1 In 7 On Food Stamps Up Over 135%

Obama's face is finally on the currency.  Witness the shocking increase in Food Stamps just during Obama's tenure alone.

The numer of people on the program has increased 70% under Obama. Spending on the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) increased 135% or $78 billion last year alone, the CBO reports.  The total cost is well north of $275 billion.

“Nearly 45 million recipients, one out of every seven U.S. residents, received SNAP benefits in an average month in fiscal year 2011,” CBO notes.  The total cost for all entitlements in the 2010 spending just completed was about 60% of the total.  Defense accounts for just 19% and deep cuts are now underway at the DoD.  Clearly, under Obama, the country is sacrificing its defense and putting millions on a government check.

The Food Stamp disaster is a symptom of a larger problem.  Poverty.  To qualify for the program, in general, a family must not have assets, income, or cash exceeding $2000.   And though there are nearly 50 million Americans already on the program, millions more are 'waiting' in an application pipeline.

 The country is imploding in a lack of jobs, and crushing poverty.

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Online Pedophiles Choose Victim 'within two minutes'

The internet is a massive hunting ground for pedophiles.

A troubling study from Belgium examining the logs of convicted child molesters is reveals the insects spend up to six hours a day in online 'fishing trips' where peppering hundreds of kids until they find one willing to interact with them.

The predators no longer spend time to 'groom' or convince victims to divulge their locations.  Pedophiles know there are millions of kids online so they troll for 'low fruit' by making an immediate pass at a target and if rejected or resisted, move quickly on to another one.

These animals are able to avoid detection largely because the internet is vast, and the number of online places they hunt in are many. By branching out into gaming platforms, such as Xbox Live, pedophiles have a nearly infinite place to exercise their evil.

 The best defense say researchers is 'With younger children, set up basic parental controls on all computers and don't let children under 13 join social networking sites. Additionally, 'With older children, it's important to have a dialogue with your child about potential dangers but without scaring them.'

Scaring, bullying, threatening, or simply restricting your kids will usually invite a dangerous insubordinate response. The trick is to give your kids the freedom to play, but the tools to recognize, resist and avoid an attack. Keep the lines of communication open!

(note. Pedophiles are coddled by left-wingers who view perpetrators as victims. Pedophiles are sick and not curable. Push for States to pass chemical castration, and drug therapies that neutralize their fantasies. Germany has this approach, and it works with great success.)

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Fox News Bob Beckel Farts F-Word On Live Air

Fox News goes to goofy lengths employing brain-dead liberals like Juan Williams, Bob Beckel, Jemu Greene, Marc Lamont Hill, and Lani Davis. Why? Because Fox is under the mistaken impression these knuckle-heads offer reasonable counterpoint.

The F-bomb came out on Hannity last nite. The 'perp' is Bob Beckel.  Beckel's scowling, angry, bull-headed, small minded, spin-oriented, putz behavior is his 'shtick'. “You say that Head Start is a failure, you don’t know what the f***k you’re talking about,” Beckel barked

Beckel pouring more of his own urine on the wound.

“I just can’t stand right-wingers. They’ve just got their mouths running all the time,” Beckel explained.  Can anyone detect the sulphuric smell of irony?

When Hannity suggested Beckel apologize, Beckel said, “I don’t apologize.”

“Yes you do. You just cursed on the air,” said Hannity.

“I’m not gonna apologize,” Beckel whined childishly.

The right thing to do is to fire the fat-nancy of course, but sadly the network likes the clown and will keep him unless the FCC says otherwise.

After the show Beckel got on Twitter and groveled . “I apologize to anyone who heard me on Hannity. I honestly thought we were off air. I just may not be cut out for the TV business. Peace.” We agree. Bob is not cut out to wander around in civilized society, let alone on live air.

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Mob Wins One In Florida As Prosecutor Folds

The mob is winning in Florida. And when the evidence is finally laid out and shows Zimmerman was the victim and not the perp, well, they may lynch him anyway.  The mob has to be fed.

Race is all the rage in the post civil rights era. The 'N' word is still around, but blacks themselves utter it the most frequently.  Black on black crime given a pass because it's all in the family, so the theory goes.

The charge of 2nd Degree Murder is a non-winnable chunk of red meat for the mob. At best, Zimmerman's self defense might be involuntary manslaughter, but murder?  My my my.

