CBO: Real Jobless Rate 10%

Cheerleaders have a tough job. The jumping beans, male or female, are supposed to rah-rah their team, even if the team is a towering failure. If you take a cheerleader's queue you could be fooled possibly into thinking things are just dandy - don't blame the cheerleader, blame the team.

The Obama cheerleaders are yelling rah-rah using the wrong data, and spinning the results in a way intended to misdirect those watching the game. If you were Obama, wouldn't you do the same thing? After all, after nearly four years of abject failure why would anyone rehire you?

The CBO is out with 2012 numbers today. The 2012 deficit will top $1.1 trillion, the real jobless rate is 10%, taxes to jump 30% over two years, and social security is in the red getting deader. Consumer confidence dropped in January purported to be a surprise!

What a laugh. The CBO finally admitted that the jobless rate is over 10% due to the fact that the US Labor dept. does not account for those able to work, but are no longer looking. Obama of course will pan the deficit, take the US Labor number, ignore social security, play more class warfare/envy, demagogue banks and the 'rich', and get in a lot more golf before the election.

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Arizona Judge: No English No Council Seat

The 'Balkanization' of America is a real threat given the number of Hispanic illegals in the country. There are so many, that most of them do not bother to learn English given the readiness of some states to print ballots and drivers tests in dual-language texts.

Arizona is ground zero for Hispanic overload. Now a small town in southern Arizona called San Luis has a councilwoman that cannot pass basic proficiency language tests proving she can read, speak, and comprehend English. Arizona correctly requires English in order to serve in political office in the state.

Alejandrina Cabrera, a graduate of Kofa High School in Yuma claims she has enough English skill to be on the city council, but sociolinguistics expert William Eggington disagrees. He tested the woman, and provided the courts with proof Alejandrina is English deficient. Astounding considering Alejandrina actually attended and graduated from a Yuma, AZ high school!

Can you hear the shrill screams from the ACLU? Of course they want cash-strapped cities to suffer the cost of printing everything in Spanish now. In the end,anyone refusing to learn English is not going to get a pass.

The US is NOT going to become Alto Mexico - no matter how offensive that sounds.

Gallup: Obama Most Polarizing President In History

Shocking... Gallup's latest poll is characterizing Obama as the most polarizing president in history. How can this be? In 2008 Obama was walking on water, the messiah of politics, the second-coming of Thomas Jefferson. But alas, no - he was a false God after all.

Some of us told you so. Gallup notes a full 68% gap between the koolaiders still on board with the failed president, and those that have seen the light, or were never blinded by it to begin with.

Harry Reid is a dysfunction, but Obama is the boss, and has consistently proven he cannot do the job. While Reid digs in his heels, Debbie Wassermann-Shultz, DNC chair, plays the role of attack dog, rabid, frothing, ankle-biting, and specious. Remember when that was Nancy Pelosi's job?

Obama is always looking for a new ways to divide people. The class-warfare card is a strong one, and Obama is playing it like it was the joker in the deck. The joker of course is Obama himself and voters seem, finally, to be 'getting it'.

Obama has alienated his own base to boot. Catholics are correctly offended by the mandate to distribute birth-control from their medical facilities. Jews offended by Obama's reckless lack of support for Israel as Israel faces a nuclear Iran. And Obama even goes out of his way to piss off anti-war left wingers peddling down a wide stream of illegal wars in Libya, and Africa. Just the goofy black liberals are left, despite Obama destroying them economically.

The billion dollar Obama machine, blaming Bush, cheerleading its failures, and pitting Americans against one another in a giant game of 'are you dumb enough to reelect the biggest boob to ever occupy the white house'.

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Al Sharpton: Obama’s Karaoke Moment Tingled My Leg

The clown of race hustling Al Sharpton has a regular job on MSNBC. The network no one watches bubbles in the background with loons like Sharpton who is counted on to utter absurd remarks in the middle of serious events.

