Mommy Heroin Dealer Dopes-Up Daughters

Hell better have a special place for the extra evil among us. Hitler, Stalin, Dahlmer, and Ted Bundy deserve their seat at that table. And so do abusive parents who inject their kids with heroin and sell hard drugs to their classmates.

Shantel Parker a 35 year old mother of two teenage daughters was arrested at work. Police were called by a witness at school who said the 14 and 16 year-olds appeared 'high'. The cops later found drug paraphernalia at Shantel's house.

The arrest warrant on Parker alleges injecting both daughters with heroin on a number of occasions before sending them to school. And the daughters told police their mom gave them drugs to give to their classmates.

Neighbors also reported seeing Shantel and her boyfriend smoking dope in the yard in front of the two girls.

Parker has been charged with two counts of felonious assault, two counts of corrupting another with drugs and two counts of endangering children. Parker will not see her daughters again, but will be sharing a cell with Bubette where she can repeat her stories for many years to come

Obama Secret Deal With Iran

Obama is now faced with a nuclear Iran and an election that hinges on Israel taking no action before the vote. So, what does Obama do?

Allegedly, the Obama administration has been meeting secretly with Iran offering them a pass. Obama is trading his reelection for the safety of Israel, and the world at large. How?

The deal struck calls for the US to 'pretend' publicly that Iran is not after a nuclear weapon, in exchange, Iran gets assurance that the USA will not attack nor aid Israel in an attack upon Iran's nuclear facilities.

Next week Benjamin Netanyahu meets with Obama in what will no doubt be a tense, even hostile meeting. Contrast Obama thousands of miles from Iran jockeying for a reelection.  With Netanyahu next door to Iran is sweating the very survival of his entire country. Literally.

History is repeating itself.  Prior to World War II Arthur Neville Chamberlain tried to appease a ferocious mass killer named Adolf Hitler by giving up an ally - Czechoslovakia.  Now Barak Obama is trying to appease Iran by giving up an ally - Israel.  Not to save the world, instead, to save his reelection.

Obama is failing as president.  But until now, Obama has not stooped so low as to give up our only ally in the middle-east for personal gain.  May Israel forgive us if this story is true.

Obama And Iran's Secret Nuclear Deal
Israel's Secret Strike On Iran
Britain's 1939 Munich Agreement With Hitler 
Obama Uses Espionage Act To Silence Fed Workers
China Warns Obama & Hillary On Syria

Plot Thickens Around Media Matters David Brock

A dangerous man lurks among us. His name is David Brock. Brock spends all his waking hours conjuring devious ways to smear, spin, intimidate, and spread disinformation. Brock's motives are known only to him.

The euphemistic website Brock runs is called Media Matters. The mission and work of Media Matters has been steeped in a secretive efforts to undermine Fox News primarily. Fox News, of course, is the wildly popular media outlet that is one of the few that actually reports in an unbiased way. This infuriates the troubled Mr Brock.

Now we find the nefarious David Brock cornered by an ex-boyfriend.

Brock made an out of court settlement of $850,000 in order to avoid release of damaging information involving Media Matter's donors and IRS dealings. Brock says homosexual domestic partner William Grey made repeated threats to expose him to the "scorn or ridicule of his employees, donors and the press in demanding money and property." Brock later characterized the settlement payment as "blackmail."  Mr Grey was apparently jilted when Brock started to date another man - restaurateur James Alefantis.

Brock has since counter-sued Mr Grey in an effort to recover the money.

In the end, the tawdry life of David Brock will unwind, and the public will be treated to a grand dose of truth in regard to the hardcore left-wing menace that pervades certain quarters of the nation. The Daily Caller is doing an investigative report on David Brock.  For more visit

IRS Targets Tea Party 
Madoff In Bed With Media Matters 
Media Matters To Daily Caller: '...trolls' 
Media Matters Linked With Al-Jazeera Network

Einstein Still Right After All These Years

The speed of light is theorized to be the Universe's ultimate speed limit and Albert Einstein seminal theory of special relativity - depends on the idea that nothing can exceed it.

Cern, the world's largest physics lab reported tests that suggested light speed can be exceeded in tests run recently.

"We tried to find all possible explanations for this," Dr. Antonio Ereditato of the Opera Collaboration said.  "We wanted to find a mistake - trivial mistakes, more complicated mistakes, or nasty effects - and we didn't", he added.

Antonio has egg plasma on his face today.  CERN reports that the entire thing was the result of a loose cable.  Test Void!  Ooops. Nevermind.

Physicists Urge Caution Over Speed of Light Exceeded
Neutrino Final Test: Not Faster Than Light - Albert Wins Again 

Justice Breyer Machete Robber Arrested

Being mugged on your own property at machete point has to suck big time.