Well, at least Zimmerman can come in out of the cold now, remember, he had a bounty placed on his head - the Holder DOJ endorsed it with their silence.  Zimmerman has retained an attorney based in Orlando, and intends to enter a plea of not guilty.

Political Correctness reaches right down and buries anyone that gets between the vigilantes and thier blood lust.  Remember, if this can happen to Zimmerman, it can happen to YOU...

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Dying: Teen Sold Kidney For An Apple iPhone

Apple Computer is a cult not a company.

Millions buy Apple products in a trance-like way reacting to hype and buzz Apple gets free from left-wing media.

Apple makes marginal products, overpriced, allegedly using slave Chinese labor.  And now it has gone too far.

A Chinese teenager known only as 'Wang' from the poor southern province of Anhui sold a kidney to pay for an Apple iPhone and iPad — and now he’s dying from the effects of renal failure.  The boy will die because the only treatment is a kidney transplant and donors are rare and time is short.

 In all of China, about 1.5 million people are waiting and hoping to be one of the 10,000 transplant patients who get a kidney each year.  Obviously, most will die long before they get one.

Wang was paid $3,489 for selling his kidney.  The 'broker' that talked the kid into the surgery made $35,000 on the black market re-selling the organ.  iPads cost $499, iPhones $629 in the US. Five people, including a surgeon and a broker reportedly have been indicted and charged with intentional injury in the case.

Apple has no complicity of course, but given they are propped up by kids like this, it would be a grand gesture for the company to fly Wang to the US, and scour the world for a kidney.  Make sure he gets the best medical treatment possible - at least that, what do you say Apple?

Lottery Liar Mirlande Wilson Finally Caught

How pathetic does your life have to be to pose as a lottery winner for a few days of notorious attention?

Ask Mirlande (muhr-land-ee) Wilson, Haitian immigrant and McDonalds counter worker who said she bought the winning ticket with a 'found' dollar.

The real winners finally came forward today - none of them is Mirlande.

Mirlande's fabrication appeared an hour after the record lottery closed. The obese McDonalds employee got away with the deception because the 'real' winners waited to claim their prize.

A few days ago Mirlande said, 'I have no idea where it (lottery ticke) is. I'm not sure I have it. I'm still looking for it. I haven't even looked in my uniform pants yet.' Seems kinda casual considering the ticket is said to be worth over $105 million before taxes. And as it turns out, it was.  The miserable mom never had the ticket.

Why she did it still stuns the senses. Mirlande did become the 'show' as she intended. Even Mirlande's daughter (one of seven offspring) says the attention-seeking mom had 'refused' to show her the ticket.

Mirlande, this blogger predicted did turn out to be what most suspect - a pathological liar. A pathetic creature whose real life needed spicing up. Unafraid to disgrace herself in front of an entire world, and her own daughter, even stretching the tale with blasphemous statements insisting she is leaving the discovery of the ticket in the hands of God: 'It’s a blessing from God. If it’s meant to be, we’ll [find and] claim the ticket.'

A coworker told the press, 'I don’t believe her. I didn’t believe her from the beginning, she’s always been strange...she’s an attention seeker. She likes to have all the attention on herself.'

Now finally the world knows the truth about Mirlande Wilson.  Guess what?  No one cares Mirlande.  Go back to Haiti, the USA can't use you..

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Obama Dares The Supreme Court To Nix Obamacare

Obama was billed as a US Constitutional law expert, even allegedly teaching the subject. But that was then.

As president, Obama has consistently shown a general disdain for the constitution. Barry even recently posited that the constitution is 'flawed' because it lacks specific language to allow redistribution of wealth, a socialist bent.

True to pattern, Obama misdirects that the Supreme Court is 'not elected' and so has no real say over his unconstitutional mandate. Sharing power is making Obama extra crazy.

“We are confident that this will be upheld because it should be upheld,” Obama pronounced.  It should be upheld?  That's it?  The lack of constitutional compliance is not important?  Wow...this one even sinks below Biden's gaffe standards, laughing.

Obama digs a little deeper, “overturning the law is an unprecedented, extraordinary step...since it was passed by a majority of members in the House and Senate.”  Wow! Obama must have been sick the day they discussed Separation Of Powers.  The court is to lay down not only to him, but to the congress as well.

The court will do what it always does.  The independence of the Supreme Court is by design - a check and a balance on the mistakes voters sometimes make when electing loose cannons like Obama, Pelosi and Reid.

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