40 Days To Prosperity or Peril

In 40 days the USA has a fork in the road similar to 1860.

The same two parties then are the same two parties now.   Will the country pick a future where founders principles are obliterated, personal initiative and freedom lost, and the dark age of decline continue?  Or will the nation put on the brakes and try to right itself before it's too late.

Armageddon?  No.

But make no mistake where we stand.  The GDP skidded back to 1.25% today and factory orders for durable goods dropped an astonishing 13.5%.  The real jobless rate is at least 12%.  Not since the 1930s has there been more poverty and people on government handouts.  Our young are being denied our old are being pushed around.  And the size and power of the federal government has never been larger or more oppressive.

All while the pair in the white house are partying like its 1999 running up vacation and campaign expenses funded by taxpayers totaling a disgraceful $1.5 billion last year.  The deficits, debt, and money printing are a pure formula for a collapsed budget and currency.  Obama is an amateur with an attitude.

More are riding in the wagon than are pulling the wagon resulting in a horse-race that should be a no-brainer but instead is meandering toward a possible reelection of the worst president in the country's history.

Looming wars in the middle east promise to get larger, more dangerous, and more deadly.  Europe is teetering despite their own version of money printing madness.  Russia and China are chomping at the bit growing their military power as Obama reduces the USA's.

The engine of economic growth has been stalled under piles of new regulations and tax threats.  Small business owners say they would not and will not start new business or expand the ones they have now as long as Obama is around.

The fist of fascism clinches tighter around the neck of the nation each day extremists in the Obama regime find new ways to regulate and pound the public into submission.  Forty-days and forty-nights folks...prepare for the worst and be thankful if suddenly the people wake up and act like Americans again and dump this dud.

House For Sale - Reduced But Not Desperate

The crushed housing market led to the collapse of the economy.

Contrary to the cheer-leading and spin going on the housing market has not hit bottom, recovered, is getting better, or turning around. 

There can be no real housing market while jobs are wiped out, incomes are going down, and banking is hiding out.  Period.

Desperation by sellers is reflected in the 50% off deals being struck, and the goofy signs going out.  Like the one left  - Reduced But Not Stupid Or Desperate.  Wanna bet?

The most pathetic bunch are the For Sale By Owners crowd.  Selling your own house is tantamount to doing brain surgery on yourself or being your own attorney in a murder trial.  It may be tempting but it's suicide.

The dream of owning a home has been wiped out and young homeowners of the past are living with their parents, or worse, renting with ten others like them ten years after college.  Sad.

But don't kid yourself - there will be no housing market while Obama fails to make real jobs and get incomes rising again.  Assuming a housing market return just because it 'feels' like it's 'time' is lunacy.   And if you MUST sell turn it over to a pro and figure out how you are gonna take less - a LOT less.

Political Polls Plausibility Problem

Anyone else wondering how so much can be so wrong for so long in a sorry presidency and yet the polls show a tie?

What's really going on?  Sans conspiracy theory like suspecting the Obama regime of muscling or even buying pollsters results.  The more likely explanation is the simplest one.

Pollsters are statisticians.  They take 'samples' from the data pool and extrapolate the larger result from a much smaller number.  They try to gain a bit more accuracy by applying 'data points' from past elections, like the number of voters from a given party voting in a particular way.

The 'art' of polling is like other arts, the finished product is only as good as the artist's skill and talent.

Why then are the polls suspiciously wrong?  They missed the Wisconsin Walker micro-landslide, they got that one backward. They didn't get the full scope, scale and historical size of the mid-term flip.  And they appear to be off the rails again on the upcoming, all important November contest.

The 2008 election was abnormal.  A far larger number of black and regular Democrat party voters turned out to elect Obama.  And there's the rub.  The pollsters are using the lopsided voting in 2008 as a starter assumption for the next election.  Pollsters are not factoring in apathy and fewer registered Democrats that will not be voting this time.  And that, no doubt will factor back in on Tuesday, November 6th.

A new website has been developed to 'correct' the 2008 error regarding party turnout and voter apathy.  Appropriately the site is called   www.unskewedpolls.com.  The site has it right - Romney is between 5 and 11 points ahead.  And Obama's internal polling no doubt has given him the bad news.

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Obama Buying Retirment Villa In Hawaii

Hyatt heiress and Obama chief financier, Penny Pritzker, is in Hawaii buying a retirement home for Barry and his brood.  The $35 million buck estate is to be ready by January 2013.

