PETA Peeved Over Robo Roaches

If PETA had their way no flies would be swatted, no pests pesticided, no ticks pulled off a dog's ass (which kills them).  Luckily, PETA doesn't get their way.

Crowd-funded Backyard Brains of Ann Arbor, MI has developed the 'RoboRoach' giving kids and like-minded adults a way to mplant electrodes into a cockroach and control the insects’ movements. Nasty as that sounds, remember, we are talking about cockroaches - the nastiest disease ridden creature in the world. Cockroaches outnumber people ten to one and some of them have a one foot wingspan!

PETA's crying fowl - yet again. They want the RoboRoach kit declared illegal. PETA's counsel Jerrod Goodman claims it promotes the practice of veterinary medicine without a license.

“This cruel and inhumane product instructs children to, without anesthesia, send down various parts of a living cockroach’s body,” Goodman pronounced.

Ah but wait...According to Backyard Brain’s website, the cockroaches are anesthetized and the product is intended to teach neuroscience concepts.

Frankly, who cares. They're cockroaches for crud sakes! What difference does it make if you attach electrodes to the ass of one, or just step on it and get it over with?

Woman Costumed As 'Abused Wife' Arrested

Detroit is home to urban decay, corrupt Democrat politicians in jail, zombies, and Cristina Crespo, 26, who went out on a Halloween pub crawl with her boyfriend last night.

So far, nothing noteworthy. Unless you saw Cristina costumed in an 'abused wife' get-up and her boyfriend likewise attired in a matching 'abused husband' ensemble.

Still, nothing notable. Unless you stumbled over Cristina laying face down on a sidewalk soaked to the gills, one arm laying in the gutter and soiling herself.

Missed that? Patrol officers arrived and observed a friend helped her to her feet and return to the cantina. After pondering her inebriated state the cops went into the cantina to find Crespo.

Crespo was sitting again, this time in back of the cantina. She told the officers she was on a pub crawl dressed in costume accompanied by her boyfriend who apparently was missing from the scene.

Satisfied the cops started walking back through the cantina when they heard Crespo ‘screaming and repeatedly hitting the boyfriend with her purse’. They tried to intervene, but Crespo ‘continued to be loud and belligerent and was detained.’

Be careful what you dress for, you might just end up in jail!

Greeks Invent The Twitter Bra

Leave it to the Greeks to link social media with the unclasping of a women's mammary holster.

The 'Tweeting Bra' is a marketing ploy created for Nestle Fitness and their October's Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign.

The bra has a transmitter sewn into the clasp which makes a cell call when the clasp is unhinged. The call triggers a text message whcih gets sent to a special Twitter account.

Maria Bacodimou, a busty Greek TV nymph will wear the garment for 2 weeks. Her Twitter account followers are supposed to be reminded to perform breast self-exams each time she sets her girls free.

Men following the account will need to speak greek though, or learn enough of the language to seperate the bra messages from the more mundane texts.

And don't kid yourself, this is going to be bigger than a pair of 44EEEs. Bras will be making tweets worldwide. Make sure to get in on the Twitter IPO because this unexpected side-effect will make the Playboy empire look like a Hobbit villiage.

Study: Men See Boobs First 99% Of The Time

Pro-Abortion Activists Push ObamaCare Abortions

The creepy crawly curmudgeons of the darkside feticide forces are staging 100 kill-ins nationwide today.

The ghouls want women to expel their kids without guilt, and want women to know they can do the dastardly deed fee-free under Obamacare.

The growling hellions grin that 1 in 3 women will have an abortion so they named their ugly march-out today the '1 in 3'  event. 

Deb Hauser of Advocates For Youth, Ilyse Hogue of NARAL Pro-Choice America and Andrea Gleaves of Women’s Information Network are out with a few hundred of their brain-washed chanting, keep abortion “safe, legal, and affordable” – a marked change from the old pro-choice slogan from the Clinton years, “safe, legal, and rare.”

What's really going on? These monsters not only want YOU to pay for their carnage, and not only want YOU to stop trying to guilt those who participate, they also DARE YOU to try and stop them from aborting kids at any point in the pregnancy.

Note the sign carrier above,  Man haters too?  Shocking...

Obamacare: 50 Million Lose Healthcare Coverage

The Obama lie chief among all the Obama lies and the lie most affecting people's lives is the Obama healthcare lie.

David Axelrod is the insidious, duplicitous, surreptitious, balding, mustached ex-Clinton and Obama senior adviser.  David lost his political virginity in Chicago long ago.

Axelrod on Monday told MSNBC that “most” will be able to stick with their plan.

Remember, Obama clearly said, “If you like your doctor, you will be able to keep your doctor. Period. If you like your health care plan, you will be able to keep your health care plan. Period. No one will take it away. No matter what.”

Since Obamacare's three-stooges style launch 20 million have already lost their coverage, and another 30 million are likely to lose same over the next year according to CBO.  So Axelrond's phrase-twist-spin that 'most will lose their coverage' seems a lot disingenuous huh?

Obama also predicted that the new law would reduce average family premiums by $2,500 per year, and Nancy Pelosi asserted that "everybody will have lower rates."   Either these two were simply in error, or they were knowingly lying to get their way.

What's your guess?

Lost: 500,000 California Policy Holders
Millions Booted From Their Plans
Elderly Losing Their Doctors
David Frum Paying $200 Per Month More, Loses His Plan
The Silver Plan An Example Of Cost
California Obamacare Sticker Shock
Florida Woman Premiums Jump From $54 To $591 Per Month
Juan Williams: 'Not The Apocolypse When People Lose Their Health Insurance' 
Democrat Party Strategist: 'Dem Party Is Fucked'
Pelosi Wants Obamacare Expanded To Include Free Child Care
Kentucky Governor Says 21,000 of 26,000 Obamacare Signups Are Medicaid
NBC News: Obama Knew Millions Would Lose Healthcare Coverage
LA Times: 30% Premium Hikes Hit Middle Class
Alaska Suspends Obamacare Enrollments After Signing Up 3 People...

