldwide!

When did the American work ethic die?  When liberals created the entitlement mentality to gain political power.

There'll be no redistribution of wealth, the wealthy simply avoid money theft by sheltering assets.  The wealthy laugh at the useful idiots voting for Democrats.

Medical Marijuana 'Wink Wink'

California, Oregon, Washington and a few other blue states on the east coast have this little scam going, a kind of dope-head lottery - a game of chicken with drugs and the Federal law.

The Discovery Channel's 'Weed Wars' follows dad Jason as he shoves a joint in his kids mouth.  Son Jayden has epilepsy, so the toad-headed Jason plays medical doctor self-prescribing marijuana and feeding it to his kid.

Cannabis smokers' defiance of Federal drug laws is more an exercise in hypocrisy than medicine.

Marijuana is already a controlled substance that medical doctors can prescribe in a pharmaceutical process.  The so-called marijuana clinics have quacks on staff ready to service walk-ins with faux medical excuses.

Lets quit pretending, shall we?  The medical marijuana thing isn't fooling goofs are simply breaking the law, and filling your lungs with the same toxic crap contained in cigarettes.  All future medical problems that will no doubt fall at the feet of taxpayers when the time comes.

Teen Weed Smokers Damage Brain For Life 
Weed Mobile Hands Out Weed Candy

Man Sets Self Ablaze Over Wife's Lesbian Affair

No.  You haven't heard or seen it all, at least not until you read this story.

Lim, a 50-year-old husband and father of three set fire to himself when he discovered his wife had been conducting a lesbian affair with her female boss for 18 years.

"I rushed out of the room and saw my father on fire and tried to put out the flames using water from the bathroom," the couple's 18 year old son told police

Relatives later said they suspected Lim wanted to kill his wife and three kids but couldn't bring himself to do it.  Lim's plan B was apparently to light himself up, instead.

How did Lim miss an 18 year lesbian love affair with another woman?    What hints did he miss? And what about Lim's wife's boss's husband?  Finally, and most critically, at what point does lame Lim come up with setting himself on fire as a way to punish his wife?

Life is short, but this is ridiculous.

Science: Vibrating Bicycle, Warp Speed & Misery

Lots of science and tech news today.  Here are three developments seemingly and oddly connected.

The Happy Ride bicycle seat cover converts any ordinary bicycle seat into a vibrating...  Now the ladies can ride in high style and achieve multiple orgasms at the same time.  Thus ending the drudgery and boredom associated with actually peddling the bicycle to who cares where.  Why this wasn't invented fifty years ago is the real mystery.

NASA is funding a fun project. In 1994 Mexican physicist, Miguel Alcubierre, postulated a theory describing matter traveling faster-than-light but without contradicting Einstein. The idea is to contract space itself - thereby generating a 'warp bubble' in which to travel. Dr. Harold G. White has begun small-scale teeny-tiny photon experiments trying to tempt one to go thru such a bubble. If he gets one to do it, look out Captain Picard, here we come.

Is there a 'misery molecule' that drives depression, anxiety and crying spells in girls?   Researchers believe the protein CRF1 is the culprit and they have x-ray pictures of the marauder.  If it turns out to be true the next step is the crush the little beast and end the blues once and for all.

Illegal Immigrant Fake ID Ring Busted

Ever wonder where illegals get their fake social security cards and phony bank accounts?  Maybe this is where.

A pair of African black immigrants now living in Ohio ran a black market business handing hundreds of illegal immigrants IDs.

Betina Young pled guilty to five counts of tampering with records. Young got off incredibly light with just probation, and five years of Christmas holidays in prison. Still, if Young violates her probation her sentence converts to 15 years in prison.

Her partner in the scheme, Sekou Kpoto is due in court next week on the same set of charges.

Young was a former employee of the deputy registrar's office in Gahanna. Sekou Kpoto, solicited bribes from foreign nationals  Young setup the IDs and phony bank accounts. The two supplied hundreds of IDs over a seven year period before getting caught..

The Angle wonders whether some blacks have gotten the funny idea this might be a good way to bolster the Democrat party base? Pew Research published a poll last week that revealed 54% of illegals say they will vote for Democrats and just 19% said they would vote for the GOP.

Nah, that can't be happening.

