File iPhone Cupholder Under Bad Idea

A week ago the Angle covered an absurd kiddie potty fitted with an iPad.  Today a Dutch company has announced yet another idiotic attempt to tailgate on an Apple product.

Voila!  Cast your eyes on the iPhone cupholder complete with counter-balance and a case that lets you mount it on your belt.  The message?  Texting can't wait, not even for a cup of latte.

Natwerk (translated 'not gonna work') spokesman Kristian van Kuijk said: 'We thought it would really be handy especially for people that text, Twitter or Facebook a lot while drinking wouldn't work if you use your phone for calling, but you wont be needing two hands then either.'

You won't be needing two hands for what? Gripping a scalding hot cup of coffee while texting that urgent tweet?

Ever heard the phrase a solution looking for a problem?  Well, the Dutch just reinvented it.  It might be time for the Nederlanders to go back and work on their levees instead.

Sao Paulo Adopts Heterosexual Pride Day

Sao Paolo now has an official Heterosexual Pride Day to be celebrated on the third Sunday of each December.

The legislation's author, Carlos Apolinario, said the idea for a Heterosexual Pride Day is "not anti-gay but a protest against the privileges the gay community enjoys."

The Brazilian Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Association criticized the legislation charging it could provoke homophobic violence. 

"The celebration of heterosexual pride is inappropriate because it belittles the just cause of the LGBT.  What cause is that?  To shove fudge-packing in front of kids but not sex between two people who don't  have the same genetalia?

How about stopping ALL the Pride parades?  And why did gays drop the word gay from their parade name anyway?

But hey, gays are getting special treatment. Want proof?  Look at their reaction to a straight parade.

Shock Jobless Rate Climbs After Election

Obama has made record poverty, food stamps, cronies payouts, union payouts, and job busting his grim legacy.  Negative GDP is back and the jobless claims climbed 10% pushing the jobless rate back to 7.9%.

Cities Most Jobless (% out of work):
  1. 32.4 El Centro, CA
  2. 29.4 Yuma, AZ
  3. 17.5 Merced, CA
  4. 17.0 Yuba City, CA
  5. 16.1 Stockton, CA
  6. 16.0 Modesto, CA
  7. 15.8 Fresno, CA
  8. 15.7 Visalia-Porterville, CA
  9. 15.3 Hanford-Corcoran, CA
  10. 14.9 Palm Coast, FL 
What is remarkable about this list? Eight of the ten are in triple-blue California.

 Lowest jobless cities:
  1. 3.0 Bismarck, ND
  2. 3.6 Lincoln, NE
  3. 3.9 Fargo, ND
  4. 4.4 Portsmouth, NH
  5. 4.5 Rapid City, SD
  6. 4.5 Sioux Falls, SD
  7. 4.6 Omaha-Council Bluffs, NE
  8. 4.6 Burlington, VT
  9. 4.8 Midland, TX
  10. 4.9 Houma-Bayou Cane-Thibodaux, LA
What is remarkable about these cities? Five of the ten are in red North and South Dakota.

California has the highest taxes, junk-bond credit rating, highest fees, highest debt/deficits, and worst schools.  The stock market rise is due to fantastic corporate P/E ratios and earnings - all thanks to laying people off.

Study: Largest U.S. Group Of Poor Kids Are Hispanics
9 Million Left Labor Force Under Obama

E. Coli On 50% of Shopping Carts

Researchers from the University of Arizona swabbed shopping cart handles in four states looking for bacterial contamination. Of the 85 carts examined, 72% turned out to have a marker for fecal bacteria.

The researchers took a closer look at the samples from 36 carts and discovered Escherichia coli, more commonly known as E. coli, on 50% of them — along with a host of other types of bacteria.

Reusable shopping bags also harbor nasty bacteria since people don't wash them enough.  The grocery store has more germs than a hospital emergency room.

25 Words Your Two-Year-Old Must Know

A good parent will not unduly pressure kids to excel.  A bad parent pushes their kids largely to satisfy a neurotic, pathetic, lack of self-achievement.

But all parents should watch for early signs of trouble. A group of researchers has a vocabulary list all two-year-old kids should command by age two.

The 25 ‘must have’ words are part of a larger list of 310 words they claim any parent can check in 10-minutes. And of the 310 words to know, 150 would be in the 'normal' kids repertoire. A 50-word limited vocabulary signals trouble.

Researchers say some kids are 'late talkers' but should still have speech skills by age three.  In all cases a parent should not wait till past age three to seek help of warranted.

Professor Rescorla, of Bryn Mawr College in Pennsylvania, tracked the progress of 78 two-year-olds for 15 years.

Late-talkers fared poorly in tasks that involved ‘verbal memory’. These kids had trouble listening to words, sentences, or numbers and being able to repeat them back readily. Verbal skills play prominently in all life-endeavors. Even if your chosen career is to be a relatively brain-dead Hollywood celebrity.

60% Born As Bastards

University of Minnesota Holds Orgasm Event

The decline of public education is not a mystery.

So it's no shocker to find a university in Minnesota paying a couple of narcissistic sex-addicts a hefty fee to 'train' female undergrads on the basics of seed spitt'n and how to unload their clown cars faster and with greater ease.

“Orgasm aficionados and beginners of all genders are welcome to come learn about everything from multiple orgasms to that mysterious G-spot,” reads the flyer posted in the student union.

“Whether you want to learn how to have your first orgasm, how to have better ones, or how to help you girlfriend, Kate and Marshall cover it all…”  But there is no mention of farm animals or free-giveaways.

The $4k to underwrite the 'event' comes from university research money.

