East Coast Utility Workers Strike

Union strikes are nothing new.  But when utility worker unions strike in the middle of massive power outages threatening millions of lives notice is taken.

Con Ed union talks have broken down. John Melia, union mouthpiece said pensions are the sticking point. Melia noted a May vote has already authorized a strike.

Record heat and heat related storms are knocking out power to millions. The mercury at Reagan National Airport in DC rose to 104 degrees today and nearly two million are without power to run air conditioning. Weather related deaths arise from heat more than any other phenomenon.

As weather is fueled by heat and humidity, wind gusts were as high as 80 mph across Northern Virginia. Lightning is also piercing the skies at record pace. The power grid is under attack and people are at risk.

So why not strike? After all union pensions are on the table and utility workers have miles of downed power lines due to the worst heat since the 1930s to leverage against the public. Combined, union pension liabilities across all the states is soaring way past the $1 trillion mark now. So screw the taxpayers. Lets walk and let grannie fend for herself.

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Union Strikes!

Holocaust Survivors Beauty Pageant Winner Crowned

Officially the last day of World War II was May 8, 1945 - 67 years 2 months since VE Day.  But more weeks and months would pass before allied troops found the Holocaust camps and 17 million victims.

The scale and sheer horror of the Holocaust is so large that many are plainly unable to both comprehend and or even believe it happened at all.  But it did.

In Haifa, Israel the miracle of survival continues for 14 finalists (out of 300 registered) in a contest the promoters say is a 'celebration of life.'

Not everyone is happy.  Some want the reality of the Holocaust to be frozen in time, set aside as a bleak and dark hole in human memory, forever associated with death and degradation.

Fine.  But for the women who got all dolled up, put on some nice clothes, laughed with each other, and paraded on a stage to raucous applause - joy replaced tragedy for a few minutes.

These ladies were not competing with each other of course.  They have each already won.  And when the crown was placed on Mania Herman's coiffed head, the crown was perched on all their heads at the same time - in an ethereal wisp of simultaneous glory.

They are here - 67 years later, smiling, laughing, and completing a life denied to millions of others like them.  Congratulations Mania!

Germany Suppresses Nazi Atrocities

SCOTUS: Obamacare Mandate Is A TAX

No one predicted it, none expected it.  John Roberts, not the moderate Anthony Kennedy sided with the socialists at SCOTUS and upheld the mandate portion of Obamacare - not under the Commerce clause, but as a TAX.

Is Roberts guilty of judicial activism by injecting language into the Obamacare law to save it?  The Angle says yes.   So 'we the people' were not saved by the court.

So now what?

Obamacare funding is based on three insidious mechanisms. First is the mandate now defined as a tax.  Second is the theft from Medicare of $500 billion. Finally, third is forcing states to lower standards for Medicaid sucking millions more in - ultimately requiring states to bear back-breaking increased costs.

The decision today redefined the first and put a kibosh on the third.  SCOTUS says states are NOT required to expand Medicaid.  So the full effect of Obamacare is oddly curtailed.

Obamacare is most of Obama's legacy and given the mandate is actually a tax hike Obama has violated a central campaign promise made in 2008 - yet another one!  In an ironic twist, letting Obamacare stand is not a win for Obama as long as people hate the law.  If anything, the ballot-box-imperative retakes center stage.  Recall the mid-term rout of the Democrats was largely over Obamacare - vengeance 2010 redux.

Roberts left the marble bungalow quickly.  Roberts washed his hands of the whole mess and tossed it back to voters. The voters, not the courts, must arbitrate Obamacare "now that they know what's in it."

Just as the founders intended.

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Why Does Hot Water Freeze Faster Than Cold?

The phenomenon has puzzled science for centuries.  So, if you know the answer you can take your place beside Newton, Einstein, Aristotle and Boyle plus collect a nifty prize of $1554.70.

The Royal Society of Chemistry In Britain has offered the cash prize to any member of the public who offers a convincing explanation.

