Illegal Immigrant Fake ID Ring Busted

Ever wonder where illegals get their fake social security cards and phony bank accounts?  Maybe this is where.

A pair of African black immigrants now living in Ohio ran a black market business handing hundreds of illegal immigrants IDs.

Betina Young pled guilty to five counts of tampering with records. Young got off incredibly light with just probation, and five years of Christmas holidays in prison. Still, if Young violates her probation her sentence converts to 15 years in prison.

Her partner in the scheme, Sekou Kpoto is due in court next week on the same set of charges.

Young was a former employee of the deputy registrar's office in Gahanna. Sekou Kpoto, solicited bribes from foreign nationals  Young setup the IDs and phony bank accounts. The two supplied hundreds of IDs over a seven year period before getting caught..

The Angle wonders whether some blacks have gotten the funny idea this might be a good way to bolster the Democrat party base? Pew Research published a poll last week that revealed 54% of illegals say they will vote for Democrats and just 19% said they would vote for the GOP.

Nah, that can't be happening.

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