Brazil Crowns Transsexual 'Beauty' Queen

Wikipedia says: Transsexualism occurs when a person identifies with a gender not associated with their assigned sex, i.e. a person's assigned sex at birth conflicts with their psychological gender.

What the hell is an assigned sex or a psychological gender? 

In the olden days, kids who cross-dressed were thought to be 'strange'.  Today, they're beauty pageant struters at the Miss Trans Brazil 2013 constest.

And the winner gets a full-blown 'equipment' reassignment in Thailand, if they really, really, really want their penis removed.

The snag? Brazil has a law against the surgery. So the pageant people quickly rephrased: 'We did not directly offer transgender surgery as a prize. We presented the award as a gift voucher with the option for the winner to do what they want with the money in Thailand'.

The crown went to Raiica Ferraz, a hairdresser from São Paulo. The pageant queen gushed, 'I don’t need this operation, I already feel like a woman. I have been taking hormone tablets for more than four years now to create my curves and increase my bust size and I am really happy with the results'.

You go girl, guy, whatever...

WWII Vet 'Shine' Thornton Murdered By Black Teens

Terrance Morgan, Edward Johnson, Leslie Litt and Geblonski Murray have been arrested for the violent death of Lawrence E. 'Shine' Thornton of Greenville, Mississippi

The 87-year-old was punched and thrown to the pavement on his own driveway by two large black males. Two others, a black female and another black male stood nearby and did nothing.

Left for dead, the neighbors managed to get him into an ambulance and airlifted to a hospital, but it was too late. Two days after the attack he was dead.

Larry was a mine-sweeper in the Navy during WWII and retired as an electrician. Larry was known for his award-winning Maria’s Famous Hot Tamales. He began cooking the Tamales in 1984 and named the product after his wife, Mary.

Shine Thornton was one of the good ones. Larry sold his snacks out of his house and sat with customers on the front porch playing the fiddle while they ate.

The four black teens are being held on $2-3 million bails. But that isn't gonna do Larry any good now-he's cooked his last Tamale.  Wanna bet none of these kids even knows there was a WWII?\

Shiny Thornton's Funeral

Saudi Arabia Severs Diplomatic Ties With USA

The end of US diplomatic ties with Saudi Arabia is historic, troubling, dangerous, and telling - yet not a peep out of the people the public trusts to give them their news.


Saudi Prince Bandar bin Sultan told European diplomats the USA (Obama) failed to act against Syria's Assad and has so badly damaged relations with Israel that an exchanged between Iran and Israel seem all but inevitable now.

Obama also failed to back Saudi support for Bahrain when it crushed an anti-government revolt in 2011. Setting up a swarm of Al Qaeda threats and attacks in the region.

'The current charade...over Bashar's chemical arsenal...only give[s] Mr. Obama an opportunity to back down (from military strikes), but also help[s] Assad to butcher his people,' said Prince Turki of the Saudi royal family.

Saudi Arabia is the world's biggest oil exporter. The kingdom reciprocates US purchase of oil by buying U.S.Treasury bonds. In other words, they buy Obama's debt. Saudi Arabia also buys billions in arms and fighter jets from US suppliers.

Losing Saudi Arabia as an ally is tantamount to losing Israel as an ally. Without these two on our side in the Middle East the chances of a nuclear exchange in the region increases exponentially.

Saudis On Obama: Weakness Breeds Contempt 
Saudi Newspaper: Obama Weakest President In US History
Iran Says They Have 34 Nuke Sites
Adelson: Drop Nuke On Iran

Harry Reid: 'Everybody...Willing to Pay More' Taxes

Harry Reid is old and won't be running again so he's stomping his jack-boots into as many faces as he can before getting out of DC.

Having Reid run the Senate is akin to Sherman's March To The Sea - scorched Earth at it's zenith.

Just after the Reid/Obama engineered government shutdown Harry returned to Nevada and got on his high-horse and let slip the dogs of taxes.

“The only people who feel there shouldn’t be more coming in to the federal government from the rich people are the Republicans in the Congress,” Reid said on Nevada Public Radio. “Everybody else, including the rich people, are willing to pay more. They want to pay more.”

Reid jumped the Nevada Public Radio host after he was asked what Republicans would have to offer to get Medicare and Social Security cuts.

“You keep talking about Medicare and Social Security. Get something else in your brain. Stop talking about that. That is not going to happen... There is not going to be a grand bargain,” Reid snorted.

Make no mistake folks. Reid and Obama are lock-stepping.  The Demo-fascists fully intend to put their greasy hands on the last few bucks you may have left. Your money is their money.  And neither Reid nor Obama have any intention of cutting a dime of spending on their massive welfare state.

Census: Welfare Recipients Out-Number Full-Time Workers
Obama Fights To Keep Food Stamp Spending A Secret
Debt Trajectory Set To Top $22 Trillion In 2014
Oprah Off Obama's Train Ride
49% Of Americans On A Government Program
Who Owns The Debt

Texas Teacher Segregates Blacks From Whites

Black parents at Hazel Harvey Peace elementary school in Texas are in a race rage. They say a music teacher committed the unspeakable act of calling black kids dumb and 'segregating' them from white students in his class.  If true, blacks sorta have a point, but so does the teacher. 

So read this one carefully, because the source story from Mail Online is biased and tries to paint the teacher as the sole problem while missing the larger point.

Mail Online doesn't have the name of the teacher in question, but offers Edgar Cajas as their best guess because the school's website 'lists a solitary music teacher as Edgar Cajas'. A dangerous thing to do Mail Online naming names without proof.

What did 'Edgar Cajas' allegedly do?

'He called the class stupid, and when he separated the black kids from the white kids, he told the black kids "I know where y'all from, I can tell neither one of y'all get punished at home,"' black parent Sandra Lee said her daughter said.

Is it possible black kids in the music class are undisciplined, spoiled, filled with a sense of entitlement, lacking effective grammar and attention skills? Do black kids self-segregate and act-out as a group?  Could the teacher have made the remarks and divided the class out of frustration - and not racism? Of course, but the split happened along skin color lines, so the basic point is quickly lost.

The school district hasn't named the teacher, nor suspended any teacher on staff.  Oh yea, the school was named after a black school teacher named Hazel Peace who died in 2008 at the age of 100.

