35 Indicted Atlanta Public Schools Cheating Scam

US public schools are a disgrace.  Taxpayer money thrown down a rat-hole of incompetence and corruption.  Rather than engaging in innovation, hard work, and honesty the Atlanta public schools chose to cheat.

Imagine, the very adults entrusted to imbue kids with knowledge and direction are being indicted today in a massive cheating scandal that carries lessons for the whole country.

Juwanna Guffie refused to cheat when offered the answers. Today she watched as Fulton County prosecutors brought grand jury indictments for the ex-superintendent Beverly Hall, left and three dozen other former administrators, teachers, principals and other culprits.

Hall faces conspiracy, making false statements and theft charges. Largely because bonuses she received were tied to falsified scores. Hall won Superintendent of the Year in 2009 a year before the scandal brok..

Students have been damaged - a group of students who can least afford it - blacks. As these students were sent to higher grade-levels they were not equipped to deal with more complex material and are today flunking out.

The 178 'educators' named in the special investigators' report in 2011 resigned, retired, did not have their contracts renewed or appealed their dismissals and lost.

They got off easy - the kids are doomed to a life of playing catch-up thanks to these despicable characters.

Females Fail Marine Officer Training

The Marine Infantry Officer Course is 10 weeks of advanced hell at Quantico, Va.  The ordeal is intended to identify and train infantry officers to lead other Marines into battle.

Until Obama and Panetta indulged in social engineering of the military aiming to plant gays and females in combat roles, the Marines were training men for the job exclusively.  So naturally Obama and now Hagel are anxious to see women pass the test sorta like the movie GI Jane.

So far, the women can't cut it.

After two rounds of two women each starting the MIOC all dropped out. Not so much in disgrace, since few women are looking to subject themselves to the punishment.

The course is tough even for men. Just 25% make it through. But it's clear unless a sex-engineered former male (transgender) lops off his dick and grows some tits, there will be no natural born females making the grade. 

Can you see where this is going? The effect of women unable to pass this course means no female Marine combat officer in the field. After a while the social engineers will need to either water down the training, or just plant some politically correct females in the field thus endangering whole operations.

Lets face it, why would the Marines wash out 75% of the men if they were not looking for special people to fill the role? Oh, liberals don't care about that, it's all about getting a pair of bumps on the chest to accompany those bars on the shoulders.  Screw the quality and effectiveness of the training.

Women In Combat A Dangerous Experiment
Female Marine Colonel On Women In Combat
NYTimes Chirps In On Women In Infantry
Anti Rape Condom Invented

Drone Disaster Waiting To Happen

Most fear drones for the wrong reasons.  Unlike military killer drones carrying bombs and missiles the civilian variety are not supposed to shoot anyone.  Some saddled in paranoia think drones present a new level of privacy hazard, but that isn't true either.

Cameras are omnipresent so the chances of a drone flying over your backyard BBQ is about the same as finding a mint condition Honus Wagner baseball card inside a Gutenberg Bible left in a rental car.

So what's the real danger of a sky full of drones?

The lumbering FAA is behind the power curve again.  Unless the lame government agency requires drones to be equipped with collision avoidance and transponders so manned aircraft and air traffic control can 'see' them, there is going to be death in the skies.  And it will be the FAA's fault.

Allegedly the FAA requires drone operators to maintain constant visual contact with their crafts. But there is no mention of restrictions regarding altitude and airspace (all aviation airspace is defined by a set of rules for pilots dependent upon where you are flying).  And no advise from the FAA over how pilots are to deal with drones violating the rules and getting in their faces.

In fact, some are going out of their way to help drones violate even the basic rule of line of sight. A San Francisco-based startup company is selling an iPhone/iPad accessory giving drone owners a "mobile drone ground station" enabling them to fly their air hazards a mile or more away.  The company 'advises' customers not to use their product in violation of FAA rules!  Oh yea, that solves it...

An unmanned drone colliding with a rule-following manned aircraft is being cooked into the roast.  Some poor unlucky private or commercial aircraft and those onboard are going to pay the ultimate price.

World's Record Shortest Man & Woman

The 2013 results for the biggest, tallest, shortest, smallest, lightest, heaviest, widest, wettest, fastest, slowest, stingiest, straightest, crookedest, steepest, funkiest, driest, stinkiest, cheapest, dumbest, deepest, goofiest, slowest, snottiest are in the book.  The crookedest?

Guinness World Records for 2013 now on Amazon.  The two standing next to the book, left are the shortest man and women on record.

And oh-man are they short.  In fact the fez-wearing guy is the shortest man in all of human history.

Chandra Bahadur Dangi, 72, hails from near Kathmandu.  Jyoti Amge, 18, is from India..

Chandra is a compact 1 foot 9.5 inches tall folks!  And Jyoti is a jumping 2 whole feet of female.  Basically, Jyoti could crush Chandra in a bare-knuckles, kick-boxing cage match but the people at Guinness won't let the match go forward.

Ever notice no matter how short a person is they are still referred to as such and such tall?  Isn't that wrong?  Shouldn't it be such and such short?

Listing the other record holders doesn't seem necessary.  But if your loins burn to find out who can eat the most ribs in a minute then just go out and buy the book ya cheap bastid...

Marijuana Permanently Lowers IQ
PETA Says Hunting Mags Are Porn
Spanish Mag Photoshops Naked Michelle Obama Slave Pic
Elvis Presley's Dirty Jockeys Auctioned
Teacher Gives 'dumb' Kids Test Answers

DARPA: Terminator Robot Soldiers Under Test

Humans are being taken off the battlefield.  Working mechanical prototypes with full-range human movement, speech, sight, form, balance and strength are in test today.  

