Bicycle Hit-And-Runs Hit High

Los Angelenos like to ride a bicycle, often in the middle of the worst traffic in the world.  The payoff is sadly predictable.

Collisions between cars and cyclists surged 42% from 2002 to 2012.   Since the car always wins some 5,600 on bicycles got a hospital bill, and at least 36 died.

And to rub salt in a road burn?  The cops only catch 1 in 5 so 80% remain a cold case.  And even if the rabbits are rounded-up the penalty is a mighty meager four years in prison and a $10,000 fine.

The chance of being convicted is so slim in fact that Assemblyman Mike Gatto says, 'if you wanted to murder someone, it would almost be better to just hit them with your car.'

But first ya gotta get them to LA and onto a bicycle, right Mike?

Black Friday Firearms Frenzy

Black Friday 2014 gun sales are pushing the FBI to 3 background checks every second!   The agency says the pace may exceed last years record of 144,758.

The law requires the FBI to complete the checks within 3 business days.   If the check isn't completed on-time the seller sells the gun anyway.

The Brady law says you can't get a gun if you have a felony, arrest warrant, documented drug problem, disqualifying mental illness, illegal alien, dishonorable military discharge, renounced U.S. citizenship, restraining order, domestic violence conviction, or an indictment for any crime with a one year sentence.

The number of people failing the check between 1998 and 2013 is 1,044,050.

About 110 million legal gun owners own between 270 million to 310 million guns in the USA.  Of course there's no way to count the number of ILLEGAL guns out there..

Guilt Free Air Travel

Are you one of the millions that make the ritual flight to see the folks for the holidays? Well here's a gaggle of guilt to lay on mom in a futile attempt to avoid the trip...

Gird your loins and start pulling off  your clothes for the strip search.  Now run to the gate and find out your flight is 2 hours late and the plane just moved to the other side of the airport.

Still, the reward for perseverance is...

Cold & Flu - 100 times the risk of getting a cold or flu and there's E Coli and Salmonella on the armrests waiting for you.

Thrombosis - deep vein blowups and dehydration loom while sitting coiled like a cobra in a snake charmers basket. And the air is dryer than a popcorn fart so your sinuses scream and your lungs play dead.

Breathing - oxygen levels set to 8,500 feet. Sea level dwellers feel and look like a ball of chewed twine after a long flight.

Hearing - on 115 decibel takeoffs the noise is louder than grandpa’s Sunday go-to-meet'n tie. The 95 to 100 decibel cruise pounds your ear like a jackhammer or a subway train. Ignore the kid next to you...

Jet Lag - a 2007 study showed cognitive decline, psychotic disorders and signs of heart disease and cancer.

Radiation - on a round trip from DC to Bejing you get the same dose as a full chest x-ray.

Constipation & Bad Breath - your ass compresses like a chunk of road kill and your gut gurgles like the inside an outhouse after a lightning strike.

And don't even think about the last two airline crashes. They happen in three's you know...

Nuclear Power Myths

Nuclear power is one of the favorite whipping boys for leftists who deal in fantasy and myth and not scientific or technical facts.

Why care? 

Because nuclear power has no competition if your goal is to truly clean up the planet and make electricity cheap enough to power cars, planes, trains and factories.

The Angle figures no Thanksgiving would be complete without a list of myths and facts about nuclear power.

Is one of yours among these ten?
  1. Radiation: You get 200 times less in a year than from a single cross country airline flight.
  2. Bomb: Nuke plants cannot explode. 
  3. Environment: Nukes have a ZERO carbon footprint and make no noise or traffic congestion.
  4. Safety: No one has died or been injured in the whole history of the US nuclear industry.
  5. Waste: All the used nuclear fuel since the first reactor went live would fill a football field less than 10 yards deep, and 96 % of this 'waste' can and will be recycled in Gen IV plants.
  6. Popularity: As of 9-2013 82% want nukes, 1 in 5 homes/business get power from a nuke.
  7. Chernobyl: Type reactor never built in USA.  The increase in cancer incidence has been too small to measure.  Far more get cancer from air pollution and tobacco use in a year.
  8. Transport:  Thousands of shipments no leaks or cracks in whole history of industry.
  9. Half-life: 99% of waste 300 years. 99% is recyclable.
  10. Oil: Wanna get off oil, nukes can make that happen overnight.  Electric cars are a reality, so are electric trains.  But unless you power them with nukes you are STILL killing the planet.
Nuke Future
Gen IV Designs
US Energy By Source

Halle Berry's Race Rant

Halle Berry had a kid with French model Gabriel Aubry.  Little Nahla Ariela Aubry hit the gene lottery but struck out on parental behavior.

