Augusta National All Male Membership Attacked

Augusta National is the US top golf course and home to golf's top tournament - the Masters. The rub? The national treasure has been a private 'male member only' club since it was founded in 1933 by Bobby Jones.

Augusta has been under attack because it excludes women from membership, and from wearing the coveted green member jacket. Women are allowed to play on the pristine course, but only as a guest or spouse of a member.

IBM is a major sponsor of the club and the Masters. The past four CEOs of the company were members. IBM just appointed a woman as CEO. Her name is Virginia Rometty. Virginia likes scuba diving, not golf.

But that is beside the point according to Martha Burk who tried and failed ten years ago to force Augusta to admit women as members. Why is Martha hot for Virginia to become a member? Because the club needs IBM and Burke is a frothing feminazi who needs an 'angle' to get her way.

'What IBM needs to do is draw a line in the sand by saying "We're either going to pull our sponsorship and membership and any ancillary activities we support with the tournament, or the club is going to have to honor our CEO the way they have in the past",' Burk said. Anyone wanna bet Burk is not a stockholder in IBM?

Virginia is not commenting. She was hired to run IBM not be a punching bag for Martha Burk and her private obsession with the club.

The story really illustrates the rabid nature of some to screw with tradition. If Burk wants women to join a golf club, let her start one of her own or contact one of the thousands of clubs that do let women in - oh wait, Burk doesn't golf either.

Obama Sticks Nose Into Augusta
Flashback:  Obama Excludes Women From His Golf Games

Obama: The Siberian Candidate

Obama's hot mic whispers directed at Russian president Medvedev is more than an isolated and troubling incident.

Obama says there is no secret deal being struck with Russia to sacrifice Europe's defenses. But remember, Obama gave up Poland's missiles just days after entering office.

Even Pravda has endorsed Obama for reelection. Pravda boldly wrote last week: Romney 'Out-Of-Touch, Out-Of-Date, Unelectable.'

Reasonable people do not engage in conspiracy theory. But could Obama be a Siberian Candidate? The parallel with the fictional story of the Manchurian Candidate is stark.

The notion that Obama could or would work against his 'own' country begins with the debacle around the unsolved mystery surrounding his birth. Consider Obama's gaffes regarding Israel and his lack of support for student dissidents in Iran.  Coincidentally, Obama has stated he wants to reduce the US nuclear arsenal by a crippling 80%.

Is there a pattern that add up to more than a conspiracy theory?

"This is my last election...After my election, I have more flexibility" Obama offered Medvedev. "I will tell Vladimir (Putin)" replies the Russian president.

The Manchurian Candidate was from China. The plot is to swap a surgically altered Chinese military officer for the sitting POTUS. Is life imitating art?

Obama has a trail of failure wider than any president in history, from race baiting, attacking freedom of religion, Holder giving guns to drug lords, to doubling a crushing debt and wasting the money on unconstitutional laws.

If Obama is not a Siberian Candidate, then why get so cozy with Russia?

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25% Of Working Age Men Are Jobless

The core of the US workforce, men aged 25 to 54 are out of work.

Five years ago, 10% of men were out of work.

The Obama depression is real.

The not-so-secret fact is that millions have given up entirely, after 2 years or more, looking for work. The core group of males working is 45.9 million.  That's 25 million less than at the depth of the great recession.

Accounting for all men out of work, 75% have a job, 25% do not.

Obamacare is unconstitutional.  Pelosi, Reid and Obama are unapologetic, and spinning the waste, anger, and arrogance.  Sadly, Nevada put Reid back in for a final 6 years of buffoonery, Pelosi comes from the most decrepit liberal cesspool in the country and will retain her job, but we can vote Obama out.  It is imperative.

Miss Universe Canada Boots Transgender Then Says Yes

<- This is a guy!

The entire mystic of 'vive la différence' is gone...

<- Did I mention this is a guy?

When the Miss Universe Canada pageant found out Jenna Talackova was a male with surgically and chemically altered 'stuff' they ejected he-her. But not before Jenna reached the finals...

<- Did you hear me? This guy made it to the finals of Miss Universe Canada.

These days, beauty pageants have rules like 'the contestant must be a natural born female' in order to keep transgenders from dominating the 'sport'.

Jenna lied on her-his application stating he-she was born a female. So Jenna got the heave-ho. And a lot of tweets on Twitter are not tolerating it.

Steroid use in sports are banned for good reason. If Trump is gonna be gatekeeper of beauty pageants let me suggest he ban ALL SURGERY, ALL CHEMICALS otherwise, why strip this guy of a crown? His nose, chin, eye, boob, laser, buttocks, and hormone treatments are not much different than those 'natural' born contestants get...

She-He Is Back!  Pageant Reconsiders And Now Says Yes...

Nite Landing At LAX

Los Angeles International is a big-assed airport. Landing there requires flying over most of the city. Wanna see it from the cockpit? You are on a flight from who knows where, over the freeways and the beaches, up the coast highway, over downtown and Watts - finally onto runway 24Right - touchdown, now go rent a car.