Meet DARPA Boy left.  This is an artist mockup of a working robot under secret testing.  The military is challenging robot experts worldwide to beat their 'pet' in the DARPA Robotics Challenge.

Androids from private company Shaft and Carnegie Mellon University are taking the field alongside the DARPA wonder.  .NASA is jumping in with a mechanical insect.

The US Military already uses robotic drones to bomb the poop out of bad guys in Pakistan.  Now they want machine soldiers too.

Lethal titanium clad weapons loaded killers impervious to enemy fire.  Encountering one would be like falling off the front of a riding lawnmower on a wet hillside.  There will be little left to bury.

St Louis Covered In Radioactive Paint

The 'government' is your daddy Obama insists.  Just ask the ambassador in Libya how well the government protected him, oops, nevermind.

Many may remember the government helping out.  Here is a quick list of thirteen to refresh the memory.

As recently as 1965 the US Army applied radioactive paint gingerly around St. Louis, MO.  In Corpus Christi Texas similar chemicals were dropped from planes over wide areas.

Tons of radioactive paint was plastered on St Louis's Pruitt-Igoe public housing complex. The place was home to 10,000 blacks and other minorities. Some 70% of the unlucky were kids under 12.

But not to worry, the Army says the materials are harmless.  Cool. Obama knows best so sit down and shut-up.  And don't face skyward or you might get a little something from the government in your eye.

Prisoners And Mental Patients Guinea Pigs
Govt Stuff Going Back To 1930
Want Some Plutonium With That Soup?
TSA Scanners Cancer Link

Identity Theft Basics

Once upon a time getting mugged was both personal and limited to your watch or the cash in your wallet.  In the micro-second age online muggings will strip you of everything while you sleep.  Identity theft is a serious threat

The first defense is to avoid easily guessed passwords and parking personal information on social websites.  Make sure the computer and cell phone you use regularly are running robust virus/spam/phising protection.  Then create a small maze of defensive devices - you can't stop them entirely, but you can slow them down.

So, what's a strong password anyway?  It's a text string impossible to remember.  If it's hard for you to remember, it's harder yet for a thief to guess.  So the first strategy is to not use a universal password.  That would be like putting all your eggs under one rabbits ass.  Second, mix letters, caps and numbers and use at least eight of them.  Avoid common words, trite phrases, birthdays, home addresses, offspring/spouses names, or places. Once you craft a set of these gems park them off-virtual-world in a small home safe.

Don't put your goodies on your cell/smart phone or wallet.  These are too easily stolen.

Use an avatar, phantom, or alias on sites that don't require your real name or face.  Your personal email account should only be given to banks and businesses you entrust your social security number to.  Use an alternate email address for the bulk of your online contacts.

When you get credit card bills, or any bill always look it over carefully verifying in your mind and with family each charge.  When a bank or credit card company calls one day to say you've been had, change everything everywhere - all passwords, and even accounts.

Finally, never, ever, ever that means not once open an email where you don't recognize both the sender and the subject.  The same applies to phone calls.  Finally, check the credit services from time to time and scan the entire report looking for suspicious activity.

Back in the old days you could see the thief coming.  Now they can take your crap from ten thousand miles and two continents away.  Isn't modern life fun?

German Sex Predators Get Castrated

In California, criminals are being released early.  And new crimes get shorter sentences in county jail instead of prison because the state spends money on illegals instead of jails. California calls this threat to the public 'progressive'.

The result of course means the innocent victims of crime are more at risk than ever. The false premise that sex offenders, especially child molesters can be rehabilitated is a cruel hoax.

Germany chemically castrates sex predators. The monsters volunteer for the procedure in exchange for freedom.

Germany says the practice is resulting in the lowest re-offending rates in Europe. The Germans point to a 1997 study that followed over a hundred of these guys showing less than 3% re-offended versus 48% in the non castrated control group.

The EU wants Germany to stop the practice because they say its 'degrading' to child molesters.

The 'progressives' in the EU seem extra ready to protect sex predators from humiliation, rather than kids from their acts of perversion. Just like California!

Twitter Logo Named 'Larry' Bird

Ever wonder the difference twixt Twitter and Facebook?

Facebook appeals to people whose vanity requires them to 'share' their pathetic personal lives with others, even strangers.

Twitter appeals to people who like to communicate in tiny ejaculated bursts.  Some people do both, but for a few of us, like the Angle, Twitter is the tool, Facebook is to be avoided.

Facebook uses an 'F' for its iconic symbol. Twitter's branding symbol is a bulbous little blue-bird.  A bumble-bee-like turquoise wisp that looks more like an upside-down comma with wings than a bird.

But Twitter says its a bird and they insist it can 'tweet' presumably.  So there you go.

The Facebook logo has no name - what else would an 'F' be used for anyway?

Twitter's tweeting smudge of a bird has no official name, but internally Twitter's Platform/API product manager Ryan Sarver chirped the little cage-free avian was called 'Larry'. Yep.  Larry Bird.

After being grilled by the technical press over the origin of the bird's name, the cat catapulted out of the bag.  The name may have come from the famous basketball legend, the Boston Celtics, Larry Bird. If so, Mr Bird may be due some pre-IPO shares if his lawyer makes a quick call.

Facebook Going After Tax Loopholes

Women On Pill Favor Girly Men

Strong jaws and masculine looks repulse women who are on birth control pills.  Women opt instead for men with effeminate looks - traits faithfulness and stability associated with girly men.

Claus Wedekind, evolutionary biologist says, "women who choose to take the pill may be biased toward more 'stable' and less masculine-looking men..."

The theory suggest women prefer the masculine males when fertile, but reject them when on the pill and infertile.

Conclusion? Masculine males are selected when it comes to pro-creation. Femme males preferred when companionship is central.

This also explains why gay males make straight female friends so easily. And explains why masculine, strong jawed males scare the poop out of gay males and infertile females.