Obama is arrogantly assuming his abysmal track record will go unnoticed. The Rev Al wants his last few minutes of fame to include fantasies of a presumed Obama resurrection.

Obama sang part of an Al Green song “Let’s Stay Together” at the Apollo Theater in Harlem last week - this sent chills down the backs of Obama's race-base.

“Since that performance, sales for Al Green’s songs shot up 490%...the President sings, boosts classic songs and helps the economy...hey Republicans, you sure you are ready to face him in the election?” crows Sharpton.

So Al wants Obama to sing off-key tunes for his supper? Well, Sharpton may not be too far off the mark regarding Obama and product sales. When Obama blew up on the tarmak in Phoenix he kicked Jan Brewer's book into overtime too. Way to go Barry, you are a one-man sales king-maker now, and the Rev. Al wants a piece of that action.

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California Green Schizophrenia Strikes Again

The state of California has been making the wrong turn for two decades. Debt, taxes, absurd regulations, permissive attitude toward illegals, and mandates killing entire industries all contributing to the slow demise of what was once a great state.

A near gestapo-like agency, the Air Resources Board never misses a chance to dent the state further. The green nazis on the ARB just put out new rules requiring 1 in 7 new cars sold must be an electric by 2025. Even more insidious is the brutal mandate that a full 75% reduction in C02 be forced by 2025.

The problem with electric cars is they are NOT zero emission. Why? Electricity is generated primarily by coal plants and you need electricity to power an electric car, right Mary Nichols?

Notice also California's hostile attitude toward their own currently operating nuclear power plants. This same group of idiots are pushing hard to shut down those plants which provide 25% of the power in the state.  Along with a ban on constructing nuclear plants in place since 1974 the irrationality to push cars into the electricity consuming space is easy for a liberal.

What will California use to power the presumptive electric fleet? As usual, they will suck resources from OTHER states, for instance, a large part of Los Angeles power comes from Arizona's Palo Verde nuclear plant near Phoenix. Isn't that special?

Obama's Ener1 Battery Maker Bankrupt
GM Volt: Electric Lemon Turns Sour
Marijuana Clinic Has $4,000 Monthly Electric Bill

Why Is Santorum In Virginia?

Rick Santorum is buzzing around Virginia today, leaving Florida to Romney and Gingrich. Ron Paul is in Maine. The bottom two should rabbit Florida early, and they have, but why is Santorum in Virginia?

Reel back to 1/13/12 Virginia Primary Ballot Challenge: Judge Rules Against Rick Perry, Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum & Jon Huntsman. Huh? Well, it seems none of these guys remembered to get their ballot work done.  For Perry and Huntsman it's a yawn. And for Romney and Paul it's a lock. But Ginrich, and Santorum?

Unless Santorum is planning on seriously staying in the race after his fourth place finish in Florida on Tuesday, makes ya wonder what Rick is doing wandering around Richmond, VA today.

Gingrich seems to be imploding nicely now, rehashing the same tired rhetoric over Romney's investments. The GOP doesn't like class warfare.  With the Occupy Bowel Movement in the background, Obama unsurprisingly has picked up the 'wealthy' card again and stuck it in the pack next to the race card.

What difference does the tax rate make...half the beggar class constituents peddling for Obama pay no taxes at all! Oh but, but, but the rich are rich and being rich means they are mean and rich and it's not fair ya know, blah blah blah...

Texas Taxpayers Pick Up Perry’s Campaign Tab
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Police Tear Gas Occupy Oakland Again
Santorum's Daughter Hospitalized

Florida Election Laws Attacked By Democrats Again

“The right to vote has come under question -- if not attack -- nationwide," said Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on the Constitution Chairman Dick Durbin, D-Illinois. Durbin is a well known snipe who never misses a chance to utter extreme left-wing babble.

Early voting is reduced from two weeks to eight days and eliminated on the Sunday before Election Day in November. In 2008 Obama got a ton of minority votes on the Sunday before the election, many suspect in order to jam thru illegals voting.