The video speeds up just after touchdown, so don't panic, no one goes 100mph on the tarmac unless you are unlucky enough to board a plane TSA let a terrorist board.

Six Blue States Singing The Blues

The six states that are raising taxes and still spending the most are also the most costly to call home, and coincidentally are blue, blue, blue singing the blues.

The worst of the worst:

Delaware, home to Joe 'hairplug' Biden tops the list. The state is running a 12.8% red ink well, while spending the third most of any state per person, $8,800. Leaving income taxes static for now, they did raise taxes 5% on corporations and cigarettes. Home prices declined 20% since the start of Obama's depression.

California, the mess we love to hate the most. CA spends half per person that Delaware does, but raised income taxes by 5%. CA has an astounding 37% in red ink, and has the 2nd largest budget of all the states. Homes have lost 50% in value. CA bond rating is 2nd lowest, behind Illinois - junk.

Illinois, home to Barry 'green machine' Obama. Il spends even less than CA per person, yet raised income taxes by 5%. Il has a hefty 15% red ink trail. Homes have declined 22%. Illinois has the nations worst bond rating - pure junk.

New York, like CA, is home to a festering mess of Democrats running the state, and sent to congress. NY spends nearly as much per person that DE does while raising income taxes a full 5%. NY has a 14% red ink trail. Homes have declined 9%.

Rhode Island and West Virginia complete the rogue six list.

And if you are a senior, you need to avoid CA, RI, MS, ME, VT, NJ, CT, HI, and NY. Notice the overlap of worst run states are also the worst places for seniors to retire.

The lesson is simple, Democrats suck.

Property Rights: Supreme Court Rules Against EPA

Finally, the fascist EPA are being bitch-slapped by the US Supreme Court for their insidious practice of threatening land owners without due process.

The Supreme Court sided with an Idaho couple, Mike and Chantell Sackett, whose property near a scenic lake has sat undisturbed since the EPA ordered a halt in work in 2007. The ruling says the Sacketts can go to court to challenge an EPA order blocking construction of their new home. The couple can do that without the EPA's edicts of more than $30,000 a day in fines.

The EPA has been crushing private property owners under threats of large daily fines, to prevent them from taking the 'risk' of going to court to fight them.

The EPA issues over 3,000 compliance orders a year. The agency threatens first, and refuses to answer questions later. The EPA simply demands landowners stop what they're doing and repair the harm they've caused - without hearing or other court process!

Business groups, homebuilders, road builders and farming have all have joined the Sacketts in urging the court to make it easier to contest EPA compliance orders issued under several environmental laws - and today justice has been served.

Obama has been using the EPA to destroy private property rights - and doing it in an ugly way.

Corruption: Where Does Your State Stand?

How corrupt is your state? The map left is interactive and color coded so you can readily see where you and your state sit in the cesspool that was once a great nation.

No state is squeaky clean. Green states are the least corrupt, red states flunk badly.

Remember though, the metrics from this study only talk about how covertly the state is run, not how badly it is doing.

For instance, California has the worst debt, bond rating, taxes, failing schools, lost property values, and illegals problems.  But California does it's business in the open - so though the state is failing badly on performance, at least you can see them going down in flames in front of you.

Why is Michigan getting an F?  Well, executive and judicial accountability are zip,  union pensions are out of control, the legislature does nasty stuff behind closed doors, and financial disclosures are non existent.

If you find yourself living in a state that lacks honest and ethical governance don't panic.  If your taxes are low, and your life-style is adequate, who cares what the goofs in the government are doing, as long as they are not dipping into your pockets while they plot and pander.

Occupy Tweeter '...kill a cop or 2'

The messes in the 'Occupy' streets are nothing like the anti-war protests in the '60s. Though there were cop killers, like Bill Ayers' Weathermen, the general cause was noble - end a war the Democrat presidents Johnson and Kennedy started.

The 'kids' today are confused, ignoble, narcissistic, and low IQ'd. Each new day of 'Occupy' cult-gathering brings a new day of aimless rants, destruction of property, and lost message.

That's the good part, the bad part is when one of these 'tech-savvy' kids forgets Twitter is a public toilet. Making a tweet on Twitter is the same as dropping your pants on a public sidewalk while someone with a cell-phone snapshots and immortalizes the event.

NYC cops are investigating a Twitter threat from a 23-year-old 'Occupy'-linked moron.  Rusty Braxton of Oviedo, Fla., was later identified from a screen capture of his Facebook page.

Braxton confirmed he sent the message but insisted his words were taken out of context. Hey Rusty, those are your COMPLETE words, the tweet proves it. Rusty insists the comment is just a general didn't mean it kind of cop killing comment.

Well, if a cop gets hurt during an Occupy riot now, Rusty will get a knock on his cardboard box door - get ready for it you idiot...

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Sex+Age Bias: Weatherworn Weatherman Sues CBS

TV weatherman Kyle Hunter, a 40+something washed-up weather guy is suing CBS for sex and age discrimination.

