"Hanging Man" To Remain Hanging In "Hangtown"

California gold rush country saw plenty of Wells Fargo stage  robberies, 'killin's', and mayhem.   Perps were dispatched quickly in Placerville - just outside of Sacramento, CA., once sentenced to death by hanging, in public, in the streets, in the middle of town.

For decades, the Hangmans Tree Bar had a hanging-man effigy dangling in front of the boozery.  The tradition began during the1930s and lasted until the bar closed a few years ago.

Residents forgot about the symbol of the town, and the bar, until last Halloween, when a new dummy was dressed, hung, and left to dangle outside the building where a Historic Monument plaque has been affixed, noting the history of the town, and the old bar itself.

Some are upset of course, the cowards who want history repressed. The city council said they have "no intention of whitewashing our history," adding that the "Hangtown Dummy" is "an accurate portrayal of a small part of our history, not who we are today."

Here here...finally a little backbone from a California city - resisting the left-wing history revisers is a dangerous, yet heroic act.  We give Placerville ("Hangtown") a three-gun salute and encourage readers to visit the place - the leadership in the town understand that pride in the past is more valid than any attempt to rewrite or ignore events, which by today's politically correct hypocrisy, seem too tawdry to remember.

'Jet Man' Human Jet Flies In Formation With Swiss Fighters

A stunning video shows a man with a small wing attached to his back, and a jet for propulsion attached to his ass flying in formation with a pair of jet fighter planes, cruising over the Alps.

The same guy, Yves Rossy, A Swiss air force engineer for 17 years, also flew over the Grand Canyon in Arizona using the same gear - of his own design and making.

The jet suit holds four engines giving Rossy a top speed 200kmph (124mph).  The wingspan measures 2m (6.5ft) providing him with balance and lift.

Rossy has not always had fun doing these flights, he famously crashed into the Straits of Gibralter earlier in the year.  But he did manage to fly across the English Channel!. 

So.  Is the ultimate fighter jet just a guy in a suit, with a pair of SAMs attached to his hips?  A kind of 21st century version of the gunfight at the OK Coral?

My question is more mundane, what does this guy do if he has to take a leak flying over long stretches of water?  Like jet fighter pilots in regular aluminum cockpits, he likely carries a colostomy bag - but at altitude, a frozen bag of urine would have to hurt.

Illegals Suspected In 30 Border Fires In Arizona

Illegals and Mexican drug runners are suspected in starting 30 of 77 fires investigated between 2006 and 2010, according to the GAO. Recall John McCain being roasted for suggesting the record fires in Arizona may be due to illegals - turns out he was likely right.

"Only 18% of fires on federal land during the five-year study period were actually investigated, and thus, the number and size of fires linked to illegal border crossers may actually be higher," McCain said. Obama DOJ foot dragging deliberate?

The fires may not be arson, but the risk of fire is high when illegals camp in the dessert, or on federal lands on their way to the USA. Drug runners also camp in this way, cooking in the open, always moving quickly to avoid detection, leaving fires active and dangerous.

The GAO is instructing Arizona to police known trails where illegals travel, and put the fires out for them - like California does. Astounding! Coddle and clean up after them, don't track, deport, and block them from coming in the first place.

The Obama regime continues to attack states tired of the problem, Alabama, Arizona, South Carolina, Texas, and now Utah. Ironic that a president chooses to harass law-abiding Americans in favor of enabling, protecting, and encouraging the flow of illegals.  Obama thinks illegals are a vast voting block, remember, the Democrats don't risk a level playing field, they are fine with voter fraud.

‘Occupy Oakland’ Hosts 'Occupy My Throat' Gay Porn Shoot

An adult film company has set up a tent in the center of the “Occupy Oakland” entrenchment as prop for a new gay porn flick.

Dirty Boy Video’s “Occupy My Throat” is said to parallel Brandon Watts', co-originator of the Wall Street occupation, tawdry experiences. Mr. watts is alleged to have lost his posterior virginity in Zuccotti Park before being arrested...

The New York Observer details the opus as “homoerotic caper through the tents of Oakland’s Occupation...”.  

The porn company has reportedly contacted the 20-year-old Watts with a standing offer of an undisclosed amount of cash for a 'crack' at his next experience.

Naturally this story originates at the Huffington Post - no doubt the Huffington version will have a heroic, even defiant tone.