The 73-year-old Justice Breyer, his wife Joanna and several guests were robbed by a pair of machete-wielding males inside their Nevis Island vacation home earlier this month. The thief got away with $1000. Until today.

Police said 28-year-old Vedel K Browne turned himself in after he saw his face plastered on TV, and after he came to realize he tried to rob a US Supreme Court justice. Now Vedel faces 20 years.

 In 2004 a group of young males assaulted Justice David Souter as he jogged in DC. In 1996 a male snatched Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg's purse while she was out walking with her husband and daughter in DC.

Advise to those willing to mug the elderly staff at the Supreme Court in this way - at least find out who is on the court you idiots...the FBI exists solely to go after morons like you.  Side note. Breyer was appointed by Bill Clinton so maybe Vedel was racially profiled?

Supreme Court Revisits Affirmative Action

Dominique Strauss-Kahn Arrested For Pimping

Remember Dominique Strauss-Kahn? The IMF head arrested in New York then let go because the maid he allegedly raped was deemed 'unreliable'?

Find him today cooling his elderly heels in a French jail. Detectives took him in and charged him with ‘complicity in pimping’ and ‘misuse of corporate assets’.

Strauss-Kahn, 62, admitted he went to ‘sex parties’ around the world, but denies the women he licked were prostitutes. Some of these woman are suspected to be underage to boot.

Strauss-Kahn drove himself to the police station in a Mercedes limousine with blacked-out windows. Inside he greeted his 'legal team'. Why does Dom continue to get the VIP treatment? How about a face in the pavement cuffing just once?

Remember, Dom is married - apparently not happily. Dom claims ‘the women were all naked at the time’. So he couldn't see their prostitute uniforms, or the cash payments in their purses. Don't laugh, this is how he got off in New York too.

Strauss-Kahn, a senior member of the French Socialist Party says he has an ‘uninhibited sex life’. Just after Dom got back to France escaping narrowly in New York, Tristane Banon, a 32-year-old writer, accused him of attempting to rape her in the same way.  Anyone see a pattern here?  Or is it just me...

Second Night In Jail

Breakthrough: Single Atom Transistor

Everything uses a computer on a chip. Everything...

Modern computer architecture has not changed since the first vacuum tube monster Eniac dimmed the lights of Baltimore. The Eniac filled an entire warehouse and had less power than a cheap child's toy of today.

The basis of modern computer technology is the transistor on a silicon chip invented in 1954.

The ultimate goal for the past 60 years has been a transistor the size of a single atom. Gordon Moore of Intel predicted the atom-sized transistor would not be invented until 2020. He was 10 years off.

‘Our group has proved that it is really possible to position one phosphorus atom in a silicon environment - exactly as we need it - with near-atomic precision...’ says Dr Martin Fuechsle from UNSW.

In about 10 years, atom sized transistors will be used to build quantum computers. Computers that 'think' will become an instant reality. Once these things are in your hand-held the iPhone of today will seem like a can on a string. And every field of science will advance exponentially overnight.

T-Bone From A Test Tube

US Postal Service: 50 Cent Stamp

The US Postal Service 'dog and pony show' continues to amuse. Union infested, obsolete, bleeding at the gums, the service is clinging to life support and a string of absurd ideas intended to alleviate the suffering.

By 2015 the service says it will add $18 billion to the loss pile.

Taxpayers are tapped out. Services are shrinking. Layoffs loom. Whats left? Of course its time to go for yet another hike in postage rates. How about fifty-cents for that one-ounce letter?

"Charging more for reduced service is not a rational plan for any business, including the U.S. Postal Service," said Fredric Rolando, president of the National Association of Letter Carriers. Even the union goofs see the comedy.

The USPS is supposed to be self-sufficient. But just in the past five years it has 'borrowed' $12.9 billion from the US Treasury Dept. And needs another $20 Billion even WITH the cuts proposed. Time to lay it to rest and turn it over to the private sector.

US Post Office: Dinosaur Near Extinction

Atheist Richard Dawkin's Slavery Roots

Richard Dawkins is a ferocious, mouthy, spitting British secular academic who is symbolic leader of the world-wide atheist cult.

Dawkins once branded the Catholic Church 'evil'. The world's largest charity orginization in the world is evil?

Dawkins owns a 400-acre family estate bought with the blood money made in the slave trade.  Shocking! Dick is the son of slave owners, slave traders, and slave profiteers.

Dick descends directly from Henry Dawkins who owned 1,013 slaves in Jamaica until he died in 1744. Over a 130 years of Dawkins family slavery continued right up to the abolition movement led by William Wilberforce. In 1799, James Dawkins voted against Wilberforce's attempts to outlaw slavery.

Ah the sotted, smoldering, sulfuric smell of hypocrisy.

