China 'Cures' Homosexuals

In the 90s US gays jumped out of closets and into Gay Pride parades. 

But Islam's billions say homosexuality is a perversion before Allah and requires a death penalty.  And the notion of same-sex-bumping-nasties is still frowned upon by millions in other religions.

In 2001, the Chinese Society of Psychiatry removed homosexuality from its list of mental disorders but the Chinese medical establishment ignores the rule.

China's hospitals still offer so-called “conversion therapy,” which includes 'fixes' such as coercive threats, abduction, confinement, forced medication, financial ruin, and the use of electroshock treatment (like a lobotomy).

So if US gays think resistance to same-sex bathrooms is a big problem they might remember China and Islam.  Things could get a LOT worse.

Kids Bad For Earth

The left hates cars, common sense, capitalism and kids.  

NBC News unleashed climate-change-goon and bioethicist Travis Rieder on public airwaves this week with his missive concluding, “Science proves kids are bad for Earth...”

Reider's logic?  “If I release a murderer from prison, knowing full well that he intends to kill innocent people, then I bear some responsibility for those deaths...when it comes to having children, once my daughter is an autonomous agent, she will be responsible for her emissions. But that doesn’t negate my responsibility.”

His daughter?  Aren't kids bad for the Earth?  Oh, must only be OTHER people's kids, right Travis?

Man Originated In Morocco?

The accepted 'origin of man' theory says the first Homo Sapiens sauntered out of caves near the southern-tip of sub-Saharan Africa in what science characterizes as a "Garden of Eden," about 200,000 years ago.

But a stunning discovery this year has turned anthropology on it's head, literally.

Jean-Jacques Hublin and his team from the Max Planck Institute found bones belonging to people who lived roughly 300,000-350,000 years ago - in Morocco.

"There is no Garden of Eden in Africa, or if there is, it is all of Africa," Hublin said.   And if true, better explains why humans quickly spread to the Middle East, Europe and Asia.  And left behind stone-age people that still populate Africa today.

School Segregates Based On Grades

Hudson High School in Texas want failing students to get off their asses.

The segregation theory is to intended remind those not "on-track" to improve before it's too late.

On-track students get an ID and wristband, free admission to sporting events, and are allowed to eat lunch outside the cafeteria.

The off-track students (less than 2.0 GPA, four or more excused/unexcused absences, and one or more Fs) are denied the above privileges and are made to stand, sit on the floor or run to fill the few tables in the cafeteria.

The off-track students say the 'treatment' won't push them to improve.  That attitude does explain why such students are off-track, right?   

Hot Dog Robber Shoots Penis

Hapless armed bandit, 19-year-old Terrion Pouncy, used a handgun to rob a Chicago hot dog stand while “wearing a dark hooded sweatshirt” and a “dark scarf concealing his face.”  

Pouncy ran stuffing cash in one pocket and  “shifting the gun in his waistband… he apparently pulled the trigger, firing a bullet that struck him in the penis.”

Pouncy didn't get far before calling the cops himself to get medical help.   The cops pieced together the coincidence and arrested Pouncy after comparing his “blood-stained boxers” to the underwear seen on surveillance video.

One cannot emphasize enough the importance of proper gun safety training.

30,000 IQ In 30 Years

A robot is a machine.  An android is robot with a human appearance.  Central to both are microchips, memory, circuits and artificial intelligence. 

Computing genius John von Neumann foresaw the inevitable in the 1950s. "The accelerating progress of technology...give the appearance of approaching some essential singularity in the...race beyond which human affairs, as we know them, could not continue."

Most assume the 'singularity' is the day an artificial intelligence matches and exceeds the highest IQ ever recorded for a human being - about 200.

How about a 30,000 IQ in 30 years? An intelligence so god-like that such a being will see humans as we see cockroaches?

Such machines will no doubt squash humans in the same way and for the same reasons.

