Hoboken Union Goon Slams Private School Kid's Parents

The public school systems has been commandeered by an enemy from within - public school unions.  Their tactics are insidious and their mission is to destroy the future for millions of kids stuck in the schools they dominate.  Their motive is cash.

Hoboken, NJ school union president Gary Enrico wants private schools taken out of the equation.  He said parents send their children to private schools to keep them from having contact with poor kids.  A class warfare hellfire missile taken out of Obama's arsenal.

Enrico snorted, 'They don't want their children in the classrooms with the kids from applied housing or the projects...If I'm wrong I'd love to be corrected, but I doubt it.'

Enrico's arrogance, audacity, conceit, contemptuousness, disdain, gall, hubris, imperiousness, insolence, loftiness, nerve, ostentation, posturing, pomposity, presumption, pretension, priggishness, self-importance, superciliousness, swagger, and vilification is easy to spot. Wanna bet public schooled Enrico lacks the vocabulary to process the word list describing him?

Local bar owner and private school parent Joe Branco took offense. "Mr. Enrico owes the charter school parents an apology for making such a blanket statement," Branco said. "If Hoboken High does get its act together by the time my kids are there, I'll be more than happy to send my kids to Hoboken High."

Bar owner? Oh yea, a bar owner is driving his Lexus SUV full of kids to private school in order to avoid the poor, sure, sure...  Oh, and naturally the public school teachers in Hoboken gave Enrico two ataboys and a big wet kiss.

Michael Jackson Blew $35 Million Bribing Victims

Remember the 2005 trial Mikee Jackson sailed through when accused of pedophilia and child molestation?  Remember all the stories and rumors of romps with kids in his mansions? 

Sometimes when something as malodorous as the funk that hung around Jackson's neck fills a room there's usually something stolid and putrid in the pool.

Michael Jackson allegedly spent nearly $35 million to cover his kid molestation trail with at least 24 boys, says the London’s Sunday People.  The paper said they got a shitload of 'secret FBI files' full of stomach-churning details and leg-tingling imagery (at least Chris Mathews might think that).

In a grand twist of irony the paper says they got the files collected and collated by private-dick Anthony Pellicano, who Jackson hired to keep things on the down-low. The documents – identified as cases number CADCE MJ-02463 and CR 01046 — were never turned over to prosecutors in the Jackson of molestation trials.

But, but, but why? The FBI thus far doesn't acknowledges the existence of the damning documents. And Pellicano is serving a 15-year sentence in the Federal pen for racketeering and wiretapping. So who do we call?

Where are the 24 kids now? Shouldn't they be suing Jackson's family who are in the middle of suing the production company they accused of contributing to Jackson's early demise?  And what about those wigs? Not even Stephen King could write a thriller as convoluted and corrupt as this story.

Child Molesting Teacher Wins Pension For Life

Teachers unions are worse than organized crime syndicates. They protect incompetent, even dangerous teachers at the expense of kids and taxpayers. Not a believer yet?

California's Miramonte Elementary School teacher Mark Berndt was charged with twenty-three counts of lewd conduct, including spoon-feeding his semen to blindfolded kids.

Berndt successfully thwarted attempts by the Los Angeles Unified School District to fire him.

When police bought photo evidence of Berndt's conduct to school authorities they acted quickly, and removed him from the classroom. That's when the union wheels started to roll.

Berndt had 30 days to challenge his dismissal and hired Trygstad, Schwab & Trygstad, the United Teachers Los Angeles based legal group. The case meandered for another six-months before Berndt finally just cleared out his crap and quit. The catch? Berndt resigned, he didn't get fired. Parents got pissed, but hey, so what....

“A teacher will receive their pension regardless of the reason for their termination because it is a benefit the teacher earned through their contributions and length of service,” said Michelle Mussuto, a spokeswoman for CalSTRS. “Once earned, that benefit cannot be taken away unless it is determined the teacher obtained that benefit by fraudulent means.”

Berndt has been receiving $3,891 per month since he quit and will receive said benefits for life. By the way, he needed the money, his bail was set at $23 million.

Pelosi: Girl Scouts' Relationship With Planned Parenthood ‘Very Valuable’
Teacher, 40, Found In Back Of Car Having Sex With 14-Year-Old
Special Needs Teacher Spikes Crayons With Hot Sauce
Teacher Pleads Not Guilty To 45 Counts Of Molestation
Clovis Teacher Arrested On 18 Counts 
Berndt First Investigated 18 Years Ago
LA Schools Rocked By Second Teacher Molester Arrest
Everyone Fired At Miramonte Where Semen Fed To Students - 88 Bite Dust

Bullies And Brats Being Bred By Baby Boomers

The root of the 'entitlement' mind can be traced to the narcissism of the 60's when the great generation spun off a a progeny of hedonists and secular losers.

Many of those kids are running the show today and breeding their kids to be just about as spoiled, narcissistic, egocentric, and empathy-deficient as possible.

The left swapped a humble reverence for higher purpose with worship for celebrity, fame, ostentatious spending, and mindless pursuit of pleasure.

So is it surprising these spoiled brats are not keen to join a payroll or delay gratification long enough to earn a thing or two?

The Cassandra Report describes a pretty pathetic 7 to 14 age group dubbed Generation Z. These kids are big trouble because when they dominate the future the chances of a turnaround in American culture will be utterly impossible.

The parents of these little monsters are giving them far too much power far too soon..  The marketing study shows the majority of these kids know it too.  Don't be surprised when these little turds grow up and elect more guys like Bill Clinton and Barak Obama.  The Dem party knows how to bribe voters and Generation Z loves to be bribed.