Dick Dawkins lied by omission when he failed to mention the estate's funding origin. The reticent Dick Dawkins refuses to apologize for the family history or sell the estate and give the money back. Secular goofs like Dawkins see no moral imperative on the subject.  Who is the 'evil' one, Dick?

Cromwell's Charles II Wanted Poster At Auction

Obama's New Oil Crises Deja Vu All Over Again

Oil, oil, oil...  Quantifying shock rise in oil prices effect on GDP gives perspective.

Each $15 rise in price over $100 per barrel sustained for one year gives the effect of 1% reduction in GDP.  Given Obama's GDP is just 1.7% at present oil at $150 would crush the fledgeling economy.

Obama has been proactive in ensuring we have an oil crises.  Blame lands squarely on him because he has halted drilling in the gulf, halted the pipeline from Canada, and sicked his EPA on the energy industry.

When Iran is attacked, the price will certainly speed to the $150 level.  The Saudis claim they will buffer the supply.  Swell, can they do it for years?

Find current oil prices here.

EPA Rules Will Raise Gas Prices
Gas Price At Record High For Feb 
Obama Modeled ObamaFail On British NHS Now Bankrupt
$4 Gas In Los Angeles 2/12

Chicago Teachers Union: Raise Pay 30% Or Else

Or else what? Rahm Emanuel wanted the job, and oh man is he getting it. Chicago is the USA's most corrupt city, and of course it has the best example of aggressive and indignant teachers unions.

Public schools are an utter disgrace, especially in Detroit and Chicago. The outrage that ANY teachers union demand pay raises in the middle of Obama's absurd. Let alone 30%!

The union is also demanding class size reduction across all grade levels. And want each school to hire at least one art, music, librarian, and phys-ed teacher. See the pattern? Remember, these idiots already work 9 months out of the year and have crushing benefits that bankrupt nearly every school district in the country.

"We are not negotiating this in the public," sputtered the corn-rowed head of the CTU Karen Lewis.  Ah, but the PUBLIC will pay whatever the union extorts right?

Robin Steans of the Illinois Education Policy Group, "That said, given the financial realities that the district is facing, it's hard to believe that anybody seriously expects that this is anywhere close to where negotiations will end."

It seems the CTU isn't feeling love from city officials. Guess what, public school teachers and their unions are a disgrace nationwide. Fire them all...start over with school choice and private-sector competition for students.

Karen Lewis, Potty Mouth Head Of CTU
The Arnie Duncan Pot Remarks
Rahm-Lewis First Round Bout
40-Year Sentence For Teacher-Molestor Longest Yet 
Obama Appointed Judge Says Sex Predators Can Access Facebook

Jobless Youth Flee Obama

Obama has failed to create jobs, especially among the 18-29 year-old group nicknamed the 'millennial generation'. These 'kids' gave Obama a record 66% of their 24 million strong voting block in 2008.  Gone!

“These vocal young voters are even more digitally connected--and politically potent--for 2012 than they were in 2008,” said Paul Conway, of the polling company Generation Opportunity.

Breaking down the sentiment 56% Washington is wrong, 69% say politicians are not in synch with their viewpoint, 54% say the country is on the wrong track and 75% of them want federal spending cut. But the brunt of their ire lands squarely on Obama. At least this group is gets it.

Because they cannot find jobs, and reject government intern and make-work bribes, they are delaying their lives. The majority are not able to plan for a family, buy a home, start retirement savings, or look forward to any kind of reasonable future. Ultimately, Obama and the Democrats mounting debt affects these kids the most.

Catholics, Jews, and now the Millennials all have good reason to deny Obama a second-term. Will these voters be 'smart' enough to see thru the bogus jobless rate, and the malicious indifference Obama and the Democrats have regarding the entitlements crises?

Female College Students Look For 'Sugar Daddies'
Geithner: Obama's Budget 'Unsustainable'
Foreclosures Spike Again - Even In Beverly Hills
Student Loan Crises Wiping Out Parents Retirement
CBO Repeats: Real Jobless Rate 15%

Judge Rigs Own Traffic Tickets

The 'dumb' criminal shows are numbing to watch. Usually it's an overweight burglar falling thru a ceiling then waiting for the cops to show up. Or the mugger that randomly picks on an off-duty cop.

But when a District Court judge decided to pull a Ferris Bueller by changing her traffic tickets and fines hacking into court computer systems the whole definition of dumb criminal has to be reworked.

Judge Kelly Ballentine, 43, of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, was hit with two parking tickets and a third for the registration - totaling $268.50.

The judge got the tickets zipping around in a BMW inside her own jurisdiction. After 30 days passed, court summons were sent out.  At that point, judge Ballentine allegedly accessed the Pennsylvania Magisterial District Judicial system and dismissed the both summons and tickets.

Ballentine was arraigned and released on $25,000 bail. Charges include conflict of interest, public records tampering and obstruction charges. All toll she faces about 70 years jail time.