The Occupy crowd has no bottom-depth to their degradation.  Now we learn that the beginning of the whole thing was a rear-action attack in the middle of New York.  Inspiration leading to positive change is one thing, but a porn company footage containing explicit imagery of young men romping in encampment tents?  Yikes...

Occupy Indianapolis Recruit Homeless To Keep Protests Going

'Company Policy: We are not hiring until Obama is gone'

Waco, GA business owner Bill Looman posted signs on equipment, on Facebook, and around the premises: "New Company Policy: We are not hiring until Obama is gone".


"Can't afford it," says Bill, "I've got people that I want to hire now, but I just can't afford it. And I don't foresee that I'll be able to afford it unless some things change in D.C."

Bill is not alone, and he is getting threats for telling the truth.

"The way the economy's running, and the way my business has been hampered by the economy, and the policies of the people in power, I felt that it was necessary to voice my opinion, and predict that I wouldn't be able to do any hiring," he said.

Remember, the left doesn't play nice. And now that Mr. Looman has published his policy, they are targeting him in an extra nasty way...not to worry though, Bill has talked to the FBI and the Secret Service, and they will watch his back, right?

2010 Turkeys Pardoned By Obama Last Year, Died This Year
Blue Collar Democrats Abandon Obama

Chicago To Split From Illinois - 51st State

State Rep. Bill Mitchell of Decatur has introduced a bill to the Illinois General Assembly to separate Chicago from the state - splitting out Cook County in its entirety.

Mitchell says the bill would "enact legislation dividing Illinois and Cook County into separate states" because county residents "hold different and firmly seated views" on "politics, society, and economics" from people in the rest of the state.

If passed, a vote by state residents through a referendum would ensue.  Once voters approve, the issue would require approval from the United States Congress and the president.  Voila!

Large urban centers in California, New York, Illinois, Ohio, and Michigan continue to drift from the rest of their states - bringing some to try for state splits, or in this case, jettison the offending city from the rest of the state.  The efforts are long-shots, but the trend is clear.

Recently, the Illinois state government passed the biggest tax increases in state history.  The election of the hyper-liberal Rahm Emanuel in Chicago reflect an extreme in Chicago.  Surrounding residents find themselves squeezed by the large city, with whom they share little, and disagree with deeply.

As 2012 approaches, divisions now deeply defined will play out in the nations most important general election since 1860 - precursor to the nations only, and most brutal, civil war

California Splits In Two...
D.C. Statehood Activists Convicted
List Of Succession Propsals Since The Civil War
Chicago Jobless Rate Jumps To 9.7%

Protestors To 'Occupy' Retailers On Black Friday

Occupy is morphing into some serious commerce killing now, the latest is a full-frontal attack on the biggest sale-day in the year, but only for a select few companies (see list at Stop Black Friday website).

"The idea is simple, hit the corporations that corrupt and control American politics where it hurts, their profits, " states the malcontents.

The goal is to dent sales, and to drill home the point that in the middle of a depression, why not make it deeper and wider, why not kill jobs, after all, who needs them, certainly not the Occupiers!

Rumored also is that the Occupy goofs are looking to shut down California ports.  Modeled, we presume, after the fiasco in Oakland.  Of course, these knuckleheads don't connect jobs, tax revenues, and even foundations, and scholarships to the companies they want to harm.

They try to make a distinction between 'small business', and the large, evil, greedy, boogey-man companies they deem as especially worthy of harm.  Here is a short list:

Abercrombie & Fitch
AT&T Wireless
Burlington Coat Factory
Dick's Sporting Goods
Dollar Tree
The Home Depot
Neiman Marcus
Toys R'Us
Verizon Wireless

Notice the theme here?  Most of these companies are sans unions....or have unions that are weak.  But the really fun part is, there seems to be no limit to the lunacy-of-harm the Occupiers desire, and no limit to the ways they dream up to cut their own umbilical chords.

Bonus revelation, this blogger claims this entire episode is not secretly based on a selfish motivation - to avoid paying obligation, such as student loans.  Since the OWS demand list doesn't seem to be taken seriously, the fun new idea is to simply stop paying the loans, regardless of an adult arrangement with debtors.

Occupy Cost Cities $13M As Of 11-15
Occupy Cities On Black Friday - Map Provided
BEST BUY Bans Tents Outside Stores...
Tea Party Activists Counter With 'BUYcott Black Friday'

Housing: Owners Become Renters - Unstoppable Trend

After five straight quarterly drops, foreclosures nationwide shot up 14% from the 2nd to the 3rd quarter of 2011. Not news...but why is this still happening? Simply stated, the underlying causes of the original crash in housing have not cleared.

