Rage Ridden Rabble Threaten To Kill Romney

The 60s anti-war movement pitted left-wing radicals against left-winger war mongers in the Johnson administration.

The Occupy goofs raped each other and broke windows before withering when winter hit.  Occupy didn't know that Obama's class-warfare rhetoric is puny political demagoguery.

After four years and three debates the embattled Obama has run his clock out.

Is anyone surprised Obama's gnomes are making death threats against Romney as the momentum shifts?  Losing is unthinkable for the Messiah apparently.

The libbie-media's double standard downplays the buzz naturally - their 'narrative' has no room for the tawdry reactions of the rage ridden rabble.

Obama's administration has a record going after veterans and peaceful American dissenters. But so far the Secret Service seems limp on the Twitter threats.

The violence card is one of the many played from the bottom of the Democrat's deck of cards.

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The 2012 October Surprise Revealed

Just after the 1972 Nixon v McGovern presidential election a grim tradition callously coined the 'October Surprise'  was born.

The 11th hour game changer captivates those who crave sudden reversals of fortune.  The whole thing is as insidious, tawdry, and under-handed as the sneak attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941

The critical 2012 election may see an October Surprise but then again maybe not.  Pundits, prattlers and talking head getting paid to be right are usually wrong. Here are the three leading contenders as of Oct 22.
  1. Gloria Allred - ambulance chasing left-wing tort maven and menace from Los Angeles.  Gloria is a turd.  And we don't mean that in a kind way.   She gets the dirt from 'clients' or 'sources' as she describes them and farts out the tidbits in a critically timed way in order to exact maximum damage - like about week before an election.  BREAKING NEWS: Allred is headed to Boston to unseal testimony Mitt Romney gave in a court case in Boston.  Laughably this is about a divorce and a woman spurned.  The CEO of Staples and his wife got a divorce and Romney testified what the stocks value was at the time of settlement.  Wow, this one is a stinger - NOT.
  3. Donald Trump - mogul, mouthy, malleable, shape shifter.   BREAKING NEWS: Does Trump have Obama's school and passport records?  Trump offers $5 million to Obama's charity of choice if Obama releases his records before October 31st.  Or what?

  4. Breitbart - For a few weeks www.breitbart.com has been toying with the idea that Obama will attack Iran as an October Surprise.  The theory assumes this will benefit Obama in some way.  Well today they are running a top site story that seems to give evidence Obama will do exactly that just days before the big day.  Wow!
Now that the bulk of surprises are known for October does anyone care?  Gloria Allred is a troll.  Donald Trump seems to have something but does anyone really care the Obama's are like the Clinton's?  A window dressing marriage for politics?  Seems kinda small compared to the ugly debt and wars Obama has left Romney with in 2013.

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Obama Romney Rumble Round Two

Obama was aggressive, pushy, rude, defensive, full of campaign slogans, talking points, and even lied a few times.  Obama suddenly forgot about the dead ambassador video-blame-game gambit he ran. 

Candy Crowley conjured a couple of stinging follow-ups targeting Obama. Had she come to be a pro and not a partisan?  Oops Crowley joined Obama in the big lie - Obama did NOT, repeat, NOT say the ambassador death was an act of terror.

Romney wasn't markedly different than the first debate.   The venture capitalist turned politician repeated why he wants to be president - to make jobs.  Romney pounded Obama's record and asked rhetorically whether Obama wanted to stick to his big lie about Benghazi.  Obama said to check the transcript.  We did, Obama lied.

The two men circled each other across the floor, gesturing angrily with facial twists and fingers pointed.  Crowley interrupted the flow checking Romney without reason and allowing Obama to interrupt Romney 30:1 times.  And reminded viewers about her liberal bias and willingness to be an ally to the embattled Obama.

Since Obama got louder, angrier, and more physical his 'bots' will insist he won.  But Obama didn't convince the independent voters to ignore his record and reelect him, so he lost.  After all the whole purpose of these debates are to go after the critical undecided independents.