Chicago was just voted most corrupt city. Ballentine, if convicted, should easily win dumbest sitting judge - who else can even come close?

Tweeting Oprah On The Outs

Oprah Winfrey got spanked trying to resuscitate ratings at her failing cable network OWN by broadcasting a plea on Twitter and violating Nielsen company policy. Tsk Tsk Ms. O,  no-no-no.

Oprah panicked as her ratings plummeted even lower during the Grammy Awards on Sunday. Who wants to watch Oprah when they can tune into the Whitney Houston train wreck on the Grammys?

Oprah's plea tweet, 'Every 1 who can please turn to OWN especially if u have a Nielsen box.'  Twitter followers accused her of  'being desperate'.

Nielsen also noticed and the tweet was deleted, Ms O said, 'at the request of Nielsen', which prohibits clients from attempting to influence ratings.

Oprah is riding a rare loser and she is getting testy.  Oprah and 'failure' uttered in the same breath? Oprah's presence on screen along with her being in control full-time is not turning the corner on the ill-fated Discovery Channel show.

Oh well. Maybe Obama can find a job for her before he too is fired.

Rasmussen: 59% Catholic Disapproval Of Obama

Rasmussen Reports this morning that Catholics have taken notice of Obama's shocking attack on religion now rating his disapproval at 59%. In recent polling, Jews have also taken a dim view of Obama's remarks in regard to Israel.  Orthodox Jews disapprove of the failed president by 72% margins. And 4 in 10 Jews in general disapprove of Obama.

Jews supported Obama in 2008 as did Catholics by wide margins. Whether the angst felt by these two voting blocks remain negative through the election remains to be seen.

For now, Obama seems to be cruising along on the latest jobs report.  Obama is trying to set a tone of 'recovery' and 'progress' knowing full well himself that no such recovery is in play. Privately he admits it will be two years or more before a possible recovery can take place in jobs, housing, and debt reduction.  But it will be up to voters to figure out the truth - a task they usually miss.

Meantime, gas prices are rising at a record pace again. National prices are over $3.50 very early in the driving season. Many are predicting the price to rise above $5 nationally. Voters will not be able to miss that event.

Israel and Iran will eventually tangle. At a time Obama and Panetta are busy dismantling the military. And eventually voters will see the jobless rate rise again because the net job losses continue to mount.

Timing is everything. The backdrop of disaster is as present now as it was when Obama took office. The big question remains, will the curtain draw down in time for voters to see through Obama's dog and pony show... 

Egypt Muslim Brotherhood Issues Warning To USA
Oliver Stone's Son Converts To Islam In Iran
1 In 8 Voter Registrations Bogus - 2 Million In All
Obama Unleashes 'Truth' Teams 
Obama Says Privately No Recovery For 2 Years
Chicago Called Most Corrupt City In Nation

Obama Election Year Budget In Your Face

A preview into what Obama would be like in a second term is found in the $3.8 Trillion monstrosity just released. The budget continues to grow red ink ($1.33 Trillion) on top of reshaping spending priorities and adding taxes in bizarre ways.

A massive uptick of $1.4 Trillion in new taxes, and a shifting of costs for TSA patdowns to airline passengers just some of the new fees. The cuts to Defense and other key departments combine to cripple the most important functions of government. Obama's priorities are utterly backward.

Obama wants to double-down on the failed GM Volt upping subsidies to $10,000 per car - remember just 600 of these monsters sold in January. Unsurprisingly Obama pours new billions into teachers and construction unions. And even more fun, loses more money on the failed TARP programs that keep the housing industry on its butt.

And lest we not forget the Arab Spring turned Winter In Libya and Egypt.  Obama wants nearly a billion new bucks to feed the Muslim Brotherhood and radical Islam taking over there.

The wheels are fully off the wagon at the White House. Gene Sperling head of Obama's goofy economics council has actually suggested a world-wide minimum corporate tax instead of addressing the serious concern that US Corporations already pay the world's highest tax rates.

Pay attention folks. Obama is coming for the rest of the cow - and you are not invited to dinner.

Obama's Last Budget A $3.8 Trillion Mess
Budget Levies New Fees On Air Travel
Budget Would Increase Taxpayer Losses on TARP
Budget Makes Deep Cuts To Defense In A More Dangerous World
Budget Calls For Federal Worker Pay Hikes
Obama Lies: Privately, Sees Recovery 1-2 Years Off
$4 Gas All Over Again
Obama Hikes Volt Subsidy In New Budget
Geithner: Tax Hikes Must Drive Budget
China Continues To Dump US Treasuries

LA Coroner: Whitney Houston Drowned

Same old story. Different day, different celebrity. After years of abuse, Whitney Houston's heart and arteries were wiped out. The coroner found Xanax, Marijuana, and Cocaine in her system.  And water in her lungs.