Sex exspurt Marshall Miller, a self-proclaimed fan of John Kennedy's carnal exploits says there is no age limit.  Marshal's orgasm-talk includes role-playing, smells, you show me yours I'll show you mine, hardcore pillow talk, mutltimedia (codeword for porn), and a deeply satisfying Q&A session.  Oh and there is no mention of bringing your own gear so best pack a supply of handi-wipes and goggles just in case.

Both of these goons have done this before in other places. . Still isn't wasting university money on such silliness unproductive and wrong? You be the judge.

Short Guys Get Less
Weiner's Weighing Return
Good Male Dancers Get The Girls 
Premature Ejac Doc Shot

Jimmy Carter Legacy of Folly, Fanatics, and Failure

Jimmy Carter was and still remains a friend to dictators worldwide.

Carter even teamed up with radical groups like Hamas since his failed presidency in the late 70s ended.  Until Obama took his place in the cellar of presidential dregs, Carter had held that position.

Carter, 86, was to arrive in Havana on Monday for a three-day trip "to learn about new economic policies and the upcoming (Communist) Party congress...," said a statement from Carter spokeswoman.

Cuba ultimately added to Carter's re-election woes when the Cuban government, then led by Fidel Castro, allowed 125,000 boat people to flee to the United States, flooding Florida with illegals.

Carter is set to go to North Korea soon, a country that has nuclear weapons today thanks to him.

Carter's legacy:
  1. Invited Robert Mugabe to the White House in 1980 and fully supported this dictator's rise to power in Rhodesia.
  2. Aided Marxist Sandanista Daniel Ortega rise in Nicaragua.
  3. Urged the Shah of Iran to release radicals from prison who subsequently deposed him leading to radical Iran of today. 
  4. Instrumental in the rise to power of Hugo Chavez in Venezuela.
  5. Gave light water reactors to Marxist dictator Kim Jung Il of North Korea.
  6. Negotiated a failed arms control treaty with Leonid Brezhnev which showed weakness leading to the USSR attacking Afghanistan.
  7. Fought Congress to restore military aid to Turkey who soon after attacked Cyprus. Turkish occupation forces remain there to this day.
  8. Opposed a UN call to impose sanctions against the apartheid regime in South Africa. The delay caused thousands to die.
  9. When Zaire rebelled against their brutal and corrupt dictator Mobutu Sese Seko, Carter ordered the U.S. air force to fly in Moroccan troops to crush the popular uprising and save the regime.
  10. Was a strong supporter of Philippine dictator Fernando Marcos, Pakistani General Zia al Huq, Saudi King Faud and many other dictators. 
  11. Began NAFTA development, passed CRA which with Subprime at Fannie Mae led to today's housing crash.
  12. Handed Reagan an economy with annual inflation rate of 12%, a jobless rate of 8%, a weak dollar, a doubling of the debt, and a prime rate of 18%.
  13. Gas lines, a weakened dollar because Carter had not addressed foreign oil dependency.  Carter's solution to his oil crises was to demand the public turn down their thermostats.
Carter has been spending the last two decades attacking the US in books and on camera. And now his grandson is playing gotcha politics.  

Fascist Shake-Down In New York City

Some wonder how fascism overcame the Italians, French, and Germans in the 1930s.  The answer is - one tiny step at a time.

Today at the U.S. Conference Of  Mayors a fatuous fascist shake-down happened to Talk Radio Network reporter Jason Mattera.

Mattera had the 'gall' to ask Mayor Bloomberg “In the spirit of gun control, will you disarm your entire security team?” Bloomberg’s fumbled: “Uh, you, we’ll get right back to you.”

“Why can you defend yourself but not the majority of Americans?” Mattera insisted. “Look at the team of security you’ve got. And you’re an advocate for gun control?”  No answer from Bloomberg.

As Mattera walks away one of Bloomberg's 'guards', an Officer Stockton NYPD, stops Mattera and asks to see his photo ID. Mattera complies and as Stockton copies the ID Mattera objects and walks away again. Mattera is then chased by the cop who now demands to know his date of birth. Mattera refuses to answer and begins to worry about his safety.

Not quite a Gestapo molestation but awfully close considering the DIRECT and EXPLICIT rights the press have to ask ANY question of ANY public figure they deem appropriate.

San Diego Police Chief: We Can Disarm Americans Within a Generation
3-Year-Old Held Down By Mom For Tattoo

Drunk Fiance Runs Over Man After Naked Romp

A young soon to be married couple from the desert area near Victorville, CA were drunk, naked and had just finished doing the nasties when tragedy struck.

Alberto Giovanni Bravo, 30 jumped from the Honda Civic both occupied at around 1 AM and started to walk in front of the car. His unnamed fiance scooted her naked rear into the drivers seat and stepped on the gas.

Alberto rolled violently onto the hood. His fiance panicked slamming on the brakes and darted at an angle crossing the street striking a fence.

The California Highway Patrol arrived and had Alberto airlifted to get critical hospital care.

'Part of this investigation is of a sensitive nature and still under investigation,' said CHP spokesman Matt Hunt. 'Until that portion of the investigation is cleared up, we will be holding off on releasing the name.'

The 'sensitive' part is about the cops trying to figure out what the two were doing and why they were both naked and drunk running around in the middle of the night. On top of the obvious problems Alberto's fiance with multiple charges of Driving While Naked, Driving While Drunk and Driving Over A Fiance.

Many, many, many errors in judgement surround this brazen case.

Office Narcissists And Psychopaths
The iPhone Penis App

Gallup: Abortion All Over The Map

Abortion is a stain on our era - future generations will disapprove and may even regard us as barbaric.

