Medical Marijuana 'Wink Wink'

California, Oregon, Washington and a few other blue states on the east coast have this little scam going, a kind of dope-head lottery - a game of chicken with drugs and the Federal law.

The Discovery Channel's 'Weed Wars' follows dad Jason as he shoves a joint in his kids mouth.  Son Jayden has epilepsy, so the toad-headed Jason plays medical doctor self-prescribing marijuana and feeding it to his kid.

Cannabis smokers' defiance of Federal drug laws is more an exercise in hypocrisy than medicine.

Marijuana is already a controlled substance that medical doctors can prescribe in a pharmaceutical process.  The so-called marijuana clinics have quacks on staff ready to service walk-ins with faux medical excuses.

Lets quit pretending, shall we?  The medical marijuana thing isn't fooling goofs are simply breaking the law, and filling your lungs with the same toxic crap contained in cigarettes.  All future medical problems that will no doubt fall at the feet of taxpayers when the time comes.

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