Teacher Suspended For Taping Students Hands/Mouth
University Bans 'Offensive' Racist Holloween Costumes
NEA Fights Keeping Convicted Sex Offenders Out Of Schools
Where In USA To Live Based On Personality Traits

Obama's Unisex US Marine Uniform

Obama's all over the place. Nothing sacred, nothing off-the-table as Odidnotserve continues to force his ugly transformation of the USA.

The agenda is clear.  Wipe out everything, tear it all down, then replace with some murky, twisted vision not even Dante could conjure in the deepest of his nightmare images of Hell.

The debt, the job losses, the poverty, the homelessness, the destruction of the medical system and finally, the end of the US military.

The second Obama jammed gays openly into US Marine uniforms and pushed women into combat roles he began the ultimate demise of what none could argue was the most professional, capable military force in human history.

So is it a shock really that Obama now wants US Marines to wear unisex uniforms?  And do it blowing another $8 million bucks in debt money?

Senior Marine sources noted, 'We don't even have enough funding to buy bullets, and the DoD is pushing to spend $8 million on covers that look like women's hats. The Marines deserve better. It makes them look ridiculous.'

Well, that's probably Obama's goal isn't it?  To make the Marines look ridiculous?  After all, if no one wants to join the Marine Corp there will be no one in any uniform ready to defend the country, hmmmm.

Air Force Academy To Drop 'So Help Me God' From It's Oath

5-Year Welfare Spending: $3.7 Trillion

In the last five years welfare spending has tripled totaling $3.7 trillion.  And we all know who's lorded over debt spending in the last five years, right?

During the same period defense spending, despite waging costly war in several hotspots around the world totals $3.3 Trillion.

Got the perspective now?

This from the Senate Budget Comittee, "The enormous sum spent on means-tested assistance is nearly five times greater than the combined amount spent on NASA, education, and all federal transportation projects..'.   The number is outrageous, of course, and doesn't even count the added $200 billion states kick in each year for low-income health care.

So next time you stand in front of one of the low-information Obamabot whiners insisting too much is spent on the military, transportation safety, space, and education - send them a link to this blog.

The welfare state is in charge and has been since Ohandout's been calling the plays.

Will Fed QE $1 Trillion Soon?
Food Stamps Sold For Cash On Craigslist

Dumb Blond Beer 'Goes Down Easy'

Texas-based Deep Ellum Brewing tipped over one of the hyper-liberal jack-boot feminists with the labeling on one of their products.

Deep Ellum Brewing brewed their newest delight and called it Dumb Blond Beer, the beer that 'Goes Down Easy'.  Clever and funny, both.

The hack behind the phony outrage pens at the Burn Orange Report.  Blogger Genevieve Cato charged Ellum with underhanded and sexist beer making and says it's 'unacceptable'.  Genevieve rants, 'Deep Ellum's lazy use of this well-worn sexist comparison of women to alcohol is disappointing and insulting to their female customers...'. Pleeeze.

Hint: Genie put this gem on her Twitter account banner: 'I am a feminist dragon. My fury is on fire.'  Agenda much?

The company needs to sit tight.  Ellum should not 'bend over' to Cato's whining. Real women will see the humor and drink the beer elbow to elbow next to the guys.

Blondes, redheads and brunettes alike!

Women Fine With Sexism As Long As They Benefit

Top Five Obamacare Fails

The Democrats and Obama are in damage control mode.

The nasty 'thing' created by Obama, Pelosi, Reid and the other liberals has hatched into a full-force failure of titanic proportions.

So soon after the public and the unions finally figured out 'what was in it' the Demotards started to spin their usual yarn.

Shift blame to the GOP and even Bush?  Or more astoundingly suggest that the failure of Obamacare doesn't go far enough - a full-up single-payer socialized model like bankrupt Britain has is now required?

Does it ever end with these idiots?

 So what's not to like?
  1. Already 14 million people with private health care policies have gotten cancellation notices because Obamacare requires those policies to cover birth control, mental health, maternity, vision, dental with no price hike. 
  2. The middle class is being dismantled and their healthcare wiped out. Company provided premiums are going up by 50% to 150%. So employer health care is ending. Most of the middle class will be forced into medicaid or Obamacare.  The cost of the top two plans contain cost-bombs of huge deductibles, absurd co-pays, and untenable monthly premiums.
  3. Obama gave corporations, unions, and a few cronies a delay in the mandate to join Obamacare or pay a fine.  While he and congress are exempt from the system, Obama waged a government shutdown to place everyone else on a hotplate.  While the 'system' is down the mandate goes on, fines will be paid, and some will be forced to sign up to plans they cannot afford.
  4. Obamacare wiped out the full-time job.  Since passing, employers have been dodging their bullets by keeping headcount below 50, and by converting their full-timers into part-timers.  The ratio of 7 part-time jobs for every full-time job has resulted.
  5. The working poor are simply put out on the street.  These are the people that were living on the edge to start with and Obamacare forces them into medicaid or indigent care.  They can't afford the bottom Bronze plan which costs $6500 out of pocket before any benefit results.
Well, people voted these goons into office.  The shit-sandwich that is Obamacare won't go away - not for years.  Even if the GOP suddenly and miraculously gain control of the government and start to reverse the mess.  The damage is done, and the ditch is getting deeper each passing day.

HHS Demands Blue Cross Not To Divulge Enrolement Numbers
Record 91 Million Out Of Labor Force
Women Working 24 Year Low

Toothless Guy Gets 8-Years For Biting Neighbors Penis

England is ex-empire.  After centuries of bullying others, the island nation has sunk into a socialist nightmare of bankrupcy and clown-like status.  Hence Brits act more like neanderthals than modern Homo Sapiens.

Jason Martin is a toothless 41-year-old father of one and heroin addict. Jason's also missing most of his teeth and spends his waking hours drolling around the flat and pissing off his neighbors.

One day Jason got loaded-up and started playing music really loudly. So neighbor Richard Henderson sent a text message asking he turn down the music. Jason hurried over to pajama clad Dick's house to deal with the message in person.