Beware Generation Z Cometh
Rise Of School Unions Coincides With Drop In Test Scores

NAACP Pissed Over “Avoid The Ghetto” App

Microsoft developed a smart phone app that helps people steer clear of 'dangerous neighborhoods'.

The NAACP charged the app as 'discriminatory', and 'racist', surprise!

Microsoft uses crime statistics to determine what parts of a town are to ugly to enter. The company has filed a patent for the work.

The NAACP doesn't agree and invoked the race card to squash the software. Of course, the truth is inconvenient, and those places are indeed dangerous.

The press avoids reporting on such crime - it's not PC. But www.thugreport.com will fill in the blanks.

Bold Bullfrog Sits Upright On A Bench

A caecilian sits casually and comfortably upright on a turquoise bench.

The big amphibian oblivious as he sang his song.  No way this basking bullfrog was gonna get spooked off his seat.

As he sits and ponders the perplexities of a world complicated by humans, some correctly wonder, does the green guy realize the bench he chose was made by man?   The picture invites important questions that may never be answered.

Everything is wrong.  Bullfrogs lack bulbous butts and the inner ear to balance ass-upright like people.   And since when did long toadie legs and webbed feet get a pair of knees?  The toads ass must hurt like my head hurts watching this video.

Smartest And Dumbest Towns In USA

Three million people ages 15 to 85 took a memory, flexibility, processing speed, attention and problem solving set pf tests issued by Luminosity.com.

Not surprising, towns and cities whose residence scored highest also had major research universities nearby.  The top three towns on the list of one-hundred are Ithaca, NY home to Cornell University, State College, PA home to Penn State University and West Lafayette, IN home to Purdue University.

And also not surprising are the large cities with predominately hard-left-wingers in residence failing to make the list at all. The bastions of moron-osity are New York, Washington D.C., Los Angeles, San Francisco, Miami, Houston and Chicago.

The correlation between race groups, obesity or weed use was not made, however.  But usually all such things live in the same place.

Zimmerman Trial Star Witness 'Misunderstood'

Rachael Jeantel was the last person Trayvon Martin spoke to before George Zimmerman shot and killed him in self-defense. Rachael is alleged to have been Trayvon's girlfriend and thus became the star witness for the prosecution against Zimmerman.

So how did heavily coached Rachael morph into the star witness for George Zimmerman's defense?

Since first taking the stand Rachael Jeantel has exposed herself as an illiterate, fumbling, statement-switching, low-talking, obese high-school dropout who is either displaying contempt for the process, or has an IQ so low it prevents her from understanding simple questions.

Global Grind's white-guilter Rachel Samara says Rachael's fail is because 'white people don't understand' the erratic witness.  You know, the endless enigma 'black thing' that presumes all blacks are still oppressed and look like morons to 'privileged' white people.

So Rachael couldn't read the letter she allegedly wrote to Trayvon's mom - not because, as Rachael whined she can't read 'cursive' penmanship, nor because Rachael likely didn't write the letter to start with, but because white people don't 'understand' the fumbling fathead on the stand.

These are tense times for those who would lynch George Zimmerman.  And when Zimmerman walks it will be a 'white jury' that cuts him loose.  No matter how vacant the evidence or how shrill the Trayvon defenders get when Zimmerman escapes the hangman's noose the bitter mob will blame 'white racism.'  Bet on it..

Why Rachael Is Understood By Blacks
SALON: The Smearing Of Rachel Jeantel
Rachael 'more effective for defense'
Rachael Insists 'cracker' Not Race Term
Rachael Disses Defense Attorney
Witness: Trayvon Was On Top Of Zimmerman
Zimmerman Acquittal Race Riots? 
African Diplomat Held 'slave' On US Soil
Ignorant Obama Picks Wrong Building To Make Slavery Pitch
Home Invader Mother Beater Caught

Japan Has 100 Years Left

The empire of Japan like the empire of Great Britain is long gone. Once the preeminent power in Asia the fierce Japanese were utterly defeated and well nuked.

A short century after Japan ran over its neighbors and took on the mighty United States, the country is slipping into oblivion. The Japanese will be down to about 80 million in 2040. Fully 44 million of those will be over 65-years-old.

The irony is thick but the fate is inevitable.  Give the island nation about a century more. The death spiral began just after the war.  The Chinese won. 

China's Super Wealthy Dwarf Japan And World

Science Finds G-Spot Bogus

Like the quest for the golden city of El Dorado the 'G-Spot' has turned out to be a unicorn too.

Postulated first by Dr Grafenberg in 1950, the G-Spot was named for him - isn't that special?

The G-Spot was said to guarantee a female orgasm the problem being where the hell is it? It sounded to good to be true, and turns out, after decades of effort to verify and locate the mythical membrane, science now admits it's a hoax.

A study published by Dr Amichai Kilchevsky  in the Journal Of Sexual Medicine has concluded the G-Spot is dead. There's a Journal of Sexual Medicine? Wow. Do they have pictures in there?

From the Journal, 'Objective investigative measures have failed to provide strong and consistent evidence for the existence of an anatomical site that could be related to the famed G-spot.' Wonder if they checked for the 'little man in the boat'? Anything...

This is gonna collapse an entire industry of books, devices, cremes, and even yoga positions all based on the G-Spot dealie.

January Blues Worst Month For Couples
G-String Wedding Dress All The Rage

Gay Marriage Today...Polygamy Tomorrow?

SCOTUS didn't throw out all of DOMA (Defense Of Marriage) as it turns out.  States can still deny recognition of a gay marriage if performed in another state.

DOMA (Section 3) was ruled unconstitutional.  That section denied same-sex married couples from receiving federal marriage benefits.

