Gay Rocker Morrissey Blames War On Men

Morrissey was an obscure frontman for an even more obscure British punk band called the Smiths.  The band was big in the '80s and anyone over the age of fifty couldn't tell you a single tune the band made.

Steven Patrick Morrissey is also gay.  And he has a big mouth.  And just enough money and five-minutes-of-fame to get quoted in the press when he says something 'gay.' 

Morrissey fancies himself a philosopher among other things.  Belting out senseless rock tunes made him expert on the roots and causes of war.   Today he proclaimed all war is the result of 'heterosexual hobby.'

You read it right - and now we know.  War is about straight men expressing their sexual preferences by killing each other on a battlefield. ‘If more men were homosexual, there would be no wars, because homosexual men would never kill other men, whereas heterosexual men love killing other men...,' Morrissey proclaims.

Obviously Morrissey has been swallowing too much man juice.  He must not have gotten the memo on Alexander The Great likely the most prolific war maker in history - and famously light in the sandals.  And why did Hitler wait 'till five minutes before the Russians showed up to get married?

But hey, the guy is getting old so let him steal a few batteries once in a while.  What's the harm...

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iPhone Urine Analysis One Piss Away

Why companies are rushing to pair the toilet with Apple products is a mystery.  Remember the  iPad potty stand for toddlers?.  So why not expect an iPhone that checks your pee and poop directly...

'Everybody pees, and everybody carries a cellphone, we figured we had to be able to do something with this,' said Myshkin Ingawale, a co-founder Biosense Technologies.

The iPhone app sends a picture (no, you don't pee on your phone) of a 'dipstick' of chemical pads the pee-er pees on.  Sometime later  a medical pro reads your pee-leaves and makes a diagnosis.

Ingawale did a live demonstration in a California trade show snapping a picture of his personal pee stick. Ingawale revealed the company had rejected the idea of calling the product iPee. Instead the golden shower product has been dubbed iChek.

Ingawale kept talking during the tawdry display summing up the whole history of piss analysis, 'From aromatic interpretations (sniff test) to lab testing to do-it-yourself kits to now mobile apps, urine analysis has come a long way.'

Swell.  Why not skip the gadget part and demand Apple make an iToilet instead.

Bald, Berated And Beaten, But Wait...

Quackery and counterfeit claims of cures for baldness have been the bane of the belfry barren for centuries.  But no longer.  Science finally, for real, no kidding, has figured out why hair stops growing - and yes, it's genetically based.

But is it treatable, reversible, recoverable, repairable, replenisable?  Yep.

Dr Cotsarelis at the University of Pennsylvania discovered the enzyme Prostaglandin D2 (PGD2) prevented hair follicles from maturing. Ironically, asthmatics and allergy sufferers are being treated with a drug that counteracts the enzyme.  But in pill form the drug does no good for the hair-forlorn.

The good doctor is hooking up with pharmaceutical companies in an effort to convert the pill into a creme. But why bother? Baldness is not life threatening...

By age 50, 50% of men are affected with male pattern baldness, and by age 70, 70% are living with an air-conditioned dome. Not a tragedy as much for men as for women. By retirement, 40% of women are also bald, they just hide it with others people's hair.

The drug is at least two-years off, so if you are 90 forget it, you are gonna check out the way you checked-in, chrome-domed and doomed. But if you are 40 and playing hide-and-seek with your inevitable hair demise, hope is just around the corner.

One more thing, if the forest is already gone, don't get too excited just yet - the medical team didn't grow hair on a billiard ball, they just stopped it from disappearing on a pack of lab rats.

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Texas School Brainwashing Kids On Islam

Get ready to get angry.

School principal John Valastro at Texas Lumberton High School (the grinning goon left) is defending contentious conduct by one of his teaching staff today.

Students in a geography class were told to dress in Islamic clothing and directed to refer to 9/11 hijacker terrorists as ‘freedom fighters.’ Students were also admonished to not refer to the Holocaust as a genocide and instead use the euphemism 'ethnic cleansing.'

Valastro says the teacher was not trying to radicalize the kids, instead was simply following state teaching guidelines. Texas state teaching guidelines dictate student brainwashing and word-policing?

Valastro digs in deeper, 'We might see it as terrorism, but from the Islamic side they might call it jihadist or freedom fighter.' Hey John, MOVE TO EGYPT. No one here cares about jihadist 'feelings' you idiot.

Parents are correctly outraged. One said, 'It scares me. I feel like our school is being infiltrated. How can this not be a sign? We’re talking about Lumberton, Texas. We’re talking about a small town with Christian churches on every street corner. Right in our small school this is going on.'

Lumberton better get their rears in gear and show Valastro the door before he straps on a bomb himself and brings it to show-and-tell.  How the hell are limp dicks like Valastro getting into our schools anyway?

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Woman Stabs Roommate Over Electric Bill

Cops say 32-year-old Nicole Marie Wagner used a 'decorative' spear to stab her 31-year-old female roommate in the back.

Nicole was pissed-off over her roommate's alleged 'waste' of electricity and casual attitude toward turning off lights.

The charges? Aggravated assault and terroristic threats... Terroristic threats?

The word terror is way overused these days.   And how does an attack with a decorative spear qualify as an act of terror?

Well, aside from the obvious. Nicole has some serious issues regarding utility usage and finding new roommates.

Remember the good old days when a spear attack was attempted murder, or at least mayhem?  A terror charge should require Nicole to strap on a backpack filled with lawnmower gas and light it with a road flare blowing herself and the roommate up, not just jabbing her with a trinket she got on a cruise to Bali.

And what is a 'decorative' spear anyway? 

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Mom Saves Dad As Drunk Driver Jumps Sidewalk

Teresa Marquard met her husband when she was just fourteen. Albert Marquard was the only man she ever wanted and their fourty-two year marriage was a testament to that devotion.

While on their regular Sunday walk down the same tree lined street near their house Teresa sacrificed her life to save Albert's.