Poll: 56% Want Border Controlled Before Citizenship Path
Hillary Clinton's Brother Selling Visas To Chinese Nationals?
Illegal Alien With Fake ID Sexually Assaults Woman At 7-11

Professor: ‘Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer’ Teaches Bullying

Long Island University Professor George Giuliani says “Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer” promotes bullying.

Dr Paul Friday, head of Shadyside Psychological Services at the school says Giuliani is wading into the weeds.

Dr Friday admonishes, “I think our society perhaps has really gone one couch too far...the idea that you can take something as ‘Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer’ and pull some kind of psychological or sociological pathology [is absurd] – I think this guy [Giuliani] has too much time on his hands.”

Where do schools find these goons? If they aren't failing to teach students, they're assigning insidious motivation to traditions and kids's bedtime stories.

The culture is collapsing.  The culprits are in the school system - agenda-driven, left-wing, history revising, dishonest adults bent on taking the country apart one student at a time.

Rudolph Was Invented By Department Store Ad Gimmick

Left Wing Plant Busted At Zimmerman Rally

Left-wingers are an arrogant and dishonest bunch of scumbags who think nothing of lying, cheating, stealing, and even committing acts of violence to get their way. 

The AP is a ready carrier of left-wing filth and so when one of their goons went to the Houston pro-Zimmerman rally to look for racists, they found one.  The problem?  She was a left-wing plant.

The Houston Chronicle ran the AP story showing Renee Vaughan carrying her sign, 'We're Racist & Proud.'   Vaughan was also heard yelling, 'We’re racist. We’re proud. We’re better because we’re white.'.

The AP insured the story went viral worldwide of course but all of it was a fraud.

Vaughan got busted after a simple web search found her chumming with left-wing green-Nazis. “Renee Vaughn” from Austin worked for a far left environmental group, the Texas Campaign for the Environment. Renee's seen pictured with the same sunglasses standing among left-wing hellhounds of all shapes and sizes.

Ms. Vaughn's con is now the AP's credibility crash.  So instead of finding a racist Zimmerman supporter we found a rogue press service aiding and abetting a left-wing con-woman peddling a lie - isn't this fun folks?

Oh and one last thing, Renee?  Your as homely as a three-legged junkyard dog so chuck the sunglasses - they make you look like a UFO chaser.

Electrician Electrocuted On An Aluminum Ladder

Jens Gardner, of Grand Prairie, Texas, a licensed electrician, was adjusting the Christmas lights on a commercial building when he started to teeter on a 40ft aluminum ladder.

Gardener was 'walking' the extension ladder when it swung backward onto nearby 22k high-voltage lines - grounding and frying him instantly.

Larry Layman heard a loud pop, 'I looked over and there was a puff of smoke and I saw the ladder as it was still falling...I just wanted to cry, there was nothing I could do for the man'.

What happened? In hindsight, Mr. Gardner did it to himself

Electricity will conduct in most metals with various losses of efficiency.  Aluminum is no exception. Never, repeat, ever work around electricity with an aluminum ladder, or use tools not properly insulated..

Get a commercial quality, fiberglass Type I, or II in either extension, or folding ladder.

Ladder accidents maim and kill more people than any other tool accident. Ladder manufacturers put warning labels on every square inch of their products - usually ignored by people who later sue when they abuse their proper use.

Ladders don't kill people, people kill themselves being dumbasses.

Top Twenty Debtor Nations Facing Ruin

External debt is a nation's total foreign liabilities. It includes government debt, corporate and individual debt.

The ranking of countries by total external debt is informative - in addition to their place on the list, one must consider the ability of a given country to pay both it's debt and it's debt service (interest on it's debt)  All this and minimize more expensive borrowing costs (bond yields).

Greece ranks better than France, ironically, but Greece has half their workforce in government jobs and has a junk bond rating (7% yields), and negative GDP of -4.5% (recession) - Greece is bankrupt.

