40% Growth In Gangs Since Obama Elected

Obama has managed to stunt growth in jobs and incomes but not growth in gangs.

The New Black Panther Party, left, strutting menacingly with AK47s on hips look more like a band of rebels in the Congo than a bunch of guys going to a ball game, huh folks?

And where did they get the AK47s?

In 2008 the FBI says there were 1 million gang members.  Some 20,000 distinct gangs operating in all 50 states and DC, of course.

In 2013 gangs have swelled to over 1.4 million thugs, an increase of 40% since 2009.  Gangs are behind 50% of violent crime and 90% of property crimes.  And black on white crime is up nearly 20%.

Chicago is literally a war zone where over 500 murders took place in 2012 and 300 more thus far in 2013.  Combat deaths in Afghanistan pale compared to Chicago's murder rate

Blacks have the worst jobs, crime, income and disease rates among all groups. Obama is a bitter irony for blacks and there's still three years left!

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