Teresa heard the swerving SUV as it jumped onto the sidewalk, tires screeching toward them. Without hesitation she pushed Albert to the street just as 33-year-old Eric Luciano plowed into her and then into a tree. He was drunk.

'She saved my dad,' Teresa's daughter Denise Hirschman said tearfully, 'She pushed my dad out of the way.'

Family and friends remember Teresa as the same loving, selfless, sturdy person who died to save her spouse.

The drunk driver's brother says the driver Luciano is an honest working man who was just part of a 'freak accident.' Luciano is fighting for his life in a nearby hospital.

If Luciano was drunk then this was no 'freak' accident. This was a gruesome, irresponsible, despicable, premeditated act of cowardice. And Luciano should do some serious jail time and be stripped of his driving privilege for life.

Chicago Cops Training Manual Racist

Chicago cops are lording over a city in chaos led by a mayor who hails from the Obama school of incompetency.  And unable to stop the most ferocious murder rate since the days of Al Capone.

So why not pile on a charge of racism too. A training academy manual is illustrated with stereotypes of blacks. Among them a picture of comedian Dave Chapelle's junkie alter-ego Tyrone Biggums.

One pictures is of a toofy-grinning black guy handcuffed and adorned in a orange prison jumpsuit. Another arrestee looks like a bug-eyed, slack-jawed crack-head mug shot style.

In short, they show typical Chicago shootahs and perps.

Lake County NAACP president Jennifer Witherspoon is outraged.  She says the material reinforces 'every negative stereotype blacks as a people have been fighting against.'  Maybe swapping the black crack-heads with white middle-class kids would be more helpful to police rookies?  Half of black males are felons or on their way to becoming one but it's racist to acknowledge that.

What's insidious about hobbits like Ms Witherspoon is her impulse to ignore, minimize, or even worse pretend blacks are not the perps doing the crime in Chicago. Witherspoon thinks the message is the problem, not that the problem is the problem.

So, while the race hustlers, race baiters and race gestapo play their game gang-banging blacks escalate their trade and geting hallway passes from the NAACP.

Florida Dumbs Down Schools For Blacks

Even the NAACP is pissed this time.  Why?

The Florida State Board of Education passed a strategy plan that sets academic standards for students in math and reading based upon their race.

The ill-conceived plan calls for 92% of Asians, 88% of whites, 80% of Hispanics and 74% of black students to read and do math at or above grade level by 2018. Poverty and disabilities are also factored.

Juan Lopez, whose John F. Kennedy Middle School has 88% black students sputtered “Our kids, although they come from different socioeconomic backgrounds, they still have the ability to learn, to dumb down the expectations for one group, that seems a little unfair.”

The plan is aggressive though imbalanced and racist. Testing for the 2011-2012 period for reading proficiency was met by just of 69% of whites and Asians, 38% of blacks.

One must ask rhetorically will Florida then provide underachieving blacks lifetime supplies of food, housing, medicine, and a car since none of them will be able to get a job? Or will the state just expect these failures to be taken care of by the wider taxpayer base nationally?

Bueller?... Bueller?... Bueller?

Virginia Refuses  Racist Standard

Black Student Tasered During Race Rage

The video went viral. Why? Rage, pure, raw, race-ridden, stinging, violent, spitting, blood-soaked rage. No other motive. No acceptable excuse.

Jonatha Carr suddenly started yelling at the professor. Jutting fingers in the air, throwing her head back and forth, spewing profanity, dolting death threats, and eventually slapping a fellow 'white' student across the face.

Professor Stephen Kajiura was describing peacock feathers. Carr started to scream at Kajiura, 'How does evolution kill black people?' Kajiura oddly tried to answer her rhetorical statement explaining that evolution does not 'kill' people.

Carr then threatened 'I will kill the fuck out of you - I hate evolution.'. As Carr stormed through the classroom, the video shows several other black classmates grinning, snickering, but not goading her.

The tirade went on for about five minutes when a school employee entered and demanded Carr leave the classroom.  Carr instead lunged at the much larger male employee. Police arrived, and Carr was tasered and carted off to a hospital for evaluation.

She will no doubt sue the school.

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GOP Women And Hispanic Governors Win

The Dems need a war on women and illegal immigrants to keep people off-balance.

MSNBC host Chuck Todd asked the Dem LA mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, why there are more GOP women and Hispanic governors?

Tony shuffled and sputtered an answer (he was off script).

"Well we have a lot more legislators and mayors and Congress members that are women, that are Latino, that are Asian, that are African American. We have a much broader tent, a much broader representation of every walk of life, people from, you know, every ethnicity and race and sex." Ehhh - no cigar Tony.

When Villaraigosa watched GOP speakers Condi Rice, Mia Love, Artur Davis, and New Mexico's governor Susana Martinez dazzle audiences Tony's racism surfaced.  Villaraigosa complained that Republicans "can't just trot out a brown face" to make inroads with the Latino community.

Who are the minority GOP governors?  Bobby Jindahl, Nikki Haley, Susan Martinez, Jan Brewer, Eddie Calvo, Benigno Fitial, Brian Sandoval, Mary Fallin, and Luis Fortuno.

So the question begged - does it really matter these governors are Indian, Hispanic, and female?  No. They were elected based on competency not skin color. 

But that's an inconvenient fact for the feckless Demotards.  They want skin color not competency, you know, like the Jesse Jackson Juniors of the world.

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Women Want Talk Men Want Whoopee

Shocking.  Yet another study 'discovers' what men and women have known since Homo Erectus first stood upright and left Africa.

David Wilkins of the Men's Health Forum is a laugh.

Wilkins characterizes men as emotional wrecks unable to cope with relationships. And posits women as the 'mature and evolved' gender struggling to get their neanderthals to stop trying to solve problems with their dicks rather than use their bigger heads.

When it comes to solving relationship problems, according to Wilkins, women say talk is paramount.  Men disagree, says Davee, they'll drop the 'para' in the discussion and just keep the 'mount' part..