Just last year 61% of American adults including some who describe themselves as 'pro-choice' say abortion should be illegal in all or most circumstances.

But something has changed post election.

Today, just 52% feel abortion is wrong and should be limited.  So what's going on?  Are people more angry, calloused, and cowardly now that Obama go in again?

Or are people more worried about losing their gun rights instead.

Skin Bleaching Rips Thru Jamaica Slums

Mikeisha Simpson is a 23-year-old in a ghetto in Kingston, Jamaica.  Poor and very black she hopes to transform her dark complexion to a cafe-au-lait-color. She believes a fairer skin could be her ticket to a better life.

Hardcore bleachers use illegal ointments smuggled into the Caribbean country that contain toxins like mercury, a metal that blocks production of melanin, which give skin its color, but can also be toxic and carcinogenic.

"I know of one woman who started to bleach her baby"  said Neil Persadsingh, a leading Jamaican dermatologist.

Blacks want to be white, whites want to be tanned, and Asians just want male babies.  Humans are strange.

Burger King Customer Buried With Whopper

Burger King makes a pretty damn good burger.  The 'other' burger-joint guys use a different meat patty and cook it under a flash-char-broiling machine.

And that unique taste combination of bun, char-fired meat, a little lettuce and a tomato without special sauce is what made David S. Kime Jr. of Manchester, PA coming back, even after death.

Daughter Linda Phiel recalled, 'His version of eating healthy was the lettuce on the Whopper Jr.'  So when, at 88, Dave joined the Burger King drive-thru in the sky he wanted the living to sample his cuisine at his funeral.

The funeral train went to Burger King on Dave's dying wish and picked up 40 orders of delectable delights and got him his last Whopper Jr.

Food choices were a bone of contention between Dave and his daughter. After a few years of trying to keep dad on a 'healthy' diet Dave bolted. 'He would say, 'I won't live longer, it will just seem like it because I'll be more miserable faster,' Phiel said.

So Dave began his love affair with Burger King and forced daughter, Linda, to drop that last sack of burger and fries on top of his casket as it was being lowered into the ground. Betcha Ronald McDonald won't take a Big Mac with him.

As Dave himself aptly noted, when you get to be 88 you should be able to do whatever you want even if what you want is to load up on butt-filling fries and sugar-soused sodas without and to the end.

Did Barney Frank Fart On Live TV?

Rep. Barney Frank was talking about jobs and unemployment on Rachael Maddow's rarely watched broadcast when a loud, blunt-force, old-gay-man's, flatulent, ass-tuba, B-Flat note sailed out on live air.

You be the judge:
Rachel, I think we have to figure out what we do from here and you’re right, we’ve got to get some jobs
[... B-Flat frang …]
And we have to deal with the debt and there’s one way to do it …
Given lithping Fwank's special role as banking chair during the subprime collapse the abuse from him seems to have no end..  Suggestion Barney, go see a proctologist about tightening up that back door will ya, the public really doesn't want to hear it.

Giant Rats Infest Brooklyn Public Housing

A giant rat killed by pitchfork in Marcy Houses, Brooklyn is believed to be a Gambian Pouched Rodent Gigantia.

The snarly creature was covered in white fur and looked well-fed. Weighing at at 40 lbs and a full three feet long including a hideously long dangling tail.

And it's not the only one. Observed in a rat hole last week, three came running out - so many more are lurking in rat-packs.

"I hit it one time and it was still moving," Fernando Rivera said. "I hit it another time and that's when it died.

Imports of the species have been banned since 2003, when they were blamed for a monkeypox outbreak that sickened 100 people in the US.

Oprah's Foreskin Problem

Protestors in Canada are planning to disrupt Oprah's appearance in Vancouver because she endorses SkinMedica, a face cream made from the circumcision foreskin remnants of newborn males.

Vancouver 'foreskin awareness' activist Glen Callender wants Oprah to fess up. Glen says Oprah campaigns against 'female circumcision' in Africa - a mutilation performed by Muslim fathers to make sure their daughters never enjoy sex.

Does Glen have a point?  No.

SkinMedica says it's true the company 'harvests' stem cells from a chunk of foreskin, but they are using a single, original lump of tissue taken 20 years ago. The company says they are not scouring hospital dumpsters looking for more.

Glen says he doesn't care, 'I would like Oprah to come to her senses and realize that all children have a fundamental human right to keep all their genitalia and to decide for themselves if anything gets cut off.'

What skin does Glen really have in the game, anyway?  When did the little hoodie part of the penis protrudes qualify as genitalia? Glen needs to get a real job.

Oprah does carry a lot of weight, but she is safe on this one.

Circumcision Facts
Wives Of Plastic Surgeons Hooked
Oregon To Make Cigs Prescription Only

Trucker Blows Up Like Balloon

A  truck driver said he blew up like a balloon when he tripped and fell onto an active compressed air hose.  The fitting pierced his buttock forcing air into his body at 100 psi.

Steven McCormack of Whakatane, New Zealand said, 'I felt the air rush into my body and I felt like it was going to explode from my foot, I was blowing up like a football...I had no choice but just to lay there, blowing up like a balloon.'

OSHA says new bi-lingual labels will be forced onto manufacturers.  'Warning: Do Not Sit On, Mount Or Otherwise Insert, Place, Or Position Air Hose Near Or Proximal To Any Orifice, Opening Or Entry Way Anywhere, At Any Time On Your Person.'

Federally Funded Gay Penis Size Study

The National Institutes of Health paid for a study to determine if a gay man’s penis size has a correlation with sexual position.

Cost?  $4.8 million.