The GOP says the changes are about saving tax dollars and reducing voter fraud.

Fifteen states have changed elections laws since 2008 due in large part to the massive voter fraud committed by the Democrats themselves. ACORN, the disgraced community organizer group Obama once worked for, has been exposed as a criminal enterprise with many of its employees now convicted of voter fraud.

A lawsuit by the usual suspects has been filed, three of the most liberal activist groups in the nation: League of Women Voters, the NAACP and the ACLU.

Liberals 'court shop' in the lower courts sniffing out activist judges that usually take their side.  Luckily the issue is under review by a three judge panel.  The basic right to have fair elections doesn't seem to phase Democrats, shocking...

Obama Hands Brewer Record Book Sales

Word is Obama has a temper. Like his buddy Rahm Emanual, they both grew up at the school of Chicago Politics where corruption is king, and bullies prosper. Obama brought that mentality to the presidency.

When Gov. Brewer met with Obama last year at the White House, like Netanyahu, Obama treated her like a house servant. Since that meeting, the governor wrote a book detailing that meeting, and the roughed up way her state is treated in Obama's justice department.

When Obama hopped off AF1 yesterday in Phoenix he was greeted by Gov. Brewer warmly and immediately started to chew her out. It seems Obama had read 'excerpts' from her book and reacted angrily over his half-baked perception of the tome.

The governor noted, “I was a bit taken aback by his stance and his attitude… [and he walked way when] I was trying to make a point that I thought that my book was right and correct.”

In a day, Obama has made her the book, Scorpions for Breakfast the second-fastest rising title on Amazon’s best-seller list. The book is also now the top seller in Amazon’s “public policy” category.  It seems people don't like a half-cocked president..

Thus proving the old saw, the first one to get mad, loses.  Ata girl, Jan...you and sheriff Joe Arpaio, two of the nations best.

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Exclusive 'Facebook' For World's 200 Richest

Just when you thought the whole class envy thing was getting out of hand now comes a new way to be jealous of the top 200 wealthiest in the world.

The 'Facebook for world leaders' is being launched by Tibco at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. Only the top loaded 200 need apply.

Gawker.com says the new site will be a prime target for hackers - ya think?  Web pirates penetrated the FBI for instance, and have published names and phone numbers of law enforcement officers nationwide.

Should the top 200 hive up on this site, it will no doubt require a billion dollar security shield.  Otherwise, one hack, and a few billionaires will be changing cell phone numbers in a hurry. At least that's how the 'Anonymous' group will see it.

Obama Kills Pipeline A WINNER For Buffett's Railroad

Obamacon: Gas Up 83%, Beef 24%, Bacon 22%

Inflation at the consumer level is all the rage for 2012. And some of it has already arrived though the economy was said to be 'deflating'.

Why are gas and food rising? Though demand is down, Obama has managed to keep oil at near record levels by turning sour on domestic production. And food has a big new customer, the Chinese.

The real story may be how oil does when Iran tries to close the Straight of Hormuz, or Israel attacks Iran's nuclear installations. Most expect gas prices to continue to rise in any case, but those scenarios would kick the price of gas to well over $5 per gallon, far over the records set previously.

Obama will be giving his State of the Union speech tonight, sadly, most expect it will be political, and not inspirational. The missive is expected to cast blame on the GOP congress for much of Obama's failures, though the GOP congress has passed dozens of bills only to sit fallow on Harry Reid's desk.

Will voters be bamboozled by Obama's slick, expensive, political ploy again this time?

Obama Blames Economy On 'Lazy' Americans
Oil Over $100 Endangers US GDP
Obama Okays Horse Meat For Human Consumption
Soros Predicts Class War In Streets

Haitian Deportation Halt Leads To Three Murders

The tragedy of illegal immigration includes the crimes by known felons.

A continuous stream of horrific acts committed by illegals, especially ones with known criminal records continues to victimize citizens. And the astounding part is, its Obama's POLICY.