What a load of hogwash!

Wilkins must be gay. How else could a guy get it so wrong? It takes a healthy dose of female estrogen coursing through an addled brain to dump broken relationships on one gender or the other using stark stereotypes.

The real truth is if a relationship is in trouble neither talk nor sex are working. Women need sex just as much as men, and men need to talk just as much as women.  There is no 'mystery' when a relationship goes bad, but there are plenty of reasons broken relationships defy repair.

Dave is selling magazines not exploring solutions.  If people want to fix their relationship they need to start with themselves, each person has responsibility to bring sanity to their pairing, and that is not gender related!

Bartender Fired Fingering Drunk Driver

Twyla DeVito tended bar at the American Legion hall in Shelby, OH.

Patron Mike Ramey a regular at the bar was already 'hammered' when Twyla got to work one day last week. Refusing to serve him more drinks, Ramey got up and left, still 'hammered.'

Twyla could see Ramey was gonna get in his car and drive off drunk so she called the cops to warn them.

Shelby Police Chief Charlie Roub said officers stopped Ramey who was visibly weaving all over the road. Ramey blew a 0.167 on his breathalyzer test, over twice the legal limit.

Ramey called Twyla's boss after he got bailed out. Twyla was fired. Her boss said she was 'bad for business.'

Local media interviewed Twyla's boss about the firing. “If every patron who comes in here has to worry about the cops waiting for them when they leave, the place would be empty,” Mic Hubbard, owner proclaimed.

Guess what Mic may the next patron that gets liquored up in your dump goes out and drives and you do nothing about it, then may the next kid killed by one of your 'hammered' patrons be yours.

Two Beers A Day 'triples' Cancer Risk

Alcohol, no matter from beer or wine, no matter from stout or Cabernet is toxic. Not new news, but just how toxic is kinda special.

The British NHS issued stark alcohol warnings citing the increased risk of cirrhosis, pancreatitis, bowel, mouth, throat and neck cancers.

Sarah Lyness, at Cancer Research UK, said 'Alcohol can increase the risk of seven types of cancer, including two of the commonest kinds - breast and bowel cancers...and a recent study showed that nearly 12,500 cancers in the UK each year are caused by alcohol.'

Go back and read the warning labels on wine and whiskey. Not one mention of cancer, cirrhosis, pancreatitis, or blindness.  So when you get one of these diseases who do you sue?  The government?  Good luck.

Plus Sized Brazilian Models Crush Runways

Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451 warned about government censorship and word policing.  Liberals took the book to heart and invented Political Correctness.

So the culture gets a big lick from liberals as they revise, euphemize, and reinvent that which offends them.

A few sanitized samples?  Undocumented worker for illegal alien, plus sized for fat people, living wage for union extortion, unwanted pregnancy for abortion, likely suspects becomes racial profiling,  race hustler becomes community organizer, gang banger becomes disenfranchised youth, gay debauchery becomes pride parade, any legal gun becomes assault weapon, socialized medicine becomes universal healthcare, Palestinian rockets become Israeli aggression, prostitute becomes sex worker, pilgrims become illegal aliens, and finally the Obama twist, spending equals savings.

Brazil is a province prolific with narcissistic nihilism. Contrast the taught, tizzled, titan titted, and tanned teens strolling the sands of Kokomo's beaches with the cellulite messes crushing the haute couture runways in Sao Paolo this week.

In liberal double-speak fat is the new thin.  So the diabetic set get to trot out in public pretending to be okay. Don't get caught being repulsed.  Remember the confab cops are on patrol..

It's not a new world folks.  Lies are lies no matter how many words you replace.

Chicago 'Mom' Took Dead Baby Shopping

Toyrianna Smith (left) beat and suffocated her baby because she was drunk and he wouldn't stop crying.

The horror filled event day began with drinking vodka at a friend's house then passing out with the crying kid in the same bed.

Toyrianna then strapped her baby's corpse into a sling and taking him shopping after killing the three-month oldthe night before in a drunken rage.

Ms. Smith is being held in jail under a US$1 million bond on charges of first-degree murder.

Gov. Pat Quinn (D-IL) proudly signed Illinois ban on the death penalty in March, taking effect on July 1st.  Illinois cannot execute this monster now.  Need to kill a kid?  Do it in Illinois if you want to escape real punishment.

Britain's Worst Serial Killer

Amelia Dyer a 19th century toad in Britain strangled over 400 infants.

Killing kids isn't even a crime in Britain or the U.S. now. The impetus behind legalized abortion began with the Eugenics movement birthed by Sir Francis Galton in 1883.  Frothy 'progressives' George Bernard Shaw and Margret Sanger (founder of Planned Parenthood) were staunch advocates.

New York's Andrew Cuomo's is on a night-ride to open-up abortion in all forms, at any time, by anyone and funded with taxpayer cash. Smells like Amelia, huh?

So why did Britain hang Amelia Dyer?  She was 120 years ahead of her time.

Dubbed the 'Angel Maker' Ms. Dyer began her tawdry trade running a boarding house for unwed moms.  Suffocating kids over a 10-year period she was eventually charged with 'child neglect.'  She used the time to ponder how to turn her kid killing up a notch.

After release Amelia changed her 'business model' from boarding the mothers to facilitating adoption instead.  She was buried with business taking in up to six kids a day and killing them just as quickly.   By age 58 Amelia was in custody - one of the infant bodies was found in a bog near the river Thames with her address pinned to a diaper.

After 50 bodies were pulled from the river she admitted to police: 'You'll know all mine by the tape around their necks.'

Ann Coulter: Lawrence O’Donnell ‘a complete pussy’

Bankrupt MSNBC employs left-wing on-air 'pussies' like Chris Mathews and Lawrence O'Donnel.  And Ann Coulter is just the woman to go after them.

Coulter is a reincarnation of the bawdy Mae West sans 200 pounds.  Both armed with above average IQ and both as direct as wooden stake thru a vampires heart.