And the court kicked CA Prop 8 back to the 9th Circuit Court Of Appeals rather say the law was unconstitutional.  The effect allowed Jerry Brown to jump off his colostomy bag and declare gay marriage would resume in 30 days in the dying state.

Gays are not alone celebrating.  Polygamists like what SCOTUS did too. Polygamists say the decisions will 'blaze the marriage equality trail...the nuclear family is not the majority any more.'

Ken Klukowski, from the Family Research Council, says the door for polygamous marriage is also opening, pointing out that activists in Utah had already launched a challenge to the ban on multi-partner marriages.

Fun huh folks? Some cynics even think really nasty marital unions are possible now too, like incest, bestiality, and pedophilia. Really disgusting stuff, true. But then many still think two men trying to share orfices is still just as repugnant. So be it.

Man Convicted Of Sex With Couch
Rahm Says 'gays are the next Jews of fundraising'
Cheating Wives Prefer Banana Republic
Gay Marriage Full Ban In 35 States
Not So Fast Prop 8 Still Law In CA 

Grannie Stops Carjacker With A .38 Special

Carjacking suspect  Roderick Willis was running from Daytona cops at high speeds. Cornered, Willis ditched his car in Karen Granville's driveway.  Karen was jolted from sleep by her cat, a loud police helicopter overhead and tires skidding.

Grabbing her weapon and jumping to her feet Granville saw Willis run into her backyard. The elderly woman with .38 Special in hand followed Willis as he tried to scale her fence.

"My adrenaline was just flowing at 100 mph," she said. "I just said, 'Stop right there (expletive), or you're going to be dead where you stand."  Granville held Willis at gunpoint 'till the cops arrived.

Willis was charged with eluding police, driving on suspended license, use of a vehicle to commit a felony, possession of marijuana and cocaine with the intent to distribute. The young perp later got out on a measly $7500 bail.

No doubt Willis will be doing it again, and no doubt Karen will be ready again.

Lynn Haven Cops: Suspect Killed, Cooked, Ate Homeless Man
Top Ten Most Evil Humans In History

GOP Women 1941: Cigars, Spittoons, And Poker

Remember grandma talking about the 'good old days' during the War when men went off to fight and woman stayed home to smoke cigars, spit on the floor, and play poker?

The GOP Women’s Club of Milford, CT had a little party in May of 1941 - the calm before the storm.  The bawdy bunch spent a night nursing stogies, bluffing at poker, busting chops and oogling a striptease show.

At least that's how LIFE magazine covered it on that May night on the eve of the War that made many of them widows.

By nights end a top time was had by all. The porters noted the ladies put down more cigarette butts than the Firemen Soiree of 1938.

With tough as nails women like that there's little wonder why the 'great' generation won the war. 

Latest Electrifying Sport: Ultimate Taser Ball

How are modern professional sports different than the Roman gladiator's of yore? Replace the Gladius Hispaniensis with a 50,000 volt taser  and get close enough to light a cigar.

Last year, the NFL saw 100+ concussions. Concussions cause brain damage or even death.  See the parallel now? 

Though boxing, and football players are not killed on the 'arena', they are either crippled for life, or at least risk death on the field.  The fans lap it up, just as they did in ancient Rome.

In the quest for more ways to tantalize fans, and get closer to the brutality of ancient Rome Canadian promoters have begun to stage a game where players zap a ball carrier with a Taser, rather than a tackle.

“It’s not technically a police grade Taser,” said Eric Prum, 25, one of the founders of Ultimate Taser Ball. “That being said, the first thing the [players] will tell you is that they hate getting tased. Those things really do hurt.” 

Oh goodie, it hurts.  Isn't that the point?

Rome's Colosseum was center stage not only in Rome but across the known world.   Today, the NFL Superbowl game is the modern world's most anticipated and watched event.  Human evolution hasn't advanced much in 2000 years.

2,500 Volt Weed Zapper Hits Market

Electrical engineer and inventor Dr. Mike Diprose has crafted a weed-lethal device 100% effective against the most tenacious tracheophyte (weed).

The good news? The device eliminates toxic, polluting herbicides, and the drudgery of digging weeds by hand.

The bad news? The weed exterminator fires a 2,500-volt charge, the same amperage and voltage used to execute hapless killers in an electric chair.

The death ray attacks the weed's vascular system, boiling water in the plant cells and breaking down cell walls. The unwanted foliage is cooked from the inside out, down to the stem, and out the root chute.

Mike operates his invention wearing thick rubber boots, rubber globes, and a grounding rod penetrating his head.  The lawnmower sized transformer has to be strapped to a hand-truck.

Good thing because a short would raise blood gas temps to 284F - likewise popping the poop chute like a hellfire missile fired from an Apache attack helicopter.

Homeowners or even professional exterminators won't get to buy one.  Instead, Mike is setting a 'licensed' network of factory trained, fearless, and heavily insured professional weed killers with a death wish.

The whole thing conjures images of saucer shaped ships in H.G. Wells War of the World's, doesn't it?  Instead of people getting vaporized, Mike is going after gardens and driveways.

Gay Domestic Violence Escalates With Marriage

SCOTUS nullified DOMA (Defense Of Marriage) today and vacated California's Prop 8 ban on gay marriage.  Gays are finally free to officially hook up and join the rest of the country in the joys and risks of marital 'bliss.'

The dark side of marriage is domestic violence.  Over half of women murdered worldwide are killed by their spouse.  In Muslim cultures wives are property and gays are targets for execution.

Worldwide up to 70% of women aged 15-49 will get beaten so badly they will require hospital care at some point in their lives.

Despite new laws and changes in police procedures domestic violence in the US has increased.

The rate for LGBT-DV is the same or higher than for straight women, about 25% will become victim.  Some theorize gays have been under special pressure because they have been prevented from making it official - don't kid yourself folks.

