Dog Bites Man, Man Bites Back, Man Arrested

New Hampshire police pursued a shooting suspect who eventually tried to hide under a pile of clothes to evade arrest.

Police dog Veda quickly found the perp and took a bite.  The man turned and grabbed Veda in a choke-hold and bit her back hard on the head.

Veda persisted and pinned the man down until human officers cuffed him.

The man was booked for resisting arrest, interfering with a police dog and assaulting an officer (Veda).

Veda has been cleared medically and returned to duty the next day.

Man Orders Burrito At Bank Drive-Thru

Douglas Francisco, 28, drove up to a Florida bank’s drive-thru window and promptly passed out.

The bank's manager called the cops.

Deputies found Mr Francisco slumped over the wheel with the engine still running.  So they pounded on his window until he looked up and tried to order a burrito.

Sure enough, the car contained Oxycodone and Xanax. 

But Doug also had prescriptions for the pharmaceuticals.  So the hungry junkie avoided more serious charges - just a simple BUI (banking under the influence).

Sniffing Boxer Shorts Lowers Stress

Sniffing your 'partners clothes' lowers stress?

A study just published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology consisted of 96 women sniffing the clothes worn by their partner, a stranger, and duds not yet worn by anyone.

“Our findings suggest that a partner’s scent alone, even without their physical presence, can be a powerful tool to help reduce stress,” Marlise Hoffer of Florida State University says.

“From a young age, humans fear strangers, especially strange males, so it is possible that a strange male scent triggers the ‘fight or flight’ response that leads to elevated cortisol,” Hofer adds.

So now we know why women like doing laundry.

Home Invader Shotgun Greeting

Would be home invader Moana LogoLogo, 36 kicked in an apartment door in Merced last week and got a face full of buckshot.

Police Lt. Don King said LogoLogo parked his car “in the driveway of the home.”  Then randomly targeted the apartment.

The shooter-apartment-dweller said the man kicked in the door then walked directly at him, so he grabbed his loaded shotgun and fired point-blank in self-defense.

LogoLogo died at the scene.

Penis Whitening, Vagina Plumping - Fad Or Fancy?

Afflicted with dark penis or skinny vagina syndrome?  Medicine to the rescue.

"These days a lot of people are asking about it. We get around 100 clients a month, three to four clients a day," reports Bunthita Wattanasiri at Lelux Hospital in Thailand.    Clients?

Lelux will whiten your Mr ♂ for $650 bucks.  And the ladies can get "3D Vagina" to plumpen and primp by transferring body fat to their emaciated pudenda.

Social media's buzzing.  Some say sad; others are signing-up.  You?

Toxic Chinese Space Station Crash

China launched the 20,000 pound Tiangong-1 space station in 2011 and lost control of the behemoth a year ago. 

The Sino's kept the screw-up a secret until last September.

The fun part?  The multi-ton chunk of space junk is packed with oily rocket fuel hydrazine and is gonna crash back on Earth.  Hydrazine is a known toxic nerve and liver chemical which also causes cancer.

Where? The EPA says they are “confident” the crap will land between 43°N latitude and 43°S latitude.  So basically somewhere between Sioux Falls, SD and the Falkland Islands near the tip of S. America. 

When?  Well the Chinese thought the thing would be back by Christmas, so any minute now.  Feel better?

Earth Slows Earthquakes Rise

Earth is entering a five-year rotation slowdown.  The phenomenon triggers more and larger earthquakes.

"So far we have only had about six severe earthquakes [magnitude 7 plus in 2017]. We could easily have 20-a-year starting in 2018,” said Dr Roger Bilham from the University of Colorado.

Will the big one in 2018 be the final nail in California's coffin?