Coulter's comment relates to a bit of history 'twixt she and 'Larry'.  The issue this time over Todd Akin's imbecilic rape gaffe.

“Why does Ann Coulter call Todd Akin ‘a selfish swine?’” O’Donnell rhetorically wonders.

“Because Todd Akin’s bat-crap crazy ideas on rape are going to make it so much harder for Republicans to win control of the Senate...", O'Donnell happily answers.

Well that may be true, but Coulter asks out loud why O'Donnell always refers to Coulter at a distance playing clips of her guesting on other shows. And never brings her on his own show to carry her own water.   Well Ann's suspicion smells right. O'Donnel is afraid of Coulter.

Back in March, the two faced off in a one-on-one debate at George Washington University near D.C. Coulter referred O’Donnell to Juanita Broaddrick, who accused President Bill Clinton of raping her in the 1970s.  Apparently Larry needed his memory refreshed regarding 'forcible rape' and former Dem presidents.

But does Coulter have a point about O'Donnell? Should Lawrence (notice he likes to be called Lawrence and not Larry which is also a tip-off) be doing an underwear check to verify which team he is playing on? Anderson Cooper took off  his boxers, maybe Lawrence wants or needs to share?

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Detroit Baby Shower Fight Leaves 9-Month Old Dead

Ganstahs used an AK-47 to pour 37 bullets into a house killing a 9-month old kid, Delric, left.

Detroit is run by blacks and utterly busted - $14 billion in the hole.. The town is filled with every degradation gangs, drugs, joblessness, failing schools, and urban poverty brings.

Delric's grandmother, Cynthia Wilkins, said the shooting was retaliation from a baby shower scuffle.

Something is extra tragic about Delric Miller IV sleeping on a couch in the 'safety' of his home being shot and killed simply because some animals got pissed over not getting into a baby shower.

"The shower was overbooked, and there was an argument because there weren't enough seats...a woman got mad because she couldn't find a seat, so she started knocking tables down, and it escalated from there," Wilkins said.

"I think they came back the next day and shot up the house," said Wilkins, crying.

DC Capital Of Adultery

School Teachers Issued Panic Buttons

Wolves dine on defenseless sheep. Like a flock of sheep, liberals are proudly unarmed.

Bringing a 'gun free zone' sign or a 'panic button' to a gun fight is absurd, of course, but consistent with how liberal's brain-dead logic works.

Marietta, GA Public Schools are placing 'panic buttons' around teachers necks. Their 'solution' to Sandy Hook and Columbine. When pushed the button calls 911. Oh joy free at last!

What's wrong? The cops got thirty panic button calls when the first shot rang out, or was that a car backfiring in the street?  Bad guys know they'ill find sheep - the 'gun free zone' sign marks the flock.   Five minutes after the first shell casing hits the hallway floor the killer runs out of ammo.  The cops needed fifteen minutes to get there.  Ah, ignore that - they had panic buttons and it felt good.  At least up to the point the shootah showed up..

Liberals are fastidiously foolish. Creating 'comfort' solutions is enough for them. Is it enough for you?

The only way to defend yourself in a gun fight is with a gun. But that is an inconvenient truth for liberals, so they will keep your kid in danger to satisfy their dysfunctional impulses. Liberals are sheep, not shepherds. They'll never evolve a way to defend against the wolves - sheep never have.

Michelle Obama And A Dog Humping A Sheep

What does Michelle Obama have to do with a dog mounting a ewe in the background of a romantic picnic?  Nothing.

Still, it seems oddly appropriate to tie the two together.

In the book ‘The Amateur’ author Edward Klein describes the antics of the First Vacationer over the last three years and claims that Mrs Obama’s ‘obsessive’ behavior is the talk of the White House.

Scattered among the hodgepodge of fun stuff the tome tracks Manchelle ordering the secret service to watch Barry because she's afraid he'll cheat like John Kennedy cheated on Jackie. Her words, not the Angle's.

The First Suspect is said to be ‘unusually jealous’ and has so little trust in the failed president she pops in on him unannounced during work hours 'just to make sure'.  Something Hillary Clinton apparently neglected to do.

Madam Jealousy is also anxious regarding Barry's close relationship with Oprah Winfrey - and shuns her because she ‘hates fat people’. Wow. Hates fat people? Michelle must be okay with Greyhound Bus wide hips though.

Recall, Mrs Obama has been characterized as an 'angry black woman'. If true, these shenanigans seem to fit.

These books are usually full of hyperbole, hearsay, and questionable credibility. But there is something fishy about Queen Manchelle. Aside from the designer clothing, chopped bangs, and overuse of government air travel.

Oh. The Border Collie doing it doggie-style at the idyllic picnic?  Obama says he ate dog meat as a kid so we included a series of pictures of man's best friend stealing the show. Take a look.  (ed  note. notice the breed of the dog is a Collie usually expected to herd the sheep, not have sex with them).

First Lady Frump Factor 
Newsweek: Obama 'First Gay President' 
Mongrel Bill Maher: GOP Keeps Econ Failing To Hurt 'blackie' President

First Lady Frump Factor

Voters not only reinstalled the worst president in history for a second term they also chose the First Lady with the least interest in the job, again.

Entering stage present standing just under  5′ 11", weighing 1xx pounds, the effervescent scion of scowl Michelle 'Manchelle' Obama.

Queen Elizabeth was scared nearly half to death when Manchelle offered her man-hand in a royal protocol shattering moment in term one.   Term two is off to a hard-vacationing start as her darkness dons designer clothes and jets off to Aspen in great haste. Let them eat horse meat, right Manchelle?

Sad but none of the ladies below were voted to replace her.

Newt Gingrich tried to bring third wife Calista Gingrich. Calista's stare would make a zombie pee dust..Calista has a full-wrap hair helmet.  A tight ball of white hair, oddly matching Newt's tone and color in a scary couple's twinzees look.  Calista sorta looks like the white owl on the cigar box huh.

