Petco Sued Over Puppy Ear Cut-Off, Glued Back On

A Petco groomer sliced-off part of a Pomerian-Maltese mix puppy named 'Dodo.'  Panicked, the technician quickly slapped glue on the gummy-part and frantically fitted it back on the animal before the owner noticed the 'error.'

Later spotting the unmistakeable wound the owner went back to the store.  Her outrage was less about an apology and an offer of a 'free grooming' and more about the attempt cover-up the mutilation says grandmother Gladys Kapuwi.

Another owners dog was also injured when part of its tail was lopped-off. The two incidence are bundled into one law suit by the 'tail' dog owner's husband.

The vet told Gladys her dog's ear could have been saved had Petco acknowledged the 'butchering' and given the ear back to her so she could take the dog to a vet for treatment.

So folks, hang around when your dog is being groomed.  You never know whether you will take home all the dog you brought for a haircut in the first place.