Penis Pictures For Science

A Missouri State U sociology professor wants your manhood.

Prof Alicia Walker is amassing measurements of men's penises both erect and flaccid for a research project.

“The purpose is to investigate how men feel about their bodies in a culture where we place emphasis on size, including size of penises,” Walker says.

The catch?  You have to be over twenty-two years old.  But luckily all types of “men,” including “[Assigned Male At Birth], [Assigned Female At Birth], Post-Phallo, Intersex, Genderqueer” are allowed.  Whatever those terms mean.

Email your lap-lizards to Prof Walker if you wanna get your dick into the mix but be forewarned, ya gotta be persistent.  Her email server is flooded.

Man Crushed Carrying Mom's Casket

As the mother's coffin was being raised by pallbearers up to the lakkian (funeral platform), the ladder shifted and collapsed. 

The coffin fell onto son Samen Kondorura, 40, and trapped the other pallbearers.  Samen's head was crushed and he died on the way to the hospital.

The whole thing was captured on video and posted on YouTube.  Some 300,000 rubberneckers have already taken a look...we post it here to test your ghoulish guts

Carrying A Cancer Gene?

Iceland knows who is predisposed to cancer. But the government is keeping it a secret. Why?

When all the Icelanders volunteered to give DNA samples they did not give permission to be told the results.

About 0.8% of Icelanders carry the breast cancer BRCA2 gene.  The same gene that threatens males with untreatable prostate cancer.

"That is utter...bullshit," says Dr. Kári Stefánsson (founder of DNA testing company deCODE). "There is a tradition in...society, to save people who are in life-threatening situations, without asking them for informed consent..."

Iceland's use of "presumed consent" was ultimately deemed unconstitutional.  And Stefánsson's outrage does seem a little 'convenient' given his connection to deCODE.

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The Delusional Generation

We had the great generation (won WWII), the baby boomers (born after WWII), Gen X (baby bust), Xennials (disco gen) then Gen Y Millennials (the Delusionals).

The Delusionals born between 1980 and 1994 now 24 to 38 years old are supposed to be post college and well into their careers of choice.  But instead faced the post Democrat Party Subprime crash and eight years of Obama's failed economy.

The result?   Despite a few of them hitting it big, like Mark Zuckerberg and Kyle Jenner most still live with their parents and have crushing college debt.

The Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, found the net worth of an average family headed by someone born in the 1980s fell 34% below expectations in 2016.

Despite 24% never expecting to own a home, 75% not expecting to marry and 30% uninterested in parenthood half expect to be millionaires before 60.

How about that for a tidy delusion folks?

Top Ten Ways Blacks Keep Racism Alive

Why do black racists want and need racism kept alive?

There is a carload of cash to be made and a ponderous pile of political power to be wielded.  Just ask Jesse Jackson, Al Shaprton, Louis Farrakhan, the Congressional Black Caucus, fascist Hollywood and the 'Fake News' Media.

Here are ten hints you're facing a race hustle:
  1. Victimhood invokes false sympathy. Sympathy used to control and ridicule.
  2. Identity Politics.  Blacks vote for blacks, whether incompetent or even criminal.
  3. Racism Everywhere/Always.  The false idea all blacks are victims of racism always.
  4. Reparations. False idea that blacks alive today are owed cash for slavery. 
  5. Reverse Racism. False idea that blacks can never be racist.
  6. Ignore Reality.  Blacks use the past to justify acting badly in the present.
  7. White Privilege.  False idea whites get preferences when in fact the opposite is true.
  8. White Guilt. Left wing whites swill in self-flagellating guilt...for them it's better than sex.
  9. Segregation. Ironically blacks are demanding to be segregated from whites now.
  10. Whitepeople.  The word contraction blacks use to demean and denigrate.
Obama's presidency was by all measure a complete waste of money and time.  But Obama did manage to re-light the cold war and re-divide the country along racial lines.