Here are the worst 20 in the world, ordered best-bad to dead in the water (external debt as a % of GDP):

20. United States - 101.1%
19. Hungary - 120.1%
18. Australia - 138.9%
17. Italy - 146.6%
16. Spain - 179.4%
15. Greece - 182.2%
14. Germany - 185.1%
13. Portugal - 223.6%
12. France - 250%
11. Hong Kong - 250.4%
10. Norway - 251%
9. Austria - 261.1%
8. Finland - 271.5%
7. Sweden - 282.2%
6. Denmark - 310.4%
5. Belgium - 335.9%
4. Netherlands - 376.3%
3. Switzerland - 401.9%
2. United Kingdom - 413.3%
1. Ireland - 1,382%

Notice the rogues gallery in Europe, the Nordic countries, and the UK all deep in the doodoo.  Yet the absence of China, Russia, and the entire Latin America 3rd world portends a future of powerhouses.

Thank socialism folks, the grand European experiment has failed.  Obama's polling is dipping below 40% now and the fumbler-in-chief says he has just 1200 days left to go.  Can we make it?.

Chinese Executioner Says Job Is 'Easy'

Chinese police officer, Hu Xiao says his job as an official government executioner is not very complicated.

China does far more prisoner execution than any country in the world.  Though official numbers are kept secret by the Chinese government.

'In fact, it's not as complicated as outsiders think. We all use rifles, stand about four meters (13 feet) from the condemned prisoner with a barrel one meter-long, take aim, press the trigger, and that's that,' Hu summarized.

Hu added, 'Most prisoners taken for execution are so terrified they collapse on the ground and cannot stand.'  Prisoners must kneel for the bullet.  Hu freaked once when a prisoner suddenly jumped to his knees and ran toward the rifle barrel before he could get off the shot.

Hu insists the subjects deserve their fate, for him, it's another day at the office.

The US executed 46 in 2010, most by lethal injection.  Only Utah still has a firing squad..

40% Growth In Gangs Since Obama Elected

Obama has managed to stunt growth in jobs and incomes but not growth in gangs.

The New Black Panther Party, left, strutting menacingly with AK47s on hips look more like a band of rebels in the Congo than a bunch of guys going to a ball game, huh folks?

And where did they get the AK47s?

In 2008 the FBI says there were 1 million gang members.  Some 20,000 distinct gangs operating in all 50 states and DC, of course.

In 2013 gangs have swelled to over 1.4 million thugs, an increase of 40% since 2009.  Gangs are behind 50% of violent crime and 90% of property crimes.  And black on white crime is up nearly 20%.

Chicago is literally a war zone where over 500 murders took place in 2012 and 300 more thus far in 2013.  Combat deaths in Afghanistan pale compared to Chicago's murder rate

Blacks have the worst jobs, crime, income and disease rates among all groups. Obama is a bitter irony for blacks and there's still three years left!

Thugreport Bursting At Seams
Black On White Crime Stats Video
Government Stats On Black Victims
NYPD: 96% Of Shot Victims Black 
Gang Of Hammer Wielding Thugs In Harlem 
Gangster With Murder Scene Tattooed On Chest Convicted

Homeless Lady: ‘Somebody Needs To Pay For My 15 Kids’

Adam Corolla says an attitude shift has taken place in the USA.  Adam warns parents and teachers are rewarding kids artificially, despite real achievement - imprinting false success.

As young adults these 'kids' are doomed to feel entitled to a little trophy, over-paying job, perfect mate, fast cars and expensive houses. 

A homeless woman with 15 kids has demanded 'somebody' needs to pay for her and her kids because she 'deserves' to be fed, housed, and provided free medical care. That's the insidious message Democrats spew to bribe for votes.

The "entitlement" society has arrived.  And it's tearing the country apart.  The old work ethic is gone, and the pride that goes with it, also gone.  A crippling, dysfunctional disease of bad attitude has wiped out a generation.

Want proof?  Witness the debtor nations brought down by social welfare, and the 'wealth-transferring' corrupt, paternalistic, irresponsible governments elected by those looking for the handouts.  Obama's presidency is a text-book copy of Europe's socialist collapse in the making..

Pakistani Woman Kills And Cooks Husband

Zainab Bibi, 32, was jailed for the murder of her husband Ahmad Abbas. 

Police said Mrs Bibi wanted to cook Ahmad's body parts to avoid detection hence the extra effort to cut him up in to chunks small enough to fit into the potato pot.

Neighbors got a whiff of her efforts and called the cops.

"I killed my husband before he dared to touch my daughter," she told police.

