Doggie Decadence

Chihuahua Queenie has $30,000 in canine couture.  No. The dog didn't inherit money from some wretched recluse who pissed away a fortune on a pint-sized pet, nor is Queenie a real Queen.

“I spend way more money on Queenie and her wardrobe than I do on myself,” says the 50-year-old running Licks of London...clothes for canines.

“I just can’t help myself and when I can, I make sure we’re matching even when it comes to her poo [shit] bags,” admits Ms. Josephine Carter.


“Queenie has the highest-end beauty products including her toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner and doggy nail varnish,” gloats Carter.

Sure, sure...there's starving kids in S. America and what!

Cloning T-Rex

A pregnant, preserved 68-million year old Tyrannosaurus Rex was found in Montana opening the 'opportunity' to clone one back to life.

Lindsay Zanno at North Carolina State University says the dinosaur and its egg contains the necessary DNA to make it happen.

This weeks after experts from the University of Chile managed to grow dinosaur legs on a chicken.

What the hell's going on?  Aren't nuke war, ISIS, Ebola, Zika, pandemic flu, comets, alien invaders, giant-loud-whistles and Hillary Clinton enough to worry about?

Fast Food Wage Fight

CEO Andy Pudzer of Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s toured the first worker free eatery in the USA  - Etsa.

Pudzer wants to block #FIGHTFOR15 by getting rid of human workers.

Pudzer notes robots “[are] always polite, ...always upsell, ...never take a vacation, ...never show up late, ...never a slip-and-fall, or [file] an age, sex, or race discrimination case."

Say bye-bye min wagers.

DOJ To Seize Apple's OS

Make no mistake, Apple is blowing smoke alleging the data retrieval from one iPhone will somehow magically crash all iPhones.

DOJ will make Apple get the data off the terrorists iPhone even if it costs Cook and crew the whole enchilada (the company).

DOJ says they will take the source code of the OS and peel away the layers themselves!   At that point Cook can count on a cacophony of unintended consequences.

Tired of playing chicken yet Tim?

Pee Free In NYC

Manhattan DA Cyrus Vance Jr. says the NYPD can forget arresting people for public consumption of alcohol, public urination, littering, riding between subway cars or taking more than one subway seat.

He won't prosecute.

So are people finally free to pee profusely and litter lavishly wherever and whenever they want?  Uh huh. 

Seems NYC has 700,000 outstanding warrants on wanton wandering wizzers.  So why not give up - the place smells like a monkey cage anyway.

Man Waterboards Girlfriend

Dylan VanCamp is charged with six felonies and three misdemeanors, including suffocation, stalking and battery.

VanCamp waterboarded his girlfriend to force her to falsely confess she was cheating.

It seems VanCamp has priors for bail jumping, possession of drug paraphernalia, disorderly conduct, battery, strangulation and suffocation.

VanCamp faces a mere decade in prison for the current cacophony of crimes. 

What the turd needs is a sack of shit tied over his head then chained to a rock and tossed over a Wisconsin bridge.  But then someone would prolly run into him in a canoe.

Anti-Gay Students

Shadow Hills High School in LA is seeing a sprouting of students sporting anti-LGBT stickers. 

Michelle Bachman, a senior at the school and head of the Gay Straight Alliance decries the decals are “definitely hate speech." 

But the school district says, “After consulting with district level personnel and our legal counsel, it was determined that these students do have the protected right to freedom of speech, just as students portraying rainbows in support of the LGBT would.”

Looks like this time the stickers stay