Confidential internal polls are telling the Obama campaign they are out. But why are the public polls showing a dead heat or even a slight lead?

“The public polls are mostly political,” an unnamed source says. “Obama radicals want Romney supporters to feel discouraged and give up. Truth is that Romney’s winning.”

Pritzker is ignored by big donors this time around, unlike 2008. So she's reminding them how 'generous' the Clintons were on their way out - like the pardons Susan McDougal and Marc Rich got.

“There’s nearly three months between the Nov. 6 election and the Jan. 20 inauguration – plenty of time to hand out goodies to friends from the Oval Office.” A-ha, that would explain why anyone would give money to Obama despite the obvious doesn't it?  Hey, Chicago's wealthy have sons and daughters doing time, why not buy a pardon or two...

HillBuzz.org reported recently Michelle Obama’s mother, Marian Robinson, now living with the Obama family in the White House, has been bragging about moving to Hawaii.

“It was fun while it lasted, but wait until you see the place they’re buying for Michelle and Barack!”

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Democrats Delusional On The Economy

The economy is in deep doo-doo.  Wages and jobs are down, poverty and misery are up. And Radical Islam is killing US ambassadors a la Carter redux.

So why isn't Romney a full ten points ahead of Obama?

Gallup says confidence in the economy jumped 11% last week to a level close to the first month of Obama's term. 

Both Pew and Gallup say the disconnect between economic facts and economic perception are due to news coverage.
“Just 15% of Democrats say recent economic news is mostly bad, down from 31% a month ago...Republicans (60%) say news about the economy is mostly bad,” Pew writes.

Did you suspect disinformation from the media could influence voters perceptions?  Now you know - it does.  If voters reelect Obama because they mistakenly think the worst economy since the Great Depression is not all that bad, then the USA is doomed.

For those of us that deal in reality our job will be to pack-up and move-out of Obama's bizarro world before the inevitable panic starts even among the numbskulls who don't see it coming.

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Obama Polls Dictate When Israel Attacks Iran

Benjamin Netanyahu has one job - protect Israel.

Israel knows what's coming.  The tiny country has been in this spot before.  Long odds and frenetic Islamic neighbors make a toxic cocktail.  Israel has a Hobson's choice of course, meaning no real choice at all - do or die.

Iran is intent on developing both nuclear weapons and the means to deliver them.  And Iran hates Israel viscerally. So the lines are drawn all over again and the stakes are even higher.

Obama is dictating the timetable for Israel to act.  The weak president has shown a consistent disdain for Netanyahu and for Israel at large.  So, if in October Obama is leading in the polls and appears to be likely to win reelection Israel will be forced into preemptive action.

The buzz in Israel's newspapers suggest Netanyahu will explode a nuclear electromagnetic pulse (EMP) over Iran. The intense electromagnetic radiation would cook Iran’s electrical grid and bring its oil business, transportation, defense capabilities and nuclear processing facilities to a grinding halt. Iran would fall into economic and actual chaos.  And buy Israel time.

Time?  As long as Obama is president Israel cannot count on the USA.  In a larger sense, Israel has more to lose than the American people while Obama calls the shots.  And with Israel gone and US defenses cut back how long before radical Islam is lobbing nukes onto American cities?

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Obama Flops In Charlotte

In 2008 Obama told small lies and made big promises.  In Charlotte Obama told big lies and made non-credible promises.

The question in 2008 was simple - skip the little lies and buy the empty promises.  In 2012 Obama can be held accountable.  Obama has a record of broken promises, failure, and lies to cover both.

In 2008 the Democrats had it all and they blew it.  Now in 2012 the country sits in ruins and generations of Americans are staring at the walls.  Voters reacted in the midterms. What will voters say in November?

It remains to be seen.  But before you go to the polls make sure, REAL sure you check your assumptions. Triple-check Obama's rhetoric and record - be objective.  If you don't to it for yourself, do it for your kids.  And if not for them - for the millions of us living next to you who will be affected your decision.

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Liz Warren Sent Back To Teepee

Elizabeth Warren is a prototypical, menopausal left-wing goon who has claimed Native American status to get jobs in the past, yet has failed to prove her claim.  Ms. Warren gave a 15-minute 'lecture'  at the DNC convention fraught with fits of  pointless platitudinous platform recapitulations and crude class-warfare whining.