Kyle says he was bypassed in favor of 20-something top-heavy females. Kyle says young, hot women are hired regardless of weather qualifications because they attract male audience share. Kyle has an IQ of 27.

CBS says Kyle is full of hot air. CBS says Kyle is all wet because they simply chose not to hire Kyle. CBS wants ratings not meteorologists.

Kyle hired Gloria Allred. Gloria says this is the first time a male has filed under California's new, hyper-inclusive sex discrimination statutes.  Of course he did, Gloria is the best ambulance chaser out there and Gloria owns part of the LA County courthouse right?

Well, Kyle has no case of course. TV is entertainment, not the NOAA. Did he actually think TV weather reporting is a technical job? C'mon Kyle, you are over 40 dude, grow up...

Tiger Woods Rude, Crude, And Cheap?

Celebrity gossip is part of the American culture. Group rubber-necking over celebrity downfalls is something the common guy can identify with and relish.

Tiger Woods was going to be the greatest golfer in history. Then it turned out he was just a 'guy' and not an immortal after all. Woods was unstoppable. But after being 'clubbed' by his ex-wife in his own driveway being caught cheating, Woods is seeming to come to a stop by his own hand.

Woods is mortal, flawed, even deprived. And now there is a book written by his 6-year coach Hank Haney to prove it.

Haney characterizes Woods as a selfish, cheap, profane guy who never had much use for others around him. Woods likes porn?  Shocking, a guy bedding cheap women in every lounge in every city on the PGA tour is a sex addict?

Haney notes during the 2006 Ryder Cup, several golfers, including devout Christian Zach Johnson, shared a hotel room with Woods. Tiger ‘immediately purchased the adult-move 24-hour package and turned it on,’ Mr Haney said. Apparently Woods got his woodie, and Johnson had to stay out of the room a lot.

'When he would go out to eat with now ex-wife Elin Nordegren, he’d get up and leave, expecting her to follow – even if she hadn’t finished her meal...[and] when he was done – and he habitually ate fast – you were done,’ Haney details in the book.  That marriage was doomed anyway, it appears.

Woods obliquely minimizes the tome charging Haney with trying to make a quick buck. Woods didn't read much before now, and apparently Woods won't be making an exception by reading this book either.  Rumor has it Woods is losing interest in golf.   If true, the fall will be complete.

'I could kill you in two seconds' Wood's Navy Seals Obsession

Egypt's Dead Coptic Pope Gives Last Mass

Cast your eyes on Coptic Pope Shenouda III sitting on his thrown for the last time, in full regalia, dead. Shenouda was 117th such Pope in the Asian branch of the church started by Jesus. 

Egypt's Coptic Orthodox Church of Alexandria was led by Shenouda for over forty-years. The Coptics are Christians, who split from the Roman Catholics around 451 AD. Less that 10% of Egyptians are Coptics and are continually attacked by their muslim countryman.

Shenouda was locked-up in the Wadi el Natrun monastery in 1981 by Sadat. He also had run-ins with Mubarak. Not clear what the current regime is going to do to them now that Shenouda is gone.

The head of Egypt's ruling military council, Field Marshal Mohamed Hussein Tantawi, granted Christians let Christian civil servants take three days off. So it makes sense they have to hustle this guy's funeral.

The dead Pope on his throne seems a little, well, Egyptian doesn't it? Like a throwback to the days of Pharaoh? Well, they have been doing it like this since 451 AD so it must be okay...

St Patrick Was A Runaway Roman Tax Collector

History is said to play dirty tricks on the dead. Why? Because the dead can't defend themselves, especially when a left-winger gets in there and polishes events to suit political-correctness.

Still, it is appropriate to dispel non fact, myth, and legend if we suspect it requires it. And we may have that in St Patrick's yarn.

The legend and the myth are largely invention. After all, the guy did exist, was a man, and was a victim of his times, like most historical figures. The first revelation is that Patrick was born in Britain, not Ireland and lived from 387 to 461 AD during Roman occupation of Britain.

Patrick's father was a Decurion, a Roman tax collector in Britain. Dad used a bail-out clause in Roman law so he could leave tax collecting and join the clergy. That law dictated his son had to take the job.

Patrick freaked in part because Roman tax collectors by the 5th century were pretty well hated, and in part because Patrick wanted to join the clergy too. So Patrick needed to get out, to emigrate to Ireland...but to do that, he had to liquidate his family holdings in Britain.

That's when Patrick became a slave-trader too. Slaves were a highly valued commodity and Patrick's writings mention that his family owned several. So, he likely sold them all off, and escaped to the emerald isle in great haste.

Once there, Patrick started to evolve his own PR and myth. After all, he was running from the Romans, and he was an immigrant without a family or a past. In fact, Patrick was a slave himself for the first six years in Ireland. But once free, he began his holy trek to sainthood, in part, by spinning the yarn people enjoy today!

Oh yea, St Patrick didn't run snakes out of Ireland. There were never any snakes in Ireland!