Among the key findings: Those gay men who felt they had small or inadequate penis sizes were more likely to become “bottoms,” or anal receptive, while gay men with larger penises were more likely to identify themselves as “tops,” or anal assertive.

Obama and the Democrats are hiking taxes.  And now we know why.

Obama Funds Erectile Dysfunction Research

Women In Combat: Naked, Stinky And Dead

Obama's 'progressive' move to turn the military into a gay and women's summer romp at Yosemite Park has gotten the attention of a few vets.

‘Marines [got] dysentery from the complete lack of sanitary conditions. When an uncontrollable urge hit a Marine, he would be forced to stand, as best he could, hold an MRE bag up to his rear, and defecate inches from his seated comrade's face,’ one combat Marine recounts.

‘My unit stood there in a walled-in compound in Baghdad, naked, sores dotted all over our bodies, feet peeling, watching our suits burn. Later, they lined us up naked and washed us off with pressure washers,’ he continued.

Women can probably do all of that too. The bigger question is why would they want to...

Warfare is not a new idea, and it won't be going away anytime soon. So let's bring the women in and see how well they fit in the body bags - and we all thought women were smarter.

Seat Belts Are Baby Killers

Car safety in it's current form is a two-edged sword.  People have been lulled and even conned into thinking seat belts and airbags make a safer ride.

Eight-month-old Tabitha Markle was declared dead after firefighters were unable to cut the infant loose from her seat after her family's SUV plummeted through thin ice on Lake Minnetonka, Minnesota. Little Tabitha's mother and 2-year-old sister escaped and swam ashore.

Isolated or freak accident?  Hardly.

Airbags are so dangerous to kids that the law now requires them to be seated in the back.  Retraction failure and unlatching are common seat belt malfunctions. And since seat belts restrict movement many defeat them by creating slack reclining the seat a bit or wearing the belt portion only.

Seatbelts also fail to prevent ejection in at least 25% of rollovers. And of course if the crash is severe seat belts snap your spine and neck as they pin just a portion of your body to the seat. And finally these devices often cause some drivers to take extra risk and drive more wrecklessly because they think they are 'protected' from severe injury.

So whats the alternative? Well you get fined for not wearing them. And you can't even turn off the airbags at all.  Maybe the answer is to drive defensively and always be sober?

Note people accept 50,000 deaths per year on the highways yet get crazy over handguns which kill less than 3,000 and that includes police shooting perps. Is Dianne Feinstein introducing a bill today to ban cars too?

10 Years From TB And STD Holocaust
1 Year Korea Hits San Francisco Target

Vegas Man Refuses 100-Pound Scrotum Removal

Wesley Warren Jr. has gotten a lot of public scorn because he turned down a costly surgery offered to him gratis..

Wesley has a scrotum weighing north of 100-pounds.

Vegas MDs guessed three distinct diagnosis:  scrotal elephantiasis, scrotal lymph-edema, or scrotal edema.

Physicians told Warren the procedure would cost $1 million.  So, Wesley turned to shock jock Howard Stern. Stern never misses a freak-show so Wesley was put on air immediately.

Oddly, Warren decided to keep the groin-monsters which he says defines him now. See Wesley Refuses Free Surgery Drugged By The Fame Of His Infamous Nutsack.

Giant Big Danglers - YouTube
Women Describes Giant Scrotum - YouTube
Giant Sheep Balls - YouTube
Big Furry Monkey Clinkers - YouTube

NASA Blows Hole In Global Warming Myth

NASA satellite data from the years 2000 through 2011 show the Earth's atmosphere is losing heat to space at an accelerated pace.

"The satellite observations suggest there is much more energy lost to space during and after warming than the climate models show," said Dr. Roy Spencer, principle scientist at the University of Alabama in Huntsville.

The Earth is cooling, not warming.

Real-world measurements are proving climate-change models incorrect. The Earth is not trapping heat, and not being ill-affected by greenhouse gases being generated by man.

Consider the stunning findings from the world's top physics facility which concludes the Sun is source of warming on Earth: CERN: Global Warming Caused by Sun.

And Al Gore has exposed his ass like never before selling his bankrupt cable company to Al Jazeera and middle east oil barons.  Do you finally see the scam now?

Scientists Say Global Warming Hot Air
Alaska Biologist Who Documented Polar Bears' Demise A Fraud...
What Is A Global Warming Cultist?
5,000 New Climategate Emails Leaked
Brainwashing Campaign Launched By Cult Targets The Young
Arctic Ozone Hole Caused By COLD Weather

First Love, Then Marriage, Then Booze Binges

Women who marry suck the monkey (the 'monkey' was what sailors called the rum cask) much more than when single.

Yet men drink less.

Both sides jolt the juice more after divorce so sayeth researcher Corinne Reczek, professor of sociology at the University of Cincinnati.

Corinne says, ‘Stable marriage curbs men’s drinking yet is associated with a higher level of alcohol use among who fail to converge with their wives’ drinking habits in marriage may set a trajectory towards divorce and continued heavy drinking.'

The pontificating professor blames sober males who don't join their snockered spouses for breaking up the booze-broken union?

Men can't win. May as well stay off the Scotch and go golf. At least you can keep your balls at the end of the day that way.

Tipsy Trivia
CDC Stats
Biden 'Intoxicated' Over Idea Of 2016 Run
Are You Dysthymic Instead?

Stall Doors Removed To 'prevent student sex'

McKinney, Tx has removed the doors on all bathroom stalls at their high school.

The motive is in dispute. Students say it's because kids are doing 'the nasties' standing up. The school says it's because kids are 'fighting' over the toilets.

