Red Neck Day At High School Sparks Black Outrage

The DOE (Dept of Ed) is going after Queen Creek High School near Phoenix.  The students put together a 'Redneck Day.'  The point was to dress like – and spoof – “Duck Dynasty,” an A&E reality show which follows a wealthy, eccentric red-neck Louisiana family who make duck calls for a living.

So local black 'leaders' went ballistic.  They saw the event as a 'racially hostile' act of violence. The racial hostility allegedly stems from one student who briefly wore a Confederate flag—apparently like a cape. When asked to remove the cape the student complied without complaint. But that wasn't good enough for the hopped up race hustlers in Phoenix.

“We have determined that we have the authority to investigate this allegation,” the DOE says. “We note, however, that the display of the confederate flag concerns rights protected by the First Amendment of the United States Constitution. Therefore, the scope of OCR’s investigation will be limited to whether a racially hostile environment was created due to language and actions that were not protected by the First Amendment.”

So blacks are free to pile into Florida's capital building spitting on floors and yelling racial invectives.  And blacks are free to spray paint businesses and break windows in Oakland chanting and yelling race hate epithets.  But the Fed only pays attention when a kid wears a confederate flag as a cape to a school function.

Blacks might think they're burning out racism but in reality they are fomenting and practicing it.

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