Snotty French Angry Over EU Reports In English

Ever since the defeat of Napoleon the French have had a problem with the English.  The goofy country, desperate to cling to their dying language has a whole agency tasked with 'keeping French pure'.  What is pure French?  Who cares.

The French are pretty full of themselves and feel inferior to an invented 'Anglo-Saxon' boogey man in Europe.  It is understandable the French would feel inferior.

The history of the country is a mess.  France fought on BOTH sides of World War II for example.  And De Gaulle never missed a chance to regularly insult the nations that bailed France out of their German death-grip.

France like Britain are both ex-empire and vaporizing.  But at least Britain is taking the decline with a bit of grace.  Not France.

The Brussels-based French-language press corps got their coiffures in a crunch over the release of the EU's annual report, why? The important work was done in ENGLISH.

In classic liberalese, a reporter for the French paper Liberation penned a sting eMail whining, "The right to be informed in one's own language about the social and budgetary sacrifices demanded by the EU executive is a minimum right."  Notice the overuse of the word 'right'.

As France skids behind Greece and Spain in the big 2012 EU crash the tiny toad-like republic fades into history. And when a country winks out like ancient Rome and Greece did, the language blinks out too - viva la see you later!

Golden Gate Bridge Of Death

San Francisco straddles two major fault zones and is seated prominently in the middle of the largest blue state awash in red ink and junk bonds in the USA.

The city is home to people from every country and whole sections of the town are named for the denser ethnic groups like Japan town, China town, and of course the infamous Gay town - the Castro District.

Last week San Francisco blew a small fortune setting off fireworks from the Golden Gate Bridge on it's 75th year.  Few revelers likely gave much thought to the thousands that have used the bridge to end their lives.

Some 1600 people have taken their last plunge from the bridge.  And about 40 per year join them.  And really nothing much can be done to stop them.  Oh yea, eleven guys died building the thing back in 1938, falling briskly thru the safety nets.

Since the entire area is due to experience 'the big one', namely a quake as large as the one that destroyed the entire city back in 1908, the bridge has been undergoing an expensive retrofit to bolster its joints and struts.

And the other big bridge - the Bay Bridge is being replaced entirely.  Why people don't jump from the Bay Bridge seems an odd exclusion by the suicide crowd.  The Bay Bridge is much bigger, much longer, and just as high.

Well, something more grand and dramatic we suppose about joining so many others in the cold depths below the Golden Gate.  After all, if your gonna check out, best do it in the same nasty spot everyone else does.  Conformity in suicide, ah the city by the bay.

Yet Another Asshole Working At MSNBC

Liberals are brain-dead born genetically prone to a permanent fog of stupidity and arrogance.  And MSNBC has a full stable of these screwballs.  Every day one of them utters and sputters something that re-proves the axiom - to be liberal is to be lame.

Enter stage left, Chris Hayes.  The bespectacled, Keith Olberman wannabe and nerd hosting an MSNBC show with his name on it. The block-head managed to vomit in his own mouth an obtuse diss to vets on Memorial Day eve.

To wit: 'I think it is very difficult to talk about the war dead and the fallen without invoking valor, without invoking the words "heroes...I feel... uncomfortable, about the word because it seems to me that it is so rhetorically proximate to justifications for more war.'  Oh, he  'feels' uncomfortable that ordinary guys suffer and spill their blood to protect his right to get on air and spit on them. Remember, liberals 'feel', they don't 'think'.

Hayes deepened the wound by adding, 'I don't want to obviously desecrate or disrespect memory of anyone that's fallen, and obviously there are individual circumstances in which there is genuine, tremendous heroism: hail of gunfire, rescuing fellow soldiers and things like that...But it seems to me that we marshal this word in a way that is problematic.' He then added: 'But maybe I'm wrong about that.'

Hey Chris, you are wrong - as wrong as anyone can be and still be breathing the free air vets provided to you without expectation of praise or thanks.

Chris Hayes is below contempt. Just another little fart in front of a camera whose own life is worth less than the electricity it takes to power those cameras allowing him to make a public ass of himself.

To the HEROES in the US Military, THANK-YOU from the bottom of our hearts.  A grateful nation does not forget and honors those that defend its shores as the true inheritors of the greatest nation yet to form on the surface of planet earth.

Chris Hayes can take his little hate train and leave the country the first minute he raises enough bus fare.

McAfee Founder Broke And On The Run

John McAfee had it all.  The software company bearing his name made him a $100 million bucks and a long life living large.   Then poof it was all gone!

McAfee started as a software engineer during the 1970s and by 1990 was writing early anti-virus software out of his garage in Santa Clara, CA.  The company grew quickly as the Internet turned into the Web and virus attacks became all the rage.

First called McAfee Associates, then Network Associates, then back to McAfee again - the turbulent high growth years made him wealthy, and the recession of 2009 made him 'poor'.  By poor we mean he lost $96 million leaving him with a paltry $4 million.