One student said ‘I’ve walked into the bathroom and seen girls in the bathroom with guys...I heard the reason they took (the doors) off was because they caught a freshman couple having sex in the bathroom.’

Okay assume both are correct. Still, does taking doors off toilet stalls make a solution? What about the hard-pressed student that wants to do nothing more than take a dump in private?

Blonde Crashes $1.15 Million In Exotic Cars

A hapless demimonde plowed $1.15 million bucks worth of the world's most exotic cars into a pitiful pile lodged in a Monoco turning circle.

Her $410,750 Bentley became one with a Mercedes, Ferrari, Porsche and Aston Martin.

But hey the monied maven's car cost more than all the others combined.

So isn't that the correct ratio?

Anyone question the efficacy of blond drivers, especially behind the wheel of a car costing more than a middle class tract house?

California Drives Phil Mickelson Out

Dummies dominate the states of California, Illinois and New York.  And France is filled with fools.  All those places have a hard-on for high income earners.

California's new high tax bracket is 13.3% (54% adding federal rates).  France elected socialists who tried to raise rates to 75% but the courts blocked it, for now.  The point of no return has been reached for a number of high income earners who have finally had enough.

Phil Mickelson's house, built on 4.55 acres in Rancho Sante Fe, Calif., is on the market for $7,095,000.  Sarkozy and Depardieu pulled up their tent stakes in France.  Not just rich individuals but businesses also rabbit from toxic taxation.

The extra fun part is how left-wingers deny it happens.  Sorta like the hit-and-run DUI guy that mows down a pedestrian blaming the brakes.  And even if you don't believe people and business run from high taxes you can't argue with the Laffer Curve and the optimal tax rate predictor for diminished revenue returns.

Tax hikes lower revenue.  But not right away.  It takes a little time for people and business to make their exit.  So the wealth-drain-lost-revenue effect is not immediate but inevitable nonetheless.

We who live in no tax states will take your unwashed wealthy and your jobs, junk bond California.  Thanks in advance.

Ten Towering Tax Effects
Amazon Tax Impact
Sales Tax Good-Bad-Ugly
Academic Says Mickelson 'Lucky' To Pay High Taxes
Academia Slammed By Obamacare 
Tiger In Florida Due To Taxes

252-Pound Porcine Pole Performer 'Feels Sexy'

Pounding, pumping, and pulling on the reinforced brass poll center-stage, LuAyne Barber - billed as 'Lulu' takes on all comers one-third her size.

The 26-year-old, who works at a Maryland car lot by day, has been pole dancing for five years. She says she was a competitive cheerleader in her 'early days'; must have been in her 'very' early days.

Bounding onto the platform, Lulu lifts, spins, slides, stands, grips, grinding all 252 pounds in a jaw-dropping defiance of mass over gravity, and stage-deforming pirouettes.

Back in the day, circus side shows were once home to the ladies like Lulu.  The circus is gone now so anything goes. You can't make this stuff up!

Even gay males are primping on the poles, proving the culture has clearly collapsed.  Nevermore the rooms full of cat-calling hetero-males oogling wintry women lathered wholly from a full night of  lusty lap-dances.  Tawdry burlesque has fallen into the dark depths of a bizarro world.

What's next?  Rented snakes and one-legged ballerinas?

Burlesque As It Once Was

World's Widest Hips Wider Than She Is Tall

Is it a shock to find the world's widest hips on a black female living in Los Angeles, Ca?  An astonishing 80% of black women in the U.S. over twenty are clinically obese.

Mikel Ruffinelli, left, is far wider than she is tall.  Standing just 5' 4" and tipping the scales at 420 pounds Mikel rounds the corners with seat sagging 8-foot-wide horde of hips!

Euphemisms like 'curvy' or 'shapely' or 'pleasingly plump' may be words to rationalize her disgusting malformation but strip away the political correctness and what you have is a freak of nature.

Mikel indulges in delusion regarding her condition, ‘I love my shape and I see no reason to diet because I don’t have health problems, men don’t fancy skinny girls, they like an hourglass figure.’

Even Mikel's hubby is in on the joke describing her disingenuously as sexy and beautiful. Good gravy...

No mystery why Mikel has attained planetary size. She snarks a full 3000 calories per day, twice what a women her age and height should be in-taking.  Admitting her diet consists of fried foods and sugary snacks the lumbering heart-attack-waiting-to-happen is willfully ignorant about her imminent diabetic comas.

Mikel is living a nightmare in denial.  Why would she lose the weight - if you don't admit it's broken why would it occur to you to fix it?

Calorie Calculator
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Body Talk Overrides Mouth
Michelle O Serves 3000 Calories At Inaugural Lunch 
Recession Makes You Fatter
Obese Man Dies Fused To Chair

50% Of U.S. Obese By 2020

Irony is millions steeped in an orgy of fat at the same time billions are lost in famine. Overweight and obese people worldwide are jamming the healthcare systems with preventable diseases.  And bragging about it.

Obesity will add an extra 7.8 million cases of diabetes, 6.8 million cases of heart disease and stroke, and 539,000 cases of cancer in the U.S. within the next two decades. Most among minorities, blacks and Hispanics.

Today, 32% of men and 35% of women are now obese in the U.S.
Obesity is costing an extra 2.6% in healthcare, or $66 billion per year in the U.S. alone.

Worldwide, 1 1/2 billion adults are overweight and 1/2 billion are obese, with 170 million children classified as overweight or obese. Obesity takes 2% to 6% of healthcare costs in most countries.