So what defense theory should Zainab attempt?
1. She's just a run-o-the-mill killer and hubby cooker.
2. She's a courageous protector of her daughter and hubby cooker.
3. She didn't know it was illegal to kill and cook her hubby?

Just think, if  Zainab were married to Jerry Sanduski the world would be looking at pickled Jerry instead of a trail of broken kids.

Illegal Dump Of Quarter Million Tires Visible From Space

Cops in Columbia, SC charged George Fontella Brown, 39, with running an audacious scheme to dump over 250,000 tires on 50 acres belonging to a New York couple.

The mound was photographed by satellites orbiting Earth.

Litter control officer Boyce Till says the 'crime' carries a maximum penalty of $475 ticket for littering.

Oddly tire dumping has historically been a problem in Calhoun County. Locals claim, as monstrous as this pile is, larger ones have been blown up in the past.  But finding them was tougher they say because it was before satellites got up there.

$1M Toilet Paper Con In Florida Wiped Clean

A South Florida gang of three got stiff federal prison sentences after they bilked senior citizens out of $1 million in toilet paper - 70 years worth.

The three worked for a septic supplier. Victims were told they needed special EPA approved toilet paper to avoid clogging their septic tanks.  The EPA doesn't regulate septic tanks.

Christopher Lincoln, Mary Moore and Joseph Nouerand all plead guilty in federal court to conspiring to commit wire fraud.

Since everyone needs toilet paper, wiping out the savings of the elderly with this kind of scam is below contempt.  Well, the three will be getting familiar with the big chunky, sandpaper rough toilet paper in prison now - a poetic end to a tawdry story.

Guy Kills Prison Cellmate With Wet Toilet Paper

Salon Writer: Is Holder Obama's 'Inner Nigger?'

Oh man, limp-dicked left-wingers don't know whether to vomit in their own mouths or hurl their morning bagels on the hyper liberal columnist from Richard 'Dick' Benjamin.

What did Dick say that pissed off the Twitter race-hustler posse?  He committed the triple sin of zapping Obama on a 'safe, over-rated and airy' mealy-mouthed opine regarding the Trayvon Martin verdict. Dick wanted Obama to poke Zimmerman metaphorically in the eye as most good leg-licking liberals expect .

Then Dick blamed both Obama and Holder for tag teaming angry black men in the streets. Dick wondered, 'Some of us have an Inner Child. Others have an Inner Nigger. Is Holder the president’s conscience? Or his Inner Nigger?'

Translated, Dick thinks Holder gets to say the hardcore black stuff while Obama skates on the sidelines sounding more like whitey.  Dick thinks Obama should be going after the 'hot molten core: racial profiling, vigilantism, and “Stand Your Ground” laws.'

So Dick got some on his shoes too, according to angry blacks on Twitter.  Example:  @elonjames 'Seriously @RichBenjaminUSA. What the fuck dude? Of all the framing around this you would use “Inner Nigger” to make this argument?'

Apparently @elonjames only saw the word 'nigger' and didn't process the point.  Still, other than getting to write 'nigger' a lot, isn't it grand to see liberals eating their own young over the Trayvon dealie?

Where Is The 'Gayest' City In America?

Where do the most gays call home? Sin cities San Francisco, Miami, Orlando, New York, Chicago, or Hollywood?  Nope.

Salt Lake City, Utah is 'gay central' according to the magazine The Advocate.

How did Brigham Young's town get so gay? By counting the number of nude yoga classes and LGBT (lesbian gay bi transexual) bookstores reveals a direction and a trend.

Add to that the gay-favored bands performing to large crowds like the Gossip, the Cliks and the Veronicas and you start to get a picture.

'Far-less-oppressive-than-it-used-to-be Salt Lake City has earned its queer cred,' the Advocate says. The Mormon capital passed a series of anti-discrimination laws that led to an explosion of gay life in the town.

The 'this is the place' and once considered uninhabitable by humans wasteland now attracts the tanned, buffed, and debauched homosexuals at a brisk rate.  Is there a paragraph in Revelations we missed?