None of the other wannabeez made it either.  When Mitt lost the nation lost an elegant possibility in Ann Romney to replace you know who.  Can't say that about Bill Clinton (remember Hillary the Hun?) or Herman Cain, the other black guy that didn't make it.

Michelle: "I Kind Of Like" Being Called "Your Excellency"

Detroit Woman 'dances behind' Cop Shot Dead

Message therapist Adaisha Miller made two mistakes on her 25th birthday.

First, she crashed the party of an off-duty Detroit cop looking for fun in the wrong place.  And second, she bear hugged the cop triggering a bullet from his service revolver(Update: Police say Adaisha was performing an 'exotic dance' that placed her in the line of fire for the holstered gun).  The shot pierced her lung and heart - bang she's dead!

The married officer says Adaisha was a stranger.   Detroit police say it's a tragic incident 'a fluke accidental shooting.'

Adaisha's mom is pissed and looking for a fall guy. '...they want to call it a freak accident or mistake in judgment, it should have never happened to my child, and there's nothing I can do to get her back, why do you need a weapon with a round in the chamber?' mother Yolanda McNair whined to local media.

Well does mom have a point?  No.  Adaisha was solely responsible for what happened to her.  And you can bet this cop was a black guy otherwise Sharpton and Jackson would've set-up their podium on mom's lawn.

Detroit is officially the nation's most miserable city.

Mom With Breast Cancer Kills 7-year-old 'so no one else can raise him'
Drunken Mom Leaves Baby On Roof Of Car

York Arms Cuts NYPD Off

Andy Cuomo, Mike Bloomberg have been parroting Dianne Feinstein on guns. Fine. The constitution protects jack-asses making threats to strip others of their rights too.

So it's a banner day when the gun grabbing goons get their bluff called.  Enter York Arms in Buxton, ME.

York supplies the NYPD with guns and ammo. Since Cuomo, Bloomberg and the other Demomorons want to strip citizens of guns and ammo, York is halting sale of same to the NYPD.

York's company statement begins, 'Based on the recent legislation in New York, we are prohibited from selling rifles and receivers to residents of New York. We have chosen to extend that prohibition to all governmental agencies associated with or located within New York.'
Karma is a bitch baby.  York is to be applauded and supported. 

And if any of the other gun manufacturers are able to step up in this way restricting sales to both states and federal agencies the 'problem' we citizens face over the 2nd amendment onslaught would end in short order.  

But asking companies to forgo revenue to protect our rights is lame.  Unless we the people vote these goons out of office we get the government we deserve.   Hero companies like York are an uncommon joy in any case.

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Chocolate Toothpaste Triumphs

Milk chocolate is not really chocolate.  Adding milk and sugar to anything will destroy teeth by feeding bacteria which then devour your teeth and gums like an unstoppable rebel force.

Raw chocolate comes from cocoa beans.  Now you're talking bitter, dirt flavored, nearly black, nasty smelling, hemp-like health food, baby.

Theodent toothpaste contains stiff doses of theobromine first found to strengthen tooth enamel by Tetsu Nakamoto in the 1980s. Theobromine replaces flouride. Flouride acts in a similar way but most now know the radioactive substance is toxic when used over a lifetime.

So guess who has Theodent on store shelves? Whole Foods.  It's not cheap - a single tube is $10 retail.

The Angle is not endorsing products, but when it comes to teeth anything good has to be touted and tried. And this product sure sounds bad enough to be good, doesn't it?

If Wife Asks If She's Fat Lie
Cheating Weight Loss Diet
Chicago Dental Health In Shambles

Whole Foods Removes Chicken Obama Sign

Here we go again, folks.

A Whole Foods market in NYC has taken down a pop-art styled hand-chalked sign depicting Obama with a comic bubble and a piece of chicken near his mouth. A 'customer' called it a racial slur.

A Whole Foods spokesman said that their artists often use pop culture imagery to promote sales across all their stores and this was no different.

A racial slur isn't a mysterious thing. There are whole dictionaries documenting the offensive verbiage. But in the age of Obama anything, everything, mainly childish things now qualify as race tainted.

Obama set the tone in 2008 challenging the country to stick his face on the currency.  Now the race lunatics are running the asylum.

What's the real point?  Anyone not black or Hispanic is born guilty of racism, sorta like original sin?  If you're white ya gotta carry that cross man and when told to bend over make sure to find out how far and how long.

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Wiki List Of Ethnic Slurs
Race Card
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50% Of Detroit Property Owners Are Tax Deadbeats
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Philly Zaps Coffee House Street Cleanup

Good deeds are often punished thanks to smaller minds and ego.

Philadelphia is a city with decay, dilapidation, decrepitude and denial. 

Ori Feibush, owner OCF Coffee House tried for six years to get the city to clean or sell a slice of eyesore across the street from his coffee shop. Silence.

So Ori spent $20,000 of his own money to clean concrete chunks, weeds, and a decade’s worth of garbage on the tiny parcel.  The city took notice.

Philly charged Mr Feibush was trespassing. Of course the lumbering turds at the Philly Redevelopment Authority want Mr Feibush to destroy the 1,600-square foot island of joy and put all the garbage back.  Isn't that how the mind of a civil servant works?

The top ten most violent cesspool cities in America are all black dominated.

Gays Just 3.5% Of Population

Just 3.5% of the population in the U.S. is homosexual yet gays make a helluva lot of noise, don't they?

Gallup conducted a massive 200,000 person survey asking, 'Do you, personally, identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender?' Fifty states and six months later we have the answer.

Gays are unhappy with Gallup now. Gay activists have long contended that as many as 1 in 10 are gay. Why do they want more gays to exist? Misery loves company? It's about clout. The more you have on your team the more tickets your team can sell.

Gays have been busy peddling disinformation on the subject so much so that when those 25 and younger were asked how many gays they thought there were they estimated as high as 30% of the population.

Regardless that just 3 in 100 may be gay those 3 should be treated with respect and equal rights. Ironically the rights issue is not about marriage.