Baby Food Has Arsenic And Lead

Researchers found 65% of the baby foods sold in markets contain arsenic.  And 30% contain lead. Even cadmium, a metal found in batteries, was found in 50% of the samples tested.

In 2016, the FDA admitted the problem exists and imposed an arsenic limit of 100 parts per billion in rice and infant rice cereals.  But that's a token effort.

If you want your kids to be healthy avoid the packaged stuff and feed them real food - you know, like what YOU eat.

Woman Squashes Child

Veronica Green Posey, 64, was arrested and charged with homicide and cruelty toward a child after sitting on and killing her 9 year old cousin.  Posey tilts the scale over 325.

Posey told deputies she sat on Dericka Lindsay as discipline "for being out of control."

Dericka pleaded with Posey and her parents standing nearby that she couldn't breath.  

Posey rolled off the kid but Dericka had stopped breathing.  Dericka's parents were also arrested and charged with child neglect.

Posey got out on $125,000 bail. The parents remain behind bars.

Man Tattooed "I'm A Pornstar" Arrested

Ohioan Christopher Wilson is charged with assault and sexual imposition after he punched, kicked and groped a woman last week.

The woman was quickly able to identify Wilson in a lineup, why?

Because the animal had "I'm A Pornstar" and "& I fuck teen sluts” tattooed on his forehead.

Wilson prolly won't find a lot of "teen sluts" in jail...but his forehead billboard may land him a boyfriend inside, instead.

UCLA Affirmative Action Bust

UCLA law professor Richard Sander is taking expected fire from the race industry after publishing findings that directly challenge the effectiveness of Affirmative Action.

“Because they [blacks] were given preference, they are not learning as fast as their peers, so they become discouraged with education and decide to flunk out,” Sander said.

Sanders also observes “with striking uniformity, university leaders view discussion of the mismatch problem as a threat to affirmative action and to racial peace on campuses, and therefore a subject to be avoided; they suppress data and even often ostracize faculty who attempt to point out the seriousness of mismatch.”

Again the left maliciously refuse to correct course despite inconvenient evidence to the contrary

California Disaster Week

While California is burning up and pushing Hepatitis infected poop off their sidewalks the Demotards busy.

Last week Jerry Brown signed a bill downgrading the crime of deliberately exposing a sexual partner to HIV from a felony to a misdemeanor.  Thus encouraging HIV infected animals to spread the disease.

Using the same pen, Brown also signed a bill making a crime of “willfully and repeatedly” not using a transgender's “preferred name or pronoun.”   Translated: if he (Frank) wants to be a she (Francine) you must refer to him (Frank) as her, she or ma'am (Francine).  The punishment ranges from hard jail time to a fine or both.

All this after just declaring themselves a sanctuary state in direct defiance of the Constitution and federal law.

Other lame-brained crap for 2017?  Single User Bathrooms, Hands Free Phones, Min Wage Hike $15, 2nd Amend Nullification Act, Cow Fart Ban, Legalizing Child Prostitution, Early Release of Rapists, Sex Traffickers and Armed Robbers, giving Felons the Vote.

Who governs like this...ask Brown and his buddies in Sacramento.

EMP Attack Will Kill 90% Of USA

Thanks to Clinton, Bush and Obama North Korea now has the ability to launch a nuke that can erase Honolulu, Los Angeles or San Francisco.

Kim Jong Un can also knock out the electrical grid with an EMP attack.

In Congressional today experts said a high-altitude nuclear explosion "could shut down the U.S. electric power grid for an indefinite period, leading to the death within a year of up to 90 percent of all Americans."

How did we get here?  Ask voters who elected Democrats and the RINO GOP.  This is on them, and if Trump does not act, on the rest of us too.

70% Fear Robot Takeover

Pew Research surveyed 4000 adults.  An astonishing 72% are very or somewhat worried about AI driven machines taking over their world.

“People are not buying...being on the roads with [driverless cars]...”