The roots of domestic violence lay in dysfunction, ignorance and a chain of violence.  Gays are not immune to the same abuse the straight world suffers.

Top Ten Depressing Facts About Humans
What Wealthy Divorced Males Want In A Mate

Neanderthals Painting Caves 250,000 Years Ago

Homo Sapiens like to brag about how high they are on the food chain.

But remember, humans decide the traits to prize. Though humans aren't the fastest, live the longest, jump the highest, or hibernate; the human brain remains an enigma.

Humans and Neanderthals competed once. Humans won. And ever since assumptions about the proto-man keep turning out wrong..

Neanderthals were using red paint 250,000 years ago - far earlier than once thought. And even more fun? The hairy goofs trucked it in from long distances. Why they had the paint, and what they used it for remains a mystery.

But it's intriguing to note what we characterize as hominid morons unable to speak, or grow crops and had no wheel were likely making Jackson Pollocks a quarter million years before the abstract impressionists.  Something most in Africa have yet to figure out.

Road Sign Painters Impress School Kids 
Ice Age Extinction - Not Homo Sapiens Death Blows

Women's Memory Inferior To Men

Women right-brained, men left-brained - let's work the whole thing out.  This significance shows up when women 'reach' to remember.

‘Very few memory studies have looked at how attractive or repulsive we find an experience and how emotionally provocative it is ,’ said researcher Dr Marc Lavoie, of the University of Montreal.

While women short-circuit their memory, the men seem to rally. 'Emotion has an enhancing effect on the memory of men however, as does unpleasantness.' noted Dr Lavoie.

If true, how can women be effective in combat, tense corporate negotiations, critical diplomacy interactions, or firing incompetent employees where emotion is clearly a factor?

Since women are not up to the memory challenge they should not be made part of critical, and potentially highly emotional situation that would require a sharp memory. At least that's what the biology is saying.

Study: Battle Of Sexes Rages Hot
Shocking: Women In The Morning
Pfizer:  Recalls 1 Million Birth Control Pills
Testosterone Driven Males Not Team Players
Men Are Better Food Shoppers
What Wealthy Divorced Males Want In A Mate

Hepatitis C Killing More Than AIDS

AIDS has been killing about 2 million people a year since the 1980's. AIDS and HIV affect about 40 million worldwide, about 2 million in the USA.

Fully 1 in 33 baby boomers have the Hepatitis C virus and most are unaware they're infected.

If you had a blood transfusion before 1990 you are at a higher risk.  The ugly danger of Hepatitis C is that your liver becomes irrevocably damaged by the time symptoms appear.

Dr. Robert Bettiker, at Temple University School of Medicine, says look for “pain in the right upper quadrant (of your abdomen) that goes on for days or months. Your eyes might turn yellow, you might start bleeding a lot if you get a cut, and the veins in your esophagus can get really big and can rupture.”

Hepatitis C is easier to get and is transmitted like HIV via blood contact.   The virus can ride on a shared toothbrush, a barber's  razor, and on manicure tools.   Both IV drug users, and anal sex practitioners are at the same risk for both HIV and Hepatitis C.

Remember, this is a liver killing virus.  Little to zero can really be done once you're infected.

HIV Vaccine Near? 
The 8-Hour Sleep Myth

Climate Science: ‘no...scientific argument’ For Global Warming

A year and a half ago sixteen world-class climate scientists took out a full page in the Wall Street Journal to counter-alarm, the alarmists alarms over global warming alarmism - itself an alarming development.

“The lack of warming for more than a decade—indeed, the smaller-than-predicted warming over the 22 years...computer models have greatly exaggerated...” the group wrote.

“Faced with this embarrassment, those promoting alarm have shifted their drumbeat from warming to weather extremes, to enable anything unusual that happens in our chaotic climate to be ascribed to CO2.”

Yep. Tornadoes, hurricanes, snow fall, anything normal in the weather is brand new evidence of Global Warming - according to Goreites and warming cult.

Why is Obama so late to the party? Simple. He wants to okay the Keystone Pipeline and his libbie pals will poop their pants once the backhoes start running again.

Canada, Russia And Japan Quit Kyoto Treaty
Gore: Global Warming Skeptics Are Racists
Data Prove Planet Cooling For Past 15 Years
Global Warming Cult Try To Purge ‘deniers’ Among Local Weathermen

iPhone 5 Half The Speed Of Android Phones

The death of Steve Jobs was a malediction for Apple Computer.

The company founded and later resurrected by the wizard of gadgets is in deep doodoo.  The two year product stream Jobs left behind has been exhausted and product execution of the aging iPhone is mired in Chinese slave-labor and poor quality.

Benchmark tests measuring processing and memory speed ranked the new iPhone seventh out of seven among best selling smartphones. The iPhone is far slower than the more capabile Samsung models and even comes in behind Google, Sony, HTC and Blackberry for for game speeds, editing pictures and general application execution.

In fact the Samsung Galaxy S4 is TWICE as fast as the iPhone 5. And since Samsung uses Google maps and the Android OS, speech recognition and GPS capability are far superior to the Apple orphans.

Will Apple die-hards care? Probably not. Most Appleites are brainwashed kids under thirty who often tattoo the Apple logo on their butts in a cult-like frenzied gesture of 'belonging.'   Apple computer products have always been behind in terms of speed and capability.

But for those of us who just want the best, and have enough self-esteem and self-identity to buy and use products based on value choosing the Samsung Galaxy these days is a no-brainer.  And so it goes...

Sony Makes Waterproof Cellphone

Obama Kills Coal Today

Want more proof Obama could care less about the average guy in the streets. Did you know 50 million are living in poverty, up 40% since Obama took over?