Charts, computations, models, and lab experiments are not required. Just answer the question first, get paid, and start your journey among the nerds.

The Mpemba effect as it's known has defeated geniuses like Francis Bacon and René Descartes. And has confounded modern science too. Forget the obvious effects of evaporation, convection and supercooling - none of them is the right answer.

You have until July 30 to cough up your brilliant solution. You are already going up against giants from the past, and a batch of worldwide postgraduate scientists already working on it.

Ah science, just when you thought these guys were on the edge of discovering the origin of the universe, and finding a Higgs Boson you find out these goons don't even know why hot water freezes faster than cold water. And even more germane...why does anyone care...

SF Gay Pioneer Arrested For Child Porn

Is it a myth that homosexuality and pedophilia go hand in hand?  Well, pedophilia is not limited to gays is it - witness Jerry Sanduski the husky football coach convicted for 45 years molesting kids. 

But when a prominent San Francisco gay activist gets nailed for child porn a double dose of hypocrisy and crime hit daylight.

Police have arrested Larry Brinkin in connection with felony possession of child pornography. Brinkin, 66, spent 22 years at the San Francisco Human Rights Commission. Larry worked on the Equal Benefits Ordinance which is unique to San Francisco.

When Brinkin retired recently, the SF Board of Supervisors declared the week of Feb. 1, 2010, "Larry Brinkin Week", saying his "dedication to advance the civil rights of all people has never stopped."

Larry's dedication may have mainfested in other ways too. Police say Brinkin had porn showing children as young as 1, 2 and 3 years old being sodomized and performing oral sex on adult men. The cops have executed a search warrant and taken Larry's computers and disks.

Most gays are law abiding no doubt, but the ones that seem to rattle the cage the loudest also seem to be first in line when it comes to tawdry offense. Harvey Milk was also well celebrated and an alleged advocate of NAMBLA like 'sexual freedom' that included sex with teens.

We want heroes in society - but we don't want them if they practice one thing in private and another in public. Let's stop pretending shall we?

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The Kiss That Ended WWII

The iconic moment when the sailor kissing the random nurse in Times Square on August 14th 1945 was captured by LIFE photographer Alfred Eisenstaedt defined V-J day.

If you are in your 80s you don't need to be reminded.   If you are not familiar with it, Google 'The Kissing Sailor' and catch up on a little piece of important history.

Both sailor and nurse are still alive.  And so is the sailors wife, who at the time was his 'date' standing nearby as a shocked witness.   For decades no one knew who any of them were. Until now.

Recently, the 'kissers' were revealed to be 89-year-olds George Mendonsa and Greta Zimmer Friedman.  Since that day the pair have had a few small reunions, but have not repeated the embrace - you see George married the date, not the nurse.

Now married for 66 years Rita Mendonsa says she didn't get mad even though it was their first date. But she adds 'He's never kissed me like that.'

Yikes. Sounds like George and Rita have a little history to patch up.

While George says he was too drunk to remember the kiss, Greta recalls being grabbed from out of nowhere. ‘That man was very strong. I wasn’t kissing him. He was kissing me,’ she recalls.

Well, its been 67 years and no doubt the captured kiss will outlive the kissers. Because one of the world's great film photographers was there with camera in hand - so we who were not born yet can still experience the grand gesture.

Apple Computer Suicide Watch

Apple iPhones, iPads and MacBooks are made in China.  Yawn...

Well, not a yawn quite yet.  First, there is irony and hypocrisy to reiterate, and there is human tragedy and misery to recount. 

The Apple 'cult' that kept Apple in business were followers of the acid-dropping, college dropout Steve Jobs.  Jobs the billionaire in Levi jeans whose schizophrenic style fit perfectly with liberals

Though Apple is a gigantic company the branding image Jobs built appeals to liberal hypocrites.  That of an anti-establishment, even rogue enterprise making products for the 'not windowz guys'.  All myth.  Apple is far larger than Microsoft and dominates large consumer markets like no other.  They ARE the establishment.  And they stink.  Why?