Respondents also oppose robots making decisions regarding jobs, investments, prison parole, and bank loans despite the technology already pervasive.

There's a split between white and blue collar workers.  Professionals see no threat to their future but the working class see their jobs disappearing. See some here.

All surveyed think the gap between rich and poor will widen as intelligent machines replace humans.

40% Of Adults Sleep With A Teddy Bear

Build-A-Bear Workshop surveyed 2000 adults.

An astonishing 56% still have stuffed animals from childhood .  Some 40% sleep with a Teddy Bear.  And an estimated 80% of college kids brought their bears to school.

Explains why the country is full of cry baby snowflakes.  And why colleges crack down on free speech and make 'safe spaces' for them to hide.

Wife Lops Off Golf Hubby's Penis

Some guys turn their wives into golf widows while chasing the ever elusive single digit handicap.

South Korean Mrs. Kim, 50 says her husband spends too much time playing golf and never gives her any money.

Her solution?

She snipped off his dick while he slept and flushed it down the toilet.

Mrs. Kim wasn't arrested because the cops say they can't figure out her motive.  Her motive

Child Porn Defense: Blindness

Andrew Shaw, 44 is facing three charges of downloading and oogling underage child porn.

Shaw's lawyer opened with, “This is an unusual case as my client is registered blind. He has no sight in one eye and only a small amount in the other...his vision [prevents attaching] an age to images he downloads...”

The prosecutor says Shaw has been under investigation for over a year and the evidence will show Shaw is guilty of the crimes.

Despite the prosecution's prediction, Shaw was granted bail. Shaw’s next court date has not been set.

What's your verdict?

CA Opens Schools To Shooters

California is voting on Kevin McCarty’s (D-Sacto) repeal bill AB-424 which reverses a school district superintendent’s authority to allow campus conceal and carry for K-12 teachers.

The outcome will block teachers in public schools from defending themselves and students when a deranged shooter shows up.

Kids in California are doomed by the adults charged to protect them.   Got one of yours in one of their schools?

Racist Serial Killer Captured

Fredrick Demond Scott, 22 has been arrested in Kansas City after a massive man-hunt.   Scott is suspected in a five man killing spree that began last year.

His five victims were white men between ages 54 and 67.  All fatally shot, most from behind, in surprise attacks as they walked dogs, visited parks and, in one case, walked down a city street.

Read more here:

Scott knew none of the men so why did he do it?  In 2014 Scott threatened to shoot up a school and “kill all white people,” according to court records.

Scott’s mother says her son doesn't hate white people.

Wonder why CNN and the other fake news outlets are ignoring the story?  Anyone?

Read more here:

Read more here:

Black Lives Matter Ten Demands

Ironically the current incarnation of the KKK are just a bunch of boy scouts compared to the hard-core haters in ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter.

Trump said as much after Charlottesville and left-wing fascists charged out to roast him and make more shrill calls for his impeachment.

Can blacks be racist?  Consider these from the list of Black Lives Matter head Chanelle Helm's demands:

1. Whites must give their homes and property to black people.
2. Whites who inherit property must give that to black people.
3. White developers must build housing and give it to black people for free.
4. Whites with large houses must let black people move in.
5. Whites leaving property to family must instead leave it to black people.

Laughable huh?  But then, that's how Lenin, Mao and Hitler started too, remember?

Fat People The New Negro

The left needs victims.

Which is why blacks are joined by lesbians, gays, transsexuals and college kids 'exposed' to conservative campus speakers allegedly harmed by angry white males.

Oregon State University just approved a course entitled “Fat Studies” which argues “weightism” is a civil rights issue.
The course concentrates on “body weight, shape, and size as an area of human difference subject to privilege and discrimination that intersects with other systems of oppression based on gender, race, class, age, sexual orientation, and ability.”

Presumably the eventual intent is to jail anyone making fun of a fat person, except another fat person of course.

How about that for a load of lard?