Dick started to heckle Jason about his drug use. A fight broke out. Dick told the jury his penis ended up clinched between Jason's gum and few teeth, “like it was a sandwich." Dick tearfully offered, “I have never experienced that kind of pain to this day and I don’t want to experience it ever again.” Dick was carted off to a hospital covered in blood and requiring several stitches.

Jason told the jury, “I have only got a couple of teeth in the lower part of my mouth...I can’t even bite into a hard-boiled egg!” The jury asked about his dentures, Jason insisted they served only a cosmetic purpose.

Jason was forced to admit, “I accept that I did grab his testicles, not maliciously or to hurt him badly.”

Jason had already lost his drivers license for five years due to erratic behavior. This time he got an eight year ticket to the penitentiary, convicted of biting and gnawing a neighbor's penis in an mouth clenching fight over loud music.

Man Calls Cops Over Stolen Jello-O Pack

1.24 Million People Die Each Year On Roads

Odd how people accept and ignore horrific death rates if they really want a thing. 

The US nuclear industry has been running plants for 65 years and not one fatality has resulted.  Yet, people have accepted 60 million abortions in the US since they were legalized. Worldwide the abortion death toll is 1.3 billion! 

Why?  Because people want to be able to dump a kid as an 'inconvenience'.

People are also willing to risk and accept massive death rates in order to drive a car. Each year, that's every twelve-month, 1.24 million people DIE in a traffic accident. By 2030 that number will triple to 3.6million.

Road deaths are the fifth-leading cause of death - taking more victims than HIV/AIDS, malaria, tuberculosis and other diseases.

In the USA about 40,000 die despite so-called advances in auto and traffic safety.

So when you hear someone whine about the death penalty (about 40), or legal guns owned by law abiding citizens (about 2,000) just remind them where death really happens and watch them rationalize their cars and abortions.

SEIU Food Fight Over Fast Food Workers

The SEIU represents unskilled, inexperienced, most often illiterate workers who think they should be paid at the same level as skilled, experienced, educated workers.  Irrational and unworkable, true, but the SEIU is after power and crippling industry just like the big boy unions like the AFLCIO.

The LA Times is a cesspool of liberal hacks.  So it's no shock they're whoring for the SEIU. The paper claims economists at UC Berkeley and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign have proof half of fast food workers are on the government dole totaling $7 billion a year.

At first blush, this sounds like the workers are underpaid and destitute so they have to supplement their income getting public handouts to survive.

The dirty secret is much more sinister. If the SEIU got its way, and fast-food workers joined a union and demanded higher pay they would all be fired. Why? Because the prices for fast food are chiseled in stone and the public will NOT pay more for a burger and fries. In fact, the margins on fast food are tighter than the sphincters on the goons running the SEIU.

Fast food jobs are NOT supposed to be taken by anyone trying to support a family or make a long term career. Unless management is in the workers future, pretending such a job is a viable choice for long-term employment is absurd.  Despite the fact that Obama has destroyed real jobs and left behind all these part-time fast-food jobs.

There's absolutely no question that for each buck the minimum wage is hiked hundreds of thousands of min wage jobs are lost. And they don't come back. Automation becomes more economical.

Then where's the SEIU gonna go? To the next barely surviving business, of course.

Pharmacist Uses Conceal And Carry To Kill Robber

Once again we have a would-be black armed robber pointing a gun in the face of a business owner. And once again we have an outcome proving why conceal-and-carry is so critical these days. 

The cops in Dumas, Arkansas say 31-year-old Tavell Lawson walked into the Meador Pharmacy around 5:30 a.m. Friday wearing a mask and looking for money.  Tavell stuck a gun in the face of the pharmacist, who was just opening the store.

The pharmacist backed up and started to comply. Tavell aggressively followed the druggist waving the gun and yelling invectives. At the point the phramacist was backed into a corner and clearly saw the threat to his life he pulled out his own concealed weapon. Trained for the circumstance the phramacist  fired the weapon point blank killing Tavell where he stood.

No arrest was made. The phramicist got lucky, Tavell got what was coming to him.

Texas Gun Owners Stage Rally At The Alamo
Gunman Dressed As Clown Nails Mexican Drug Lord
Ten NY Black Teens Attack White Couple Yelling 'Get The White Whore'
Cruz Hit With Death Threats On Twitter
Bloomberg Gun Control Fail: 12 Shot 5 Killed No Arrests

Liberals Paid To Drive Electric Cars

Despite conclusive evidence global warming is in fact global cooling - the green goons have guessed wrong. 

But that's not deterring Obama from dismantling US energy and wasting billions on niche greenie companies.

Obama issued over $5 billion in tax credits and subsidies to promote all-electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles, not to mention more billions on failed solar, battery and wind technologies.

Yet electric cars accounted for less than one half of one percent of the 11.7 million light vehicles purchased in the U.S. during the last nine months.

In 2011 the failure-in-chief predicted the U.S. would “become the first country to have a million electric vehicles on the road by 2015”. Guess what? Despite a $7,500 federal tax credit and a price drop in August, GM sold 16,760 Volts so far this year. And last year GM sold even fewer.

Wonder who bought a GM volt? Well, given the brain damage liberals suffer from, you can bet the bulk of these blundering bricks are burning down garages mainly in San Francisco.  After all, federal subsidies line rich liberal pockets just as well as anyone else's right?

Man Pees In Lake Shuts Portland Water Supply Down

Is it possible to taint a city water supply if one guy takes a leak in an entire lake?  Portland, Oregon says uh-h

Portland sucks it's precious bodily fluids from the Mt. Tabor reservoir.  When a 21-year-old guy and his buddies were partying near the lake they were 'seen' by surveillance cameras tossing crap over a fence arcing a yellow stream into city's precious water supply.

The city says it's taking the system off line and dumping 8 million gallons of the eww-ee stuff into someone else's river and lake..

The Multnomah County DA says they may press criminal charges.  Wonder what those could be?  Illegal discharge of a toxic waste product into an effluent resource?