Sex is way way too hard these days, folks. Me thinks it's time for a micro-brew stout and some Sicilian pizza topped with goat cheese and Kalamata olives.

'Dirty Slut' Nail Polish Debuts
$338 Million Powerball Winner Is Dead Beat Dad
Women Get Fat After Menopause
Teacher Investigated For Saying 'Vagina' In Class

Court Awards White Foster Parents Black Kids

Nearly 150 years has passed since the 13th Amendment freed the slaves.  Still over half the blacks alive today fail to stand on their own.

No.  Blacks are no longer chattel slaves. And yes the majority of blacks are still illiterate, crime-prone, addicted to drugs, on government welfare, government housing, government food stamps, or don't speak English well enough to get decent jobs.

Margaret Sanger took a look at the cycle of poverty and came up with Planned Parenthood abortions - kill the offspring and kill the problem theory.  Today blacks are big customers aborting 55% of their kids.  Still the problems persist.  So infanticide must not be the way..

So what about white parents adopting black kids as a possible way to break the cycle of poverty and ignorance in the black communities?

The Minnesota Supreme Court ruled giving white foster parents the right to raise two black toddler sisters. The court denied the black grandparents who have fought for them for three years. The basis is simple. The court says relatives should get first dibbs but not overriding preference in adoptions.

The black infants were born with cocaine in their blood leaving them developmentally disabled. Despite the deficits Steve and Liv Grosser agreed to raise them.

The black grandparents argued that blood and black culture should trump the adoption process. The court disagreed and sided with the Grosser family because they have been raising the kids from birth and are both better able to deal with the birth issues.  The court also established that race is not a recognized criteria for adoption the well being of the kids trumps race.

The Angle predicts a firestorm of bullshit coming from the usual race hustlers Al Shaprton, Jesse Jackson and the NAACP. But if educated white parents are willing and allowed to raise black kids possibly one day the cycle of the dysfunctional black culture can be broken.  After all, Obama was raised by whites. It's just an idea, but hey, nothing else is working.

Former NAACP Head Blames Rape On Victim
Black On Black Murder Worse Than War Deaths
Black Judge Says 90% Of Atlanta Crime Due To Blacks
50 Million On Food Stamps 1 In 3 Blacks

Hitler Still Pissed Obama Ate His Dog

In Obama's book 'Dreams From My Father' the failing president confessed to dining on dog, snake, and grasshoppers as a kid.

A kid in Kenya?  A kid in Indonesia?  A kid in Hawaii? Hawaii residence don't eat dog-meat, in fact, it's illegal to even think about stepping on, licking, choking, or butchering your pet.  So where did Obama chow down on canine chowder?  Could help answer the dangling question: Where Was Boomboom Born?

Hitler's dog Blondie was shot by Hitler himself.  Adolf killed his pet just prior to shooting himself and his bride, Eva Braun.

Hitler was more trusting, affectionate, and doting over the German Shepard than even for Eva.  So here's Adolf in his bunker being told Barry ate his dog.  Herr Hitler's reaction is predictable.

Chinese Dog Market Barks Big
Hitler's Appearance Today  Had He Escaped  

Fat Future In A Breath Test

Is becoming a human house preordained?

Obesity may be the result of excess hydrogen and methane gasses growling in the gut. Gas the culprit not over-eating or a lack of exercise say researchers at the Cedars-Sinai Hospital.

The hospital wants to make a fat-gas detector to help warn the future fat-assed porcine.

Chicken-egg phenomenon? Nothing was said about testing thin people. Still 792 people were studied for methane caused by the bacteria M. smithii.

Unless skinny breath is sampled allowing ten years for weight gain who's to say M. smithii is a cause and not a symptom?

Or is that question too obvious?

Science: Gang Bangers Mimic Hyenas

Jeffrey Brantingham, UCLA anthropologist, uses statistics to study crime.   Jeff's using the Lotka-Volterra equation to predict gangsta fight locations.

The equation was worked out in the 1920s by Alfred Lotka and Vito Volterra who studied the territorial tauntings of Hyenas.

The theory says competing species claim territories with  perpendicular boundaries halfway between rival areas.

Jeff  computed the 563 gangsta killings between 1999 and 2002. The proximity to the statistical boundary point was 58.2% 1000 feet, 83.1% 2000 feet, and 97.7% 5000 feet  - just as the model predicted.

The result proves gangs behave like Hyenas.  The difference being Hyenas kill for food.  Gangtas kill for thrill.  Which are the real animals?

Sean Penn's Rage Inherited By Son

Sean Penn is a prototype Hollywood hypocrite.  Full of arrogance, ignorance, and anger Penn's life is a trail of wreckage.

Penn was entering a medical office building in Beverly Hills yesterday with son Hopper Penn in tow.  As Penn walked from his car into the building a paparazzi tracked him from a respectful distance snapping a series of pictures. 

Suddenly son Hopper darted aggressively crossing the street cornering the black photographer.  The 19-year-old galloped into the man's grill, pushing him, then barked, "Fuck you ... you're a fucking faggot ... shut up you fucking nigger."

Later, TMZ got a statement from junior.  “I was accosted by paparazzi and made to feel like an animal - threatened and under attack, but that does not condone my own actions."

Nice perversion of events.  The spin might have worked except the whole thing was taped.  Hopper Penn is a clear copy of his old man.  As the saying goes, you can't pick your parents.

Penn Called Santorum 'Anti American'
Penn Finishes Anger Management Classes
Penn, Madonna And Domestic Violence
Penn Wants Anti Chavez Reporters Jailed

NBC: 'Quite Obvious' No Gay Marriage Law

Pete Williams of NBC News says it's “quite obvious” SCOTUS isn't going to declare gay marriage the law of the land. Yikes, if NBC gives up then it's over.