So what's Obama working on in the midst of regime collapse amid scandals and security leaks?

Climate Change, of course. Today, Obama's speech readily and forcefully called for the full demise of coal in the USA.

Obama's EPA has already been bypassing congress with tons of job killing mandates.  But this speech was meant to send the clearest signal yet Obama wants coal to die.

Meanwhile, China is taking full advantage of the crippling-effect Obama is having on the USA.   China is releasing a “climate bomb” of greenhouse gases 15,000 times more damaging to the climate than carbon dioxide this year.  Why?  Because China's world leading producers of refrigerants (HFC-23) got their climate credits stripped by the UN.

Obama spat on the coal industry but coal producers won't just lay down their shovels.  China will benefit from the extra supply coming from US soil.  And China doesn't care about installing the hyper-expensive EPA mandated CO2 scrubbers US energy plants must employ.

So while Obama and his green goons delude themselves into thinking they control the issue, the cat they try to stuff into a bag will simply get on a ship and reemerge in China.  The planet's air won't know the difference.

Kerry 'screaming' For Climate Change
Coal Stock Plummet Ahead Of Speech
WH Climate Goon 'a war on coal is exactly what is needed'
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76% Living Paycheck To Paycheck

Bulletproof Backpacks Selling Like Hotcakes

Reaction to Sandy Hook continues to fester among the gun crazed liberals who are hell-bent on stripping constitutionally protected gun rights.

Smart people figured out the right thing to do is to arm and train teachers and staff, and hire security for the schools.  Still others seem to want to take the defensive posture and place a bullet-resistant teflon backpack and body-armor on their kids. 

Miguel Caballero, dubbed the ‘Armani’ of bullet-proof golf and polo attire designed the children’s backpacks.  The Angle did a story on Caballero's clothing a year ago.

The bullet-stopping haversack is not for the recession-stung masses, however. They cost $250 bucks.  Still even at that price more than 300 have gone out in three months.

'It provides a lot of protection,' says Tim Hogan of Elite Sterling Security. ‘It can sustain multiple shots with pretty high caliber weapons.'

The company is gearing up for larger high-school kids too.  And their is their standard issue 'tactical vest' for all ages if you really want to beat the bullets.   No doubt Obama and Biden will want one for all the inner-city and illegal immigrant kids too - paid for by guess who?. 

Panhandler Turf War Ends In Tragedy

Where else but Times Square will you find a panhandler turf war erupt witnessed by guys wearing Alien and Predator costumes...

Justin Long, aka 'Weed Guy' waves around the 'Help. I need money for weed' sign. Weed Guy stabbed panhandler Wayne Semancik aka 'Beer Guy' in the neck with an ink pen. Beer Guy may be a copy-cat-sign-guy because his sign says 'I need beer.'

The cops are crawling the square day and night so reaction was fast. Luckily for the cops two other panhandlers dressed as Alien and Predator were near and deemed credible witnesses to the stabbing.

The throwdown went like this.  Weed Guy struck first spitting on Beer Guy. Beer Guy unfazed turned to Weed Guy and warned, 'When you spit in my face, darling, I'm going to hit you...I don't care who you are, how big you are, I'm going to hit you,' Beer Guy's voice became louder.

Then it happened, Beer Guy says, 'So the man [Weed Guy], he pulled out a pen because I was hitting him, and he started stabbing me [Beer Guy] in the face, and I have five stab wounds in my face right now.'

Police arrested Weed Guy.  Beer Guy was treated for facial lacerations at the scene. Alien and Predator guessed it was a turf war dealie because Weed and Beer had had words before.  They figured it was just a matter of enough weed and beer before the two tangled.

If New York can't control a couple of panhandlers how do they expect to stop another terror attack?  Oh yea, they only put cameras on people with jobs and listen to the cell phones of those that don't carry signs.

Man Wearing 'Got Beer' Tee-Shirt Arrested For DUI

Cookie Crazed? Get Thee A Cookie Safe

Are you a weak, cowardly, an out of self-controlled candy and cookie crumudgeon?

Do you sweat your bed at night filled with self-inflicted guilt and remorse because you can't just eat one?  Do you avoid buying new Levi's even though you can't get your old pants past your fat ass?    Are you shopping at Walmart more and more because that's where the cheapest junk food is always on sale?

Wow.  You are pathetic.  But there may be hope. 

The Kitchen Safe is a plastic container with a lid that locks like a bank vault door.  A time-lock set by you from between one minute to up to ten days cannot be defeated, not even at gun point.  The design anticipated taking out the batteries.  But cookie safe can still crush it with a car tire.   But the product may stop you just enough to regain your self-confidence and self-esteem - or  not.

Desperation made 39-year-old David Krippendorf. Krippendorf come up with the safe.  Dave had tried to enlist his wife Jenny to hide his junk food.  But their relationship degraded into a series of extortion plots, and sex-hostage situations..

Davee put the product on kickstarter.  Like other addictions, the first step is admitting you have a problem.  After that you're on your own haystack so kick the habit before it kicks you.

Les Miserables Bomb-Book Blinds Mother-In-Law

Romanian Florin Dan Munteanu, 38, hollowed out a copy of the book Les Miserable and filled it with broken glass, gunpowder and a battery detonator.

Why?  Dan's wife moved back in with his mother-in-law after a fight.

Skulking with a friend over beer Dan had an epiphany.  The 'friend' knew about a web site filled with instructions on book-bombs . The nefarious plan was cooked up over bread sticks and booze.

The bomb, the book, the package wrapped carefully in fancy paper and a bow would take out wifee on the first turned page..