Berry and Aubry use their daughter like a Japanese Kendo Stick whacking each other over petty differences, money, and even what 'race' the kid is supposed to be...

Berry's court complaint alleges Aubry highlighted and flat-ironed Nahla's curly hair to make her look white, something Berry says could inflict 'potential psychological and physical damage.'

Berry managed to miss her court date so the judge ordered BOTH parents to refrain from changing the kid's hair - a decision that pissed Halle off and made her admit, 'I feel like she's black. I'm black and I'm her mother, and I believe in the one-drop theory.'

The one-drop rule is from the 19th century citing any person with 'one drop' of African blood is deemed a 'black' or 'Negro' person.

Little Nahla is being damaged alright, but not from flat-ironing her hair...

Cop Killing Nosedives As Gun Sales Soar

Breitbart says there's a link between record gun sales and the drastic drop in the number of cops killed in the line of duty.

FBI statistics show 26 cops 'feloniously killed' in 2013 down from 44 in 2012 and drastically down from 63 killed in 2011.

At the same time the NRA reported a record 21 million firearms background checks in 2013, 19.5 million checks in 2012, and 16.4 million in 2011. 

The number of guns sold may far exceed background checks because multiple guns can be purchased on one check and CCW holders can purchase firearms without subsequent background checks at all!

An extra fun bonus?  The FBI also says the most violent city in 2013 was gun-goonie New York!

Obama: A 'New Car Smell' For 2016

Obama just hinted he'll be on the back nine at Bighorn in Palm Desert when Hillary mounts her 2016 campaign jousting pony.

'I think the American people, you know, they're going to want - you know, that new car smell...they want to drive something off the lot that doesn't have as much mileage as me,' Obama told former Clinton hitman Georgie Stephanopoulos.

Obama told the chagrined Georgie there are 'a number' of potential Democratic candidates who would make great presidents...

And who among them has more mileage on a limo than Hillary, right Barry?

Hillary Bites Big On Obama's Amnesty

IRS Finds Lerner Emails

Remember the 'lost' Lois Lerner emails?  The one's that 'suddenly' disappeared from Lerner's work computer the second Darrell Issa's House Oversight Committee asked to see them?

Well, paint the town red and the front porch the same color the IRS now says after eight-months they found all 30,000 in of all places - on backup tapes!

Lerner sits at home drawing a fat check from the IRS.  She refuses to talk and stands in contempt of Congress after fumbling the 5th.

Issa says, '...the Oversight Committee will be looking for information about her mindset and who she was communicating with outside the IRS during a critical period of time when the IRS was targeting conservative groups.'

Betcha Lerner feels like a porcupine at a nudist colony right about now...

Walmart Rib-Eye Bandit Bagged

Walmart super-stores have super-strong motorized scooters for their super-sized customers.  One such customer, Rodyney Fowler rode one to jail.

Rodney was observed by store security piling-up a passel of rib-eye steaks and placing them on the seat.  Then remounting the scooter and the steaks and motoring straight for the parking lot.

The 350 lb, 5’ 5” Fowler was stopped by Walmart staff and arrested by police. 'Due to his size, the suspect was cuffed using two pairs of cuffs.'

The fate of the steaks was not known... Maybe Rodney should switch to a vegan diet?

Obama Shuts Down Vegas To Play Golf

Guess what?  Obama is in Las Vegas this weekend to spit out his anti-constitutional amnesty message.  Yes.  The entire weekend; Friday, Saturday and Sunday. 

Why Las Vegas?  Harry Reid.  Why so long?  Golf.

While Obama lingers in Vegas ALL general aviation is shutdown.  

The insult that is Obama is spreading fast and furiously.  The lame-duck Ofail fears no political fallout and a president who no longer cares what people think is a president willing and able to cut a swath of scorched Earth in defiance of both law and civility.

Wanna tell Harry and Barry what you think?  Here is Harry Reid's direct Las Vegas office number 702-388-5020.  Amnesty for illegals and golf are great reasons to disrupt millions living in Vegas, right?

Ferguson Rioter Training Today

The Rev. Osagyefo Uhuru Sekou and a couple of his pals were at the IUOE Local 148 union hall in Ferguson today.

Sekou lives in Massachusetts but blew into town to give 'instruction'  on  how to resist police after the soon-to-be-revealed Grand Jury decision.