Lesbian's Fight Led To McDonald's 'beatdown'
1 In 5 Men Don't Change Underwear Daily
Woman Claims Wearing Fake Penis Got Her Fired
Tel Aviv Is Gayest City In The World
New York Voted America's Rudest City

Petco Sued Over Puppy Ear Cut-Off, Glued Back On

A Petco groomer sliced-off part of a Pomerian-Maltese mix puppy named 'Dodo.'  Panicked, the technician quickly slapped glue on the gummy-part and frantically fitted it back on the animal before the owner noticed the 'error.'

Later spotting the unmistakeable wound the owner went back to the store.  Her outrage was less about an apology and an offer of a 'free grooming' and more about the attempt cover-up the mutilation says grandmother Gladys Kapuwi.

Another owners dog was also injured when part of its tail was lopped-off. The two incidence are bundled into one law suit by the 'tail' dog owner's husband.

The vet told Gladys her dog's ear could have been saved had Petco acknowledged the 'butchering' and given the ear back to her so she could take the dog to a vet for treatment.

So folks, hang around when your dog is being groomed.  You never know whether you will take home all the dog you brought for a haircut in the first place.

Sex And Abortion Tips From Nancy Pelosi

The Pope ring kissing Nancy Pelosi insists there's no conflict between her abortion hustling and her 'faith.'

Pelosi snorts, “As a practicing and respectful Catholic, this (abortion) is sacred ground to me when we talk about this (abortion). This (abortion) shouldn’t have anything to do with politics.”

Yet it's politics that keeps not just abortion going, but all forms of the nasty black art, including late term after 20 weeks abortion. Right Nancy?

The drum-faced San Franciscan took a shot at the GOP in Texas and North Carolina.

Pelosi characterized new abortion laws in those states as endangering a women's ability to engage in family planning.  You know the standard double-speak liberals use instead of calling it what it is, killing kids in the womb.

Pelosi started leaking a little sarcasm down a leg from her sagging ass-crack, 'I don't know if my colleagues need a lesson on the birds and the bees. I really don't get it.'.

Wow.  Good one you old bag.  You going to church this Sunday?

Devout Catholics Have The Best Sex
Sex Tips: Six Things She Wants Right Away
Brits Make Cell Phone Powered By Urine
City Redefines What Nudity Means
Japan Busts Home Delivery Sex Service
Asian Student In SFO Crash Was Killed By Fire Truck
Athiest Group Wants Star Of David Taken Of Holocaust Memorial

Chris Mathews Apologizes For Being White

Chris Mathews has one of the lowest rated shows on cable.  And there's good reason...he's as boring and bitchy as a fishwife.

In fact, Mathews and Piers Morgan are locked in a bed-wetting contest to see who can be the mangiest man-bitch on cable.  Though born thousands of miles apart, the two of them were squeezed from the same shaped orifice.

So no surprise the Trayvon race hustle led by Sharpton and Obama has the leg tingler's thighs pulsating.  Yesterday Mathews had a pair of B-level black whiners on his ignorable show and after a few minutes co-gnashing teefs with them over the Zimmerman verdict, Mathews gushed - 'on behalf of all white people I apologize.'

Talk about chutzpah.  Bad enough the toe-headed Obama leg licker thinks blacks would let him marry their daughters, but it's really extra special the liberal goon 'presumes' to make an un-deserved apology to 'all' black people on behalf of 'all' white people based on his obvious assumption George Zimmerman is guilty despite a jury of his peers saying otherwise.

On behalf of all white people, Chris, go suck a big, wet, chicken-shit covered, double-yoker white egg you puke.

Mathews Spanked On Live Radio

Muslim Punches Nurse Delivering His Baby

The French had no clue what was coming when they let Muslim rush into the country.

Nassim Mimoune, 24, was ejected from the delivery room when he started to scream at the nurse midwife calling her a 'rapist'. Why? The nurse had the 'nerve' to start dressing his wife for childbirth.

Peering thru the viewing glass, he saw the nurse removing his wife's burqua. The hopped-up male became incensed, smashed thru the locked door of the delivery room, punched the nurse squarely in the face, frothing that the veil be replaced

Hospital security detained Nasim while his wife delivered a boy.  Nasim will be cooling his heels for 6-months in a French slammer while his wife breast feeds his kid in public.

The sentencing judge remarked  'Your religious values are not superior to the laws of the republic.'