Arpaio Obama Investigation Getting Uglier

Sheriff Joe Arpaio has reported that Obama's recent release of a birth certificate has 'probable cause' to assess it a forgery.

Mike Zullo, Arpaio’s lead investigator, said the Hawaii Department of Health has engaged in a systematic effort to hide any original 1961 birth records it 'may' have in its possession.

“Absent the authentic Hawaii Department of Health 1961 birth records for Barack Obama, there is no other credible proof supporting the idea or belief that President Barack Obama was born in Hawaii...” Zullo said.

Investigators also say they have developed credible evidence that Obama is using a forged and fraudulent Social Security number.

And now we have this. Former Hawaii elections clerk Tim Adams signed an affidavit on Friday swearing he was told by his supervisors in Hawaii that no long-form, hospital-generated birth certificate existed for Barack Obama Jr. in Hawaii and that neither Queens Medical Center nor Kapi’olani Medical Center in Honolulu had any record of Obama having been born in their medical facilities.

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DOW 14K Good Times Are Back, Right?

Are the good times back? After all the DOW is flirting with 14,000 again. Or is the DOW just tracking inflated dollars coming from Bernanke's printing presses?

Smart, objective people always survive. Who is smart? The people that saw the housing bubble and dumped their houses BEFORE the collapse. Who is smart now? The people who see the money bubble and will sell long term bonds, stocks, and avoid taking on debt of any kind anticipating inflation - giant, big, 10-20% inflation - for starters.

Gold is a hedge against inflation, so why has it doubled along with the DOW? Gold buyers are trying to get ahead of the curve. Nothing is going to get cheaper, everything is going to get more expensive, especially oil, food, and the cost of debt.

Inflation is like pancreatic cancer, once you notice it, you are done - its over, prepare your affairs, you are dead.

And that is the essence of Bernanke's money's really not a secret. Bernanke has been pumping money and the DOW. They track together, but, like housing bubbled up far beyond incomes, the inflated currency bubble is the same, and even worse...and that makes Bernanke the warlock, not the wizard.

Look for the fun to start by December of 2012. Coincidentally, just after we find out who the president is going to be during the 'hard times' for next year.

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San Francisco Tops Most Expensive Place To Live

The state with the most debt, worst bond rating, highest taxes, worst housing losses, highest gas prices, highest food prices, and highest cost to live is the double-blue monster California.

So naturally, California has the city where it cost the most to live - San Francisco.

San Francisco is a mess. The sheriff of San Francisco is headed to jail for domestic violence. The homeless are thick, aggressive, and everywhere. Schools are bankrupt. And it costs an average of $2,000 just to call a run-down 2-bedroom apartment home. Rent at that level requires an annual wage of at least $74,500.

The cause? The city is a cesspool of left-wingers who over the decades have created a regulatory and fee nightmare that have driven up rents. The city has tacked onto the minimum wage making it the highest in the country - $10.24. Which means city residents have to pay big to eat too.

So, why bother?  Oh yea, you don't know any better - and your inflated-waged job is on Market St.

The rest of the top ten costly cities also include San Jose, CA and Irvine in Orange County, CA.  The blue states dominate this category - Hawaii, New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.  Shocking...

The 10 States With Cheapest Gas
Gas Price Map Of USA

Obama Gospel Hour Starring Obama

Obama has a deluded following - we call them koolaiders and Obamabots.

Ask any Obamabot if Obama can sing, they will rave. Ask them if he can play golf, they don't know the game. Ask them if Obama is smart, they point to Obama's unseen college transcripts. Obama even managed to mangle presidential history misquoting Rutherford B. Hayes today.

The truth is, Obama is not very good at most things. Obama is just smart enough to fool the shrinking bunch of groupies that once called him the 'Messiah'.

Obama can't singe of course - but his mossy grouse of Obama groupies don't really care, they get tingly (you listening Chris Matthews) when Obama points his flat nose into the air and squirts out a falsetto off-key couple of lines from an Al Green song.

Lets compare. Here is Obama and American Idol's Elise Testone both singing the same Al Green song. You be the judge, are the Obama delusionals right, can Obama sing? Find the original here.

"American Idol" Finalist Has Five Arrest Warrants

American Idol has slipped from the #1 spot in ratings. Adding insult to injury, the show does get more than it's share of frauds - self inflicted of course .

Finalist Jermaine Jones, 25, is wanted in three New Jersey counties on charges ranging from narcotics to lying to cops dating back to 2006. Jermaine is being pulled from the show tonight.

Jones tweeted to his followers, “Awww I will no longer b on the show.” Yea, sounds pretty innocent, huh Jerry? What a moron.

Okay, the real problem is incompetence at the network for doing background checks. Reality show contestants Corey Clark, Frenchie Davis, Bo Bice, Scott Savol, Lashundra Cobbins, the Brittenum brothers, Jaered Andrews, Sarah Kozer, and big daddy Rick Rockwell have also all fallen between stage floor-boards in the recent past.