Then the real trouble started.  First losing his assets which included properties in five states and a ton of cash McAfee turned up in Belize starting a new venture to make antibiotics.  Oddly, turning his software virus skills into killing biological virus instead. 

On May 2, 2012, McAfee's property in Belize was raided by the Gang Suppression Unit. The arrest was for unlicensed drug manufacturing (meth lab) and possession of unlicensed weapons. McAfee was allegedly with his 17 year old Belizean girlfriend. All charges were later dropped. McAfee is suing the Belizean Government for false arrest  But the damage is deep, and the setbacks insurmountable.

At 66 and the target of both government and online hackers, McAfee may have run out of luck.  The fall was big, and the end bitter - but hey, he has a 17-year-old girlfriend, a tan, and a bunch of beach clothes.  How bad can it be?

Real Deficit Real Jobless Rate Real Bad

Both Democrats and Republicans play a nasty little game gaming the important numbers in the economy.

The jobless rate computed by US Labor does not include those no longer looking for work (worst 30 months in history).

And the record budget deficits racked up for each of the past three years does not include Social Security and Medicare shortfalls.

State governments, by federal law, are required to include pension liabilities in their reporting.  Anyone surprised the Feds exclude themselves from their own accounting laws?

On to the real deficit.  Congress excludes entitlement liabilities reducing the real deficits reported.  Reversing this under 'normal' accounting practice each household owes a full $42,054 - 4x the smaller number.  Given the median household income is $49,500 it is clear that the deficit alone is sinking the ship.

The 'official' deficit reported under funny-money rules for last fiscal year was $1.3 trillion.  The real number under real rules is $5.1 trillion.  Thus, instead of the debt hovering at $15.8 trillion the actual number is closer to $30 trillion!  Still listening?

Obama has gleefully chosen to ignore the full financial disaster looming in Social Security, Medicare, and the hot rate of spending he refuses to reduce.   This is part of the rub with the Ryan budget which does begin to address the issues.

This is not new news.  And it will continue to be old news for as long as the voters along with the politicians continue to kick that can, man.

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Teen Jobless Rate Tops 52%

Romney Declares War On Teachers Unions

Just ahead of the critical vote in Wisconsin on June 5th Mitt Romney is drawing a line in the sand over education.  Union power is on the line.

Mitt Romney is correctly standing up for school choice today.

Teachers unions are singularly responsible for the decline of public education  The AFT and NEA unions have a monopoly over public schools, and that power has been horribly abused over the decades.  The result is a disaster for the public schools, taxpayers, and more importantly the kids who are ill-served by incompetent teachers protected by unions.

“Here we are in the most prosperous nation, but millions of kids are getting a Third World education. And America’s minority children suffer the most,” Romney told the Latino Coalition. Latinos say education is a bigger issue for them than immigration policy. The Democrat party is a dead-end if that is their true priority.

“President Obama has been unable to stand up to union bosses — and unwilling to stand up for kids,” Romney noting Obama places unions’ campaign donations ahead of the needs of the kids.

In the face of failing public education, Obama has called for lowering standards instead of firing incompetent teachers.    

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Mickey, Snow White and Goofy Strike Over Pay

Trouble is brewing in Disneyland, Paris.  The 'humans' that put on the big character costumes playing the roles of Mickey Mouse, Snow White, Goofy, and Grumpy are walking off the job. The beef? Pay and sexual harassment.

It seems one of the players was recently accused of harassing a female patron.  The incident led to a firing, but the guy was brought back due to 'lack of evidence'.  The other cartoon characters disagree and insist the offender remain out of uniform and off the reservation.

The crew are also part of a French union, and as union's do, threw in pay increases for extra flavor.  None of the details are known, but is it really surprising a labor strike at a Paris Disneyland is in play?  The French work ethic is non-existent even in a place designed to give kids a little joy.  After all, labor has it's price.

‘It’s worst for the very young children who aren’t that interested in the rides,’ said Louise Scott, a mother-of-four. ‘They dream of meeting their cartoon heroes, and want to be pictured with them, but there just aren’t any around.’

The unions are adamant despite the outcry from parents who come from the UK and all around Europe to bring their kids to see their childhood fantasies in oversized glory. ‘It’s bizarre that Disneyland characters are going on strike,’ said Eileen Holmes, who was in the park with two young kids. ‘You expect to see French lorry drivers and fishermen on strike, but not cartoon characters!’

 Well, in the real world Mickey Mouse has kids to feed, and Snow White is a busy mom herself so we guess the kids eager to meet them will just have to wait for them to come back from their labor strike.

Joyless Jobless Rate Jumble

Sadly, the US Labor Dept. is reporting a bogus jobless rate that most people will take as gospel.  In a good economy the issue would be a yawn, but in dire times the voter really needs to know the truth - and is not getting it from the government.  No conspiracy theory, simply a calculation assumption gone wrong.

The current US Labor Dept. national jobless rate is 8.1%.  The ratio does NOT include workers that have QUIT looking for work and have fallen off the jobs radar.  The workforce 'participation rate' is a better indicator of the problem.  The participation rate is the percent of the overall labor workforce WORKING.  That number is 61% and falling.  A full 39% of the workforce is idle.