Houston was a singular talent, a three-octave wonder. Again, yea yea we know.

The point is not about her singing talent. The predictable dive from pinnacle of fame to the diving depths of drug disabling degradation had been a spectacle since the early 90's. It was just a matter of time. And that time came, a little sooner maybe, but it came nonetheless.

Born in 1963 in Newark, New Jersey, Whitney’s mother was the well-liked gospel singer, Cissy Houston. Her cousin was Dionne Warwick and Aretha Franklin was her godmother. She had it all. The best female voices of her era were in her genes and in her network of friends.

Houston went thru at least $150 million bucks, having sold over 200 million records.

But behind the glamor exterior was a flimsy, decadent, bisexual, drug-prone mess. Nothing in Houston's personal life was 'right'. Not her marriage, not her narcissism, not her immature, inability to stay off drugs - cocaine the primary culprit. In the end, she died in a hotel room, in a rented bathtub on a tab others picked-up.

One daughter, the sole bequeathed, and a battering ex-husband now her legacy.  Millions of 'fans' willing to bypass Houston's weak personal life in favor of the records she left behind are a testament to the tragedy that was her life.

Sad. Senseless. Apparently unavoidable.

Apple Hikes Whitney Song Prices In Greed Grab
Daughter Bobbi Brown Gets High After Funeral
Whitney's Grave Robbers
CNN Reporter Says 'n*gger' On Live TV [video]

911 Victim Going Home After 11 Years

As the years pass, the trauma of 911 continues to fade.

New York City isn't even having a small parade for the veterans who went to Iraq to kill the perpetrators that were behind the tragedy. But victims families are still out there still waiting for proof their loved ones are actually dead.

So far, 1,633 victims have been identified and 1,120 remain missing or vaporized.

Karol Ann Keasler, 42, is the latest to be identified by advanced forensic DNA science.  Karol's toe-bone is all that remains of her. 

The 'bride-to-be' was in the South Tower on the 89th floor talking to her mother in Nevada when the plane struck.

In 2005, Karol’s business cards, an emery board and a nail clipper were found at the site and returned to the family. The toe-bone was found but not matched to her positively until today.

Karol's mother says she will add her daughters toe-bone to her own ashes when the time comes. Mom and daughter laid to rest together.

Reverse Racism Struck Down In Buffalo

Twelve white firefighters won over $2.5 million from the city of Buffalo, NY. Buffalo had engaged in 'preference promotions' pitting black firefighters against white firefighters based primarily, and solely on race.

The 'liberal' premise behind quotas, set-asides, and affirmative-action is flawed. Two wrongs do not make a right, a truth lost on the defective liberal mind.

The men contended they were passed over though they were more qualified, and had better testing scores. The city wanted to promote minorities, though the minority candidates had not scored well on the tests.  The city of Buffalo was wrong.

The era of preferences must end. Discrimination is destructive even if rationalized in the name of rectifying past wrongs. The ugly era of Jim Crow was tragic. The new era of Jane Crow is not the answer.

After 45 years, it is time to accept everyone on the same basis, and make the eye blind to skin color. Martin Luther King was not calling for reverse racism, he was calling for an end to racism. His wise words that children "will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character" applies to all kids, not just minority kids.

Humans Prefer Cross Race Mating
Kansas City: Boy Set On Fire 'you deserve what you get white boy'

Madonna Fans Beg Netanyahu: Hold Iran Strike

Madonna's rock show in Israel is on May 29th. Fans in Israel are using Facebook to ask PM Netanyahu to hold off the strike on Iran until after the show.  Gotta have a little fun before Armageddon.

Israeli Madonna fans' fears are not unwarranted. A long list of artists are bailing out on Israeli shows in the last minute over war fears.

Iran has stuffed much of its weapons-grade uranium in a new, deeper, heavily fortified bunker in a 'secret' place only the Israeli's know about. This is the biggest reason Israel must act sooner rather than later. If Iran can protect its nukes, Israel will be doomed in the longer run.

The rock fan plea is an interesting one. There is a precedence for worry, in the past, other rock concerts have been cancelled just prior to other wars started by the Arabs. So this reaction makes sense.

In related news. Hillary is rattling her saber again this time it's Syria.  Hillary is a proxy for the limp-penised Obama on such matters. The duo have run an illegal war in Libya, and run CIA ops inside Egypt. Sharia is all the rage in the Islamic countries.  Hillary has a 'thing' about seeing women in the middle east run-rough in this way.

Zebras Evolved Stripes To Keep Horse-Flies Off

If Zebras evolved striped coats to keep dangerous horse-flies off, then why didn't all the other four legged beasts in Africa do the same thing? ooops.