Wonder what the city does when they see deer, coyote, and fish defecating in the lake?  How about all the dead animals drowned - it only matters if one guy with the a prostate able to reach the lake through a fence?  C'mon folks, what's really going on?

City official complained - how would you like to drink someone else's pee?  Is that a rhetorical question?

Folks, you can't make this stuff up.   Wonder what the urine from one bladder to lake-sized water ratio might be?  Portland is full of liberal weenies these guys are used to drinking weird stuff so why stop now?

Obama Fiddles While Al Qaeda Grabs Bio-Weapons

What's your worst fear?  Al Gore's promise the sky is falling?  A flu pandemic jumping out of Hong Kong? A chunk of space rock nicking the Earth and wiping out all species, including humans? 

Or how about a plain old vanilla nuclear war spreading out of the Middle East and cooking destinations West?

Think again...the real fear to fear is the lunatics in Al Qaeda unleashing a bio-attack on the USA.  And that reality may be here.

Al Qaeda in Syria have access to “biological pathogens or weaponized agents,” according to two bio-warfare experts.

“A very credible source has confirmed he saw, near Aleppo, a looted pharmaceutical laboratory, which was probably a cover for a biological weapons production site,” say Jill Bellamy van Aalst and Olivier Guitta.

“Al Qaeda’s primary biological weapon expert, Yazid Sufaat, was arrested in February 2013 while trying to enter Syria,” the two note. Sufaat was the guy that tried to get antrax into the hands in Al Qaeda in the early 90s. Finding him trying to get into Syria is a big hint whats going on there.

While Obama's busy opening US border to more illegals, is it a surprise he's absent the tiller on this one too?

Man Jailed For Facebook Threats Against Harry Reid

You don't need to wear a tin-foil hat, or peek outside fearing you'll catch a glimpse of a black helicopter.  Make no mistake - what you say online is under constant surveillance by the NSA. 

Lawrence Mulqueen, 50, faced a judge last week and blamed his Facebook rants on booze, "if I'd had the opportunity to review them after sobering up."

What did he say that's landing him in jail and a rehab program? Mulqueen admitted he posted, "I cannot wait to start killing the scum...". Mulqueen was referring to Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Gov. Andrew Cuomo, Michael Bloomberg, Charlie Schumer, and members of the Congressional Black Caucus.

Note: Obama's name absent from the list of Democrats despite Mulqueen being a pasty old drunken white guy. 

The judge admonished Mulqueen, "You're entitled to your opinions, you're just not entitled to having them be threatening."

Mulqueen's been sober since last May when he entered jail. Mulqueen's landlady called the cops complaining of harassment. When the cops arrived, they found Mulqueen, his Facebook page, and some guns.

So while Larry's cooling his heels in jail  he still has that gun dealie to explain.  Maybe he can sign up to Obamacare for his alcohol treatment - after all, he can't be refused for a preexisting condition remember.

Guy Arrested Selling Wildlife To Chinatown Eateries

Chicagoan Alexander Moi, 47, is facing stiff fines and prison time for selling raccoons, deer and various other wildlife critters to restaurants in Chicago's Chinatown district.

The Indiana Department of Natural Resources said Moy's arrest follows an intense two-year investigation. It seems Moi wasn't just conveying raccoons and whitetailed deer he was also offering turtles!

Times have changed for we 'civilized' Americans. But the Chinese palette is still quivering with centuries old tastes.

The Occidentals remain big fans of turtle soup and mammal cuisine in all shapes, sizes and fur-balls. The problem? The China folks moved to the USA where the only meat you're allowed to eat is domesticated or grown; not allowed to roam free just before hitting the wok.

Rabid Bobcat Attacks Hunters

One In Four Black Males Will Get Prostate Cancer

Britain's Prostate Cancer UK determined black males are at double the risk for prostate cancer compared to white male rates.  And it's all due to genes.

Prostate cancer  is second among male cancer killers trailing just behind lung cancer.  The American Cancer Society says there are 250,000 new cases reported and some 30,000 men die in the US yearly from prostate cancer.  And in the US about 3 million men are living with the disease.

So Britain is trying to get black males in to see a doctor, especially those over age 50.

The exam involves getting a finger stuck up your rear-end.  You don't have to say ahh, but you do need to drop your male ego for about 15 seconds while the doc snaps on and lubes a glove and fishes around for a fat prostate gland.

There's also a gene test.  And a PSA blood test.  But the finger goodie is the reason most black males don't get checked.

Where's Kathy Sebilious of HHS on this one?  Oh yea, she's hustling to keep her job after blowing the Obamacare rollout...

Samuel L. Jackson: I Voted for Obama Because He's Black

Ebony magazine put Samuel L. Jackson on record with some get-down-to-it, N-word laced, ebony-on-ebony nasty.  The gap-toofed star admitted he voted for Obama because he's black - shocking!.

North of 90% of blacks voted for Obama.  So no need to conjecture wheter any of them took a look at Obama's resume.

Jackson offers, "When it comes down to it, they wouldn't have elected a nigger. A nigger is scary. Obama ain't scary at all...I hope Obama gets scary in the next four years...'cuz he won't care if he gets reelected"

Jackson's correct in one important regard. Obama is a 'get scary' guy now that he got reelected.

Psst. Hey Sam you did know Obama's baby-mommy was a white women, right?.  Maybe you wanna take back half your vote?

Obamacare: Full Deductible Before Treatment

Doctors are running out of patience.  Not the human kind, but the emotional kind.  And Obamacare is gonna push run whats left out.

Private healthcare plans require a deductible and a co-payment in order to lower premiums and make the policies more affordable. 

Obamacare is no exception.  Comparing upper tier Silver and lower tier Bronze for individuals:

The average premium for Obamacare Silver is $330 per month, and the Bronze about $135 per month.  The family plans double the numbers.

The old system had an average $1000 per year deductible.  As deductibles had been rising, so followed the demands by medical care providers to get the full deductible payment before they would risk not getting paid by insurance companies.

Obamacare is tripling in most cases the deductible and copay nut people must now pay. Guess what doctors and hospitals are gonna do?