Two months after his release, Kesler Dufrene, 23 a twice convicted Haitian immigrant murdered three people. Freed after the Obama Administration halted deportations to Haiti, Durfrene went on a killing spree that included taking the life of a gifted high school student 15-year-old Ashley Chow.

'This guy shouldn’t have been in America,' Audrey Hansack, 37, mother of murdered teen lamented. How many times have we heard victims families say the same thing?

Somehow the outrage just doesn't seem to rise. Why?  Let's be honest, is Obama's entire presidency worth this one girls life? Come on folks...

Killer Shoots As Victim Posts Her Own Death On Facebook

30% Off Your Next Shipwreck

The horrific death and mayhem in the Costa Concordia cruiseship  disaster continues to disgust the world. The outrage over the captain's obvious swaggering incompetence is made small by the hubris of his employers this week.

The owners of the Costa Concordia, operated by Costa Cruises Carnival Lines are making an offer they think victims can't refuse.

Costa spokesman confirmed "the company is not only going to refund everybody but they will offer a 30% discount on future cruises if they want to stay loyal to the company." Oh joy!

The company is also calling passengers in an attempt to assess the level of anxiety, trauma, and intent to sue them. Jennifer Wild, a consultant clinical psychologist at Oxford University, said repeatedly asking victims if they were having nightmares breached guidelines on treating people after disasters.

Victims lawyers in the US and Italy have joined in a class action lawsuit filed in Miami this week that may exceed $100 million. You be the judge and jury on this one.

Abortion Dying One State At A Time?

NARAL Pro-Choice America says 67 anti-abortion measures were enacted in 2011, a record.

Five states enacted bans on abortion after 20 weeks; eight prohibit insurance coverage for abortion; and seven banned state funding for Planned Parenthood and other abortion mills.

NARAL is complaining the new GOP majorities are concentrating on abortion, and not the economy. Odd. Did anyone hear them carp when the Democrats and their super-majority chose to focus on Obamacare, and not the economy?

The cultural split in the USA has never been greater. The civil war was mainly over states rights, and indirectly the question of slavery. But today, we are fighting over all of it - states rights, abortion, illegal aliens, debt, social spending, military spending, foreign wars, oil, homosexuals, and the ever present, dysfunction of the size and ineptness of the federal government.

But abortion is the most emotionally charged. A major turning point in the entire debate will occur in November 2012.

Gallup: 61% Say Abortions Should Be Illegal
Planned Parenthood Reports Record Abortion Rate

Chicago Dumping Dead In Mass Graves

Illinois continues to slide.  A blue state dominated by Democrats whose 'solution' to the Obama depression was simple, raise taxes, and keep spending. The result? Debt, fleeing business, and now the nations lowest state-level credit rating to A2.

The indigent dead are likewise paying a price in Illinois.  The humiliation of spending eternity stacked on top of others in a hastily constructed plywood crate, sometimes more than one to a box becomes their reward for having died in Chicago.  Arriving by the dozens in a U-Haul truck, the bodies are placed in a drainage ditch dug that morning.  Forget a marker or mourners, its cold, and these things are heavy, gotta stack 'em, and leave the rest to the back-ho operator.

One must ask why are they not cremated?  Oh yea, ply-wood is cheaper than the ovens apparently. And gotta keep some of the union back-ho guys working too, ya know.

Well, grim though it be, it's high-treatment compared to what the mob did to it's own around Las Vegas in the 50's.  They say "most of the problems in Vegas are buried in the desert".  Dumped from the trunk of a car like a sack of trash into a shallow sandy hole.  These guys definitely 'stayed in Vegas'.

Taxes Hikes 67%, Illinois Still $8.5b In Debt And Downgraded
CHICAGOLAND: Dozens Of Bodies In Morgue Cooler For 10 Months

'Woz' Likes Android Over iPhone

Has Steve 'Woz' Wozniak become a turn-coat for publicly endorsing the Google Android phone over the orphaned iPhone left behind by his dead garage-shop buddy, Steve Jobs?