For those not following closely, Warren is locking bison horns with Scott Brown in Massachusetts.  Brown himself is no raging conservative of course, their home state blue enough for both of them.  But Warren is molded in the same way that Nancy 'Alzheimer' Pelosi and Patty 'puffer' Murray are shaped.  Three left-wing, pasty white, homely numbskulls spitting at a country tired of their brand of banal liberal lunacy.

Still all three have garnered enough power to be dangerous, and all three symbolize just how crazy someone can be and still get elected in this country.

Warren isn't a Senator quite yet, and if the Gods are paying attention, she won't be after November either. The large Native American caucus at the DNC hunted her down and demanded a pow-wow. But Ms. Warren refused adding credence she is not what she claims.  Warren also failed to mention  her "shared Native American heritage" during her droll and insipid 15-minute sleeper in Charlotte.

Warren deserves disdain.  Not just for having relatives who actually took part in rounding up the Indians during the 'Trail Of Tears' death march under President Jackson, but for carrying water for all that is failure under the current crop of Democrats.

The party of slavery, job losses, subprime housing collapse, and crippling debt needs to be fired.  And justice demands Warren stand in a jobless line alongside the millions her party has placed there sooner, rather than later.

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DNC Abandons Israel

9-4-2012. Well, well, well, well...well.  Some, like the Angle have long contended that the anti-Semites in the USA are primarily members of the left-wing.  The irony being, of course, many Jews are also members of the left-wing.  Jews are smart people in all things EXCEPT politics.

Take notice Jewish brothers and sisters. Whoever stands against, or does not support Israel is anti-Semitic.  The Jewish homeland is a stark physical symbol and hard-won home for Jews worldwide.  The existence of Israel is both a historical (the land sits were Judea once stood) and a moral imperative (Jews get murdered in other countries).

Obama has clearly demonstrated he is no fan of Israel. His behavior toward Israel's leaders, especially toward Benjamin Netanyahu is a disgrace. And Obama is largely responsible for surrounding Israel with the Muslim Brotherhood - the Islamic organization dedicated to Israel's destruction. Obama is even sending another $1 Billion to Egypt - money that goes DIRECTLY into Muslim Brotherhood's hands.

So.  Fast forward to today, to this week, right up to this minute.  The DNC has vacated Israel in the 2012 platform just released. Pro-Israel sections of the 2008 platform have been removed from the 2012 platform—on Jerusalem, Palestinian refugees, and Hamas. The rewrite puts Palestinian Arabs first, and aligns with Obama's position that Jerusalem is not part of Israel.

In essence the 2012 platform reflects deep resentment toward Israel - a declaration of distinction by the Democratic Party.

Jews have a responsibility to figure this stuff out. Why? Because history teaches clearly that when Jews fail to pay attention they often pay the ultimate price when wrong.

Update 9-5-2012: DNC Shoves 'Israel' and 'God' Back Into Platform To Delegate Booing
Update 9-6-2012: DNC Platform Takes Israel Back Out Again 

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Obama's Subprime Crash Connection

Remember Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac churning out No Income, No Job, No Credit loans to inner-city dregs that have all since walked out of houses they got with Subprime loans?

Remember how the entire housing market collapsed and took the economy with it in 2008 in the ten years following Bill Clinton's executive order putting Subprime into Fannie and Freddie?  Remember all that?

As time passes truth exposes villains and sometimes produces heroes.   But the US Subprime housing collapse nose-dived the economy and has no heroes, just a ton of villains hiding in plain site.

Of special note are the three stooges Chris Dodd, Barak Obama and of course Bill Clinton.

Clinton's role has been noted.  Clinton also lowered lending standards so the poor could qualify.  And even more astounding, Clinton put quotas on the whole mess to really get the engine started.

Bush tried to stop the bleed in 2005 passing a Fannie reform bill in the GOP controlled House but was stopped by villian Chris Dodd's filibuster threat in the Senate.

Before Clinton made Subprime official at Fannie, Barack Obama was a perpetrator in the subprime real estate bubble.  Ninety percent of the 186 African-American clients in his landmark 1995 mortgage discrimination lawsuit against Citibank have since gone bankrupt or received foreclosure notices.

In the White House, Obama continues to force banks to do more Subprime. And if reelected, a brand new housing crash will no doubt result.

If you are still confused don't feel alone.  Hitler knew the bigger the lie the more people believe it.  The Subprime lie is one of the biggest in history!

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