Obamacare Sticker Shock
Women Selling Hair, Breast Milk To Make Ends Meet

Obamacare: Hacker's Wet Dream

Obamacare is off to a piss-poor start, but then maybe that's a good thing.

The IT behind Obamacare cost collectively a billion bucks and none of it works.  A poetic testament to just how government trundles.  But hey, don't say you weren't warned.

Eventually another billion will get thrown at the mess and some of it may start to work, at least work well enough to let millions of suckers sign-up.

Fine. But remember the insurance companies still have to complete the transaction and actually issue a policy to the willing idiots. And it looks like that's in trouble too. But we digress.

The guy who wrote and sold the first virus protection programs says Obamacare is a hackers dream-come-true.  And that may be the beauty part.

Obamacare websites have “no safeguards” from would-be cyber-thieves who will “empty your bank account,” says John McAfee.

McAfee said these guys will create fake Obamacare exchange website for “a couple hundred dollars. The site will require you to enter your social security, your date of birth, and an hour later empty your bank account".  McAfee insists, "this is going to happen, it’s going to happen soon. Nothing in the Obamacare system safeguards against this...".

And you know what? He's dead-balls-on right. Wonder if the banks will replenish the accounts with government bailout money? Maybe.

Fraud Sites Went Up Alongside Obamacare Sites

60 Ways Obama Obliterated The Middle Class

Ever stand nose-to-nose with an Obama voter?  The sucking sound in their heads is enough to drown out traffic noise.

Since 2008 the debt jumped from $9.4 trillion to $17 trillion and will balloon to over $20 trillion by Obama's last flight on AF1.

And by 2020 the number of tax payers and the amount of tax revenue collected will be less than the interest owed on the debt.

Aside from the debt horror we can also assign to Obama the historical stain made by his destruction of the middle-class.  How do we know the middle-class is damaged?
  1. Median household income has declined for five years running and over 10% in total.
  2. A full 50% live below the poverty line and 60% of kids live in those homes.
  3. Over 1 million kids are homeless.
  4. Some 40% of all families have less than $500 in savings.
  5. Welfare spending is over $1 trillion, more than Social Security and Medicare combined.
  6. A full 50 million are on Food Stamps.
  7. Middle-class households have shrunk from 61% to 50% since 1971.
  8. A grim 35% of households make less than $35k a year.
  9. Some 80% of households say they live paycheck to paycheck.
  10. Over 100 million working age adults are out of the workforce entirely.
Once the middle-class is gone and the interest on the debt sucks all the marrow out of the budget people won't need to worry about where their next meal is coming from because our enemies will be sitting in DC dining on the scraps left behind by the worst president in US history.

50% Of Retirement Age Seniors Can't Retire
Where Middle-Class Jobs Vanish Fastest
Jimmy Carter Says Poor In 1980 Resemble Today's Middle-Class
Americans In All 50 States More Conservative Than Since 1954

USA Default Is Germany 1933 Deja Vu

Obama seems determined to drive the USA over the cliff on October 17th.  And when he does he will repeat the mistakes made by Nazi Germany in 1933!

Oh sure the US had a 'technical' default back in 1979 when the Democrats controlled both the Senate and the House.  Then, like now, the Democrats insisted the debt ceiling be raised when the debt was a paltry $833 billion.  A far cry from today's $17 trillion disgrace. Still, the same set of political morons are pushing again.

Germany was commanded to pay all of WWI's war debt by their victors.  By the time Hitler rose the Germans had been printing money and accruing massive domestic and foreign debt.  The result inflated their currency and collapsed their economy.  Hitler's answer?  Default.

Sound familiar?

Are world wars and major depressions preferable to rational, responsible management of spending and debt?  The answer is rhetorical - Obama is hell bent on repeating Hitler's mistakes.

Dems Won't Deal On Spending Cuts - Want Default Instead
Obama Demands $1.4 Trillion Ransom Or He Crashes Econ 
Obama About To Hand Unions Obamacare Delay

LA Sheriff K-9s Accused Of Racism

The LA Police and LA Sheriff departments have been rapped with charges of racism, corruption, and strong-arm tactics since the 19th century. 

So no surprise the Canine Special Detail of the LA Sheriff's Department (LASD) is being fingered for a big spike in the number of Hispanics and Blacks bitten by police dogs since 2004.

Who says so? The Police Assessment Resource Center (Parc), an LA-based non-profit org devoted to “advancing effective and accountable policing”. The minority dog bites have allegedly gone up 35% and Parc says it's all about racism.

Do the dogs know the difference? Nah. But the goofs at Parc insist the cops are taking dogs into high crime areas where they know minorities live. Yet leave them in the car when they visit predominantly white-low-crime areas.  Wow, that would be wrong?

Parc wants you to know that during the 1980s some LA cops allegedly referred to black kids as “dog biscuits”. So they want a 'policy change' in how the cops use their dogs.

What change would that entail? Maybe let the violent, truculent, ferocious, maniacal, frenzied, rabid, rapacious, lunatic, psychopathic, homicidal, savage, drug and race crazed black kids bite the cops instead?

Mothra: Fukushima's 'mutant butterflies'

Japan had nukes dropped them once so they built nuke plants on a giant earthquake fault and got themselves the biggest release of radiation during peacetime too.

Radiation seems to follow the Japanese like a junk-yard dog paces a perimeter fence.  The Japanese trauma over nukes is oft reflected in old 1950s sci-fi flicks depicting mutant giant-big animals genetically hopped-up on radiation.

Fukushima may be making reality out of the old movies.

Genetic mutations have been found in three generations of butterflies from near Japan's crippled nuke plants.  Smaller wings, and wild-crazy butterfly eyes have been linked to radiation from the plant accidents.  The findings are raising fears already perkolating over the possible effects on people.

Thirty-five years since Chernobyl no scientific proof has been found that even a single case of leukemia or mutations in DNA has occurred.  But that has not stopped some from making wild claims based on conspiracy impulse.

Though no one has yet seen a moth with a 100-foot wingspan you can bet the Japanese are pretty sure that's next.

Male Moth Antennae Sex Radar

Obama's Delusional Debt Ceiling

Obama is less than an enigma.

