Russian "Genius" Is Real Life Body Snatcher

Anatoly Moskvina, 45, speaks 13 languages and is considered a world-class expert on history.  Comrade Moskvina had a secret, one he couldn't share with anyone, his parents, or the police.

Moskvina dug up twenty-six mummified female bodies from graves, dressed them in period clothing, and staged them around his three-room apartment.

The bodies were 'discovered' when his parents 'dropped-by' for a surprise visit.  In case you're wondering, the parents didn't stay..

Moskvina admitted he slept in a coffin during one cemetery raid.  And there's no medical term for what Moskvina has.  But most agree Anatoly is several cupcakes short of a dozen.

Why are Russian crazies so wrapped up with corpses? Is it the vodka?

People already fear smart people.  And Anatoly's antics seem to fit the picture but why do it with dead women?  Thanks bunches Anatoly - next time get a hobby parents can't smell when they visit.

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