Bill Gates Peddling Nuke Power To China

Billionaire Bill Gates wants China to jointly develop a new and safer kind of nuclear reactor with his company TerraPower.

Why is Gates in China and not in the USA, Japan, or the EU advancing this critical technology? Because China and India are open to truly green energy - and the Obama regime is not.

The whining left-wing in the USA are sticking their collective heads in the sand waxing over laughably in-viable niche solar power, and goofy rare-species killing windmills

“The idea is to be very low cost, very safe and generate very little waste,” noted Gates. Gates is a lead investor in TerraPower the company behind Generation IV nuclear reactors.  These devices run on the waste product from the nuclear weapons industry - depleted uranium.

The stunning notion that one of America's most innovative, and successful entrepreneurs is peddling advanced nuclear power designs to China says more about the chilling, ignorant, backward left-wing controlled government in the USA, than anything else.

Energy will be the currency of the future, not gold, not dollars, not carbon credits, and certainly not the mountains of sovereign debt Obama is piling up.

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