The weekly jobless claims and weekly jobs added are also being gamed as each week following the reported numbers are later 'adjusted' downward.   Since Obama has been in office at least 8 million have lost their jobs, and wages have dropped about 11%.  Over half of those graduating from college since Obama was sworn in are jobless.

The five states with the highest jobless rates continue to be: Puerto Rico 15.2%, Nevada 13.0%, California 11.2%, Rhode Island 11.0%, and Mississippi 10.4%. Find your state here.

Once the EU vaporizes, the US GDP will be driven down from its meager level of 2.2% and pressure on jobs and the economy will begin anew.  Long term jobless benefits and the food stamp program are out of gas.  The debt is so high now, that ANY new spending, even to prop up those in need will be unattainable.

The country and the Obama regime are holding their collective breath 'till the November election.  And remember, we get to do the debt ceiling AND the Bush tax cuts all over again in December.

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Leg-Tingler Chris Mathews Jackknifes On Jeopardy

Chris Mathews is the poster boy for arrogant Obama toe-lickers.  And the white-haired goon loves to bash Sarah Palin.  As we often say on this blog - Karma Is A Bitch.  And oh man, has Karma come to visit the leg-tingler from MSNBC.

In the summer of 2010 Mathews said of Sarah Palin, “Well do you think cute will beat brains? ” and “Do you think she’d do better on the questions on ‘Jeopardy’ or the interview they do during a halftime?”

Fast forward to yesterday. Mathews appeared on a special Jeopardy show himself, called 'Power Players.'  The dope finished dead last getting spanked by CNN's Lizzie O'Leary, and Obama's ex-spokesboy Robert Gibbs.  And as an added bonus Mathews exposed himself as a halfwit during most of the show ending in punctuated nervous audience laughter.

Mathews endless gaffes, mistakes, wrong answers, and fumbling format foibles were topped-off with this gem. The category "6-Letter World Capitals" and the answer "St. Basil's Cathedral is there."  Host Trebek reminded the audience the category was "6-Letter World Capitals."  Astonishingly, button bonehead Matthews rings in and spurts, "What is Istanbul?"  The first part of wrong is that 'Istanbul' is EIGHT letters, not SIX.  Then consider that even school kids know that St. Basil's is in the middle of Red Square in Moscow.  But not the Moron From MSNBC.

Maybe Mathews can give Palin a call and BEG for some coaching?  Wait, never mind.  Mathews is obviously too vapid to feed himself let alone take instruction from someone who is ACTUALLY intelligent.  Mathews must have shards all over the floors from rocks tossed out of his glass house.

Netanyahu Punches Obama In The Guts

Obama and Sarkozy had a grand time bonding and carping about Israel's Prime Minister Netanyahu at the G20.  Refreshing the memory:  Sarkozy snarked,’I don’t want to see him (Netanyahu) anymore, he’s a liar.’ To which Obama double snarked: ‘You’ve had enough of him, but I have to deal with him every day!’

Karma is a bitch and what goes around comes around, especially in politics.  Sarkozy is about to be booted from his job, Obama is facing the same fate in November. Netanyahu is getting the last laugh.

Benjamin Netanyahu is calling early elections so that he will be free to deal with Iran’s nuclear threats this September-October, a full year ahead of schedule. Netanyahu is positioning Israel for action given Obama will be paralyzed by the election in the USA.  Netanyahu has Obama by the nads, and he is gonna make sure Obama can't squirm out of it.

The Obama Whitehouse is busy trying to avoid their abysmal record, and cleaning up yet another mess in the Chinese dissident fiasco.  The April jobs report knocked the wind out of the stock market again today. Obama is said to be 'shrugging' off the bad news.  As the Muslim Brotherhood solidifies its takeover of Egypt, it now enters Libya in a big way - Obama's backing of Arab Spring was also endorsed by Osama Bin Laden.

Even oil prices are dropping due to lack of demand and jobs.  Obama can't win.  Running on fumes and facing a fall attack by Israel on Iran the regime seems to be facing the same kind of challenge jobless millions face.  Karma Karma Karma - sing it with me Barry.

Obama Holds Up F35 Fighters For Israel

Pandemic Killer Flu Paper Published

The H5N1 bird flu has been genetically modified to become air-borne and able to kill millions of people.

 The 'work' was done at the Erasmus Medical Centre in Rotterdam - 'just to see if it could be done'.  The US National Institutes For Health (NIH) funded the work.

To date, just 600 humans have gotten the H5N1 flu; in its wild state nearly impossible to contract. Of those, 60% died.

"We have discovered that this is indeed possible, and more easily than previously thought...," Dr Fouchier, team leader.

WARNING: The WHO and NIH have jointly agreed the work be published - find it in current issue of the science publication 'Nature'.

Armageddon inches a bit closer..  Does Al Qaeda read science journals?

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