40% Of Adults Sleep With A Teddy Bear

Build-A-Bear Workshop surveyed 2000 adults.

An astonishing 56% still have stuffed animals from childhood .  Some 40% sleep with a Teddy Bear.  And an estimated 80% of college kids brought their bears to school.

Explains why the country is full of cry baby snowflakes.  And why colleges crack down on free speech and make 'safe spaces' for them to hide.

Wife Lops Off Golf Hubby's Penis

Some guys turn their wives into golf widows while chasing the ever elusive single digit handicap.

South Korean Mrs. Kim, 50 says her husband spends too much time playing golf and never gives her any money.

Her solution?

She snipped off his dick while he slept and flushed it down the toilet.

Mrs. Kim wasn't arrested because the cops say they can't figure out her motive.  Her motive

Child Porn Defense: Blindness

Andrew Shaw, 44 is facing three charges of downloading and oogling underage child porn.

Shaw's lawyer opened with, “This is an unusual case as my client is registered blind. He has no sight in one eye and only a small amount in the other...his vision [prevents attaching] an age to images he downloads...”

The prosecutor says Shaw has been under investigation for over a year and the evidence will show Shaw is guilty of the crimes.

Despite the prosecution's prediction, Shaw was granted bail. Shaw’s next court date has not been set.

What's your verdict?

CA Opens Schools To Shooters

California is voting on Kevin McCarty’s (D-Sacto) repeal bill AB-424 which reverses a school district superintendent’s authority to allow campus conceal and carry for K-12 teachers.

The outcome will block teachers in public schools from defending themselves and students when a deranged shooter shows up.

Kids in California are doomed by the adults charged to protect them.   Got one of yours in one of their schools?