Reality bites, and so do contestants on these shows.

Mystery Methane Muck Exploding Hog Farms

Hogs wallow in the mud and poop-a-plenty where they muck. Eventually there has to be mounds of methane mired muck metastasizing mercilessly in the midday sun discharging detonations deleteriously, right?

Scientists say they are baffled by expanding foam growing on manure pits in exploding hog farms. Since 2009 six farms have blown-up killing thousands of hogs and spraying stink skyward. The fermenting foam fomenting furiously now spreading across the Midwest.

'...we don’t have any idea where it came from or how it got started,' ag engineer Charles Clanton of the University of Minnesota. Scientist suspect a new and sinister symbiont microbial malignancy may be mitigating.

Angela Kent, a microbial ecologist at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign says, 'I think it's a shift in the environment that’s favoring a particular microbial assemblage that’s inadvertently causing this.'

Well, Angela's guess is as good as any, and so the microbial manhunt begins. Meantime, is there any way to make bacon from any of this, seems like a waste to just let them cook in the sun on the roof of the farm house.

Father Of Oregon Suicide Law Kills Self

Shakespeare was a master of irony. But real life bests the bard time after time.

Dr Peter Goodwin got the Oregon's Death With Dignity Act passed. The name has a melodramatic, macabre ring doesn't it? And today, the confused MD used his law to kill himself.

Dr Peter took an oath to do no harm, yet his legacy, now includes his own appropriate, self-inflicted death. Goodwin worked for two decades to get the law, and even crowed it was his 'greatest legacy'. What an ass.

Compassion & Choices, a coven of death-cultists was present when Goodwin shot himself up with barbiturates. Cult spokesman Steve Hopcraft noted, 'It was a good death and the family appreciated that. Peter was unique.' Good one Steve, make sure 'the family appreciated Peter dying' gets on the tombstone.

Goodwin admitted he didn't want to die after being diagnosed with corticobasal degeneration. The disease affected his balance and speech. So I guess in the end, he just couldn't take the shame of slurred speech and took death over stumbling around for a few more years.

A final bit of insight into this guys mind. Dr Peter said, 'Life is unfair so be happy with yourself...know what you want to do and do it. Be happy. Know good friends. Be in love.' Sounds like the kind of baloney the acid-heads from the 1960's preached, huh?

Moroccan Girl 16 Kills Self After Judge Her To Marry Her Rapist
Terminal Cancer Patient Ejected From Hospital For Smoking Marijuana

Liberal Editor Bob Caldwell Dies Sexing College Coed

There is a God. An American Heart Association study shows of those dying from a heart-attacks during sex, 93% were cheating on their wives.

The AHA concludes that often males are cheating in unfamiliar places, and with younger women adding to enough increased stress to put an exploding heart in the middle of the mess.

Chicago cardiologist Dan Fintel, from Northwestern University, said he routinely gave heart patients a 'sex talk' on their last day in the hospital, knowing that it was likely on their minds.

'Resuming sexual activity is safe and emotionally part of the healing process, with a few caveats,' Dr Vintel said.

Men with bad tickers should be warned about letting the snake out of its cage in unfamiliar settings especially with women not their wives.

Case in point, meet Bob Caldwell who was no stranger to strip clubs, DUI, and arrest reports - though he was a respected left-wing editor of several Oregon newspapers.  Caldwell was a stumpy 5'-8", 245lb senior at age 63.  Bob was a prime candidate for all of the above.

Married with kids, Bob woke up dead today after having sex with a 23-year-old college student ending a year long string of pay-for-books-for-sex romps in the coeds apartment.  The wife asks, did you have to buy her books to get between her legs?  Bob would say yes, but the cops won't charge the young woman with prostitution because no books exchanged hands on the day of Bob's demise.  That's blue state Oregon police work for you.

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Yard Sale Movie Posters To Fetch $250,000

Again, gems from the attic long forgotten, sleeping, waiting, discovered, hyper-valuable relics scooped up for a song - but only to those in the know.

Three dozen movie theater posters were found in a Pennsylvania attic and are expected to fetch $250,000 at auction. The stunning art-deco poster-works were stuck together with wallpaper glue when discovered and gobbled up for a mere $30,000 at a yard sale in Wilkes-Barre, PA.

'As we started to steam and peel them apart... a number of them were in very, very nice shape...the colors had not seen the light of day in 80 years,' said Grey Smith of Heritage Auctions.

The films posters advertise date from 1930Prior to the Hays Code era that censored everything from religious criticism to 'suggestive postures'.

A surprisingly rare only-one-known poster of the 'original' Maltese Falcon movie starring Bebe Daniels and Ricardo Cortez is in the mix. The Hays Code banished the movie after 1933, so Humphrey Bogart and John Huston's remake sans nudity and steamy scenes is a copy.

I did not know that, did you?.