Apple products are made in a huge sweat shop in China.  Apple's contract manufacturer, Foxconn has been zapped for harsh working conditions, suicides and labor unrest at its Chinese plants since 2010.

At least 13 employees died in apparent suicides in 2010, followed by several others in 2011. And today, a 23-year-old Foxconn worker, identified only by his surname Xie, leapt from his rented apartment in the southwest Chinese city of Chengdu.

Of course Apple is not to blame. And those who buy Apple products are not complicit. Are they? Liberals are pretty disgusting when it comes to finding bad smells in their own bunkbeds. They are quick to point their craggy fingers at others, but seem to conveniently forgo such 'humanitarian' concern when it comes to their gadgets. And oh yea, what happened to Made In America?

But heck, that's okay, Apple is different, Apple makes iPhones and the world needs iPhones even if it means killing innocent Chinese workers, right?

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GITMO Sesame Street Torture Technique

Remember Obama promises to stop torture and close down GITMO?  Remember how waterboarding led to Usama Bin Laden?  And Nancy Pelosi said she didn't remember being briefed on waterboarding, but actually was briefed?  Remember?

Well Obama hasn't closed GITMO. But he did replace capturing and interrogating Islamics with Predator Drone kills and Sesame Street torture.  Sesame Street torture?

Yep.  Add to Mexican Drug Lords gun running the comedy team of Panetta and Obama pounding Islamic prisoners with Sesame Street songs.  Incessant hours of ear-piercing falsettos from stars such as Big Bird, Miss Piggy, Kermit, Cookie Monster, and Oscar the Grouch.

Christopher Cerf, the guy who wrote the Sesame Street songs, says he was shocked to find out his kids music is being used as a form of torture.

And like the objections to waterboarding, Mr. Cerf is likewise outraged over these torture techniques too. ‘I didn't really like the idea that I was helping to break down prisoners, but it was much worse when I heard later that they were actually using the music in Guantanamo to do deep interrogations to inflict long-term pain on prisoners so that they would talk.’

How loud is the left wing over Big Birding? So far bupkis... Remember, torture is only a bad thing if GOP presidents do it.

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Bill Clinton's Man Love For Mitt Romney

Bill Clinton is kissing Mitt Romney on the lips.  Why?  Is it because his husky wife Hillary has confessed she is bowing out of politics after November?  Or is it Bill pondering his mortality and hurrying to take a shot at the man that kept him from the Whitehouse husband job he wanted?

The Democrats do seem to be imploding.  Several high profile Democrats have switched to the GOP expressing a range of reaction to Obama's nearly four years of failure from ordinary disappointment to full blown derision.  But when Bill Clinton speaks, the nation still listens.  And Bill is talking, again.

Obama keeps trying to find anyway possible to get reelected without anyone noticing, repeating, or being reminded of his record.  After two pretty awful tries to change the conversation to a phony 'war on women' and over playing the 'Usama head shot' gambit, Obama is turning to bashing Bain Capital and Romney's expertise as a businessman.  But Bill won't play.

On CNN, Bill cited Romney’s career as “sterling.”  And admonished Obama stating,  “I don’t think we ought to get into the position where we say this is bad work; this is good work,” Clinton insisted,  “A man who’s been governor and had a sterling business career crosses the qualification threshold” for the presidency.  Yikes!

The jobs report was devastating yesterday. The rate popped back up to 8.2% (really 18.2%). Obama's loud silence and his quick exit from DC speaks volumes.  Now pile on Bill Clinton's endorsement of Mitt Romney. Bill just sucked the wind out of Obama's sails again and the fun part?  Bill has no dog in the race.. 

Barry has to be asking himself the more important question right now, how the hell does he get out of the Whitehouse without humiliating himself so badly he hurts his speaking fees.

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