The decision on gay marriage won't be out 'till next June.  But lets take a critical look at this for a second.  Resisting anecdotal commentary during the hearings what real way does SCOTUS have for bullying the states into gay marriage?  None.

First, Marriage is contract law.  States have always held sway over such contracts.

Second, Prop 8 was a straight-up vote by the people of CA.  SCOTUS striking down Prop 8 as the 9th circuit did would set a pretty serious repudiation of the process of free and open elections.

And third and most important.  Should SCOTUS suddenly find a 'right' for gays to marry and override all the 50 states on the issue no question the result would push the country closer to insurrection.  The Warren court deriving a right to privacy and hanging abortion on it is still a festering wound on the body politic.

States are getting pretty tired of the federal government overreaching as it has been doing under Obama.

The court can go several ways on the two cases facing them this week.  They can kick it back to the states and negate the 9th circuit ruling (once again).  They can establish gay marriage as a right under the consitution and force all states to comply.  Or they can dismiss the cases before them thus upholding the 9th circuit which struck down Prop 8.  At that point CA would be free to fire up gay nuptials despite the will of state residence.

Oh, and let's drop the code phrase 'same sex marriage' shall we?  Is there a single example of two heterosexuals males or females getting hitched?  No.

Blow By Blow On Hearing
Live Tweets On Hearing
Anti Gay Marriage Protests In Paris
North Dakota Tosses 'Roe v Wade'
Scalia: 'When Did It Become Unconstitutional To Ban Gay Marriage'
SCOTUS To Throw Out DOMA Cases

Science Quiz For 4th Graders

See if you know as much science as a 4th grader.

1. Methane is twenty-three times more potent than CO2.   Each cow (150 billion) make 140 gallons and each human (7 billion) farts a balloon full of the pungent pollutant daily.  All toll 20% of all greenhouse gas comes from the asses of mammals.

2. Your eyesight is most acute when so scared you make a skid in your boxers. The two things that panic people most are heights and clowns.

3. The carbon in your body can make 9,000 pencils. The largest molecule in existence is the human chromosome.  Each body has 7 octillion atoms (7 with 27 zeroes). Take the air out of the atoms and you shrink to 1/12,500th of an inch.

4. Mosquitoes get sexually excited by the color blue.  If you want malaria wear a baby blue bikini next time you go camping in the Costa Rican rainforest.

5. You have twenty square feet of skin.  And your finger nails and hair don't keep growing after death.  The wet tissue shrinks making both look longer.

6. Cat pee is fluorescent and glows under ultra violet light.   So next time the cat takes off chase him down with a black light and you will spend less time looking for pee trails in the snow.

7. Diamonds are more common than a landfill full of plastic bags.  Diamonds are also not made from coal.  Diamonds were being pinched out 90 mile below the crust at massive pressures.  Diamonds were made far below the coal seams that came 25 million years later.

8. A blue whale's heart is the size of a Honda Civic. Bulls are color blind and charge the red cape just because the Matador is violating his territory. Bats are not blind and some species see better than birds of prey. And sharks get cancer so don't eat ground-down shark fin as a cancer cure.

Sinking Of The Titan Fourteen Years Before Titanic

In 1898, fourteen years before the Titanic went down on April 15, 1912 Morgan Robertson wrote an ignorable book called 'Futility, or the Wreck of the Titan', detailing the sinking of an "unsinkable" ocean liner, as he worded it.

The book is an eerie tome of a fictional disaster that so closely matches the future Titanic disaster that conspiracy minded types could make a case that the White Line company read the book and duplicated the events out of some twisted notion of publicity stunt.

The fictional ship Titan was described in the book as 'the largest craft afloat and the greatest of the works of men...equal to that of a first class hotel, unsinkable.'

The hindsight match-up: Both ships were British-owned steel vessels, both around 800 feet, both sank after hitting an iceberg in the North Atlantic, in April, "around midnight." Even in Robertson's day the parallel was not lost. After the real Titanic sunk Robertson hustled his book back into a second edition in 1912. A stroke of marketing genius? Or just a macabre guy rubbing it in...

Now for the extra spooky, really nutty crazy part.. Robertson's book placed the iceberg sinking the make believe Titan cruise liner "400 miles from Newfoundland" plowing into it at 25 knots. The real life Titanic struck an iceberg 400 miles from Newfoundland steaming at 22.5 knots!

Don't know about you guys but this has to top Nostradamus predicting the rise of Hitler under the name 'Hister.'

Fat Airline Tickets

The road to rotund can begin at birth and end in an oversized coffin.  Or the future porcine start thin gaining weight as they go.

No matter how critical mass is achieved the effect on the infrastructure is the same.  We know the flabber-asses over consume everything.  They need more medical system, more food, more fuel, more space, and more reinforcement everywhere they sit, shit, and sleep.

Dr Bhatta, of the Sogn og Fjordane University College in Norway, said: 'Charging according to weight and space is a universally accepted principle, not only in transportation, but also in other services.'  So Bhatta wants to see a pay-what-you-weigh airline pricing scheme.

Why is it fair to make the meaty pony up for their excess poundage?  Because being fat is a choice.  Oh, and don't let the lame libbies try to fling the foolishness that obesity is a disease.  If being fat is a disease then Janet Napolitano and Hillary 'the hips' Clinton should be hooked up to liposuction machines right now.

ASPCA Silent On Fat-Bodies Riding A Horse
Fat Felons Fat Funerals Fat Fail 
Man Boobs And Hoary Hips

Gun Owners Battle Back With Bucks

Gun owners are under assault.  Not from other gun toters, but from unarmed anti-second-amendement fascists.  Fighting back with the buck is better than hiding and bitching about it.