- Millions jobless, millions more without a job for two or more years, spell doom. Six out of 10 of the "top turnaround towns" had jobless rates above 10% in the 3rd quarter. Wages are also falling, for those who are 'lucky' to have a job - as wages fall, buyers become scarce.

- Mortgage rates at record low are not enough. The "real" mortgage rate - which factors in falling market values is 8%. The real cost of buying must include the 4% interest rate and the 3.9% average home prices decline over the past 12 months.

- Obama's misguided foreclosure bailouts are stalling the clearing of inventory. Until all distressed houses are cleared, the 'bottom' in prices will not be achieved. As prices continue to fall, buyers continue to stay away.

- Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac hold an incredible 70% of all mortgages nationwide, and are in bankruptcy. As has been shown in earlier blogs, these two GSEs created the housing bubble/crash in subprime underwriting, and buybacks.  Under Obama, the poisonous practice is still in place.

- Banks were stung by the crash, and were technically bankrupt. Mortgage lending has dried up, lending requirements more stringent, so much so, that all cash buyers have a tough time qualifying for a loan. Banks make their money now playing the spread between .5% Fed money, and 1.5% treasury bond yields. Can you blame them?

Home owners are being turned into renters.  Baby-boomers will be working till age 80, renting, in essence, starting over.  Obama's failure to re-ignite the economy hints that the worst is yet to come.

Boomers Warning: Avoid These Retirement Pitfalls
CBO: Obama Stimulus Downgraded - Negative Economic Effect
National Realtors Games Sales Numbers For Three Years

Grover Norquist: Occupiers ‘...helpful in 2012′

“The Occupy Wall Street,” said Americans for Tax Reform President Grover Norquist, “is a tremendous asset and it’s a movement that I think will be very helpful in the 2012 elections, and I think it’s a mistake to interfere with them continuing to annoy middle class Americans.”.

Norquist is the Tea Party energy behind holding the line on spending, and taxes.  Grover is a thorn in the side of Democrats who want to raise taxes,and continue to spend recklessly - you know, as they have been doing since Pelosi and Reid took control of the congress in 2006.

A few days ago, a band of 'millionaires' gathered in a room in the halls of congress to tout the Buffet Hypocrisy - 'raise my taxes, not really', mantra.

Norquist suggested they write a check to one of the “Tax Me More” funds or support the “Buffett Rule Act of 2011.”.  Shockingly, they all refused, as they had also refused the Daily Caller's on-the-spot request to send in checks to the IRS.  Talk is cheaper, right?

The Occupy Movement is an easy to spot hypocrisy. The demands coming from OWS include free college, and forgiveness of debt - along with trillions for trees, and new union busy-work jobs similar to the trillions already wasted in the Obama stimulus.

So, Grover makes an excellent point - while the Occupy goofs are in the streets, costing taxpayers millions in police overtime, and cleanup work, voters, that is, those in the top 50% that actually pay income taxes are getting frustrated.

The longer the Occupiers make their noise - the more frustrated taxpaying voters will become, and remember, both Obama and the Democrats endorse this added waste. So, let them do their thing - it keeps reminding the voters why the US is bankrupt, and who is responsible for the mess.

PETA Compares Eating A Thanksgiving Turkey To Eating Your Dog
Buffett Owes $1 Billion Back Taxes
Ex-Solyndra Staff To Get $13,000 Obama Money To Retrain
Obama Tells Occupy Wall Street: "You are the reason I ran for office."

Debt Panel: Chew Toy For Tax And Spend Democrats

The panel on debt reduction is being sabotaged by the Democrats.

Republicans insist on spending cuts and Democrats are adamant to drive for massive tax hikes, and a deeper depression.

Democrats are spinning the idea of raising taxes and spending as preferable to dealing with the over $15 trillion in Obama's massive debt.

The Democrats have never negotiated in good faith and even demagogue on the Social Security and Medicare systems they have bankrupted.

The Democrats want massive defense cuts despite Obama deploying, and redeploying the military in dozens of new countries since taking office.

Odds makers call-out four scenarios.

