Holland Blows Billions On Failed Wind Project

The Netherlands has been into windmills for centuries. Not to make electricity but to grind flour.

The Netherlands bit big and launched the biggest wind-power project in the world.  They deployed  giant mega wind-turbines far out to sea where the wind is brutally constant, shearing, and corrosive - 60 massive turbines in all. All with mega pricetags.

The goal?  Power about 150,000 households.

After five years and billions lost, the government wants out. Faced with the need to cut its budget deficit, the Dutch government says offshore wind power is too expensive. The subsidy cost of $.18 per KWh - some $6 billion last year alone.  

The answer?  Pass the red ink to consumers.  Not all the cost, just 30% of it, and teach the public what it means to be sold a bill of goods in green technology.

Green tech, especially wind power, and solar power, are not cost effective - they are feel good solutions that can only exist with massive taxpayer subsidies.  The truth is these things are prone to breakdowns, dangerous to wildlife, only give part-time production, have high deployment and maintenance costs, are deadly to workers, and best of all - make very little power, under 1% in the USA.

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