Did you know the IRS discriminates against gay couples filing jointly? Yet straight domestic partners are free to do so. Obama could wipe that out with an executive order - so why doesn't he? Oh yea, it would mean gays paying less taxes. Can't have that now can we.

3-D Tee-Shirts Scaring Kids And Old People

Michael McGloin over at is scaring the beegeezus out of kids and old ladies.

Silk screened tee-shirts have been around since under shirts became outer shirts.  Short of hanging a plasma TV on your man-boobs these 3-D renderings will make the unsuspecting passer-by pee a little pee-trail down a leg unless properly prepared

The company started with dogs, then branched out into hairless cats (left) and sordid other strange and exotic species.

The collection is growing.  Almost all the angry mammals are possibilities.  The real fear is spiders and snakes.

Imagine a casual stroll in a public park interrupted by a chest sized 3-D black widow spider so close you start to mutter the Lords Prayer without hesitation?.

This company is hell-bent on the in-your-face tee-shirt concept and no doubt there will be more than enough customers fully willing to put these things on even at the risk of dropping an unsuspecting octogenarian just out feeding the pigeons one day.

Get the picture?

Women Talk Too Much

For thousands of years garrulous females have been driving males out of cave, castle, and condo.  Finally science has discovered why.

The University of Maryland School of Medicine found women out-yacking men by a 3:1 ratio. Researchers even quantified how much woman expatiate - 20,000 words a day! Contrast with the male output of 7,000 words.  Most of that time defending themselves.

The UOM guys scanned the 'fair sex' and figured out they devote twice as much of their brains to speech. They don't have bigger vocabularies. No, no they just move their jaws compulsively, constantly, without constraint in rapid fire like a Maxim machine gun in the trenches at Verdun. .

The culprit is the speech gene FOXP2. Women have an overflow of the protein coursing through Broca's region.  Like a red-hot, smoking river of lava on Mount Kilauea they are drowning in the stuff.  And there is no cure.

Well, now we know. But men are still left to persevere. Women, like it or  not, will still fill the air with argument even when there is nothing to talk about.  Especially when they get pregnant.

70% of Women 30% of Men Fake Orgasm

Women Want Hairless Pectoralis Majors

Hairy chested males will mate last or not at all - women want a hairless babies butt between those pectoralis majors.

Some 161 Turkish and 183 Slovakian women asked to rate hairy and hairless chests. Just 20% of the females preferred the furry field.

Science wants to know why humans are so skin-borne.  Resisting  the chicken-egg postulate - science is clueless on the origin.

If women are 'selecting' the barren-hair group  then by extension women are making the species go bald.   The 'ectoparasite avoidance hypothesis' is science-speak for women associate hair with lice..

Theories abound and exceptions plentiful.  What about hairy backs, beards, pits and butts?   Surely science is aware of the pubic regions  Well, too much information is just as bad as too little.

Missouri Democrats Gun Confiscation

Washington state Democrats are trying to turn the 2nd amendment assault into a 4th amendment fiasco.

The dopey Dems fear legally obtained semi-automatic weapons won't be stored to their satisfaction.  So they put a rider on a gun bill that's violates the 4th amendment to the U.S. constitution. 'The sheriff of the county may, no more than once per year, conduct an inspection to ensure compliance with this subsection...,'  referring to the storage requirement.

All that pales compared to what Missouri Dems are scheming.  Those hobbits want a gun confiscation of legal firearms law.  The MO bill turns law-abiding gun owners into instant felons if they miss a 90-day deadline.

By now most are hip to the anti-constitutional gun grab Obama, Feinstein, Pelosi and the other Dem goons are embarked on.   If you don't think they're serious then you're woefully naive or dangerously apathetic.

The Angle expects bouquo challenges to the cacophony of crud the Dems are peddling over guns and illegal search/seizures.

In the meantime crazed gun controllers will make frequent, frightening, and fantastically fool-hardy attempts to obliterate our rights, right up to the point SCOTUS bitch-slaps them no doubt.

Gun Companies Refuse Sales To Gun Strict States
CO Dems To Kill Gun Mfg Jobs
CO Dems Tell Women Pee Or Vomit To Avoid Rape 
CALPers Dumps Gun Company Stocks
MO Gun Defenders Go After Gun Controllers 
WI Sheriff Warns Of Second American Revolutionary War

Queen Of Voter Fraud Found In Ohio

Why is voter fraud a big deal?  Because it destroys faith in the entire process.  And faith is key despite the forked-tongue bullshit that comes out of Obama's mouth and the insidious hatred liberals have for the constitution.

Ohio poll worker Melowese Richardson, left, is a turd.

Three months after half the country put the worst president in history back into office Richardson still has Obama/Biden campaign signs in her front yard.  But that isn't the issue. 

Richardson got on local media and crowed proudly she had voted for Obama twice, once at the polls and once via absentee ballot.  She also sent in absentee ballots with four other people's names on them, all with an X in front of Obama's name of course.

When challenged, Melowese either through ignorance or just plain hardened cynicism said, 'There was absolutely no intent on my part to commit any voter fraud.'  Remember, this old bag registered others to vote!  Apparently she missed the part in her training that emphasized one citizen one vote.

'She appears to have used her position as a poll worker to cover her tracks. That would be someone who is an official in the elections process, using that position to commit a fraud,' noted Ohio Secretary Of State Jon Husted.

Melowese has been charged with ten counts of voter fraud dating back to 2008 today.  And she isn't alone, they found eighteen others just in the Cleveland area rowing the same voter fraud boat as grannie Richardson.

Depressed Gorilla Gets Pet Rabbit

Both the smaller female gorillas and the gigantic grey-backs are prone to the same emotional ups-and-downs as humans. 

The Erie Pennsylvania Zoo has an aging childless primate named Samantha. Since 2005, Samantha has wandered the  habitat at the zoo, alone - her male pal passed-on last year.