Researchers from Lund University in Sweden claim Zebra stripes repulse horse-flies. They setup glue-covered cardboard cutouts with and without stripes to test the idea. The flies stuck to the mono-colored cutouts but seemed to shy away from the striped ones.

That is fantastic! Solved! Junk the old theories that black and white stripes on a Zebra provide camouflage, thermoregulation, or let Zebras find other Zebras to make more Zebras.  The Swedes have broken the code...

Zerbra's alone must have figured out how to keep the parasitic flies off. The Addax, Gazelles, Antelope, Oryx, Bongo, Bontebok, Buffalo, Camel, Eland, Kudu, Impala, Oribi, Topi, Wild Ass, Wild Horse, and Giraffe must like the flies - they don't have stripes.

Here is a good example how science goes sideways.  One must reject the obvious that these flies are not just landing on Zebra's in Africa.  Other horse-like animals ignored the same problem and allowed themselves to be bitten freely?  Baloney.

40% Of Colorado HS Students Test TB Positive

CA Union Pension Fund Goes After Facebook

Hubris. A female executive at the large California teacher's union pension fund (CalStRS) has sent a veiled threat to Facebook board chairman Mark Zuckerberg.

"We are disappointed that the Facebook board will not have any women members," wrote CalSTRS director Anne Sheehan. Sheehan added, "We believe that investors and the company would benefit from a larger, more diverse board." CalStRS owns pre-public shares in Facebook and plan to own common shares once the Facebook IPO pops.

Translation: Facebook will place a female on the board or lose a large shareholder. How is this different from the race hustle Jesse Jackson uses threatening civil rights lawsuits? Or when unions strike?  No different.

Why does Facebook need a female on the board? Why does Facebook not have an Asian, Black, Gay, Eskimo, Midget, Chimpanzee, Homeless man, Al Gore, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Bill from shipping, or a Charlie Manson on the board? Because Mark and the other board members decided their board and their company runs fine without them.

While we are questioning things has Anne checked into CalStRS operations lately? Can you smell that smell?

CalSTRS Admits Either Fraud Or Incompetence–Drops Fund Projections
Bankrupt Corrupt CalPRS and CalSTRS Want Corporations to Report Political Funds
CalSTRS Supports “legal” Corruption
Six-Figure Pensions Soar For California School Administrators
Union Boss Makes $300,000/Yr Says To Poor "life's not always fair"
Study: Facebook Slows Heartrate And Releases Dopamine To Relax
Zuckerberg's $2 Billion Tax Bill 

9th Circuit Fumbles Prop 8

The 9th circuit circus has struck again. The voters in California will not be denied. The US Supreme Court will throw out yet another activist 9th circuit decision.

The gay marriage issue is tragic. Why aren't liberals trying to pry marriage out of government control entirely?

The underlying premise behind gay marriage is flawed - the government should not be issuing marriage licenses at all! Not for anyone, straight, gay, or any combination in between. If ever there ever was an example of church and state mixing, its marriage licenses.

The real answer is to make civil unions the standard, for everyone, with all the authority the government has to make and enforce contracts. Let people get married in their religious settings with state-issued civil union contracts in hand.

A grand irony for gays pushing for marriage is the obvious risk that straights face in marriage, the divorce. Divorce rates will be no different for gays as for straight, now over 50%!

Case in point, Robin Tyler filed for divorce from Diane Olson on January 25. The pair were among 14 gay couples originally challenging the Prop 8 ban in 2008.

The tragedy for gays is not about marriage. Gays are discriminated against as government employees, and by the IRS. And of course, the civil union statutes are inconsistent between states. Often a civil union is not as binding, or as protective as a marriage license.

Gays should attain equality in all contract relationships. The IRS does not allow gays, for example, to file joint returns. The IRS embeds the term 'marriage' in their filing status and even goes further to say that the marriage must be between a 'man' and a 'woman'. A simple fix is to make the IRS recognize domestic partners, and/or civil unions and forgo the word marriage entirely.  And of course, remove the language requiring opposite genders.

Until the religious aspect of state-sanctioned marriages is untangled, this struggle will remain. Why isn't anyone pushing for real equality?

"Poster Couple" For Gays Rights - Divorcing
CNN Suspends Roland Martin For Making Homophobic Remarks
Uganda To Exact 'death sentence' For Repeat Offenders
Washington State Lawmakers Pass Gay Marriage Bill

Obama Fears The Koch Brothers

Some wonder why Obama has singled out a pair of billionaire brothers in 'Chicago Politics' style for demagoguing. Others wonder why Dem Henry 'Pig Nose' Waxman insists the Koch brothers be blamed for Obama's cancelling the Keystone XL Pipeline.

The Koch brothers can hurt Obama, in fact, the Koch brothers have said out loud they will raise money $100 million to defeat Obama.