Healthcare and weight control are in crises.  Most overweight people are poor, and cannot afford to pay more for their healthcare, yet can still afford a truckload of fried junk food and twinkies. 

What's next rationing, food police, denial of medical care entirely?  What's your guess?

1 American Eats 1 Ton Of Food And 1 Gallon Of Soda Per Week
50% Of USA In Poverty

Martha Washington Left George Dead

George Washington's untimely death on December 14, 1799 was the result of quackery and not disease.

In Washington's day, 'medicine' was still a crude, quasi-science. Anesthesia was a mallet shot to the head, and the idea that disease was caused by microscopic animals was subject to ridicule.

So when George got a sore throat he couldn't shake he was 'bled' to death in the centuries failed method releasing 'humors' thought to congest the body.

Desperate to keep the great man from vanishing into history, architect William Thornton had a plan.

Thornton rushed to Washington's plantation to pitch his idea to Martha. Bill wanted to thaw Washington's body by the fire, rubbing it with blankets, iinsert a fire bellows into George's trachea to pump air back into his lungs and transfuse a few quarts of lamb's blood into the dead presidents body. Thornton promised the process would juice up George in 'a spark of vitality' that would bring him back to life.

Luckily for the country, and Washington's memory, Martha rejected the plan. Martha correctly asserted that after George had spent decades at war, and still more years launching the country, he well deserved a rest.

Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, incidentally, was not to be published for another 20 years.

Woman To Birth Neanderthal Baby

Eaten your Sunday breakfast yet?   No?  Close the Angle and finish your eggs first, this story will put your off your dog food for a few weeks.

George Church, a genetics professor at Harvard Medical School, says he can clone a Neanderthal.

Prof Church told Der Spiegel, 'I have already managed to attract enough DNA from fossil bones to reconstruct the DNA of the human species largely extinct. Now I need an adventurous female human.'

George has a pretty bad case of 'bored with people' syndrome. He fantasizes a 'superior' Neanderthal clan, hairy backed, unable to speak, shuffling-slobbering, stone-aged mental midgets ready to takeover in the NFL. These creatures, in George's twisted universe would offer an alternative to the mess we humans have made.   Sorta like a reverse of Hitler's Aryan Super Race project.

Hey George did you know Neanderthal's idea of birth control was to crush infant kids skulls with a rock when food got scarce? Well, at least modern man is more antiseptic killing them BEFORE birth.  And besides we still have Bill Maher, Mike Tyson, Danny Glover and Al Qaeda around. They are Neanderthals right?

Herr Church needs a willing and desperate woman to take the bait and birth one of these things. Any takers ladies?

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Restaurant Bans Stand-Up Peeing

A patron at the Edible Canada bistro said he was confronted with a sign that prohibited peeing while standing at the restaurant.

"I was surprised to see just one unisex bathroom with about six private stalls and a communal sink area...and a sign above the toilet, showing a stick man tinkling into a toilet with a line through it" noted the patron.   Where are the signs demanding lids be lifted - do they expect men to be courteous too?

The aim is to prevent men from peeing on the toilet seats, presumably.  A practice apparently often done by the cruder members of the knuckle-dragging gender.  No argument there, but how do you catch them?

Even urinal peeing present challenges as men often, in some odd ritual, dim-sightedness, or territory marking make a mess even at home.  Some men miss the urinals entirely, spraying the walls, floors; sometimes even reaching the operating handles and nearby sinks.

The Angle warns anyone trying to enforce such a ban - forget it.  Out of pure spite men will urinate over the entire toilet out of frustration. Some may even lay down a stream in cursive style penning their names on the floor on the way back to the dining room!

Frankfurt: Pee With A Panoramic City View
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Fifteen Years In Seventeen Square Feet

What is the definition of landlord abuse?  In Paris it's a series of landlord owners that had the gall to collect rent from a tenant who couldn't even stand upright in a seventeen square foot closet sized apartment.

Tenant "Dominique" paid $442 a month to live in less space than the average bathroom. The only reason it was Dominique's predicament was discovered was he had a problem with the small entry door one day. The sad sack didn't know the apartment was below minimum human habitation rules.

So the current landlord is scheduled to face a judge and answer why he didn't provide at least 100 square feet and a shower as the city code requires.

And Dominique needs to ask himself why he would let fifteen years pass and not question the obvious absurdity of paying rent for less floor space and less standing room than one can find in a dumpster. A dumpster at least has room for a TV.

Tumbleweed Factory Houses Start At 65 SF
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Year Of The Urban Predator: ‘Piranha' Females

The urban dictionary defines 'cougars' as middle aged women hunting and consuming young males easy to control.

The breed has a little sister.  The younger even more aggressive 'Piranha' predator.

After five years of the Obama econ young women see no future in college or finding a job that isn't there. So some are cashing in on chest-high built-in assets. And quivering stuff below the waistline.

Targeting males of means, married or not, they lust-lure them into a loin-fest on a mission of pregnancy. They use the courts to force a paternity pay-off.  And settle into a 20 year child-rearing 'job' complete with the trappings of a 'good-life' courtesy of their wealthy prey-suckers.

Lawyer Diane Benussi is in the business of representing guys caught in this web. She says ‘For some women having a baby is a career move. They are paid to stay at home and look after their is a meal ticket for the next 18 years of their life.’

Mrs Benussi said a hike in such ‘canny’ women is emerging.  ‘Middle-aged men who are boring, with a receding hairline, bulging waist line and of course, a fat wallet, are approached by younger, beautiful women...they get suckered in and don’t see it coming,’ said Mrs Benussi.

Okay dudes if you find yourself being rushed by a lady that seems to good to be true keep your snake in it's cage and cool your ego.  It IS too good to be true.

