First Gay Divorce Granted In Colorado

Confused?  So is the Angle.

The Gay Marriage mess extends largely because the entire premise of marriage sanctioned by government has entangled people, their religions, and their need to have legal contracts between them when forming a household - despite their sexual preferences.

That's why only 13 states have some form of legal marriage and/or civil unions for gays.   Will gays one day be able to get married and divorced in all the states in the same way as straights?  No one can say for sure.

But for now, the quagmire is deep and the hassles large for gays.

Colorado passed a civil union law on May 1.  The law is pretty broad, so broad that it allows out of state gay marriages to be both recognized and dissolved by Colorado family law courts.  And that's exactly what Juli Yim and Lorelei Jones who wed in Massachusetts in 2009 and moved to Colorado, did.

Apparently Ms Yim found someone new in Colorado and wanted out of her MA marriage to Ms. Jones.  Colorado doesn't have gay marriage, Ms Yim will not be able to remarry in Colorado should she and her new flame heat up to the point of permanency.

Clear now?