But Dan didn't count on the mother-in-law answering the door.. Suspecting a son-in-law, mom opened the package.  Ka-Pow!

Munteanu's mother-in-law, 52, lay in a hospital suffering serious blast injuries.

Munteanu and web pal arrested after the cops noticed the return address on the book-bomb.  The 'misery' is Dan and his beer buddy making origami bombs and filling out coloring books in prison. 

Nancy Pelosi Booed In San Jose, Ca

Not one to sit back and accept political obscurity the old lady from the 8th district insists on reminding the public that asses are not just bred in San Francisco they get sent to congress.

Pelosi said she was gonna quit after the 2010 rout.  But the plasticized, prattling, pop-eyed pontificater apparently didn't mean it.

Karma is crawling around Nancy's rowboat now as her left-wing banshees in San Jose, Ca booed her badly for spitting at the NSA leaker.. 

While we wax and wane the goofy granny and her many gaffes how about this stroll down memory lane:

January 2009: Misuse Of $2,100,744 Pelosi traveled high on the hog on taxpayer dime insisting on military transport and bogus reimbursements.

February 2009: 500 Million - "every month that we do not have an economic recovery package 500 million Americans lose their jobs."

May 2009: CIA Lies - "we were not, and I repeat, were not told that waterboarding or any of these other enhanced interrogation techniques were used."

March 2010: Obamacare - "[we must] pass the bill so you can find out what's in it..."

February 2012: Catholics - “...I am going to stick with my fellow Catholics in supporting the administration on this....”  Numbskull Nancy, Obama's mandate forcing free distribution of abortive meds pisses off Catholics!

75% Of Emails And Phone Calls Are Made On The Toilet

In the 'olden' days, potty time was used to catch up on the comics, ponder questions of mortality, or finish breakfast.

All that's gone now.  The cell phone and laptop have replaced the newspaper. A troubling trend has transformed tinkle-time into social-media time.

An 'unnamed' study of 1000 mobile phone users revealed 75% tweet, email, face-book, and pucker the poop-chute during a phone call.

Despite the march of technology some things shouldn't change. Keeping dump time private is one of them.

Oscar De La Hoya 'hosted drug-fueled hotel sex romp'

One of the greatest boxers to ever enter the ring was Oscar De La Hoya. The quick hands of De La Hoya defeated 17 world champions and won 10 world titles in 6 different weight classes.

Oscar 'Golden Boy' De La Hoya was a cash machine, generating more than any boxer in the history of the sport, an astonishing $696 million.

That's the public Oscar.  The private Oscar allegedly dabbles, according to a bogus lawsuit in cross-dressing, sex crazed partying, and carnal addictions. 

Playboy model Angelica Marie Cecora, 25, sued Oscar for $5 million claiming he held a drug-fueled hotel orgy last March 2012, pulling her underwear over his goodies and intimidated her and her friend who 'tried to escape' the mayhem.

Angelica admitted she had consensual and 'unusual' sex with the fighter. But she claims she just wanted to go to sleep and Oscar didn't want to go to sleep. Angelica says she was ‘afraid to leave the hotel room because she feared the defendant would attempt to have sex with her against her will.'

At first we thought Oscar was trying to pull a Mike Tyson.  But Angelica slipped up when she first admitted she was okay with the sex and then all of a sudden she thought she was being held for rape.

Still, Oscar did put her underwear on.  But lot's of misguided guys do that - it's not a crime.  Angelica doesn't need $5 million bucks to buy another pair of panties.  She does need to get a a real job, though.

Iraq's Hanging Judges Still Working Overtime

The hard fought, blood and treasure sacrifice the US made in Iraq has been wasted by Obama.  New York is not offering to honor returning Iraq veterans despite these vets fighting in part to avenge 911.

A full 65 people were executed in the first 40 days of 2012, including 14 in a single day. Iraq authorizes the death penalty for over 50 crimes including terrorism, kidnapping, and murder, but also for damage to public property.

Even the Sunni VP of Iraq Tariq al-Hashimi is suspected of running 'death squads' and of being a terrorist himself.  Hashimi may be the man behind recent bombing deaths of Shiite government officials.

The terror leader Al-Sadr is on a comeback now that he has 'finished his religious studies' while in Iran!  When he returns, Al-Sadr will have full ties to Iran. An Iraq run by Al-Sadr will mean a Sharia dictatorship as is now the rule in Libya, Egypt, and Iran.

Obama pulled the troops according to the Bush timetable then tried to take credit for the war win.  Wonder if Obama is still trying to take credit for Iraq, Libya, Egypt, the Drones and soon Syria?.

Iraq Hangs 21 In April 2013
24 Dead In Iraq Violence Today
Over 1000 Killed In Iraq In May Alone
Over 500 Killed In Iraq In April

Caffeine Inhaler Replaces Coffee

Drugs are used to heal, escape, cope, stimulate, and deflate in our ever increasing pressure-filled days and nights.

Caffeine is the legal drug of choice for billions. Until now, caffeine laced liquids like coffee, chocolate and sodas were 'eaten' in order to load up.

Harvard University engineering professor David Edwards, creator of AeroShot has a faster way to get the job done. A toke on the grey-and-yellow plastic canister contains 100 milligrams of caffeine powder, about the amount in a large cup of coffee.

The danger of course is the ease, speed, and low volume of the delivery method. Ten puffs of air as compared to ten cups of coffee represents a magnitude difference in effort. But the effects are equivalent.

Welcome to your super-charged caffeine addiction folks.  Don't inhale and drive, though.

Slimfast Scientist Suicide Note: 'I am redundant'
American Indians Sue Beer Companies For $500 Million

Colon Cancer Diagnosed From Colored Poop

Ever heard of Synthetic Biology? Synthetic biology is a new area of biological research and technology that combines science and engineering. 