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Peeing Mannequin 'sale' Pisses Off Town

Strike three for creative marketing in the town of Norwich, Norfolk UK. Shopkeeper Philip Browne's name is on the building, and the mannequin pissing on the wall is a stroke of genius. But not everyone in Norwich is amused.

The cops got a call so the mannequin has to go. It violates the 1986 Public Order Act. The Act requires all urination be done in private we are guessing.

Richard Evans an employee with a degree in creative design who did the work says, 'The main purpose is to stop people and grab their is like having an art installation...not there to offend people.'

This blogger agrees. It is creative, fun, and even makes a point. A big night out can result in a full bladder, but if you are dressed well, it adds class to the act of public urination. Doesn't it?

The guy that got pissie and called the cops is typical of the prudes that populate the planet. The snob says the district has an 'image' to protect.  Does that image involves having a corn-cob stuck up the posterior far enough that the brain stops breathing? Lighten up, dude, it's not real pee.

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Shepherds Poisoned Biting Sheep Testicles

Warning:  It's too late you're about to learn more than you want to know about sheep and their family jewels.

Ten shepherds who took part in a sheep 'docking' event in Wyoming did NOT castrate sheep by biting off testicles with their teeth.

Still two did do the deed and got sicker than a dog.  Thus solves the mystery where the two men had shared an 'experience' leading to infection by a rare intestinal bacteria.

A deeper investigation turned up sheep that had diarrhea.  The two had pressed their lips and clamped their teeth on feces soiled wool.

The USDA quickly set into place a new rule - washing the 'woolly oysters' before wrapping lips around them for the big bite.  Ah the government, do they ever sleep?

Shepherds castrating lambs with their teeth, while not widespread, is a relatively commonplace practice. The gene pool for shepherds has never been at the higher levels of human evolution apparently..

A recent 'Dirty Jobs' TV show with host Mike Rowe documented the practice. Mr. Rowe was told by shepherds that using the mouth and teeth to get 'a better grip' on the otherwise slippery organ pair was the motivation.

Okay, that's it - I missed that show, and I bet the two guys that got sick did too.

Raw Cookie Dough Is Riddled With Bacteria
Vegas Marathon Runners Sickened By Water Handed Out From Trash Can...

Porn Winning Over Sex With Wife

Porn is pervasive. Why?  Sex sells - even when you can get all you can eat for free online.

The graphic rich web is primarily used to peddle, pander, and pump the provocative stuff at a ponderous rate worldwide.

And it's going to get a lot worse.

Future porn sites will be offering holographic boobs and vaginas, devices to convey the sensations of smell and sweat, and even provide synthetic ways to allow physical interaction with far distant 38DDs and foot long pocket-rockets.  The effect will end real-life touche-feelee relationships once and for all.

How can a regular clean-minded real-life woman compete with the over-sized over-sexed usually much younger version online? And for the guys with an 'average' ponderously puny one-eyed-pete and onerous oral technique solo time is more than assured.

Therapists say an epidemic of dysfunction has struck the relationship world and they largely blame porn for the plunge. Okay, now what?

Hooters Dumps Boobs For Family Business
Guy Snaps Picts Of Girlfriend And His Dog 
Roman Rump Rocks

Tin Foil Hats Debut In New York City

Just because black helicopters, police drones, TSA scanners, and Google Earth are all 'after you' doesn't mean you have to dress like a homeless guy. 

A designer team in New York is offering a high fashion alternative to the tin foil hat so you can hide in plain sight and not embarrass your kids.

Tech artist Adam Harvey and fashion designer Johanna Bloomfield have collaborated on a line of 'anti-drone hoodies' stitched from metalized material that counters the infra-red cameras spy drones use to spot people on the ground.

Also find a shirt designed with an x-ray shielding print in the shape of a heart protecting the wearer from damaging x-ray radiation coming from TSA body scanners.

And topping the protective ponoply is a pouch for carrying mobile phones made from a special 'attenuating fabric' which blocks the same sinister signals.

Think the idea is silly? Consider the Freedom of Information lawsuit by the Electronic Frontier Foundation last year that forced the feds to reveal there are over 63 active drone sites around the U.S.

Sometimes they really ARE after you.

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Buffett Still Owes $1 Billion Back Taxes

Hypocrisy is projecting beliefs, opinions, virtues, ideals, thoughts, feelings, qualities, or standards not believed by the hypocrite.

Billionaire Warren Buffett wrote in The New York Times that he should pay more federal taxes. He called on Washington lawmakers to up tax rates on his fellow wealthy.

But it turns out that Buffett’s company, Berkshire Hathaway has been in a protracted legal battle with the IRS over a tax bill estimated at over $1 billion.

Hypocrite Warren Buffett complains the rich aren’t paying their fair share yet his own company has been fighting tooth and nail to avoid paying a tax bill they already owe?

Buffett shills for Obama -- who routinely bashes the so-called 1% that would include Buffett, Imelt, Soros, and a ton of other Obama leg-tinglers. Ironic.

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Gaddafi Begged Like The Bastard He Was

Libyan rebel, Senad el Sadık el Ureybi confessed to killing Muammar Gaddafi.

So Gaddafi was not heroically killed in a shoot-out on the streets of Sirte.

el Ureybi bragged, "We grabbed him, I hit him in the face. Some fighters wanted to take him away and that's when I shot him twice, in the head and in the chest."

Gaddafi was executed without a trial, and put on display like a fresh African kill - trophy of war.   It's okay, Mussolini and Hitler went the same way.