Charles, 76, is putting $40 million and David, 71, has pledged $20 million to do battle.  At the not-so-secret conference the Koch brothers organized other mega-wealthy conservatives promised millions more.  Las Vegas casino billionaire Sheldon Adelson was there. So was Karl Rove's PAC standing by with another $200 million.

Remember, MONEY is the MOTHERS MILK of politics.

Obama said PACs were evil in 2008. But that was then, and this is now. Obama has a horrible record, and the GOP are bringing guns to Obama's knife fight. So Obama sent his cabinet over to the Priorities USA Action super PAC to schmooze the crowd.

Obama cannot be trusted.  The guy has flopped on everything except keeping his promise to make debt.  This time he will face Mitt Romney and a matching billion.  This time he has a record of failure and a base absent Jews, Catholics and Independents.  Bring it baby.

Obama Returns Major Donations Tied To Mexican Fugitive
Obama Hires 'Official Advocate' To Cater To Illegals 
Bernanke: Real Jobless Rate Much Higher Than 8.5% 
Catholic Dem Congresswoman Regrets Obamacare Vote
Dependency Index Surges 23% Under Obama

PETA Opens Fire On Sea World Slave Trade

Do killer whales have rights under the US Constitution's 13th Amendment? PETA says so, and they are in court suing Sea World to break up a 'slavery' ring of Orca killer whales.

A federal judge took the idiotic case back into his chamber for 'consideration'. No doubt to have a raucous laugh and to take a dump.

PETA’s lawyer, Jeff Kerr, said after Monday’s hearing that it was a “historic day,” marking the first time a court considered the question of whether animals can be enslaved. Sure, sure, historic. Not.

“There are boundaries to legitimate constitutional debate,” said Theodore Shaw, a lawyer for Sea World. “And PETA’s complaint has crossed those boundaries.” PETA crosses the boundary of human sanity everyday it wakes up and doesn't ask itself why it exists at all.

Shaw said the suit is “utterly lacking in legal merit,” adding that the 13th Amendment banning slavery referred to “persons,” and not animals. Ya think?

Sea World correctly characterizes PETA's waste of court resources as an offensive publicity stunt.  Sea World is being kind, PETA is a running nose staffed by malcontents who seriously need to be confined to a small perimeter inside a mental institution.

PETA equating Negro slaves with the large ocean predators is apparently okay with NAACP - silence.

If ever there was an example why court and legal costs should punish a losing plaintiff, this is it.  PETA should pay Sea World a lifetime supply of sardines to feed the Orca's after they lose this one.

Black Teacher Charged With Racism 
Judge Rules PETA Full Of Whale Dung - Throws Slave Suit Out

Justice Ginsberg: US Constitution Is Too Old

Ruth Bader Ginsberg, 80, was in Egypt a few days ago and told the Islamics they should use South Africa's constitution.  She said the US Constitution is too old.

Ginsberg has really tripped the switch on this one. First, did it occur to the old bag that Egypt and Libya are using Sharia Law?  Sharia is a thousand years older than the Constitution, and calls for women and children to be slave-chattel to their misogynist males?  Wow. And South Africa holds the worlds records for rape, and modern day slavery. Has this women been reading a newspaper in the last 25 years?

The point of course is the constant battle with activist left-wingers like Ginsberg who can be counted on to draw absurd conclusions, and make inflammatory USA hating remarks though she is sworn to protect and defend the country.

Roberts needs to send out the goon squad and reel this woman back in before she tells someone she sees dead people, and likes to eat canned bat guano. Ruthie joins the ranks of Nancy 'Howler' Pelosi, and the crazed and disgraced Helen Thomas.

Remember, Ginsberg has colon cancer and says she will hang on the court 'till Obama is fired in November.  That's the good news.  The bad news is should Obama be reelected, Ginsberg may get replaced with an even more insidious model.

Jews And Catholics Flee The Fold

Jews and Catholics are part of the liberal base.  Obama has been 'eating his own young' by abandoning Israel, rebuking its conservative leader, Benjamin Netanyahu, and crushing the Catholic Church's first-amendment rights over Obamacare mandates.

The obvious outcome from Obama's self-destructive anti-Israel and anti-Catholic stance is to lose their support. Good.

The Pew Forum on Religion report out last week shows the 52-point Jewish vote Obama got in 2008 has dropped to 16 points. Democrats are in denial, of course, and claim Jews are well controlled and will toe the party line.

Why Jews are so liberal remains a massive mystery.  The GOP are the most ardent supporters of Israel.  And most hard-core anti-Semites are Democrats.  Wake up!

How will Catholics transform their anger into action?  Though all religions are affected by Obama's attack on the first-amendment, Catholics are the most affected since they employ so many non-Catholics in their various enterprises.  Will Catholics revolt - or will they roll-over and take it?

Politics makes strange bedfellows.

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Israel Attacks Iran: What Then?