Synthetic biology is behind a novel way to diagnose colon cancer, salmonella, worms, rotavirus, you know, the nasty stuff that dwells in the anterior and posterior recesses of where your body makes feces.

All ya gotta do is swallow a tankard full of  E chromi.

The patient is handed the E chromi and a chart of colors and diseases.  Once home the patient consumes the E chromi.  When the pooping starts the chart is whipped out and wham-bam out-comes a diagnosis.

'The bacteria react with the enzymes, proteins, and other chemicals that are present in the gastrointestinal tract and turn different colors for different diseases...' says Daisy Ginsberg, of the University of Cambridge team stirred up the scrumptious synthesizing slurpee.

Can't wait wait to get home and start staring at the the toilet filled with colored jelly beans and licorice sticks huh?

One Glass Of Milk A Day Raises IQ
2,200-Year-Old Egyptian Mummy Had Prostate Cancer
Insomnia Leads To Diabetes

The Death Of The Manly Man

Women's liberation was never designed to gain equality with men for women.  Instead, women became more male like and an alarming number of men are becoming more pussified.

Marketing research by J. Walter Thompson turned up a disturbing trend. A horrifying 33% of men use hair removal products, 9% use makeup and foundation, 11% use bronzer and 10% apply concealer. Whatever that is.

And a pathetic 29% get manicures, 24% have facials, and 13% get eyebrow waxing and colonics.  A Sharper Image nose and ear hair clipper is one thing, but waxing removal too far.

These same guys are also becoming clothes and shoe hounds rivaling even the most ardent female of the species. 

The day of androgyny nears. May God have mercy on all our souls.

Homeless Woman Compacted In Garbage Truck

The luckiest unlucky homeless woman this week is Jessica Bunyar who likes to snuggle-up in dumpster bins in Globe, AZ.  Did you guess yet?

The garbage truck driver working for Copper State Sanitation told the Globe cops his truck made 10 stops and 10 compaction cycles before a bystander on a sidewalk notice a head pop out of the truck crying for help.

The driver figures the woman survived because the truck only compacts the crap 50% in order to avoid 'leaking' liquid crap all over the route.  A 100% compaction would have ended Jessica's attempt to 'be the garbage' on the first compaction cycle.

Bunyar was plucked from the half-compacted pile of crap by the fire department and shoved into a slightly less crappy ambulance for her ride to the hospital.  No word yet when the city awards Bunyar a personal dumpster or furnishes her with crush-proof body armor for the balance of her stay in Globe..

Trash Can Diving For Sportsman

21 Questions To Detect Early Alzheimer's

Alzheimer's disease, also known as senile dementia, turns people into walking zombies.

 In some sense a person's sum total are their memories. Confused, unrecognized by friends and family, vulnerable to a world of complexity and urban dangers the aimless shell sits vacant in an arm chair waiting for eventual end.

The disease is genetically inherited. Had close relatives with Alzheimer's? Watch out! Unlike cancer early Alzheimer's detection doesn't save you from the carnage. 

So, in the interest of you helping others plan to help you, take the test.  After all, you won't know it, but those around you will be caring for your every need.

Obama Channels Lyndon Johnson

Lyndon Johnson screwed up. In 1968 at the peak of the Vietnam war over 500,000 Americans were trudging thru the jungles where 55,000 eventually died.

In 1968 angry left-wing students were in the streets rioting. Johnson saw the writing on the Oval office wall - and quit. On national television, Johnson said 'I shall not seek, and I will not accept, the nomination of my party for another term as your President.'

Johnson left a legacy of debt, war, and the first great social welfare fiasco - the Great Society.

Obama didn't learn from Johnson's mistakes.  So today Obama is lording over new records in poverty, debt, looming wars, scandals and an emerging left-wing discontent. 

Obama's decline began just after he bullied through Obamacare.  How many $100 million buck vacations he squeezes in before the scandals and failures squeeze him remains to be seen.

Burn Dead Bodies To Heat Public Pools

Britain becomes what they once hated - Nazi Germany. The goofy ex-empire wants to heat their public swimming pools burning dead bodies.

Sir George Young says heating the Worcestershire leisure center pool by burning dead bodies is a 'groundbreaking scheme.'  George says he would 'die a happier man' knowing the heat cooking his dead carcass was heating the pool.

Wow. Okay Sir George, lets get that party started - why wait?

The Brits have their version of the EPA, called the Department Of Energy And Climate Change.  The DOECC says heat from the incinerators at any crematoria reaches 1,472F. So naturally recycling that heat back into a public swimming pool is a no brainer.

Trade unions are unhappy about the idea. They say it's 'sick and an insult to local residents.'

The crematorium and green Nazis in the House Of Commons won't be stopped. They even fantasize installing a couple of turbines in the oven smoke stacks to make electricity!  Not even Himmler could come up with that flash of brilliance.

British NHS Aborting Kids Based On Gender

Alaskan Arrested For Shopping Cart DUI

Merrill Moses, 63, was cruising the grocery store in Fairbanks, AK last week on one of those motor-scooter shopping carts. 

Things were going pretty well until Merrill started drag-racing in the produce department knocking over bins of potatoes and stands of bananas.

Store clerks called the cops when the crazed shopping-cart marauder started for the door dragging squashed bananas and crushed boxes of cereal behind the cart. 

An employee had Moses cornered in the parking lot when the cops pulled up.  Merrill was in deep doodoo - the elderly grocery shopper had four-times the legal limit of booze coursing through his liver and enough shoplifted chocolate chip cookies and Betty Crocker cake mix to feed half the Eskimos in the Aleutian chain.

