Science: Vibrating Bicycle, Warp Speed & Misery

Lots of science and tech news today.  Here are three developments seemingly and oddly connected.

The Happy Ride bicycle seat cover converts any ordinary bicycle seat into a vibrating...  Now the ladies can ride in high style and achieve multiple orgasms at the same time.  Thus ending the drudgery and boredom associated with actually peddling the bicycle to who cares where.  Why this wasn't invented fifty years ago is the real mystery.

NASA is funding a fun project. In 1994 Mexican physicist, Miguel Alcubierre, postulated a theory describing matter traveling faster-than-light but without contradicting Einstein. The idea is to contract space itself - thereby generating a 'warp bubble' in which to travel. Dr. Harold G. White has begun small-scale teeny-tiny photon experiments trying to tempt one to go thru such a bubble. If he gets one to do it, look out Captain Picard, here we come.

Is there a 'misery molecule' that drives depression, anxiety and crying spells in girls?   Researchers believe the protein CRF1 is the culprit and they have x-ray pictures of the marauder.  If it turns out to be true the next step is the crush the little beast and end the blues once and for all.