'Die Quickly' Alan Grayson Runs Red Light Hurts Two

Democrat ex-house member Alan Grayson lives in Orlando, Florida. Grayson, recall is the screwball that took the house floor on numerous occasions armed with charts and hand-gestured histrionics during the Obamacare fiasco. After losing in the mid-terms in 2010, Grayson wants back in - you know like a resistant bacterial strain that never seems to go away.

Grayson was speeding on his way to a high-end campaign fundraiser on Saturday. The $1,000 per person event was being held in a penthouse suite where several high-profile, wealthy Democrats were to be in attendance, including Robert Kennedy, Jr and Cheryl Hines the wife-actress on the Larry David show.

Grayson was shooting along in a Mercedes, when he ran a red light and smashed into a public transportation Lynx bus. Two people aboard the bus claimed injuries, and were taken to a hospital.

Grayson is one of the bad ones.  The paunchy, hyper left-wing, pro-abortion, socialist, mouthy and spitting Grayson came to symbolize the empty-suits peopling congress in the Democrat Party super-majority.  When Pelosi ran things, Grayson fit like a staff member of the Politburo - a complete party-line hobbit.

When Obamacare was questioned by many, Grayson hopped onto his soap-box to declare that any GOP counter ideas where a 'die-quickly' scheme to kill off seniors.  Ironic given that Obamacare was the plan that passed, and did in fact contain 'death-panels'.  Grayson was snorting the koolaide, instead of just drinking it.

So, like Weiner, and Edwards and so many of the Democrat Party male breeders, is it surprising to see Grayson breaking traffic laws, running red lights, and hurting others in order to collect a bunch of elitist cash so he can return to congress and screw things up just a little bit more?

C'mon Florida, you already contributed to the downfall in 2008, and you have Debbie Wasserman-Shultz to account for, keep this guy on the shelf, okay?

Berkeley Police Chief Muscles Reporter

The Berkeley police chief got confused over what country he lives in - for a few days he thought he was in Nazi Germany.

Berkeley Police Chief Michael Meehan was reading a story about himself online in the middle of the night, Friday.  The chief didn't like part of the story so he ordered a department police sergeant to go to the reporter's home 'insisting' on changes - at midnight.

Berkeley resident and reporter Doug Oakley was visibly shaken by the 12:45 a.m. Friday knock on the door. Doug and wife first thought the police were informing them of a tragedy in the family.

Meehan apologized during normal business hours Friday.

"I would say it was an overzealous attempt to make sure that accurate information is put out," Meehan said. "I could have done better." Meehan said he didn't 'think' Oakley would be upset or intimidated!

Meehan, of course, is backtracking, rationalizing, and even trying to blame the reporter for his obvious abuse of authority. The police chief needs to go. Meehan has no clue how dangerous and unprofessional his thinking is - nevermind the obvious constitutional violation of the cops intimidating the press.

Jim Ewert, general counsel for the California Newspaper Publisher's Association charges Meehans's actions were "despicable, totally despicable, it's the most intimidating type of (censorship) possible because the person trying to exercise it carries a gun."

Mr Oakley was covering the town-hall meeting where residence registered angry dissent over Meehan's incompetence in responding to an elderly man being bludgeoned to death in his own driveway.

Berkley, are you listening? You have a loose cannon in your police department, the guy running the place!

Stockton, CA Minutes From Bankruptcy 
Occupy Protestors Angry Over Police Surveillance

Obama's Oil Waterloo

How can Obama avoid blame for rising gas prices while working diligently to ween Americans from oil altogether? Lie.

Obama has the bully pulpit. And he uses it to manipulate the public. How? Obama says the US uses 25% of the world's oil output (true), but has just 2% of the world's oil reserves (lie). The US has 7 times that, or over 1.5 trillion barrels of oil.

Obama has not so quietly blared that he wants to swap gas cars for electric ones. And he wants to swap oil drilling and coal-fired electric plants  for windmills and solar panels. The debate over how energy gets made, and what makes sense is another 'lie'. But Obama knows most people do not listen closely, or learn the basics, so he  lies.

Will the public see through Obama's lies?  Will they blame him for rising gas prices, despite less demand?  Will the public learn why electric cars use coal and oil anyway and pollute more than gas cars?  Will the public learn how solar and wind are far more expensive to make electricity, and today make less than 1% of the electric generating output in the USA?

So far, so good.  The GM Volt has no customers, even with massive government subsidies.  And we are all getting tired of the string of losers Obama is wasting billion on when he plays venture capitalist with our money.  When a CEO or a venture capitalist fails to hold the bottom line, they are fired.  The taxpayer stockholders are being ripped off.  Time to find a new CEO of the USA.

GM Volt - Electric Lemon 
Tesla Battery Flaw Turns Roadster Into A 'brick'
MIT Study: Electric Cars Pollute More Than Gas Cars
Oil Crises Deja Vu All Over Again
Poll: Obama Blamed For Rising Gas
Poll: 77% Say Gas Prices Most Election Issue
Obama Impeachment Bill In Congress 
Jobs Recession Longest Since Great Depression

Rush Limbaugh's $7 Birth Control Pill Slut

Just after Obama violated the 1st amendment jamming birth control pills down the Catholic Church throat a miracle happened.