'My primary phone is the iPhone,' said Wozniak. 'I love the beauty of it. But I wish it did all the things my Android does, I really do.'

Woz doesn't like Apple's much-hyped Siri voice assistant, noting it's unreliable service, and dependence on an internet connection. Woz notes, 'many times it can’t connect. I’ve never had Android come back and say, ‘I can’t connect over the Internet.'

Wozniak has not been an Apple employee for decades, but is still a cheerleader for the company.  Since leaving the company he co-founded, Woz has not seen the follow-on level of success that Jobs later had in Pixar and Apple.  But Woz is a major Apple stockholder, and full-time venture capitalist still skulking around his adopted town of Los Gatos, CA.  And oh yea, he likes the Android a lot, and so do I.

2/3rds Of Chinese Workforce Slave More Than 60hrs Per Week

Greeks Flocking To Australia To Find Jobs

Remember the little joke from grade school? How much does a Greek Urn (Earn), well the joke is on the Australian's this time.  The destitute Greeks are fleeing a bankrupt Greece headed toward the Waltzing Matilda of the Australian outback looking for work.

The Greek meltdown is not going to abate.  Smart Greeks are headed to points south ditching 20% jobless rates in exchange for a country that pays its truck drivers up to $200k a year!

The Australian government is easing work-permits to attract at least 125,000 skilled immigrants over the next year.  Greeks have been emmigrating to Australia since the end of World War II sporting a burgeoning Greek presence of nearly 400,000 retsina drinking, bob-footed, bouzouki playing Hellinites.

So, return the question, how much does a Greek earn?  One answer can now be found outside of Greece, in the island-continent of Australia.  Looking for authentic souvlaki or gyros? Get 'down-under' and ask for anyone 'on the wallaby' - one of them might be Greek!  

Hungary Jobbik Party Demands EU Exit

San Francisco Sheriff Faces Domestic Battery Beef

The newly elected sheriff of San Francisco had a raucous New Years. Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi has been charged with one count each of domestic violence battery, child endangerment and dissuading a witness.

Mirkarimi was sworn in last week despite a pending investigation. Now the city has egg on its face. San Francisco continues to lead the nation in debauchery, decadence, and pedestrian banality.

A witness says Mirkarimi grabbed and bruised his wife Eliana Lopez. The witness has a video, and a text message to prove it. ooops.  Charges and restraining orders are automatic for domestic violence because 'victims' usually defend their assailants due to fear of reprisals. Unsurprisingly, Eliana said ‘This is unbelievable...I don't have any complaint against my husband...’

A conviction would lead to Mirkarimi being stripped of a firearm for life, and random searches of his home by police. Mirkarimi would not be able to perform his function properly, so we expect the newly elected Mayor of San Francisco Ed Lee to charge Mirkarimi with official misconduct and suspend him from office.

We will be watching, Ed. Extra fun note, Mirkarimi was a ferocious liberal city councilman, you know, the type that would normally abhor men who attack women, or so they say.

Gay Marriage Repeal In New Hampshire
CA Assemblywoman Says Tumor Made Her Shoplift
Mirkarimi's Wife Sends Anti-Domestic Violence Tweet 'days before he beat her'
Sheriff Mirkarimi Pleads Not Guilty Restraining Order Continues
Domestic Abuser Claimed "Ghost" Injured His Wife
Plea Bargain: 3 Years Probation, 1 Year Violence Class, Mayor Demands Resignation

USA Drops To World ’s 3rd Largest Economy

Obama's incompetence has led the USA to the brink of $5 gas, hyper-inflation, and China shaving 25 years off overtaking the US economy.

The war of wills and disinformation is on and the Democrats have no intention of turning into born-again American patriots.

The meltdown in the EU is well underway.  Greece will leave the union and become a 3rd world wreck in the middle of Europe.  Nine other EU countries downgraded this week joining Obama's own grim US downgrade from a few months ago.