The zoo could get another knuckle-dragger, but Samantha is forty-seven and deemed too old to be dating again. So zookeepers passed the hat around and got Samantha a $5 Dutch rabbit they named Panda.

Panda?  Well, there are no rabbits in the Congo.  And a Chinese name for a Dutch rabbit seems just as plausible as getting a gorilla a pet.

Anyway, back to the story.  Samantha, the middle-aged lowlands gorilla has been hanging out with Panda the rabbit for a few weeks now.  Samantha scratches the little rabbit carefully, even nibbles on the rabbits food once in a while.

The rabbit is oblivious.  Samantha was seen clearing Panda's path a few times, so zoo officials think the pairing has worked.

Eventually the zoo guys are gonna have to find a companion for the rabbit too.  Not that Samantha can't meet Panda's needs, but most of the time the Panda thinks Samantha is a big black rock.  These two will no doubt let handlers know when, or if it's time to add more creatures to the habitat.

Fascinating Freakish Food Facts

Food fetches the best and the worst in people.  The Angle presents for your moody Monday meditation a modicum of morsel-lee meanderings.

Organic Food Buyers Are Self Centered - psychologist Dr Kendall Eskine says such people are often pompous, self-righteous, judgmental, and arrogant. The entire premise of organic foods is based on placing oneself above the mass consumption of 'corporate' farm goods.

Frequent Fast Food Lambastes The Liver - Over 160,000 fast food joints serve 50 million daily. And given the lopsided licks of salt, sugar, deep fried fats, and empty carbos the liver languishes.  In fact, in short order the liver of a fast food freak looks the same as one hammered with hepatitis.

Six Diet Mistakes - The world is ponderously pigging out.  In a decade half the U.S. will be clinically obese.  If a diet is in your future consider the following six myth-driven mistakes.    1. skip breakfast  2. five days of healthy eating makes room for a two-days of pork-rinds  3. diet drinks are safe  4. two tons of healthy food same as one ton  5. avoiding fatty foods sufficient  6. once weight is off it's over.

Life is all about controlling your impulses.  Are you listening organic food fundies, fast food freaks, and diabolical dieters?

Wife Scalds Cheating Husbands Genitals
Sounds Of Snoring
Anti-Gay Superman Writer
The 40-Year-Old Kid
$100k Cigar Safe
Burger King Twitter Hacked
Bad Relationship Damaged Immune System
Emotional Billboards Make Speeders
TV Watching Makes Criminals
Pizza Chain Gives Gun Owner Discounts
Educated Women Cities To Avoid
World's Most Expensive Cocktail 
Geneticist Says Human IQ In Decline

The Worst Serial Killer In Los Angeles

Humans are the only animal species that kill for sport or sexual thrill and not strictly for food.

Ironically, serial killers achieve immortality by killing as many people as they can.  But we rubber-neckers give them their infamy.  We nickname and revisit their dastardly deeds.

Meet the 'Grim Sleeper' Lonnie Franklin Jr. suspect in over 250 murders in Los Angeles between 1985 and 2007.  Lonnie, 60, was arrested by fluke.  The killer's son was charged with a weapons possession. The gun in question linked to one of the murders and to Lonnie's DNA.

Lonnie faces the death penalty in California. Since capital punishment was made law in 1872 the state has executed just 27. 

By contrast Texas has executed just under 1300 since 1819.

Are there fewer killers in California than in Texas, no.

The lesson is simple.  If you are gonna kill someone, do it in California.  California will keep your butt in beans rather than bag, tagged and in a box.  In Texas the appeals process is twice as fast and a hundred times more just.  Gotta love Texans they know what to do with human refuse.

Dead Cat Helicopter First Flight

What good is a dead cat?.  How about turning one into a helicopter.

When Bart Jansen's cat 'Orville' got nailed by a car all nine lives were crushed in an instant. But Bart didn't want Orville's short life to be in vain so he flattened and stuffed the dead pet.

Next Bart contacted radio control helicopter flyer guy Arjen Beltman.  Arjen built specially-designed motors and rotor blades and attached them at all four corners of the furry saucer-shaped Orville.

Dubbed the Orvillecopter Bart 'flies' the cat at the Kunstrai art festival in Amsterdam. Orville hovers eerily and wide-eyed. Bart wants to put larger motors on the flying feline to scare the begeezus out of birdlife.

What better way to disguise a Predator Drone than to place one inside a Great Dane? Or possibly a dead horse? The sudden potential is endless.  Dead pet warfighters - the ultimate in pet-stealth technology.

Women Want 8-Inches Or More

Psychologist Gert Stulp in the Netherlands asked 50,000 people about their height.  Gert says men want to be 6'-3" and women want to be 5'-9".

People want something they can't have?  Okay. Everyone agreed men need to be taller than women.

And we can control the mating ritual so when it comes to height women want more - much more.  The ladies told Gert they need at least an 8 inch spread.  Men are fine with 3 inches.

There's something both comical and repulsive about a stumpy little guy hooked up to a towering female.  In fact it's perverse. The anomaly is unnatural and should be ridiculed, possibly even outlawed.

Remember, domineering moms make serial killers.  So let's stipulate to stomp-out such couplings before they fester.  You know, for the greater good and stuff.

Human Heights
Circumcision Changes The Game

Study: Women Choose Chocolate Over Sex

The Brits are weird.  Want proof?  Look how they answer surveys.

Two-thousand British women were asked about alcohol, chocolate and sex. Most said their lives were so pathetic they would give up sex before boozing and shoving a chocolate bar into their pie-holes.

The ladies also admitted caffeine and swearing would be last to go. Yikes...

The men of course are polar opposite. A man will have sex while and during a fire burning his own house down. Men have their priorities in the correct order of course.

The study babbles about will power and how women have it more than men - blah, blah, blah...

Look ladies, listen up. S E X. Burn it into your minds and bodies. S E X is why we are equipped with oddly different and substantially effective genitalia. The vagina is a complex and elegant instrument of pleasure and function.