All attention (coincidentally) has focused on an obscure, frumpy, left-wing goof named Sandra Fluke (flook). Ms Fluke is a 30-year old mother of two Georgetown law hobbit who wants schools to pay for birth control pills and sex change operations.

Since Sandra showed up uninvited in congress (coincidentally), the Catholic controversy went to sleep. Sandra, the poor law student who needs others to pay for her $7 a month birth control pills, has been criss-crossing the country appearing on the grimy liberal talk show circuit. Sandra's plane ticket fare, food, and ability to stay away from her studies seem to defy the notion that she is a 'poor' student.

Sandra has a bunch of 'new' friends too. Last week, (coincidentally) Obama and Anita Dunn found ways to come to Sandra's aid. And, (coincidentally) Gloria Allred, the liberal sleaze lawyer from Los Angeles is spitting at Rush Limbaugh on Sandra's behalf.

See the pattern folks? The left-wing are pack dogs and tricksters. And they bring their own dog food to the fight. A pit bull doesn't need a reason to attack. If it moves, and its not a pit bull, it has to be taken down. And that basically is the lesson of Sandra Fluke. She is the rabbit the pit bulls sent out to keep animal control officers from noticing they are out of the yard.

Will it change anything - no. It never does, but it gives them a chance to chew on others. And just feel like pit bulls again.

Coincidence! Sandra's Boyfriend Son Of Bill Mutterperl - DNC Megadonor
Obama's Poodle K. Sebelious Going After Texas Abortion
Gloria Allred Comes Even More Unglued

Tiller 'The Baby Killer' Clinic Still Boarded Up

In stupendous irony, George Tiller operated the most brutal late-stage abortion 'kill-zone' in the USA and was gunned down while attending church!

Tiller counted among his friends the former governor of Kansas Kathleen Sebelius. Tiller operated an 'abortion mill' where late-term, 3rd trimester abortion was performed for almost any reason, including “temporary depression.”

Frumpy Dr. Mila Means, a 55-year-old solo family practitioner in Wichita, Kansas expected someone to restart the butcher-shop.  But no one did.  Though she only knew Tiller by reputation, she decided she would work toward filling Tiller's vacuum.  So she started to drive to Kansas City on weekends to learn how to do abortions. And make plans to restart the Tiller practice herself.

Once trained, she approached Tiller's widow Jeanne Tiller making an offer on her late husband's equipment. The price was $20,000.  A steep amount for Mila, who ran a fairly pathetic practice that threw off little extra cash. Mila, accompanied by Jeanne's bodyguard remembers how creepy it felt to walk through Tiller's boarded up clinic.

Word got out that Mila was working to pull back the Tiller scabs. Mila's practice was quickly destroyed...her patients gone, her business manager quit, and even her landlord is suing her because she has invited protests around her building.

Kansas is moving rapidly to plug the holes that allowed Tiller to flourish.  And Mila has apparently come to her senses. Mila continues her family practice relegating Tiller's abortion equipment to a dustbin in the basement. The confused doctor has not performed any abortions. She's made peace with the danger of a decision made nearly two years ago.

Joe The Plumber Goes To Washington

Lets face it, the cesspool known as Congress could use a good plumber.

The saga begins in a northern Ohio congressional primary race staged in a redrawn district pitting two senior Dem congress-toadies against each other. The 15-term Marcy Kaptur defeated 8-term Dennis Kucinich in the mini-bloodbath.

The caustic race between Kucinich and Kaptur was a divorce.  Kucinich always the poor sport charged Kaptur's campaign as, “lacking in integrity, filled with false truths.”  Recall, Kucinich was the party hobbit that tried to raise articles of impeachment against Bush over Iraq - yet appears fine with Obama over Libya

The district also happens to be the home of the GOP primary winner — Samuel “Joe” Wurzelbacher, aka “Joe the Plumber”. The jobless plumber that was approached by candidate Obama in 2008.  Joe became the central-figure in the class-warfare game Obama plays. McCain elevated the exchange pinpointing painting  Obama as a socialist - the wealth-transfer nightmare now reality.

When Joe takes down Kaptur it will be victory for citizens against career Washington hacks.  Kaptur is a liberal-to-progressive Democrat who is no friend to the private sector.  Joe Wurzelbacher by contrast is a working-class stiff who has never served in a political office - perfect idea huh folks?

Gas Hits $6 In CA
Obama Loses Dem Primary In 15 Oklahoma Counties
Ohio Catholics Pick Romney Over Obama

Iran Has An Ace In The Hole

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad often seems more comical and stiff than dangerous. But Israel cannot afford to under-estimate Mahmoud or the Ayatollahs that actually run the Iranian Muslim state.

Does Mahmoud and the backroom Mullahs have an ace in the hole? Why else try to defy the entire world?

