Chris Mathews Apologizes For Being White

Chris Mathews has one of the lowest rated shows on cable.  And there's good reason...he's as boring and bitchy as a fishwife.

In fact, Mathews and Piers Morgan are locked in a bed-wetting contest to see who can be the mangiest man-bitch on cable.  Though born thousands of miles apart, the two of them were squeezed from the same shaped orifice.

So no surprise the Trayvon race hustle led by Sharpton and Obama has the leg tingler's thighs pulsating.  Yesterday Mathews had a pair of B-level black whiners on his ignorable show and after a few minutes co-gnashing teefs with them over the Zimmerman verdict, Mathews gushed - 'on behalf of all white people I apologize.'

Talk about chutzpah.  Bad enough the toe-headed Obama leg licker thinks blacks would let him marry their daughters, but it's really extra special the liberal goon 'presumes' to make an un-deserved apology to 'all' black people on behalf of 'all' white people based on his obvious assumption George Zimmerman is guilty despite a jury of his peers saying otherwise.

On behalf of all white people, Chris, go suck a big, wet, chicken-shit covered, double-yoker white egg you puke.

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