The Gun Free Zone app runs on Android and iDevices.  Find the GFZ on Google Play, Amazon, or Apple online stores.

The GFZ app identifies the 20 nearest businesses, churches, and schools marking them as firearm-friendly or gun-freak.

'By having the app in everybody's hands...vote with your wallet. If my gun is not welcome in your store, my money is not welcome either,' says app creator John Peden.

Peden says crazies looking to hurt kids might use the app to find gun free zones.  Remember gun free zones are where dastardly shooters do it most.  Peden isn't to blame.  Goons setting up gun free zones are the culprits.

There are 300 million legal firearms in the U.S. Over half the households, some 55 million families are gun owners.  If you own a gun or think constitutional rights to own guns is just as valid as any right liberals claim, then get the app and start boycotting.

Yoko Ono Breaks Out John Lennon's Bloody Glasses
Jim Carrey Says Gun Owners 'Heartless Motherfuckers'
Blacks 50/50 Chance Of Being Shot
Michael Moore: 90% of Guns Owned By 'Scared' White People
Colt To Leave Anti-Gun Connecticut
Granny Bloomberg Blowing $12M On Gun Grab
Gabby Gifford's Hubby Denied AR-15 Gun Purchase
Black Alabama Legislator Race Rant Toward Gun Rights Guy

Organs Custom Made Grown To Order

Biological engineering cracked the code of life (DNA) just sixty years ago.  Soon entire organisms and their constituent parts will be 'printed' like a novel.  The implications are infinite.

For now, to make a larynx, ear, nose, urethra, bile ducts or soon a whole human heart the labs have to start with cadaver parts.   But that's a far cry from harvesting still living organs from fresh dead bodies.  The logistics of matching tissue, extracting, packing, and transporting are crude at best.

Cadaver parts are used as 'scaffolds' or foundations.  The dead organs cells are first removed by scrubbed in industrial detergents.  Then live cells from the patient are planted on the object, fed and grown until the organ is regenerated and brought back to life.  Why go to this trouble?  Both to eliminate rejection and to tap the unlimited supply of organs wasted on the dead.

Even this revolutionary bioengineering will seem crude by near future standards.

The ultimate process is to 'print' organs on a bio-printer from the program code in DNA directly.  Once that becomes reality the only roadblock to a three-hundred year life span or being resurrected from near death  will be the purchase price of the 'part' you need.

Don't expect Obamacare to cover the cost.  To get a new heart you'll need some serious coin in your virtual bank account.

911 Call: 'is it okay to shoot him...'

Sarah McKinley, 18, husband died of cancer on Christmas Day. A week later, on the day of the funeral, Justin Martin knocked on her door claiming to be a neighbor.  Suspicious, she refused to let him inside.

On New Year's Eve Martin came back with Dustin Stewart and began circling the house trying to break-in. Martin had a 12-inch hunting knife in his hand.

Sarah, with infant son in crib, jumped to find her dead husband's 12-Ga shotgun. Retreating to the bedroom she called 911.

"I've got two guns in my hand -- is it okay to shoot him if he comes in this door?" Sarah asked the 911 dispatcher. "I'm here by myself with my infant baby, can I please get a dispatcher out here immediately?"

The dispatcher replied, "I can't tell you that you can do that but you do what you have to do to protect your baby". After nearly 25 minutes on the phone, Martin kicked in a door, and quickly found the mother and her son crouched near the bed. She opened fire, Martin hit the floor - dead.

"You're allowed to shoot an unauthorized person that is in your home. The law provides you the remedy, and sanctions the use of deadly force," says Det. Dan Huff of the Blanchard police. The other assailant later turned himself into police.

Tragedy averted? Well, at 18, Sarah is a mom, a hero, and a widow. It will be years before her young son learns about his mom's bravery, and his dad's legacy of leaving both with the tools to survive.

'I just shot the man': Boy, 14, Kills Intruder
Man Tries To Kill Women With Poisoned Shoes

Horse Shot Point Blank Pisses Off Activists

Obama legalized horse meat in 2012 so new facilities are opening up to meet equestrian cuisine demand.

New Mexico's Valley Meat Co. is nearly ready to open it's slaughterhouse despite protests from left-wing animal rights groups.  The irony?  The idiot protestors probably don't know Obama is behind the new law.  Or if they do, then it's both ironic and hypocritical.

The new slaughterhouse has PETA-like libbies upset, but Tim Sappington has them peeing on their shoes.

Plant employee Sappington  posted a YouTube video of himself shooting a horse between the eyes with a handgun.  Sappington says the horse will feed his family. 

‘To all you animal activists,’ Sappington says in the video as he draws his gun, ‘fuck you.’

Rick De Los Santos, a part-owner of Valley Meat Co., said he has been inundated with hate calls and death threats, many of them tinged with racism.  Wow. Racism?  There are African-American horses?

De Los Santos says Sappington was on his own property shooting a horse that belonged to him.  But the death threats are galloping in and so the FBI is 'forced' to saddle-up on this one.

The extra double bonus fun part?  State and local animal weenies are 'looking into possible animal cruelty charges' for Sappington.  Ehhh.  Sorry ASPCA nosepickers, Mr Ed fair game now. Obama says so.

Obama Signs Horse Meat Law
Punxsutawney Phil Gets Death Sentence
Wasserman-Shultz Says Sequester Starves Staffers
Nevada Horse Abuse
Texas Drought 600,000 Cows Killed
PETA Slaughters 90% of 2000 Dogs/Cats At Shelter

Woman Scorned Buys Billboard

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. 
Prov. There is nothing as unpleasant as a woman whose love has been taken for granted.
In the past cheating men might have awakened sans a couple of body parts or found the wagon, horses and woman long gone.

But in our modern mass media age the ladies have faster, larger, more expensive ways to deal with a wandering penis.