1. Panel fails on competing partisan plans all voted down - what Dems want.
2. Panel gets small plan, falls short of $1.2 trillion min - what Dems want.
3. Panel sees a defection tipping the vote to closure - what Dems fear.
4. Panel gets leadership from Obama breaking the tie - are you kidding?

While the Senate and Whitehouse are in Democrats hands, the country continues to languish - the ploy Democrats use is not shocking, but does prove why they must be voted out of office in 2012 - all of them.

Debt Panel Stalled Five Days Out
New Inevitable Financial Crisis In 2012
Krauthammer: Obama Failing To Lead By Demagoguing Debt Downgrade [Video]
Panetta: Debt Panel Failure Means ‘devastating’ Defense Cuts
Deficit Panel Co-Chair: Opportunity Missed
GE Paid No Taxes On $14 Billion in Profits - Gets Most Stimulus/Bailouts
Debt Super Committee Flunks - Democrats Continue Streak Of Failure

Chris Matthews Spanked On Live Radio

At Chris Matthews’ request — KABC radio host Larry Elder squared off with Matthews on his politics, prejudices, and left-wing pandering.

ELDER: Chris, first do you still feel as a journalist, it is your job to help Obama succeed?
MATTHEWS: Yeah, I’m a journalist. I’m a columnist. I’m a commentator
ELDER: No, no a journalist – you think you’re an objective down-the-middle journalist?
MATTHEWS: No, I’m not down the middle. I’m slightly to the left.

Elder then treated Matthews to a clip of an October Hardball Show: "GOP wants to get rid of cops...cause real pain"

Matthews nailed, asked Elder “What is the purpose of this conversation?” — later adding, “I’m trying to be polite, and I come on your show because you invited me.”

“No, no, no, no,” Elder replied. “You called us and you asked to come on. I didn’t invite you.”

Matthews collapsed into a diatribe of paranoid schizophrenia - "This is an embarrassment. This is why this country is being torn apart, with this kind of hatred.".

Mr. Matthews is so disconnected he may not realize he is full of [deleted].  Do you smell a pattern here - could it be alcohol, or an abused childhood, or as we suspect, a spitting little man with white guilt, and a mangled sense of self?

The guy routinely steps on his own genitalia...like his peers Joy Behar, Keith Olberman, Anderson Cooper, Octavia Nasr, John Klein, Jeff Zucker, Dan Rather and Air America

Matthews is the merchant of malice, the poster boy for left-wing hate, the hypocrite on race and civility - truth be told.

NBC is under new ownership.  How long before the Chris Mathews loose cannon is taken off the deck?

Chris Matthews E-mail Scandal
Womens Group Calls For Matthews Firing
'I Forgot He Was Black': Chris Matthews On Obama
Falsely Accuses Ron Paul Of Saying ’Let Someone Die’
MSNBC Tolerates Chris Matthews’s Misogyny
MSNBC 'essentially the Obama re-election team'...
Bill Maher Calls Sarah Palin The ‘c’ Word
Matthews Turns On Obama; ‘I Hear Stories That You Would Not Believe’

Video Gamers Brains Mimic Addictive Gamblers

Fourteen-year-olds who play video games frequently pile up neurons in the rewards center of the brain - eventually restructured to resemble addictive gamblers brains.

Large groups playing at least nine hours weekly were tracked, a mix of about 50 boys and 50 girls.

Scanning with MRI, the team observed changes in the kids' brains that simulated pleasure-seeking, and reward syndrome. The gamers had greater brain activity when they were losing. This response is seen in addicted gamblers, the authors noted, who have increased levels of the the brain chemical dopamine in the ventral striatum when they are losing money.

Do video gamers have a higher level of hand-eye, and cognitive skills?  Sadly, no.

Like many of the myths festering among those that shun the hard work of study, and knowledge gathering - there are no shortcuts.  Immersion in violent, titillating, flashing pseudo-reality - gamers ultimately lose. A study written by Walter Boot of Department of Psychology, Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL, USA concludes that no gain in skill, or special abilities results from addictive video gaming.

Oh well, looks like its back to start over for the weed-heads, gamer-jockeys, and global warming cult who just seem to keep coming up short on Utopian shortcuts.

GOP Virginia Win Previews Obama's 2012 Defeat

The midterms were the opening volley, the election last Tuesday a crushing broadside.  For the first time in all of American history, swing state Virginia has given a 2/3rds majority to Republicans in their state house - despite Democrat Party gerrymandering efforts earlier this year.