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Zimmerman Has Trayvon's School Records

The Zimmerman/Martin case is a pivotal event in the era of 'racism reversed'.  History will track what happens to George Zimmerman because he is a victim of the race card.

Playing the race card is an idiomatic phrase that refers to exploitation of either racist or anti-racist attitudes by accusing others of racism. In other words the race card is how Obama got elected the first time and how Obama and his ilk defend their extreme policies right up to this minute.

And Zimmerman is caught in the center of that web of double-standard and vigilantism.  Especially from black race-hustlers like Al Sharpton.

It's ironic. White supremecy did the exact same thing back in the day. When white's controlled the political power in the south white killers rarely  got convicted of any violent crime against a black.  Though the GOP freed the slaves the Democrats have managed to coopt that legacy and make it their own.

The pendulum has swung sideways. The growing hard evidence seems to support Zimmerman's side of the story. The thug Trayvon Martin was indeed a thug who tackled Zimmerman from behind, beat him on the ground and tried to grab Zimmerman's gun.

Today Zimmerman's defense team has gotten Travon Martin's school records. Who was Travon Martin? Was there a behavior pattern that points to a volent, race-hater Martin?

Unill now the race carders have tried in vain to characterize Zimmerman as a 'white' racist monster with a proclivity to violence himself. But none of that has proven to be correct. So now it's Trayvon's turn.

Will justice prevail?  Or will the jury get nullified in the same way the KKK trials did in the 60's?

Frightening Freakish Female Flabanators

Male bodybuilders are gym junkies. But when females start gulping human growth hormones and pump up, the results are just plain frightening.

You can spot a steroid Frankenstein. The sides of the mouth grow long creases, the chin squares up, an awning 'roid brow' builds over the eye sockets resembling a gnarly neanderthal stare.

These women are gargoyles. They have done little more than pervert their natural bodies into amorphous leather creatures.

The vanity sport of female bodybuilding began around the bikini contests in the 1960s. And have since morphed into the frenetic formerly-female physiques of today. Why would women turn curves into carve-outs? Why do they hate their boobs, bumps, and bonus areas?

Female competitors must wear a two-piece costume (a bikini stretched like an exploded balloon) when competing. No 'hiking' of tops or bottoms is allowed, after all whats left to cover anyway?  It's like stretching a bikini over a a pile of wrinkled bowling balls.

Plan to pee your pants if you come face to face with one in the open. The  sardonic gaze of a hermaphroditic raw meat eater will remind you just how tiny and fragile you really are.

There is irony here, they pretend their quest is about 'nutrition' and health. Ignore the cancers, ligament tears, bruises, hernias, crushed veins, and blood clots. Focus instead on a contorted lump of unrecognizable muscle mass with no practical purpose whats-so-ever.

Women Don't Like Men With Beards 
"Botox Botticellis': Botched Plastic Surgery
Meet The Freaks

World's Shortest Firefighter

Vince Brasco, 19, has been a volunteer fireman for four years in steel town, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Vince will soon complete his Firefighter Essentials exam enabling him to fight the fire directly with the other guys.

For now, he, like all apprentice fireman, has to man the gear, water hoses, and ladder-work.

Oh yea, Vince happens to be 4'-2", 87 lbs. Vince can bench press three-times his own weight. For the math challenged, that bench press is over 265lbs.

'Because I can lift so much I'm handy at salvage jobs where we have to move heavy bits of metal debris - like after car accidents', Vince humbly notes.  'And it means I can be part of the line of men using a hose. If you weren't strong enough that thing would fly out of control.'

Vince wears a custom-made fire suit, obviously.  'We had to take a normal suit and have it reduced down to fit me. It was great when I put it on for the first time.'

Vince is the kind of guy that despite a couple of feet in height, lets nothing, not even cracking the super-human feat of firefighting can get in his way. 

American Indians Not Native American

So-called 'native' American Indians are not really native at all.  The 'red men' were late ice age vagabonds in search of new hunting grounds.

Altai in southern Siberia is dead center Russian steppes.  American Indians DNA has now been affirmatively traced to this region.

The America's were also the eventual home to migrating people from the Pacific Islands, and pre-history France.

Neolithic populations pre-dating the Siberian immigrations may have been wiped out by a meteor event similar to dinosaurs.

American Indians are not native at all, they are migrants no different than the colonists from Europe in the 15th century. So lets stop pretending, okay Cherokee people?

Top 5 Ways Public Schools Are Failing

US per student spending is higher than any other country, doubling in the last 15 years alone. Yet, US public schools are failing.

Finger pointing flies. Unions blame parents and taxpayers. Taxpayers blame administrators, teachers, and politicians. Parents blame politicians, administrators, and unions.

Meantime, kids in these schools are being damaged for life.

Here are the grim facts - remember, spending is higher in the US, yet public schools are turning out illiterate, even angry students who test well below the median as compared to other countries.
  • Over 66% of U.S. 4th graders NOT proficient in reading, math, science
  • Over 50% of low income students NOT proficient in science, reading, history
  • U.S. 8th graders ranked 19th out of 38 countries in math, science
  • U.S. 12th graders ranked 18th out of 21 countries in math, science 
  • Over 50% of black males do not graduate from high school and are functional illiterates
Unions are the culprit. The monopoly unions wield over public schools sets up low quality at greater expense.  Unions are not accountable to anyone, and show disdain for parents and taxpayers routinely.

Tenure and union bullying ensure a high level of dysfunction as seniority is favored over competency. Incompetent teachers are nearly impossible to fire given the ferocious and costly protection unions provide.

Breaking union power over schools can only come after breaking the cycle of corruption between the unions and the Democrats.

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