Sitting around fattening your ass on chocolate, schlepping sugary cappuccinos and slugging shots of cognac is no way to waste your day. Get with the program, will ya girls...

Sperm Count In France Falls 40%

The G-Spot Shot

What?  You haven't heard about the G-Spot shot yet?

Man's Woman's quest to reach earlier, easier, longer, and lasting orgasms are all the rage in the age of no holds barred slide-the-salami recreational sex.  And just when you thought women were getting their fill along comes another kind of injection that promises to hoist coitus to cumulus cloud level.

The collagen expander shot.

The $1300 buck lunch-break collagen jab temporarily stretches the G-spot's from barely there to pert and prominent . Once primed women claim the illusive coital crescendo comes quickly, cleanly even too easily. 

Naturally the land of Loonie Tunes where lava lamps, Lamborghini's and liposuction are as common as a heat lamp in a hot house, Hollywood is crazed with the climax booster.  Women are rushing to the Vaginal Rejuvenation Institute of America on Sunset in West Hollywood for their fun fix.  Over 2000 are regular - you see this requires a monthly booster shot, but heck, money isnt tight, right?

Like any infomercial, this one needs a testimonial too.   Caroline Cushworth, location not divulged quizzed her boyfriend about the idea.  After pondering the question for 2.5 microseconds the muddled male nodded and opened up his wallet.  'That first time, the whole thing was so intense I was actually a bit scared. I was so overcome, but thankfully the intensity is something I've got used to. I still have multiple orgasms every time I have sex, but they no longer leave me flat on my back.'

Well there you have it.  Go get 'em ladies.  Oh, and make sure you got yourself a guy that has the stamina of a high paid porn penis or the fee and formation will fall on fallow ground.  And you will be left with dragging a dildo over the area from dusk to dawn and developing a freakish tennis arm, instead.

Coronary Burger Battles Broaden

There are two ways to go when one day you wake up with flabanus maximus (fat ass).  Get on a serious diet and lose the lard or defy sage advise and become a regular customer at the Heart Attack Grill.

John Alleman took the lower road crawling onto a Las Vegas morgue slab with enough cheeseburger clogging his arteries to fell a sub-Saharan Elephant.  John was a non believer.

Are the eateries to blame?  You know, shoot the thousand calorie burger messengers?  No.  Alleman killed himself, in fact, he became such a regular at the Heart Attack Grill the company named a line of clothing after him.

But there is a troubling trend among food vendors catering to the calorie crazies.  The burger at Heart Attack Grill favored by John Alleman's was called the Quadruple Bypass Burger - a 2-pound pile of plumpish puerile beefburger pocked in charred fat-bumps.

Now Jake's Wayback Burger in Watertown, New York has made the 2,000 calorie 6-pound Triple-Triple a regular menu item.  John won't be in for that one.

 The burger race is on just in time for the national obesity epidemic - oh joy.

Kid Gulps 42 Fridge Magnets In 42 Seconds

An unnamed Russian mommy left her 16-month old in the kitchen for less than five minutes, but that's all it took.

When she got back she went спятивший (Russian for crazy).  The toddler swallowed nearly nearly 50 magnetized chotskies covering her refrigerator in as few seconds time.

The manic-stricken mom piled the kid into the Lada Granta and got her to a local clinic.  The x-ray lit up like a slot in a Vegas casino.

The little magnetron needed specialists.  In short order surgeons at Chelyabinsk Oblast Children's Hospital were plucking the novelties from the kid's gut.

Chief pediatric surgeon Nikolay Rostovtsev said he had never seen anything like 42 magnets in a colon before, the prior record was 20.

Sounds like the Russians should stay away from magnetized fridge festoons.  And build moats around their refrigerators.

Ann Coulter Destroys Piers Morgan

Liberal males are emasculated shells - Piers Morgan is a British version of one.  Most of them bent over to political correctness long ago. Few can articulate the arrogant incongruity in the feminized farceurs better than Ann Coulter.

Listen carefully to the video below.  Morgan patronizes Coulter and gets his boxers yanked down around his ankles.  Morgan is left sniveling, grumbling, and talking to himself at the end.

Ann is the cutting edge blowing the lid off liberal word policing.  Left-wingers practice the fascism of word-demoralization because they can't win the debate on merit.  As Ann would say 'screw them' if they can't take the heat.

Coulter is a heroine of the first order and far more intelligent than Piers Morgan.   Morgan, Chris Mathews and Bill Maher are Neanderthals compared to Ann.  Wait.  Morgan, Chris Mathews and Bill Maher are Neanderthals.

$7 Million 'Popcorn Lung' Payout

Frivolous or fair?  You be the judge.

Wayne Watson, 59, from Colorado, came down with lung cancer in 2007. Dr. Ceclie Rose asked him if he ate microwave popcorn.

Shocked, Wayne said he was hooked on the stuff.

So Wayne sued the King Scoopers supermarket where he shopped and the maker of the popcorn (not named).

In the trial, his attorneys argued that supermarket and popcorn maker needed to put warning labels on the product so sloths like Wayne can be steered to other snack foods and not the one that he thinks gave him his lung cancer.

Countering his claim, lawyers for King Soopers wondered if Watson's career selling carpet cleaning fluid may have led to his lung condition instead. And it turns out Wayne's popcorn quantity consumption numbers were also exaggerated.

Unfazed by the lack of scientific evidence, Wayne's hazardous occupation risks, and Wayne's quantity misstatements the jury found in favor of the popcorn addict and handed him a cool $7.2 Million bucks.

Where did Dr. Ceclie get her learned perspective on the subject? In 2007 she wrote letters to the to the federal government detailing this case and is apparently now a crusader on the subject. But is there any science to back her ideas? No. Has the FDA, OSHA or CDC put out a warning on popcorn lung cancer? No.

What else ya got Ceclie?

Grilling Burgers Worse Than Diesel Truck Smoke
Man Loses Fingers And Toes From Black Plague
Sushi Chef Who Cooked Own Genitals Gets Prison