The US faces an econ and oil crises not seen since World War II.  The difference?  The Obama has been pumping the National Debt printing money.  The US has never been weaker.

Obama has made a feigned gesture to 'downsize' the government, but it's all hot air unless Obama CUTS SPENDING.  Obama has asked for a debt ceiling hike of $1.4 trillion, by the election Obama will have added $7.4 trillion to the $17.2 trillion debt all by himself.

Top Twenty Debtor Nations Facing Ruin
50% Of USA In Poverty
Obama Obliterates The Middle Class
Obama Blames Economy On 'Lazy' Americans
China Overtakes Japan's Economy
UK Breakup To Beat EU Breakup
US Misery Index Reaches 31 Year High
China Hikes Tariffs On US-Made Car Imports
EU Collapse? No Longer Hypothetical
Chicago Fed President Predicts Jobless Rate Hike
Financial Crisis To Drag World Back To 1930s
Gap Between Rich And Poor Never Greater

UN Infects Haiti With Cholera Superbug

During the Haitian disaster, a hyper-virulent form of cholera broke out killing 7,000 with over 500,000 infected.

UN peacekeepers brought it from Nepal, but deny it

"What scares me is that the strain from South Asia has been recognized as more virulent, more capable of causing severe disease, and more transmissible...these strains are nasty...Haiti now represents a foothold for...this deadly disease," said John Mekalanos, head of the Dept. of Microbiology at Harvard Medical School.

"It's outrageous for the UN to try to deny responsibility for bringing cholera to Haiti," said Mark Weisbrot of the Center for Economic Research. "Was it gross negligence on their part? This is one of the questions they won't have to answer if they can sweep this whole thing under the rug."

The UN is well known to be a derelict and now a dangerous organization to boot. The denial by the UN is typical of the irresponsible attitude we see routinely exposed at the organization. Riddled with scandal, corruption, and anti-American sentiment the UN continues to trudge toward irrelevancy.

Isn't it time the USA pull out, stop funding the menace, wind-down this threat to the world?

Greek Parents Dumping Kids Onto Streets

A disturbing, but not unexpected trend is developing in Greece. Parents becoming destitute due to the rapidly bankrupting country are starting to push their own kids into the streets because they "can't afford them".

Four-year-old Anna was found by a teacher clutching a note that read: 'I will not be coming to pick up Anna today because I cannot afford to look after her. Please take good care of her. Sorry.'

Greek pharmacists revealed the country had almost run out of aspirin. The government was engaged in price-controls over medicines, so suppliers simply started to sell and deplete supplies outside of Greece.

Greece is a perfect harbinger of what is happening in the USA and other western countries after decades of social engineering and spending. Greece has over half its working population on some kind of government program, and has engaged in strangling its private sector now to the point that it is no longer a sovereign nation.

Watch now as the Greek people pay the ultimate price of poverty, disease, and death. The USA is facing the same fate, it's just a matter of time as poverty, homeless, jobless records climb. Obama did promise change, this blogger wonders if voters guessed what 'kind' of change he had in mind?

German Recession Fears Are Back
Obama Illegal Uncle On Welfare Goes After DUI Arresting Cop
Homeless Children Record High Under Obama
Abandoned Baby Found In DC Occupy Tent
Obama Formerly Requests $1.2T Debt Ceiling Hike

Atheists Scared Of Tim Tebow

Tim Tebow is 'openly Christian', a dirty word these days, especially among self-described atheists.

Tebow gets on a knee during NFL football games and says a little prayer, a gesture feared by the mouth-breathing anti-diety crew. Atheists would prefer Tebow beat dogs, or swap wives like the other players do, apparently.

The Tebow knee gesture has gotten so popular, that kids have adopted it as a kind of homage to the winning quarterback for the Denver Broncos. The affectionate name is "Tebowing". And it is driving David Silverman, president of American Atheists up a wall.  Silverman's whining includes calling Tebow "full of crap".