By any standard he has revealed himself to be a sneaky, specious, deceitful, austucious, cunning, delusive, disingenuous and obtuse man.  Whether by design or by obdurate ignorance the daily deluge of deleterious donkey-dung coming out of Obama cannot be mistaken for competence.

But can Obama be so deluded living behind the iron fence at the Whitehouse that he really believes the debt ceiling disconnected from debt?

The dark dolt pronounced last week: Raising The Debt Ceiling ‘Does Not Add a Dime to Our Debt’

“I’ve shown myself willing to go more than halfway in these [debt ceiling] conversations,” Obama whined. Do we need to point out that even with the complete capitulation by the Rino Republicans Obama simply says - hell no?

Well, who cares really...the debt is ponderous enough now that there's no turning back.  By 2020 the interest on the debt will equal all tax revenues.

But it's still a stunning piece of pomposity that Obama feels blissfully able or cripplingly contemptuous enough to utter such a laughable notion that raising the debt ceiling does not further raise the debt.

Or did you buy it?

Pro-Lifers Funding Late-Term Abortion

ObamaCare is the central failure of the Obama regime.  The unconstitutional monstrosity is a laugh even for those looking for handouts and goodies.

The baby killers and their cadre of supporters have cause to celebrate.  Why?  Because the giant federal program directly funds late-term abortion! reports those signing up to ObamaCare cannot determine whether late-term abortions are part of the plan they purchase. ObamaCare requires an abortion surcharge on plans and the details are buried in fine print in such a way that a pro-life buyer has no way to know.

Back in October of 2009, Obama stated emphatically "under our plan, no federal dollars will be used to fund abortion.”

As Mark Twain aptly noted a century ago; There are lies, damn-lies and statistics. Apparently Twain was thinking of Obama when he uttered that chunk of wisdom.

Men Raped More Than Women In US

More than 216,000 prison inmates were raped while serving time in 2008.

Compare that figure to 90,479 rapes, most assumed to be women reported outside of prison. Of those rapes, 94% of the victims were female, and 99% of the perps male.

But inside jail, both men and women are perps - including those guarding the prisoners. The targets are the younger prisoners in the 18 to 25 age group.

The Bureau of Justice Statistics found sexual abuse rates in juvenile detention were as high as 9.5 per cent in 2012.

High rates of abuse were found among gay, lesbian and mentally ill inmates.

The concept is clear - if you want to avoid rape stay out of jail. As a female, if you want to defend yourself against rape you'd better even the odds with a weapon. And that weapon better sting a little more than the shrill sounds of a whistle.

Lesbian Divorce Exceeds Gay Males

EPA Crushes Coal

The Obama EPA is dismantling the coal industry in the USA. 

The rogue agency staffed with koolaiders from the Global Warming cult are shutting down remaining coal plants and preventing any new ones from being built. 

The effect is catastrophic.  The Manhattan Insitute a $1 Trillion sucker punch is being delivered to the US economy. 

Of course utility rates are rising because 79% of all power generation comes from coal.

And you thought the politics of pain Obama is spreading during the debt ceiling standoff was bad...

Dying Rabies Infected Baby Bites Dad And Brother

A baby dying of rabies in the Democratic Republic of the Congo infected his seven-year-old brother and 27-year-old father when he bit them as they tried to comfort the child.

The outbreak has killed 154 people so far.

‘I've only seen one other case of rabies in my career as a doctor and it was one of the worst things I have ever seen,' said Dr Jantina Mandelkow.

Rabies is a fatal viral infection that attacks the brain and nervous system. Usually it's transmitted by dogs, squirrels, bats or other animals.  A human bite rarely transfers the disease.  But in superstitious Africa news of this bite has them in panic.

Ever notice Africa produces littler more than disease, hunger, rape, and terror?

Lifespan For US Women Reversing

The University of Washington verified female life expectancy either stagnated or declined in 45% of U.S. counties between 1985 and 2010. The effect has stripped 5 years off the lives of women living today versus what their mothers could expect.

'Clearly something is going on, it could be cultural, political, or environmental, but the truth is we don't really know the answer,'' study co-author David Kindig says.

The most troubled area for women seems to be in the Southeast especially in Kentucky, West Virginia, Arkansas and Tennessee.

Economic factors due to Obama's long recession are likely the culprit say researchers.  

Just one third of the record number of female high-school dropouts are employed, and working low income jobs or are unemployed all together causing stress which manifests itself in smoking, obesity and drugs..

Global Warming To End Humans By 2030

The Mayans had their chance. So did  Nostradamus. Biblical prophecy is still hanging out there, so where's the end of the world?

None of the doomsayers are winning.  But there's still hope.  A new cult of the dead has risen up in the past few years. Doomsayers that have a cruddy track record too. Who are they?

The Global Warming Cult is just as fervent, just as rabid, just as stubborn and man do they love their end-of-the-world knee-jerking.

Members of the Climate Change crowd have lost their precious hot air over the past month because the past fifteen years have trended colder, not hotter.

But there's no crises.  And the public is onto them now.

So what's left for the deep kooloaiders like Bob Geldof and Al Gore?  Preach the doom baby, like nothing's changed.  Rather than accept the truth, they're sinking into a din of despair and meloncholy.  And getting even more shrill.

Geldof told the One Young World Summit in South Africa this week that climate change will end all human life by 2030!

Well okay then. Start partying like it's 2029.

UN's 11 Ways World Ends

Electric Shock Cures Criminals

Electric Shock affectionally known as Electroconvulsive Therapy zaps the frontal lobes.  Back in the day, and before it became discredited, ECT was thought to 'cure' schizophrenia.  But it also turned people into veggies and got a bad name.

Now it's back.  Scientists have mapped the area of the brain that makes people act 'civilized' such as being polite, shaking hands and having good table manners.  They also found these neurons can be 'controlled' using by sending electric current through the skull via electrodes on the scalp.

Professor Christian Ruff said: ‘We discovered the decision to follow the fairness norm, whether voluntarily or under threat of sanctions, can be directly influenced by neural stimulation in the prefrontal cortex.’

