Black Bank Robbers Use White Face Disguises

Do white robbers do better robbing white people?  Three black guys in Queens, NY thought so.

Akeem Monsalvatge, Derrick Dunkley and Edward Byam are sitting in a Brooklyn, NY federal court today after failing to get away with the check-cash store robbery they planned for two months.

The idiots bought $2,000 latex heads to cover their own black faces and nappy hair figuring white people would be easier to rob if they looked like white guys.  The three also put on cop uniforms to complete the ruse.  The idea came from watching movies, of course.

Intending to appear as white cops, the Queens perps wore the NYPD clothing and badges as they pulled up to a Pay-O-Matic in Queens in February 2012 in a Ford Explorer, prosecutor Cruz-Melendez said.

It took just three minutes for the thieves to raid a safe and a cash drawer of of $200,000 before jumping into the SUV and splitting.  As soon as the hoodsters started blowing the $200,000 the cops closed in and collared them.

The burning question, of course, is not that these three were stupid enough to get caught.  No, no...the real question is, if they had $2,000 to buy the disguises why did they need to rob the store?  Oh yea, greed.

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