The billboard leaves no room for doubt - some guy named Michael is in deep doodoo.  And jilted Jennifer blew some joint coin telling the world all about it.  Appropriately the reality show message is on Battleground Ave. In Greensboro, NC.  And traffic rubbernecking is at a standstill.

'I love that woman. Good for her!'
'I wish i had done that in an earlier relationship!'

Others suspect a marketing ploy.  After all it's been done before   In 2006 CourtTV bought billboards all over the country: 'Hi Steven. Do I have your attention now? I know all about her, you dirty, sneaky, immoral, unfaithful, poorly-endowed slimeball. Everything's caught on tape. Your (soon-to-be-ex) Wife, Emily.'

The billboard company isn't talking.  Michael hasn't shown up. And Jennifer's full name is unknown.  Conspiracy or not a lot of people are identifying with the sentiment and are making their own billboard reservations.

Men Want Sex By Third Date 
Cover Your Butt Billboard

Penis Butchering MD Nailed

Urologist, Dr. Paul Perito, 50, is again facing a lawsuit after amputating a man's penis following yet another botched operation.

Perito operated on a prison inmate who had blisters on his penis from an unknown origin. The patient 'Hank' was wrapped in gauze. When the time came to remove the bandages, Perito could not be located, so the wrapped-up penis eventually became infected. Perito says he could not save the organ due to the gangrene that developed.

Perito runs an independent business - the Perito Urology Clinic. A large part of the business is performing penile implants, which give patient 'permanent hardons'. In August 2007, an implant patient got an infection and also had to have his penis removed by Perito. Apparently the victim was diabetic, a condition Perito failed to notice.

Both lawsuits are now pending. Odd side note,  a racketeering and fraud charge is also pending for Perito in his role as part owner of the PlayPen strip club.  Is there some strange synergy between the strip club business and the penis business?

Stay away from south Florida men. The place is crawling with penis butchers.

Obama Force Fed Obamacare Dog Food

The wound opened by Obamacare is like a trillion paper cuts on the medical system.

Since SCOTUS inappropriately allowed Obamacare to stand by twisting 'forced purchase' into 'tax' the 2,000 page law has morphed into 20,000 medicine shattering regulations.

And while the gangrene that is Obamacare infects the 'average guy' guess who escaped?  Obama, Biden and the Whitehouse staff are exempt.

Sens. Susan Collins (R-Maine) and Kelly Ayotte (R-N.H.) both offered amendments to move Obama and Biden into Obamacare health exchanges.  If the amendment stands then Obama and Biden will be appropriately forced to eat their own dog food medical care.

Back when Obamacare was released from the kennel Sen. Grassely had inserted a requirement for congress and it's staff to purchase their coverage in an exchange.

Meantime, as predicted more than half the states (28) have rejected setting up exchanges.   Six in ten MDs are making plans to get out of medicine over the next two years.  And a growing number of MDs are trying to avoid shutting down by setting up a cash-only practice.

But the real disgrace is the devastation to small business.  Obamacare has destroyed full-time work and wiped out nearly 70% of profits.  Like the Pogo guy once said - 'we have seen the enemy and he is Obamacare.'

Biden's $1.2 Million Hotel Bills
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Senate Repeals Obamacare Tax
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Health Insurance Cos Warn Extreme Premium Hikes

Widow Exonerated After Husband Zaps Genitals

Rochester's Amanda Martin discovered her husband Paul, 35, lying naked on the floor in the basement, dead.

Paul, suffered from erectile dysfunction.  The self-administered death shock came from a homemade electrical 'invention.'  Amanda got a jolt too when she touched Paul trying to revive him.

The widow later contacted Paul's life insurance company. The company refused to honor the policy stating, 'Mr Martin's own volitional acts contributed to his death,' so no payout.

Undeterred, Amanda took her case to a Federal Appeals court presenting the police report, and the testimony of the emergency response team. Emergency officials said that Mr Martin's 'homemade wire device...accidentally electrocuted him to death.'   A paltry $81k in question.

During court testimony it was revealed that Paul made the device by creating a purple-wire loop from the hot-lead of a black power cord. The loop at the end of the purple wire was 'attached to his scrotum,' police reported.

Expert witness Dr Stephen J. Hucker, testified that electrical stimulation is for enjoyment, not suicide. 'The use of electrical stimulation to produce sexual excitement and orgasm has been known since at least the nineteenth century,' Dr Hucker argued.

The judge agreed ruling Paul wasn't trying for suicide.  Paul was hopping an electrified hobby horse.  The court ordered the case reopened and reviewed for disbursement by the insurance company.

Guys.  Avoid Paul's idiocy.  Can't get it up? Go see a urologist and get some Viagra - play with the wife, not the toaster's electrical chord.

Man Dies Peeing On Electric Train Tracks
MA Dem Rep Put Genitals On Office Females Computers

KKK Miffed In Memphis

Didn't Holder get rid of the KKK yet?  Apparently not.

On March 30th the 'Loyal White Knights' a local faction of what remains of the dying post-civil war menace are mounting a protest.  The Knights are upset because Memphis, now 60% black keeps undoing it's Civil War legacy renaming public parks.

Six well-educated Confederate veterans from Pulaski, Tennessee created the original Ku Klux Klan on December 24, 1865.  Chief among them and the first Grand Wizard  was Nathan Bedford Forrest of the Battle of Fort Pillow fame.

The city has already done away with 'Confederacy' and 'Jefferson Davis' parks.  But the jewel is the parcel named for Nathan Bedford Forrest who was also buried there.  The city dug up the grave and re-placarded the place as  'Health Sciences Park.'

So the few remaining White Knights (not a chess club) are calling on other dormant white knights from what remains of the deep south to do what?  It's been decades since the Klan lynched anyone or buried a body in a levee.