Appropriately countering the cry-baby Davey Silverman is Michele Combs, spokeswoman for the Christian Coalition who says “I think that atheists just need to get over it...He’s a Christian giving his ability to God. What’s wrong with that?”

Whats wrong with that? Well Davey and his sorry band of hell-bounders prefer football sans religion; religion scares the bejesus out of them. Remember, these are the guys that are just supposed to be watch-dogging separation of church and state. Not out there bashing one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL simply because the guy has a moral compass.

Exposed! Caught! The real Davey Silverman is just a femme ankle-biter after all.   Hey Dave, real men play football, they don't sit on a couch and snipe at the players.

Poll: Tim Tebow Favorite Pro Athlete...
Poll: 43% Believe God Helps Tebow Win
CBS Wants Tebow On Broadcast Team
Tebow Declines CBS Invite

UK Breakup To Beat EU Breakup

The 300-year-old Union with England and Scotland has been tenuous for years. The latest effort by the current PM of Scotland, a fierce nationalist, to vote on partition was planned for the 700-year anniversary of the Battle of Bonnockburn. The battle was the only time Scotland won one against the Britons, one in which Robert the Bruce put an axe to Sir Henry de Bohun blunting the superior forces of the Brits.

But it seems the Scots have benefited more than the Britons have over the years, and so the vote to split is often seen as a feigning move by the Scots to 'get stuff', rather than to actually leave the marriage.

Put up or shut up says England's David Cameron. After years of threatening to vote on partition, PM David Cameron has issued a fun challenge to the PM of Scotland, First Minister Alex Salmond daring him to go to the polls now, within 18 months, rather than wait till 2014.

The EU is also machinating toward a divorce.  The Europeans are entertaining if not pathetic, aren't they?  Remember the recent spat between France's Sarkhozy and PM Cameron over EU finances?

My my, after centuries of wars, millions slaughtered, those goofy Euro's do seem to have one speed - chaos.

UK Police Smuggle Fake Bomb Onto Olympic Site
English Voters Want Split More Than Scots

Asian Customer Complains: 'My name isn't lady chinky eyes'

Papa Johns corporate has issued an apology after an employee wrote 'lady chinky eyes' on a customer order.  Minhee Cho spotted the predilection after glancing at the printed receipt.

Minhee got on Twitter and tweeted: 'Hey @PapaJohns just FYI my name isn't 'lady chinky eyes''. It seems Minhee is an investigative journalist and knew where to punch the errant corporate jugular.

Papa Johns took quick notice writing 'We are very sorry for this incident & would like to contact you to apologize,' the company Tweeted and Facebook'd.

Well, Minhee, push for free pizza for life, get yourself a franchise out of it, something. After all, next to getting a pizza with bad cheese or a burnt crust, this should lead to something more than an easy online apology.

No one likes to be called chinky eyes - what is a chinky eye anyway?  The word isn't in my spellchecker.

Sir Ian McKellen: 'no doubt' Shakespeare Was Gay

Gay liberals seem to find 'gayness' historians have missed.   Gaydar, as the saying goes, allows gays to spot gay in other presumed gays, even across the expanse of centuries of time.

The shame associated with being wrong doesn't stop them.  Oh no, a book must be written, a comment made, by the famous and infamous liberal seers.  Often gay themselves, they pull from the closets of yore a 'fancy-boy' few suspected - delighting few.

Abraham Lincoln has withstood the gay charge on and off over the decades. Long after he saved the union, some insisted young Abe was a switch hitter. As the yarn goes, though Abe courted prominent females like his future wife, Mary Todd, he would later saunter back to the boarding house to 'lay with men' living a presumed double-life. Naturally no proof, no letter, no pining note, not even a pair of soiled underwear was ever found.