Screw the 'republic', how about a little sympathy and gratitude toward the nurse?  The numbskull should be made to apologize to the whole staff, then follow his wife carrying all the baby gear walking two feet behind her with his head between his legs.

IRS Nails Queen Of Tax Fraud In Florida

Rashia Wilson taunted the IRS for two years on social media daring the agency to catch her.

Rashia had scammed $20 million from the IRS using stolen Social Security numbers to file bogus returns to get refunds, mainly based on low-income-tax credits.

Here is Rashia on Facebook: 'I'm Rashia, the queen of IRS tax fraud, I'm a millionaire for the record, so if U think indicting me will B easy it won't...I run Tampa right now.'

Rashia's bragging and reckless behavior is due to her inferior feelings growing up. Her mom was addicted to cocaine and her 'dad' was in prison - you know, a poor black family and a bi-polar mess growing inside her head.

So Raishia's little crime spree was inevitable. The arrogant toad was able to take advantage of a system that almost begs to be taken advantage of but didn't require her to taunt authorities to come arrest her..

Raisha plead guilty to wire fraud and aggravated identity theft and admitted to stealing more than $3 million but the final number is 7 times that. Oh yea, Raisha got 21 years and permanent foster homes for her three kids.   In twenty years kids that will no doubt be jailed for crimes of their own.

Black Woman Bilks Boston Bombing Fund For $600,000

Mosquitoes Like Beer Drinkers Most

Live in the middle of mosquito country?  Do you keep gallons of DEET in the garage next to two dozen $19.99 zapper gadgets that don't work?

Smithsonian Magazine says 20% or 1 in 5 are sought out rather than just becoming targets of opportunity.

Factors such as a single 12-ounce bottle of beer set you up for blood donation. Other factors include blood type, metabolism and pregnancy status.

Blood Type O has twice the meal appeal as Type A. And carbon dioxide gas pulls them in from 164 feet away.  Who makes more CO2?  Big people especially obese sweat hogs.

The flying vampires even go after those dressed in black, dark blue and red clothing.

So how to avoid the big bite?  Be under 5 feet tall, wear white, drink whiskey, pick Type A blood, and breath Helium instead of Oxygen so you don't make CO2.

The patch that makes you invisible to mosquitoes.

Man Finds 70 Year Old Love Letters Ends 77 Year Marriage

Antonio, 99, was munging around his dust-filled attic when he stumbled upon a cache of really old letters written by his wife, Rosa.

Rosa had taken a lover just 7 years into their 77 year marriage.  But for some goofy reason Rosa kept the letters and forgot about them for 7 decades.

So now Rosa's secret's out. And Tony got pissed, not just a little bit either. 

Married in Naples in 1934, the second world war was approaching. Antonio got a job in the Carabinieri paramilitary police working for the fascist Mussolini regime.

Though they have five 'kids' in their 70s, Antonio wants out!  Lawyer Anna Orecchioni said: 'He felt betrayed and unable to carry on with the made no difference that the letters were written more than 70 years ago....'

Wow...five more years Tony and Rosa would nailed the 82 year record. But it's all about love Italian style man, and some things can't be forgiven - no matter how long ago it happened.  Do they even have a section for 99 year old divorced guys?

And oh yea, what was that other guys name again?

90 Year Olds Marry After 40 Years Of Friendship
86 Year Marriage Secret - Smoke One Cigarette A Day And Throwback One Shot Of Whiskey

Cop Shoots Bar Patron: 'I can do whatever I want'

Spelly’s Bar and Grille in Murrieta, California, had a dart game go bad.

Riverside County sheriff's deputy Dayle Long, 42, shot Samuel Vanettes, 36, three times, and fled after the victim slumped to the floor and died beneath the dart game.

Deputy Long had been drinking alone when he noticed a group playing darts. Long bragged to one of the men in the game, 'I’m better at darts than you are'. The response came quickly, "Aw, you suck at darts".

Long snapped, "That’s why I’m a cop, I can do whatever I want to do".'
Then the challenge, 'Really, you can do anything?'

Long pulled out his gun and pointed it at the group when Mr. Vanettes stepped between Long and the men. A witness saw Long 'pop three rounds into my friend Sam'.

Long was charged with murder and faces 50 years to life.  You see, the DOJ can do whatever it wants too.