The KKK will soon be little more than a holographic game on a pair of Google glasses.  It only took two hundred years.

Civil War Pension Still Being Paid
U of Tennessee Defund Threat Over 'Sex Week'

First Black Homecoming Queen At Ole Miss

No one said homecoming queens had to be white. But c'mon folks was there no required black female among the student body that didn't crush the shocks of the parade car?

The University Of Mississippi was ground zero during the 1960s civil rights era.  James Meridith was assassinated after being the first black to enroll at the school fifty-years ago.

So it's a big deal that the new homecoming queen Courtney Pearson is black.  The problem the Angle has is not whether the new queen is black, but rather that she is a blinding mass of white-gowned corpulence.

There's already a pretty strong stereotype regarding black women and obesity.  Courtney may happen to have the right skin color to get the crown this year.  But as a beauty queen she mocks the gown and the tiara.

White, black, pink or purple a homecoming queen should be a standout in character not curvature. And queen's should be female, not some raging tranny or jack-booted butch lesbian that can't make up his/her mind what genitalia he/she wants to pack in his/her panties.

Well that's the past.  The future appears to be breaking everything down for breaking down sake. Even the notion that a beauty queen actually be beautiful.

Florida Lowers Academics Standards For Blacks 
HS Quarterback Is Also Homecoming Queen 
Hoax: Black Woman Burns Self Blames KKK

USPS: Dinosaur Near Extinction

The USPS lacks authority to cut Saturday delivery says the GAO.

The lumbering and obsolete half-breed-government entity is defaulting on its union pensions and trying to cut Saturday delivery to stop the red-ink bleed taking it under.

The USPS already asked and got permission to  close 3,800 offices. And the extra fun one - cut first class delivery from next-day to we-will-let-you-know.

Post Office officials say a slower first-class mail delivery as part of a plan to close 300+ processing plants and dump 35,000 jobs by the end of 2013 will help save the 'company.'

Under law, the USPS has to "prepay" roughly $5.5 billion at the end of each September into a health care fund for future retirees. Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe has said his agency is defaulting on that payment...in fact the errant enterprise will need to dump their retirees entirely. This is too easy...

Union's are killing the Post Office just as they wiped out other industries like steel, autos and textiles.

USPS Unions Beg For Taxpayer Bailout
USPS Union Ad Blames Congress
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2012 Record $16 Billion Loss

Zipper Mutilations Rise

Men risk life-changing pain and mutilation zipping and unzipping their pants. 

Herman Singh Bagga's study in the British Journal of Urology International charges zipper injuries as the single most common cause of penile injury in adult men. Nearly 20,000 mastications required emergency medical treatment over a decade of mindless zippering (fly fishing).

Injuries range from primitive pube removal to full-fledged scrotum scathing. The chief injury requiring circumcision to restore function.

Mr Bagga admits he's done it himself and advises that once entangled do not panic despite the pain.

Herman says once you get the signal the zipper is climbing up your nads, stop, back the zipper up slowly. Then tacitly spot check for damage. If the zipper won't budge then accept the verdict and get thee to an emergency room. Infection is a bigger danger than humiliation having a nurse cut away the damage.

No special consideration was given regarding Asian men versus Black males. But logic dictates those transporting longer crotch rockets require more care than those with standard issue.

And if the problem persists give up and switch to button-fly Levis instead. Don't play dice with your danglers.

Front Legless Dog Walks Upright
Formidable Foldable Scooter Scores Big
Elmo Puppeteer Deemed Debaucher
Kids In Car More Distracting Than Texting
Women's Looks Peak At 29
Women Who Wait 'Till 30 To Wed Do Better

Planned Parenthood Botched Abortion Lawsuit

Backers of legalized abortion rationalize kid killing. 

Myth 1: Back room abortion doom women to infection, mutilation and death.

Myth 2: A fetus is not a human being.

Planned Parenthood gets $540 million a year from taxpayers.  The non-profit claims the funds go toward a nebulous 'family planning' and 'female health' effort.  Over 300,000 abortions are done yearly by Planned Parenthood in about 800 facilities nationwide.

Many taxpayers object to public money used to abort kids. So Planned Parenthood works hard to project the image that they don't use public money for abortions, and that women get safe and professional kid-removals when they patronize their shops.

But mounting evidence says otherwise.  Ayanna Byer changed her mind when Colorad Springs Planned Parenthood staff couldn't find the IV anesthetic equipment.  Blocked from leaving Ayanna's kid was ripped from her body while she lay wide awake on the table in pain.  Two days later she was rushed to an emergency room because part of the fetus was still in her uterus infecting her blood giving her sepsis.

Is Ayanna's story horrific.  Yep.  But remember, Planned Parenthood exists to protect women, not damage them.  At least that's the myth.

Abortion Kills Mom/Child At Planned Parenthood Clinic
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Pelosi And Biden Get Communion Despite Abortion Support
Kermit Gosnell Late Term Abortion Killer 
50% Of Kids Born To Unwed Moms 
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North Dakota "Life Begins At Conception"

3D Printed AR-15 Rifles On Sale Online

The ATF has issued a Type 7 Federal Firearms License (FFL) to Cody Wilson, founder of Defense Distributed.

The company has already made several prototypes of 3D-printable gun parts for the AR-15 semi-automatic rifle and several other firearms like the .22 pistol left. A free download of blueprints and files compatible with 3D printers can be found on the company website defensedistributed.com

Cody Wilson  strikes fear into the liberals blackened hearts apparently. Wired magazine added Cody to their list of the 15 most dangerous people in the world.

Defense Distributed is a target of the grousing 2nd amendment bashers.   But two unnamed Texas companies have come to the rescue and provided funds, space and printers for the heroic team.