The 'leaks' about Israel's imminent attack on Iran are not an accident. Obama and Panetta have tried to muscle Israel into letting themselves be attacked first - no dice.

Charles Krauthammer is the smartest political commentator in the circus tent.

Charles noted, “I think it’s fairly certain the Israelis are going to attack or you would not have had this don’t say that unless...the Israelis...are going to do this even if they...are getting a signal from the United States not to do it.”

Krauthammer also refers to the 'zone of immunity' which is Iran having reached critical mass in the amount of weapons-grade uranium processed.  Israel expects Iran to then hide the material in a bunker so deep no known weapon can reach it. Of course, Krauthammer is right, and zero-hour has arrived.

Krauthammer also notes that Israel is not responsible for any ancillary effect an attack will have on the world, or on Obama and his election. Israel must protect Israel - not oil prices, or the faltering Europeans, or Obama, or any other reason anti-Israel haters might rationalize.

The attacks will produce new chaos in the middle east. The 'Arab Spring' has, as predicted, turned into an 'Arab Cold War' where radical Islam fills the vacuum left in Libya, Egypt, and soon Syria.

Any use of nuclear weapons, or release of radiation from an attack will raise tensions worldwide. And it will drive up the price of oil for the balance of the year.

Obama thinks a tick-down in the jobless rate keeps him in office, but voters know better. Obama has not planned for outcome that spikes oil prices. He has blocked drilling, halted pipeline supplies of oil and wasted billions on bankrupt green ventures. When the next phase of recession comes, Obama will be utterly responsible for it.

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Ten-Year-Old Discovers 'new molecule'

The beauty of an 'empty' mind innocently accepting a solution simply because it 'looks better' is a special thing.

Science is the pursuit of truth, but is often muddled by humans with preconceived, often biased motivation. The 'science' of global warming is a grand example of the 'herd' cooking up error ready to explode in a defensive collective howl when challenged. But truth will not be denied.

A kid at Border Star Montessori School discovered a new molecule because she 'liked' how the atoms fit together. Clara Lazen, 10, of Kansas City was piecing together plastic atoms from a kit while in class.

'I just saw that these go together more,' Clara explained holding up her molecule's model. 'Like, they fit more together and they look better. And all the holes have to be filled in for it to be stable.'

Clara showed her teacher, who in turn handed it over to a PhD of Chemistry at Humboldt State University in California. Viola! The professor verified that indeed, the molecule Clara pieced together had never been seen before.

 The new molecule may find its way into practical uses provided a synthesize can be done.

Ah youth. Ever ponder which of the millions of aborted kids may have eventually discovered a cure for cancer, or a way to travel the stars? Liberals never consider that paradox, smart as they claim to be, notice that?

Rubio: America Must End Abortion

Planned Parenthood is ground central over the abortion debate. Why not, the place is an abortion mill contrary to denials by Obama and Nancy Pelosi.

Marco Rubio is a lot more than just the face of the 'new' GOP. Rubio is a Catholic and pro-life. Rubio has a pair of bones to pick with Obama, one on religion, the other on abortion.  Obama attacked Catholics last week over morning-after-abortion pill mandates. And Obama has tried to fund Planned Parenthood abortions with public money.

Rubio brings a forceful stand to the Susan B. Anthony gathering, “The issue of life is not a political issue, nor is it a policy issue, it is a definitional issue. It is a basic core issue that every society needs to answer,” he said. “The answer that you give to that issue ends up defining which kind of society you have.”

Since Obama has tried to trick the country into having the taxpayers fund abortion at Planned Parenthood, he has pulled back the scabs himself. States are passing new laws to limit abortion on demand.  When the GOP wins back the white house and senate in November, 2013 may well be the year Roe .v. Wade is revisited.

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Broken Courts Fail To Jail In Philadelphia

Philadelphia is a violent, crime ridden city. Cities over 500,000 population ranked the most dangerous are Detroit, Wash DC, Baltimore, Memphis, Dallas, Philadelphia in that order.

The court systems in these cities are broken. How? Overloaded with criminal work and jaded in regard to crime they are reduced to revolving-doors on crime.

Case in point. John Gassew, 25, was arrested and released 44 times without a single conviction or a day of jail time. Gassew is not 'one-off' in the city's system where nearly two-thirds arrested with violent crimes escape conviction.

Gassew was on his 45th armed robbery, pistol whipping and beating a convenience store clerk nearly to death when police spotted him. The pursuit ended with Gassew crashing his truck into a tree. Gassew opened fire, police shot him four times, crippling his right arm, and blinding him in the right eye.

Gassew posted his broken body on Facebook after waking in the hospital in a vain attempt to garner sympathy. Finally, the courts convicted him and sentenced him to 32 years behind bars.

When courts fail to act, guys like Gassew run rough over innocent citizens, unmolested.  Is that justice?

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