And so it goes.  The polls will poll and the pundits will prattle - but twenty days and two-hundred million votes from now only one man will be standing.  And that's how it's always been.

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Warning: Crimean-Congo Fever Kills First Human

Mankind will be wiped out by nature herself.

The newest virus symptoms are the same as flu.  Sudden intense headache, high fever, joint pain, stomach pain and vomiting - just like when you binge-drank your brain into oatmeal pancakes at parties as a teen.

But this is no party hangover. Crimean-Congo Viral Hemorrhagic Fever is fatal. The first guy in Britain to get the thing just died. He was bitten by a tick while visiting a relative in Afghanistan.

Professor John Oxford from University of London is a world authority on epidemics.  He warns there will be an animal-originated pandemic with worldwide scourge force in the next five years. And it will kill millions.

Not news, but the clock is ticking.  More and more ferocious viral and bacterial infections are brewing in animals and jumping the barrier to humans.  And those under 30 will die first. Why? An immune system response called ‘cytokine storm.' The younger have strong immune systems that will react too fast to the invader and literally cook them to death.

Not much of a consolation is it...  So the question on doomsday pandemic is not if, but when, and when is less than a decade away. 

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Babbling Joe Biden Blows Debate

The 'Clash in Kentucky' proved just how deeply senile and immature Joe 'one ball' Biden is in real life.

in contrast Ryan showed how patient, sharp, fact-filled, and funny he is.

The 90 minutes was filled cringing as Biden vomited in his own mouth.  The old man wasn't funny.  In fact, he didn't show up to debate.

The snarling, capped tooth, scared dog spin machine was let out in full force. Biden bullied, interrupted, spun, lied, finger waved and smirked his way through the night.

As one writer put it, Biden's behavior mimicked the entire Obama/Biden tenure in office.  In the end, Biden's 'show', and the biased host sitting idly by while he carried out his antics made the whole thing more a spectacle than an exercise in providing voters with information.

Checking with Biden before the debate might have saved air-time since bloviating Joe was not showing up to defend or explain his record it became quickly clear.

Ryan had to fight through the interruptions to get out the positions Romney/Ryan are offering.

Voters will just need to decide for themselves whether Obama/Biden's record is worth rewarding the pair with another term.

After all, Biden proved no one else could be worse, this guy should have stayed in the Senate.  But most of us already knew that.

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California Gas Gouging Greenbacks

WTF is happening to gas prices in California?  Gas has spiked a buck in a week and now hovers over $5 for regular - a pair of records breached in the last two days alone.


The pundits, pontificators, prattlers and pawns come a running when stuff like this happens.  But none of them have the causes correctly cornered.

The brutal truth is California cuts their own throats every chance they get.  Under an attorney general in California refineries were being sued and shutdown between 2007 and 2011 - his name was Jerry Brown!

California hates oil, nuclear power, and just about anything that keeps things running smoothly.  And from time to time, like now, they pay a big price for their idiocy.  What's extra fun is how the goofs can't figure out why all of this is going on.  Talking heads are blaming a couple of refinery fires, laughing.

California is special all right.  After decades of so-called environmental activism the state has put themselves into a fragile and dangerous predicament.  Gasoline in California is blended in a particular way just for them - so when supply gets tight they have no where else to turn.

Californians always pay the nations highest for their fuel in large part because they actually ship their own oil to Japan to be refined, then have it shipped back in a 'special blend' gasoline.  The costs are ludicrous of course - all avoidable.

Have fun California, frankly, no one outside your state feels one ounce of pity for you.  You do it to yourselves!

Another Overnight Price Hike

7.8%? Why Not 4.8% Or Even 1.8%?

Where did 7.8% come from? Out of the proverbial ass of US Labor Secretary Hilda Solis?

The Labor department 'art' in determining a jobless rate is so tattered and revisions so common all credibility has been lost.