The GOP incumbents also hung on to give them control of all three branches of Virgina government - a resounding defeat for Obama who carried the state in 2008, and who launched fully 1600 events in Virginia in the last few months in an attempt to preserve the state for 2012.

Virginia, Florida and Pennsylvania must be carried by Obama to stay in office.

Ohio's union victory seemed to support Obama - but though the union controlled state turned back the loss of  collective bargaining, Ohioans also rejected tax hikes in school districts across the state.  Unions have locked in mass layoffs in a Pyrrhic victory.

Ohio also defeated the Obamacare Mandate - this outcome reiterates Obama's central 'accomplishment' being roundly rejected by voters nationwide.  If Obama won in Ohio the victory looks oddly empty, and a disaster for his allies - the unions.

Polled Americans Prefer Israel Netanyahu To Obama

Ohio Sunk By Union Vote

Unions have destroyed entire industries, steel, auto, textiles - now they are destroying local, state and even the federal government.    Wisconsin narrowly missed being strangled by unions, Ohio has fallen prey to them, the Issue 2 vote went badly.

Bob Kish, an Ohio-based Republican consultant noted after today's vote, “They are going to have to either lay-off people, raise taxes, or file for bankruptcy.”.  “Long-term,” he continued, “this is going to make it hard for Ohio to remain competitive with other states … as businesses are going to look to places where it’s cheaper to do business where unions aren’t as strong.”

Blue states are underwater, taxing high, giving unions the chance to cripple competitiveness, and lose more jobs.  Business is not only off-shoring jobs to more cost-effective regions of the world, they are moving between the states looking for the best deal.  Those states that do not control the unions, and control runaway regulations, are doomed.

The new world labor market reality, where both India and China make products far cheaper than the US is not dictated by local politicians, or US based corporations.

Simple minded people voted Ohio's demise yesterday.  Any notion that union labor in the USA will magically maintain their high wage and pension levels are fantasy - let the layoffs begin.  The union rank-and-file can collectively bargain with the Dept. of Unemployment now.

GM Pension Fund Shortfall $20 Billion [Video]
Gov. Kasich Reacts To Issue 2 Defeat [Video]
Ohio Defeats Obamacare Mandate By Wider Margin

Iran Officially Has Nukes - Warheads Next

The Iranian regime has created nuclear weapons says an IAEA report.

Iran has steadily progressed towards a bomb, with threats are getting specific now from Iran.

Israel would prefer not to attack, but is very close to launching a strike to prevent Iran from launching first.

Obama has made clear he is not a friend to Israel, and has been busily showing open support for what he calls the "Arab Spring", the string of governments being toppled in the Arab world replaced with radical anti-Israel Islamic states.

A nuclear war, or a threat of one between Iran and Israel makes having Obama as president, with his weak, and erratic lack of leadership, an extra level of danger for Israel, and the USA.

Iran Openly Building Nuclear Bomb
Iran Test Fires Long Range Missles That Can Hit Isreal And US Bases 
IAEA: Iran On Threshold Of Nuclear Weapon
Russia Warns Israeli Against Air Strike On Iran
Iran Worked to ‘Miniaturize’ Weapon Design

Google Releases Satellite Images Of Iranian Nuke Facilities
Obama: Iran Sanctions Have 'enormous bite'
Obama: All Military Options Open For Iran
Pentagon Receives Bunker Bombs — Is Iran Next?
Iran Drills For Nuke Strike

Wall Street Bonuses Plunge

While the hypocrite left-wing celebrities rush into the Occupy show masquerading as a 99% while enjoying their posh, mufti-millionaire 1% lifestyles, the demon Wall Street rank-and-file are hit'n the skids a bit this Christmas.

Corporate bonuses are expected to plunge as much as 30% this year compared to 2010, according to Johnson Associates.  Bond market bankers the hardest hit, with compensation expected to plunge 35% to 45%.

Even the demon bankers and the nasty bond traders are getting hit, although, they do have jobs, at least for now.

The market roller coaster is due to the chaos Obama has created with his mixed message of corporate bashing, and then taking money from Wall Street in the backroom.  Europe is finally crashing around its socialism, the excess spending has finally caught up with Greece, Italy, Spain, Ireland, France, and eventually the UK and Germany.