This wasn't Merrill's first drunken joy-ride in a motorized shopping cart.   The burnout has prior DUI, domestic assault, drunk in public, criminal trespass and theft convictions. 

Maybe Alaska needs a drunk-motor-scooter-shopping-cart three-strikes law with sobriety check-points mandated inside grocery stores and Walmarts.  Or maybe Alaska should just deport Merrill to the Texas where they know how to deal with guys like him.

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Beverly Hills Pot Head Moms
Siblings Who Fight Over Toys Become Bipolar

Chinese Invent Hairy Leg Stockings

Apparently there's a problem on Chinese beaches and subway trains.  So much so, that a Chinese company selling 'hairy legs stockings' has a hit on their hands.

Billed as the perfect 'summertime anti-pervert' device and 'essential for young girls going out’ the leggings are pretty scary indeed. Wanna bet these guys didn't know 'perverts' are ATTRACTED to hairy women?

Tough to find, the stockings are guaranteed male repellents.  Odd considering women have no problem with the same look on a guy.

But then there's a hirsute double standard. 

Most men are so fur-phobia they even look for ladies shaving all of it, including the 'school zone.'  Also known as a 'bald pussy' for those who fail to take the hint.

The crazy thing is hair on Asian women is a laugh compared to places like the Ukraine or Italy.  Which explains why the model above isn't even Asian at all...

Naked Bridesmaid Trend
100F In Alaska
1000 Guys Pinch Peepee On Toilet Seat Yearly
70% Of Women Say Guy Under Six-Feet A No-Go
Talcum Powder Carcinogenic
Suggorgate Born Bi-Polar
Surgery 'Digni Bra' Debuts
Fat Women Protest Victoria's Secret

Guy Invents Yolk Yanking Thingamajig

Need to get the yoke out of a dozen eggs to make a meringue, mousse, souffle. creme brulee. chipotle mayonnaise, custard or sponge cake?

Meet the New Zealand mechanical engineer Hamish Dobbie who took a crack at making a better yolk-trap after he watched his struggling gal pal adding more shell than egg white to her recipes.

'After making a real mess, and having to dig egg shells out of the bowl, she said that there must be a better way of doing it,' Dobbie narrated.

Ten months later Dobbie did it, he made the YOLKR.  And he's gonna let you get one for a paltry £18 ($28.18).

Dobbie added: 'The trick was getting the shape of the nozzle right so it didn't break the yolk when it was sucked up.' So if you need to suck up a bunch of egg yolks and leave the whites behind move to New Zealand and get one of these goofy gadgets - your egg eating public will be glad you did.

Poop Powered Flying Bicycle
Mouthwash Makes Bad Breath
iPhone Users Earn Cash Spotting Bad Parkers

Bacon Flavored Milkshakes At Jack-In-The-Box

Jack In The Box takes no prisoners and makes no apology - it's about feeding the insatiable, gluttonous, gobbling masses. 

The marriage of salty, high-fat, nitrite-laced carcinogenic, high-cholesterol bacon dumped into a white-sugar-loaded, high-fat, artery-clogging, high-calorie milkshake is the chain's newest gift to the gargantuans.

Strap the cup-o-pork on in two sizes, the larger jamming 1,081 calories, 37 grams of saturated fat and 108 grams of sugar into your diabetic future.

As bad as this thing is, it pales compared to other fat-body menu items at the eatery. The company's large Oreo shake, for instance, packs more than 1,400 calories and 75 grams of fat. Why not order two?

Jack In The Box wasn't first.  Denny's has been feeding the unsuspecting public the same thing since last April.   Where's Michelle Obama?  Oh yea, she's in Ireland dragging her two brats around staying in $80,000 a night hotels.

Obese Man Dies Fused To Chair
Fat Brain: Eat Eat Eat
Dumbbell Cutlery Forces Dinner Table Workout 
KY Schools Track BMI 
Diner Has Heart Attack At 'Heart Attack Grill' Restaurant

Israeli's Invent Wound Welding Torch

An Israeli medic has invented a painless welding torch that replaces stitches, staples and sticky tape today used to close surgical wounds.  Scars and infection become non issues for the tissues too.

A clinical trial just completed involving  three c-sections requiring standard eight-inch bikini-line slices were welded shut using the IonMed's bio-plasma-torch.  Six-months later there's no trace of the surgery.  It's way way cool folks.

The device is called BioWeld and works off the same principal as a plasma welding and cutting torch used in the semi-conductor industry.  The main difference is the skin never gets heated over 40C and the 'glue' used to make the weld a simple sugar-based compound.

The torch kills bacteria, encourages vessel growth. leaves no scar and most importantly is done in under three-minutes without special training.

Don't be shocked an Israeli company came up with this cracker-jack device.  Pound for pound Israel is home to more biotech than any  other country on Earth.

US Doctor Shortage Getting Worse
Chocolate Sunscreen

iPhone Masturbation App Debuts In NYC

What's left for the iPhone?

How about an app with a timid female voice over a stream of pictures depicting pertinent parts of the female hoozie-woozie carefully verbalizing instruction on the ancient and whispered art of auto-erotica for females?

In other words, here you go ladies - time to stop texting and start diddling. 

NYC-based designer Tina Gong (how about that for a name for a masturbatory guru?) is behind the 'software.'  The salacious gem euphemistically entitled 'HappyPlayTime.' The branding pitch billed as a fun way for girls to 'learn techniques and facts about getting off'.

'The app's...a quick demonstration of different masturbation techniques for each level, followed by a freestyle portion...' Sounds more like training for the sex Olympics.

See where this is going? Commuter trains filled with smartphones buzzing and women in business suits writhing - 'oh God, oh God' from coast to coast, before, during, and after work.

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