Was William Shakespeare, the bard of Stratford-upon-Avon, light in the loafers?  Though well 'wived' up, and spawning a good number of offspring, according to Sir Ian McKellen (Gandalf), Bill sported a fancy for the male members of his staff. Sorta like Gov. Jim McGreevey of New Jersey.

C'mon, can we stop this nonsense? Is it possible that famous shakers from the past boringly stuck to the opposite sex?  Why is it necessary to play that 'dirty trick on the dead' and find a gay-gene where none existed?

In the mind of the liberal, nothing is truth, everything is open to revision.  The sanitation of political correctness reeks of absurdity.

Henry VIII Bastard Daughter Bypassed As Queen
Abe Lincoln's High Voice Speeches
Shakespeare's Death Mask Displayed For First Time

Education Subverted In Tucson Halted By State

The Arizona Department of Education  slashed state funding intended for the Tucson School District for not complying with state law over its hyper-controversial Mexican-American revisionist studies program.

The Arizona law specifically bans classes that promote the overthrow of the U.S. government, foster resentment on racial basis, and are designed for students of a specific ethnic background. All these elements are in the Tucson curriculum.

Now an administrative law judge has sided with the state, and the funding is to be retroactively slashed to last August - denying $4.9 million in funds to Tucson or 10% of their budget. Now the district has until June to eliminate the nasty program, or face another $14 million in cuts.

The Tuscon situation may be the opening salvo in a non-shooting war that is being waged by Latino groups, like La Raza. The idea that large portions of the southwestern United States be returned to a renamed super-territory called Aztlan as the red portion of the map above shows.

The deluge of illegals into California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas has given hint that a soft-war is taking place, and willing Democrats and other radical left-wingers are ready allies in this 'revolution'.

Georgia Judge Blocks Obama From Ballot

On the day Obama bulldozed over Congress and made his unprecedented, and unconstitutional power grab, fun news has arrived.

A decision by a process judge in Georgia has dismissed Obama's motion to prevent his name from being struck from the 2012 state ballot.

“Deputy Chief Judge Michael Malihi in the Office of State Administrative Hearings denied a motion by Obama asking to dismiss the complaint that seeks to keep his name off the state ballot during the March presidential primary. The judge’s decision now sets the stage for a Jan. 26 hearing on the issue in Fulton County,” reports the Columbus Ledger-Enquirer.

“I can now depose Obama and everybody else (i)nvolved without any impediment,” says California attorney Orly Taitz who filed the action on behalf of Georgia residents.

Oh man, this is getting to be fun now. The birth certificate Obama gleefully posted soon after Donald Trump made headlines re-energizing the 'birther' charge has also been examined by forensic experts. Just as the Certificate Of Live Birth Obama originally posted on his campaign site in 2008 was discovered to be a forgery, likewise, the birth certificate Obama offered has even deeper issues.

Obama has never been 'forced' to provide a document, or an explanation, or evidence of any kind to a court appointed expert.  The question is still burning in some.  Astoundingly the 'issue' remains even after nearly a full term in office - was Obama born in the USA.

GA Judge Orders Obama To Appear At Hearing
Obama Fails To Show At Hearing

Poll: Economists Say Obama Stinks

The left-leaning Associated Press is out with a poll surveying thirty-six professionals in finance and economics on how Obama has done as 'commander of the economy'.

Half rated Obama as 'fair', a third say he is 'poor', just five said he is 'good', none rated him as excellent.

Asked about the 2012 jobs picture? Unemployment will stay high, dropping no lower than 8.4% by Election Day. Caveat: see Real Jobless Rate.

Most people get it now.  The latest Gallup Poll shows more than 60% say Obama's spending is a failure.  And fully 72% say the country is going in the wrong direction.  No wonder Obama is not running on his record.

Well, you can be sure Obama will try to lean on the bogus jobless numbers from US Labor, which are not accurate.  And you can be assured Obama will be 'diverting' attention from his poll numbers, his abysmal record, and his insistence on doing everything wrong - why not - he has an election to win, right?

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