Pakistani Woman Kills And Cooks Husband

Zainab Bibi, 32, was jailed for the murder of her husband Ahmad Abbas. 

Police said Mrs Bibi wanted to cook Ahmad's body parts to avoid detection hence the extra effort to cut him up in to chunks small enough to fit into the potato pot.

Neighbors got a whiff of her efforts and called the cops.

"I killed my husband before he dared to touch my daughter," she told police.

So what defense theory should Zainab attempt?
1. She's just a run-o-the-mill killer and hubby cooker.
2. She's a courageous protector of her daughter and hubby cooker.
3. She didn't know it was illegal to kill and cook her hubby?

Just think, if  Zainab were married to Jerry Sanduski the world would be looking at pickled Jerry instead of a trail of broken kids.