White Man Robs Casino In Black Face

Cameron James Kennedy, 26, allegedly armed-robbed the New York-New York Casino on the Vegas Strip.

Kennedy was under house arrest for a pair of prior bank robberies but apparently cut off his GPS monitoring bracelet to do the new robbery.

“I want all your hundreds, and don’t mess around,” Kennedy commanded.  The perp scooped-up $23,000 and made his get-a-way in a taxi.

Cameron cleverly smeared black makeup on his face and wore a pair of glasses in an attempt to conceal his true identity...but no cigar...he was later spotted by witnesses.

Kennedy has finally earned the chance to room with a REAL black guy in a Nevada prison cell.  Oh joy.

Study: Women With Makeup Make Poor Leaders

Abertay University has troubling news for women who wear makeup.

Women once deemed women with makeup as dominant but now see them as competing for men's attention.  

Men once saw women with makeup as prestigious but now see them as promiscuous.

Participants say the painted lady is flaunting sexuality, weak in character and possessing poor leadership qualities.

Bad news for Estee Lauder and Max Factor.   But possibly better news for man-hating feminists who long ago gave up lip stick, lady-wear and any pretense of femininity.

Parents Waterboard Daughter

Malisa (left) and Dion Stevens, of Aliquippa, PA, allegedly waterboarded their daughter as a form of punishment.

Police report the girl had her hands tied behind her back, rags shoved into her mouth and taped into a chair using packing tape.  Once secured water was poured over her face muffling her screams and stopping her breathing.

The couple told police they got the idea from a movie.

Malisa and Dion plead guilty to a felony count of endangering the welfare of a child and will spend the next seven years on probation.   They may get their daughter back, but only under strict supervision.

 Hopefully the two will limit their movie watching to Disney flicks in the future.

Oakland Coffee Shop Refuses To Serve Cops

Oakland is home to homeless, illegals and left-wingers that protect and defend them...but the city also has a love-hate relationship with their own police force.

Hasta Muerte Coffee, an employee-owned co-op, will not serve any cop: "We have a policy of asking police to leave for the physical and emotional safety of our customers and ourselves."

Recently the Hasta Muerte crew even refused to serve a sergeant in uniform who is also the president of the Latino Police Officers Association of Alameda County.

The Oakland Police Officers Association sent the shop a letter asking to open a dialogue about its policy.  But why bother?  Let's just wish them an armed robbery as a reward, instead.

Sex Frequency Facts

Fastidious sex is synonymous with bliss.  So how often is often enough?

EdenFantasys surveyed 2,000 adults.

The average couple bumps uglies 9 times (69 minutes) each month, or 108 times (60 hours) per annum.

But what about the frenetic and the fallowed?

An astonishing 3% said 30 times a month barely butters the bread.  Yet a grim 12% said they were lucky to release the Kraken even once a month!

Dropping behind?  Get a stopwatch and get busy folks, it's not too late.

Pelosi: Politicians Can Learn From Drag Queens

Nancy Pelosi is the gift that keeps on giving...if you are the GOP. 

When Trump's tax cuts became law Nancy pounced onto the podium to re-expose herself as an incontinent elitist.   She characterized the tax cuts as “crumbs.”  But after being roundly chastised admitted “we are thankful whenever workers get bonuses.” 

Gaffing Nancy rushed next to make an appearance on "RuPaul's Drag Race: All Stars."  The venue seemed to titillate her in an extra special way.   Surrounded by men dressed as women Nancy got giddy and pronounce that politicians could learn a thing or two from drag queens.

The reference is a mystery. 

But we understand where she's sinking into...a dark, confused,  befuddled, infantile, doddering, senescent place pampered people who over-stay their welcome permeate.

State To Tax Online Porn

It took state governments years to nail the sales tax windfall in online shopping.  But that tax potential pales compared to the real 'killer app' online.  Porn.

Rhode Island may be first to crush the carnal cravings of it's residents by charging the voyeurs $20 bucks per peep.


By squeezing online providers.  And if they refuse the offer they can't refuse they too will get spanked with a $500 fine for each piece of content reported and not blocked.

And we all thought government were the good guys, right?

YouTube, Google, Twitter and Facebook Fascism

By now it's clear the monopolistic media giants are engaged in purging conservative content. 

Twitter suspends user for calling Maxine Waters ‘crazy old lying lunatic in a bad wig’

YouTube Terminates Account of Conservative Blog InfoWars.
Facebook Purges Top Conservative Sites
Google Blocks Gun Shopping Searches

So why care?  Because left-wing tech companies purvey power that can and will cripple the freedoms we enjoy in the United States.   Isn't it time they become regulated like television, radio and the mails?