In other gun news, Dianne Feinstein's attempt to destroy the 2nd amendment has been halted by Harry Reid.  Feinstein's language will not be present in the main gun bill the Senate will vote on and neither will an extended background check.

Sheriffs in Colorado are warning they will not enforce laws that violate the 2nd amendment despite insidious efforts by Democrats to squash the constitution.

Andrew Cuomo Hits Gun Wall
340 Sheriffs Refuse To Enforce
Ammo Prices Double Thanks Obama
Top Ten Causes Of Death In U.S.
Elizabeth 'Pocahontas' Warren Wants $22hr Min Wage

Bullet Proof Golf Shirt Debuts In Dubai

A Colombian designer is adding couture to bullet proof clothes. 

Miguel Caballero's line of antiballistic polo shirts weigh a mere 4-pounds and come in a range of stylish colors and collars.

The entry-level shirt can deflect all hand-held weaponry.  But if rifle munitions are in your future then the costs goes up.  The basic shirt can only stop a 9mm slug.

The company, which calls itself the "Armani of bulletproof clothing," says its clothes are solid.

In fact, most of its employees have been shot while wearing the garments - it's part of the orientation process. So the company is looking for new employees all the time.

Though the shirts cost far more than standard deflection vests.  The shirts appeal to wealthy clients who don't want to look like an Israeli border guard when dining or playing 18 at the Emirates Golf Club in Dubai.

The AK-47 is the weapon of choice when it comes to taking out a motorcade, dropping a bodyguard, wiping out the execs on a golf course, or just plain having fun shooting up a company board meeting. But these shirts will not stop the 7.62×39mm round from the ferocious assault rifle.

So if your biggest fear is a neighborhood watchman with a 9mm pistol, then these shirts are for you. Otherwise keep your ass-planted while inside the armor plated Cadillac Escalaide and wait for the 'team' to open the door.

You can  change back into aLands End pima cotton polo shirt when you get back to the palace.

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Remembering Hillary Flubbing G20 Photo

Hillary 'the hun' Clinton was a pretty lousy first lady.  Hillary was the only FLOTUS in history that needed a legal defense team to fend off personal corruption charges. Did anyone actually believe she didn't know Bill was a narcissistic skirt-chasing numbskull?

Instead of sitting in jail, Hillary was the saber-rattling, squeeze-playing, Benghazi fuck-up Secretary Of State.

Hillary's lime green shirt in the middle of a sea of white-shirted foreign ministers during a G20 'family photo' in Los Cabos, Mexico was a hoot. The meeting was intended to create stronger ties with other nations. Instead, Clinton's wardrobe choice trumped diplomacy.

Even if she didn't want to wear the required white for the day, how did she come up with putrid lime green?  Yikes.

The divine Miss Rose Law Firm is no stranger to the big 'stick out.'  She shocked on a state visit to Barbados in June 2010 wearing a gaudy bright orange trouser suit while glad-handing the country's vice president.

And it's no secret Hillary was pretty mouthy both as FLOTUS and as a failed Secretay Of State. Well, she is out now - or is she just laying low for another failed try at the presidency.

Benghazi Coverup Still Hot Topic
Assad Using Chemical Weapons?

Obama Blows Millions On Fat Lesbian Drunks

Obama's name is being etched indelibly into the book of presidential poopie-heads.

Compare Obama zapping the 'little people' who want to visit the Whitehouse with the egregious and far more expensive millions being blown to study why Lesbians are fatter than straight females.

“It is now well-established that women of minority sexual orientation (muff-divers) are disproportionately affected by the obesity epidemic, with nearly three-quarters of adult lesbians overweight or obese...,” the grant reads.

And what about another $2.7 million on 'hazardous lesbian drinking.'    Betcha the Obama voters didn't expect this kind of crap in a second term.

The astute Charles Krauthammer best guesses why Obama seems to be so disconnected from the job he has twice been elected to do. Charles says Obama made no secret his mission is to radically and quickly muscle the U.S. into a socialist, European style failure - no matter what the cost.

Obama cancelled the annual Easter Egg Roll at the Whitehouse in another laughable attempt to 'punish' kids over his sequester. 

Gay Male Couples Live Longer Than Lesbians
Mood And Morality
World Views Obama's America With Disdain
Women Ejected From Town Hall For Reading Constitution Out Loud
Carney Crosses Obama Admitting WH Cancelled Tours
Obama Sequester Threatens Missile Defense
$3.6 Million To Reduce 'Human To Elephant Conflict'

1.3 Billion Abortions Worldwide And Counting

Abortion is barbaric no matter what euphemism you choose. Those advocating, defending, propagating, and practicing it are cynics of the first order.

Over the past forty-years the worldwide aborted body count is well north of a billion.

Speaking of hypocrites. Pelosi and Biden abortion backer CINOs - Catholic In Name Only.  Both in Rome on taxpayer dime attending the papal installation.

The humane way to deal with unwanted pregnancy is to not get pregnant in the first place.  Since some cannot control their carnal impulses or are mature enough to connect penis with pregnancy then sterilization is the proper answer.

Oh no, not sterilization!  The right to an abortion is paramount.  Besides, who decides who to sterilize?  Easy.  Begin by sterilizing repeat offenders - a two strikes law.  On a second abortion, snip, slap, bang - no more chances.  The same would apply to the males.  A repeat inseminator fingered in two abortions gets his tubes cut too.  Before you know it, half the abortions disappear.

Ah, but the ugly truth is aborters want blood and will not be denied.  Wanna bet people will go for public money to sterilization but not abortion?

China's 340 Million Aborted
USA's 60 Million Aborted
Black Teens Abort Twice As Much 
Blacks Abort 55% Of Their Kids
CalPERS Indictments
Judge Stops MO Law Exempting Forced Birth Control Coverage