Granny Panties Trending

Obama may be taking the US economy into a deeper recession but the real crises may be brewing in women's underwear.

According to the New York Times sales numbers show women pulling tent-sized granny trough over their private parts forgoing the ubiquitous thong and other more dainty options.

We are talking boy-shorts, high wasted non-sheer pant-a-loons, and the ever shocking XXXXL Superbig Red-Violet VTG Women's Underwear on sale for $5.99.

Why? Some allege women are junking frisky femininity for the comfort that comes with capacious coverage 'down-below.'

California Porn Pickle

Cal/OSHA has a hard-on for the state's porn industry and are getting ready to spank them with new rules, some seemingly silly.

OSHA wants porn actors to wear condoms and goggles. And wants producers to pay for frequent medical checks and Hepatitis B treatments.

The porn industry is pissed. 'There is already a code of honor between performers [to get tested], because you could kill someone,' noted actress Anya Ivy.

Now the California porn pros say they'll take their 13 billion buck cash machine and move it to Nevada

Facebook Funk

Five kids launched Facebook out of a Harvard dorm room playing to vanity in people worldwide.

Why would anyone want to expose their private lives to a brutal online world of lurkers, trolls, pedos and hackers?

According to a Brunel University study the “relationship status” feature lulls users with a low self-esteem into a false-sense of importance leading to depression.  And the rest are just plain narcissists.

The study also found 57% of the 1.44 billion users checked Facebook daily blowing an average of 108 minutes on the site.

In July 2014, it was found Facebook was performing manipulative social experiments on unknowing users.  How's that for feeding your paranoid self-loathing delusions Facebookees?

Russia Riled Over 'Man Panties'

The emasculation of males begun by the 'women's movement' comes full circle.

Homme Mystere's panties, bras and g-strings are flying off the web store's shelves and onto 'men' all over Europe and the UK.

One Russian politician noted, “...the complete collapse of the European Union’s moral values… There’s no limit to our outrage... They don’t have men and women any more. They have ‘it’”.

Will US males partake and panty-up?  Time will tell...

Science: People Pooping Wrong

German microbiologist Giulia Enders says the proper pooping procedure for people is to squat, not sit.

Enders notes hemorrhoids (piles) and painful bowel diseases like diverticulitis are more common in the West than in Asia. Apparently Asians squat?

Since perching on the pot is problematic one can instead raise feet touching knees or bend over and grab ankles to achieve optimum target and trajectory.

Warning: The Angle accepts no responsibility for falls, fractures or floundering in the feces free-for-all.

FAA Testing Scandal

FOX Business News 'Trouble in the Skies,' is a six month investigation detailing cheating at the FAA presumed to promote minority hiring.

Fox says the National Black Coalition of Federal Aviation Employees has been giving answers to black air traffic controller candidates before the test.

Can anyone guess why hiring air traffic controllers unable to pass the test on their own is a problem?

Even if you never get on an airplane?

Related Air Force ATC Cheating

Prostate Cancer Stopper

They say all men over 70 have prostate cancer. But only 1 in 36 die from the disease.

Harvard Medical School studied 32,000 of men aged 40-49 for 18 years who ejaculated 21 or more times a month.

Harvard's results showed a reduced risk of prostate cancer by 22% over the low-libido group who 'did it' just 7 times per month.

Dude, you just won the lottery. Go tell the wife the good news!

Cross-Dressing Girl Scouts

The Girl Scouts of America just opened it's campfires to cross-dressing boys...

From the GSA website:  “If the child is a 'girl' and lives culturally as a 'girl', then Girl Scouts...can [keep] 'her'...both emotionally and physically safe.”

What does live culturally as a girl mean?  Find those definitions in the LGBT handbook of twisted terms and gender confusion.

Since 2003, GSA’s enrollment has declined by more than one million girls, nearly 30% of its membership.  Maybe GSA wants to be the LGBT Scouts of America, instead?

Guggenheim Bans Blacks

The New York Guggenheim says 80 black high school students from Brooklyn spat and threw crap from a staircase during their field trip to the museum.

Black gallery worker Asha Walker said it's the first time shes seen an all black group of students and the first time she's heard of a school being banned.

Museum policy requires one adult supervise ten kids when visiting. The Brooklyn group was not supervised properly. A museum spokesman acknowledges the incident and insists there's no ban.

The usual race-hustlers immediately accused the Guggenhiem of racism. And of course ignores the student behavior - you know, because they're black.

Poor People DNA Damage

Is there science to prove Obama's record poverty is killing people?

A Stanford study found Detroit's poor, no matter what race or age, have shorter telomeres on their DNA than the national average.

Telomere shortening is normally associated with aging, mortality and aging-related diseases such as cancer and dementia.

Kids as young as nine were affected dooming them to early death and disease.

Senior Center Sinner Sacked

A 70-year-old senior has was dumped from a Doylestown, PA senior center after it was found the old codger was funding his personal parade of prostitutes out of a rum running racket supplying elderly residence with booze.

The man was a 'more mobile gentleman' who was just too frantic, festive and frisky for the frozen farceurs in the front office.

The place paid more than $1 million to subsidize care for 21 seniors last year. And this guy is no longer one of them by golly...

'White Privilege' Black Scare

Some forty-two school districts nationwide are blowing big bucks on the assertion 'white privilege' holds blacks back in school.

Schools in San Francisco, Baltimore, and Pittsburgh have paid the Pacific Educational Group millions to renew segregation by race.

Teachers are to expect black kids to have a 'different value and view on time, missed days, working together, and wait time between questions and answers.'

In real words, black kids are tardy, truant, disruptive, fail to learn, and rude in class because 'white privilege' has stacked the school deck against them...

Surprise!  Though blacks are 12% of the population they are 40% of welfare takers.

Groping Joe Biden Caption Contest

Back in 2010 Obama and Biden did a campaign stop in Kokomo, Indiana. 

Somehow the smoking photo left taken in Kokomo was not released by the White House.

Given smarmy Biden's unflagging penchant to pervert the personal space of women near him does the photo bring shock or surprise?  Nah...

So what do you think Obama, Biden and the woman are thinking?  Share your gems in the comment section below...remember, be brutal...Biden is....

Truckers Face Extinction

Truckers are Teamsters.  A behemoth union with over 1.3 million members. 

Now the Teamsters face extinction.  Why?

“AU 010.”  The license plate of the world's first self-driving 18-wheeler today taking to Nevada highways.

Autonomous trucking will wipe out the Teamsters and prevent nearly 400K truck crashes a year.

And since the Teamsters are cash cows for the Democrat Party their demise dents the Dems too...

All in all a win-win for we the people and a big middle finger to those that gave us Obama and record debt.

Two Burgers To Colon Cancer

How bad are burgers, bacon, biscuits and baloney?

Researchers fed junk food and no fiber to a bunch of S. Africans for just two-weeks and witnessed the cold, fast path to colon cancer - the 2nd leading cause of death in the USA.

Prof Stephen O’Keefe, of the University of Pittsburgh, ‘It is likely never too late to change your diet to change your risk of colon cancer.’  Sounds like another cry wolf dealie? Well, maybe...but why not fiber up anyway?

Bluetooth Fart Tracker Debuts

Baltimore State's Prosecutor Marilyn Mosby claims Freddie Gray was murdered charged and arrested all six cops connected.

But that's the small news....

The big news is the crowdfunding of a fart counter called the 'CH4.'   The gadget  transmits results via bluetooth to your iPhone or Android device.

The 'special edition' all steel-encased version is $120.  Got $120 bucks Ms Mosby?