The Occupy goofs have it all wrong, but they are not thinking people, they are the 'useful idiots' bought and paid for by those that want to see Europe's mistakes repeated in the USA.  The old saw "bite the hand that feeds you" seems to work for Obama, but not for the vagrants who are throwing urine on cops, and carrying water for George Soros.

OWS Protestor Goes Postal At McDonald's

A Zuccotti Park protester threw a violent fit in a McDonald’s yesterday after employees refused to give him free food.

Fisika Bezabeh, 27, ripped a credit-card reader from a counter and threw it at workers.  The restaurant at 160 Broadway is a bathroom spot for protesters.

So much for allowing the protestor vagrants access to bathrooms reserved for paying customers. 

The violence in Oakland is also a central theme - the so-called 'Occupy' protests are apparently little more than a mass temper-tantrum, venting exercise, and for some, an opportunity to destroy private property.

Class warfare is the underlying motivation - Obama has grown this discontent intentionally.  Obama cannot run on his record so he is trying to divert attention by encouraging bad behavior in the less sophisticated members of society.

In the end, the protestors are working against their own self-interest by disrupting and destroying business activity, and wasting the resources of the cities they are trying to bully - resources already stretched due to Obama's failure to inspire commerce and hiring.

'Obama' Makes Appearance in Zuccotti Park...
Is Student Loan, Education Bubble Next?
McDonald's CEO: Cut Taxes!
Three Arrested Dealing Crack At 'Occupy' Boston; Alcohol, Fights Break Out...
Occupy Wall Street Ultimatums

Mississippi Vote: Fertilized Egg Starts Life?

Mississippi on Tuesday will be the first state in the USA to define a fertilized egg as the beginning of life - of a human being.

The "personhood amendment" to the state constitution is a new tactic by pro-lifers.  Pro-abortion defenders have long held that life begins at some nebulous stage after birth.  And even then, some states allow post-birth abortions, an especially insidious form of the dark art.  

A move of the needle back to conception will levy a death-blow to 'abortion on demand' in the long run - this explains the ferocity of the fight. 

The Mississippi win would bolster similar efforts in Florida, Ohio and Colorado. Backers say the ultimate goal is overturning Roe v. Wade, later at the U.S. Supreme Court.

Advocates say the initiative would not bar in-vitro fertilization but would prevent unused embryos from being destroyed, a practice used today in stem-cell harvesting.  Fetal stem cells are no longer needed, but this has not stopped abortion advocates from insisting on doing them.

The practice of abortion, of course, pivots on the derived right to privacy concocted in the Roe .v. Wade decision.  History will not look kindly on our time - over 60 million kids have been terminated since the decision, and the 'creep' to kill kids at later and later stages, and under more and more absurd circumstances has been taking place.

We need a new way to look at this problem.  Sterilization for repeat 'aborters' is certainly a rational way to reduce the carnage, but the hypocrisy of the issue requires advocates to ignore the obvious, that life is being snuffed, and the 'rights' of the women having abortions trumps that life.

Ohio Vote On Union Collective Bargaining Limits
San Francisco Mayoral Candidates Call For Elections Monitors
Republicans Are Clear Favorites in New York and Nevada Special Elections
Disputes Over Voting Rules Get Fiery

House Ethics Panel Racist?

The House Ethics Committee has launched an investigation into Rep. Laura Richardson (D-CA).

The committee will determine if Ms. Richardson violated House rules when she pressured her congressional staff to work on her campaign - a clear violation ethics.

Richardson’s investigation is the fourth probe involving a black lawmaker launched this year. Reps. Maxine Waters (D-CA.) and Jesse Jackson Jr. (D-IL) are also under investigation.  And Charlie Rangel (D-NY) did get censured for his corruption.  As expected, all of these perps have charged racism as the motive - the race card the last resort of a coward, of course.

The probe comes at a tough time for Richardson, who is running in a redrawn district that pits her against Rep. Janice Hahn (D-CA), who replaced Dem. Jane Harman earlier this year after Harman resigned under her own pall of corruption in an espionage scam.

Nancy Pelosi's theme of draining the swamp in the 2006 midterms was apparently a dirty-trick played on the voters.  Pelosi obviously had increasing the size of the swamp in mind - and became the queen of the party of corruption in the process.

The real question becomes, will voters get wise to the Democrats?  Will they pay attention?  One year from today we will have the answer to these important questions.

35th Congressman Calls For Holder’s Resignation
White House Rejects Congressional Subpoena Over Solyndra...