Shock Study: Wash DC Least Honest City

The word politician and honesty are easy opposites to spot.  But what about the average guy in the streets?

Tea makers Honest Tea visited all 50 U.S. states and Wash DC to find out where honesty prevailed. The company set up 61 unmanned kiosks offering tea for $1. Those taking tea were 'asked' to place a buck in a nearby canister. Of course the whole thing was videotaped.

Despite the mere dollar requested, 2 in 10 tea drinkers in Wash DC rabbited without paying. By far the worst rate of honesty of all the cities and states tested.

By contrast, 100% of those in Hawaii and Alabama paid in full. Other pretty honest places included Nevada, Tennessee and Oklahoma. Connecticut, Maryland, Delaware and Kentucky were also near the bottom when it came to simple trustworthiness.

The East coast of the USA, especially in and near the capital city must be an armpit of petty rip-offs.  You know, the double-blue government parasite places.

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