See where this is going folks?  Betcha before long we start to smell burnt hair and skin on death rows nationwide.  Then some goonie California liberal will want to zap everyone else in prison and release them under the inference the cooked-headed perps are 'cured.'

If you live in a non conceal-and-carry state, move.  This is no joke.

Bill Maher Craps On The Great Generation

Bill Maher is a greased-back beaked-nosed puke who looks and sounds more like a gritty chunk of  road-kill than any other under-endowed male in US history.  

Sadly, HBO gave the ghoulish gnome airtime to spew his erudite, taunting tripe.  And the network appears okay with the buzzing sound and bullshit that comes out of Maher's brain-hole.

Maher decided to belittle the Great Generation last week.  You see, Obama's inflicting pain on the few remaining WWII vets locking them out of their memorials, here in the US and in Normandy, France.  And Maher, like Chris 'leg tingler' Mathews blames the vets, not Obama.

Maher, 'The other thing that apparently was so important for the Republicans to keep open was the World War II Memorial in Washington. That was closed, so a bunch of the World War II vets knocked down the barriers and stormed it. [Laughter] And then I loved this, they posed for pictures with Michele Bachmann who showed up....They're the greatest generation - nobody said they were the brightest generation."

Maher is a Jew, incidentally. The mouth-breather should have been born 70 years sooner and just inside Germany near Auschwitz-Birkenau. Wonder if Maher knows who liberated that place?

Women Lower Voice For Lovers

Women use a lower, huskier voice tone when speaking to a current or possible lover. And men use a higher pitch when speaking to a lady giving rise to the pocket gopher.

U.S. researchers found the change in tonality was extra evident on the phone.  The scientist speculate both men and women try to match or mimic their partner or love interest's voice.

If true, then while the guy is speaking higher and the girl lower, do they circle each other endlessly raising then lowering their voices in a cacophony of confusion and discordant caterwauling?


But as an added bonus the voice modulation could be used to detect infidelity.  No doubt someone will write an iPhone app that can be used to nail cheating lovers and spouses.  Wouldn't that be a hoot?

Portable Underwear Just Add Water
Plastic Beads Replace Viagra
Long Fingers Depression Prone - Small Ears Kidney Disease

Obama Plays Politics Of Pain

Obama has no real accomplishment so the next best thing for him, he thinks, is to be as destructive, bullying, nasty and mean-spirited as possible.

The shutdown that's not really a shutdown is being used by Obama to further tear down the country.

Though there is no budget, nor funding from congress, Obama found enough cash to bring back rangers to block WWII vets from their memorial, to keep the IRS open for tax collection but not refunds, to close down privately funded landmarks, to keep Catholic priests from offering mass to the troops (volunteers), to keep money flowing to Planned Parenthood for abortions, to keep himself and congress in a paycheck yet remain exempted from having to sign-up to Obamacare,  and to refuse to fund cancer programs for sick kids.

Anything else?  Oh yea, yesterday Obama closed the ocean!

The National Park Service told charter and fishing boats in Florida that the Florida Bay was "closed" due to the shutdown and until government funding is restored.  The Park Service deployed rangers to police the ban at a cost exceeding normal operations.

Yet, Nancy Pelosi and her gang of 10,000 illegals were pooping all over the capital mall grinning, and giggling, and breaking the law - no problem man, it's Democrats.

The GOP offered a half dozen compromises.  But, like Hitler in his bunker, Obama is choosing to slash and burn to the end.  Why?  Because that's just how Obama rolls, folks.

Cops Remove Vietnam Vets At Memorial Wall 
Vets Break Thru Barricade At Iwo Jima Memorial
Park Service Told: 'Make Life As Difficult For People As You Can' 
Inn Owner 'Park Service Out There With Lights Flashing'
FEMA Gets Workers Back
300,000 DoD Civilian Workers Back
Gallup: Obama Back To 41% 
The Full Obama Inflict Pain List
Obama Sadistically Asks: 'How Has The Shutdown Affect You?'
Obama's Golf Course Spared From Shutdown
Boehner: 'No Plain Debt Ceiling Hike Passes' 
Chris Wallace: Obama Not Negotiating Unprecedented 
Amber Alert Shutdown - Michelle Obama Fat Site Stays Up

Woman Stops Thief: 'Do You See How Big This Gun Is?'

Betty Collins of Toledo, OH heard a commotion by her front door and went outside to find 21-year old Thomas Lee Johnson "trying to steal one of the bikes chained to the porch."

Betty told the would-be-thief to get off her porch. He ignored her and started to pull on the chains on the bike even harder. So Betty went inside to see if her boyfriend would come out and try to make a bigger impression on Thomas.

But the boyfriend didn't impress Thomas either. So, Betty pulled her .357 magnum out and commanded Thomas to get on the ground to wait for the cops. After Thomas ignored even the gun she said, "I'm not joking. Do you see how big this gun is? It's fully loaded."

Suddenly Thomas got the message and got on the ground. Betty kept the large handgun trained on Thomas until the cops finally showed up.

Betty's no stranger to this scenario, she's had to do it before. But she'd rather just be left alone.

American Flag Gets Seniors Suspended

Superintendent Karsten Anderson at Red Wing High School in Red Wing, Mn seems to be infected with the anti-American liberal gene. She just suspended twelve students decorating the school with the American flag.

Red Wing didn't allow students to observe a moment of silence or gesture of observance last September on the anniversary of 9-11 - though the school had done so in years past.

Some of the more patriotic students were unhappy.  At least one high school senior, Bryce Reps who is also on his way to joining the Air Force wanted to do a little make-up for that hole in the schools pride.

So when Homecoming Week arrived a dozen students got going putting out the American Flag and painting the flag on windows with water-soluable and erasable paint.

“My last day of school was yesterday,” Reps said.  The decorating is nothing more than a senior prank, but unlike juvenile narcissistic destruction, or getting boozed up, these students were righting the wrong that happened last month when the school ignored the fallen heroes on 9-11..

Karsten Anderson should be ashamed for being unable  to tell the difference.

CA School Forces Girl To Remove 'Violent' NRA Tee-Shirt
School Demands Cop Not Wear Uniform Or Gun When Picking Up Daughter