Less than 50% of the workforce has a full time job. Counting part-time workers you still only get to 62.3% and suddenly a 3-tick drop in one month in the jobs rate!

The real jobless rate is stubbornly closer to 12% when adding back workers leaving the workforce due to lack of jobs.

The current jobs report shows a meager 114,000 jobs created less than half what's needed just to break even.  Taken alone the jobless rate would have risen back to 8.2%.

Hilda is serving horse-shit in a seven-layer salad folks.  And Obama is lurking in the alley snickering. So where does Hilda get the ingredients to brew her tale of magic jobs recovery?

Solis appeared on CNBC this morning anticipating the expected push-back from this crazy report.  She contended 90,000 private sector jobs were found suddenly.  And an alleged 600,000 part-time jobs were part of a massive three-month 'revision' piled on the mess.   Worse, Solis characterized as private sector jobs a 91,000 increase in government jobs.   The numbers are such a jumble that even the left-leaning media hobbits at CNBC can't even figure them out.

CNBC told Solis the investor audience doesn't buy the numbers.  Solis retorts 'You know, I'm insulted when I hear that because we have a very professional, civil service organization...it's really ludicrous to hear that kind of statement...'

What's that smell that smells?  The pungent odor of corruption and snarkingly obvious timing to get a critical number no one buys 31 days out?  Maybe...

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Romney's Rumble In The Rockies

The debate, the debate, Obama's presidency for a debate...

Obama muttered arrogantly a few days ago he didn't have time to prepare for the debate.  It showed.  And today the left-wingers are kinda pissie - even more than usual.

The Hollywood celebrabots were busy tweeting their own version of 'vomiting on your shoes' using Twitter.  Here are a few gems.

Bette Midler throws in towel for 2012 opening a campaign for Gore in 2016: 'Gore 2016!!!!!'

Al Gore rising with the warm air angle says Obama was affected by the altitude in Denver.

Bill Maher stating the obvious (remember he blew $1m on Ohouseboy):  'i can’t believe i’m saying this, but Obama looks like he DOES need a teleprompter'

Samuel L Jackson is black, racist, cult-like in denial:  'What Really happened tonite?! NOBODY changed who they’re voting for!! NOBODY!!!'

James Carville always sprite with his southern verstion of reality:  'Romney came with a chainsaw'

Michael Moore brings his usual sarcasm:  'Michael Moore: 'This is what happens when u pick John Kerry as your debate coach'

Finally the rapper Lil Jon offers his cogent, concise, convictive, crackerjack calculation in the tweet:
Lil Jon curse

Obama Sending Volts Not Guards To Embassies

The ambassador killing in Libya is symbolic of Obama's mishandling of the Middle East.  A slowly building sense of outrage is emerging as we all learn how Obama is manifesting his dangerous view that Islamo-Fascists can be reasoned with, even appeased.

Romney spanked Obama resoundingly in last nites Denver debate.

Obama started to sputter 'corporate welfare' nonsense on oil subsidies.  Romney quickly pinpointed Obama's double standard regarding 'green energy' give-a-ways.

Obama has blown $100 billion bucks on a dozen bankrupt green companies.  Most often Obama's political pals are recipients of much of that cash given their connections to failures like Solyndra, Fisker and Evergreen Technology.

But the central symbol of Obama's failed green push is the GM Volt.  By any standard the Volt is an epic automotive failure.  Obama has both propped up the mother company and wasting billions more taxpayer cash buying Volts himself.

Under Leon Panetta the Pentagon has ordered 1,500 Chevy Volts as part of the DoD 'green initiatives' program. There is a DoD green initiatives program? Yep. And while Obama is slashing both DoD spending and Embassy security funding Volts are being sent to Embassies instead of Marines and guards.

Anyone wanna bet the dead Ambassador would have chosen a few Marine guards over a Chevy Volt?

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