Sekou admonishes 'attendees' that they are in the middle of a 'militant non-violent civil disobedience,' and verifies their understanding,  'can you please say that?'  The room respond in unison, 'militant non-violent civil disobedience.'

Before the 'trainees' could digest the rest another 'trainer' spurts.  'We're not going to get change in this society unless white people are just little bit afraid.'      Ooops, there it is...

7-10-13: 'There will be at least one riot'
Militants Put Bounty On Ofc Wilson's Head

Minneapolis Schools Stop Suspensions

The Minneapolis school system has 32,000 students. Over 70% are black and Hispanic.

Black school superintendent Bernadeia Johnson says too many 'kids of color' are being suspended.  So she wants to 'disrupt' local school authority and personally more deeply 'probe' the reasons for each suspension.

Johnson claims black student behavior resulting in suspension would not get a white student booted from school.  Really?  That's the litmus test?

"Changing the trajectory for our students of color is a moral and ethical imperative, and our actions must be drastically different to achieve our goal of closing the achievement gap by 2020," Johnson pontificated.

Wonder what behaviors white students are getting away with that get black kids in trouble?  Maybe the 'knockout game?'   Or how about flashing gang signs or sagging (exposing boxer shorts)?  Oh wait, those are black kid behaviors...dismissed...

Ms Fudge Says Racism Reason For GOP Midterm Landslide
Holder Saves Black Cop Killers From Death Penalty

Big Butts Now Big Business

When did a thundering tokhes get mainstream popular?  Is it booty brandishers Kim Kardashian, Niki Minaj, and Jennifer Lopez's fault?

Booty Pop founder Susan Bloomstone says, "people just want more booty."  So her company has rumped up production of the $22 foam padded panties called Pink Cotton Candy Boy Shorts.

But seriously folks, is there anything more disgusting than a giant big bootynauseous butt rolling around inside a pair of polyester stretch pants?

This is a fad that needs to fade fast...

The Top 10 Celeb Booties of 2014

Condi Rice: True Racists Are Liberals Who Defend Teachers' Unions

Condi Rice knows public schools under siege. It's not school shooters. Nope. The real culprit are entrenched, anti-competition, anti-quality teachers' unions lobbying and robbing school districts nationwide.

Condi says, "Poor black kids trapped in failing neighborhoods schools, that's the biggest race problem of today. That's the biggest civil rights issue of today. Anybody who isn't in favor of school choice, anybody who isn't in favor of educational reform, anybody who defends the status quo in the educational system, that's racist to me."

And man oh man is she right...

'Kissing Bug' Disease Infects 300,000

Oh man here comes another reason not to get up in the morning...

Chagas disease is a caused by a bite from the nasty looking Triatominae also known as the kissing bug.

At first victims get a mild fever, swollen lymph nodes, headache, and a little swelling near the bite. About 6 in 10 get well. But 4 in 10 develop serious symptoms 10 to 30 years later including enlargement of the ventricles of the heart leading to heart failure.

Over 300,000 in the USA are already infected! How? The CDC says most got it in Mexico or South America before crossing the border.

Isn't illegal immigration fun, folks?

Illegals: 'We are coming for amnesty...'
How Cats Infect Human Brains
Horror: Breast Ironing

Naked New York Nincompoop Nailed

Peter Davis lives in New York and works as editor of the Daily Front Row..

Davis was on the subway Thursday when he spied a fat naked boozer passed out bare-assed on a bus bench save stark-white athletic socks and scuffed, but neatly tied running shoes.

So Peter snapped a not-selfie and tweeted it to his Twitter account: 'Just spotted on the E Train. After a lifetime in NYC I thought I had seen everything...'

Well apparently Pete's now seen everything, and so have we!  The naked guy's fashion sense may be salty, but at least his haircut is hip...

Dog and Monkey Owners Get 74 Lashes

Dogs and monkeys have it rough in China and Korea - they get eaten.

Dog and monkey owners in Iran, however, will get 74 lashes and/or a fine up to 100 million rials should either pet lift a leg in public.

Thirty-two members of Iran's parliament fashioned an ordinance which reads in part, “anyone who takes a pet like a monkey or a dog in public and damages the Islamic culture or the health and tranquility of the people - particularly children and women [will get thrashed like an infidel at an ISIS frat party]"

The translation may be rough, but it appears the old muzzies want women and kids to keep their monkeys at home.  Oh yea, 100 million rials is $3760US.  There is no exchange rate for lashes.