Here is a likely reason. The once secret Furdow Nuclear Enrichment Plant is nearing completion. The facility is buried deeper than Israel's current ability to penetrate underground installations can achieve.

Iran believes that once Fordow becomes fully operational, threats of military attacks by the West will become futile and blunt any outside threat of annihilation.  The strategy is much the same the Germans used when they 'hardened' their submarine pens in Bordeaux, and their beach fortification at Normandy.

Today, on Iranian television, Mehdi Mohammadi, a nuclear program expert, said the Fordow facility “will change the strategic equation of Iran’s nuclear issue” and create a new environment for negotiations with the West.

Obama keeps making mistakes, especially regarding the paramount importance of stopping Iran. Sanctions have irritated, but not hindered Iran's beeline to getting their nuclear weapons.

US military experts think their upgraded bunker-busters can take Fordow out. For both Obama and Israels sake, they better be right.

Netanyahu To Obama "Israel will be master of it's own fate..." 
US Congress Says Obama Must Attack
Iran, Syria, Hezbollah Threaten Attack
U.S. Officials Believe Netanyahu Has Decided to Strike Iran

FDNY Exam Workshop Turns Whites Away

Why do some blacks think they are now free to pull the same crap some whites did during Jim Crow days? Racism and discrimination is wrong even if your motive is 'catchup' or to exact 'revenge'.

Fighting broke out at Middle School 72 in Jamaica, Queens, when several 'white' went to a tutorial workshop for the FDNY entrance exam.

The Workshop was held by the Vulcan Society, for black firefighters only. Is there a Lily White Society that sends out emails for all white firefighters? No.

The Vulcan Society won a lawsuit recently over alleged discrimination against black firefighters. But, is the FDNY racist?  Or is this the ruling of an 'activist' judge?  The Hispanic FDNY firefighters say there is no racism in the department.

Racism is not okay, not even if practiced by former victims of the injustice.  Given the turn-back by the Vulcan Society, and the covert emailing campaign, it appears the group is more interested in 'selective' and not 'equal' right after all.

Anyone else notice how blacks are free to setup race based black-only groups in a post-civil rights era?  The Congressional Black Caucus probably won't agree.

Reverse Racism Struck Down In Buffalo, NY
Kansas City: Boy Set On Fire 'you get what you deserve white boy'

Occupy Oakland Protesters Charged With Hate Crimes

Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid have all gone on record siding with the 'Occupy' bowel movement.

Nancy Pelosi never missed a chance to wrongfully accuse the elderly upset over Obamacare at townhall meetings of being 'astro turf grass roots'. The growling grannie Pelosi has slandered the Tea Party charging them as racist, radical, and criminal.

The truth is both inconvenient, and absent these derisive, dividing Democrats. The Occupy protestors have racked up hundreds of crimes, including rape, defecation in public, rioting, and now hate crimes.

Recall the worst Occupy violence to date is in Oakland. The California coastal city is today being run by one of the worst mayors in the country, a Democrat, Jean Quan. Ms Quan. Now Ms Quan's Occupiers are terrorizing city residence in hateful and criminal ways.

Michael Davis, 32, Nneka Crawford, 23, and Randolph Wilkins, 24, confronted a 42-year old, 20-year resident on the streets of Oakland after she asked them not to riot in her neighborhood.

"She was surrounded by three protestors and battered as they yelled vulgar epithets regarding their perception of her sexual orientation," Oakland Police spokeswoman Johnna Watson said.

"Her wallet was taken during the crime," Watson said. "The victim broke away from the group and called police, who were able to arrest one suspect near the scene."

Of course the leaders of the Oakland Occupy gangs have no comment, nor does Mayor Quan. And naturally, Obama, Pelosi, and Reid are likewise silent regarding their proxies in the streets.  What happened Nancy?

Unions Say Work Is A Right - Pump Bucks Into Occupy 
Point Missed - Pelosi: 90% of Catholic Women Use Birth Control

New Line Drawn In Abortion Debate

Anti-life advocates base abortion on a 'right' to privacy. The contention is that 'privacy' gives any woman the 'right' to abort at various states of pregnancy.

Published today in the British Medical Journal, Francesca Minerva, MD and medical ethicist, argues a newborn is not a real person. Francesca contends that a 'mother' should be able to terminate a newborn if she simply decides she cannot afford, or desire to care for the kid.

Dr Minerva argues that newborn infanticide is equivalent to abortion. She state that like an unborn child, a newborn has yet to develop hopes, goals and dreams and so, while clearly human, is not a person – someone with a moral right to life.

Absurd? Remember, we have seen this before. Eugenics has been around since the 19th century. The Nazi's put it into practice on a mass scale. The anti-life crowd make the Nazi program look like child's play.

To argue that a fetus will not be born a human is absurd. But to further argue that a newborn is not a person has to offend even the most hardcore anti-lifer. Consider that the above 'academic' work was written by an MD and published in a mainstream medical journal.

Obama Doesn't Want Daughters 'punished with a baby' 
California Midwives To Perform Abortions