Courtless Divorce Goes Online

Is there an online model for saving money in a messy divorce? thinks so.

The simple version where there are no kids, no assets, no pets, and no feelings left are easy one-pagers as documented in the Dummies for Divorce book for a $1.99, also online.

But what about the intractable, knock-down, drag-out, spitting, murder-for-hire, knuckle-bloody marital split where he has been sleeping with half the women at the office and she has been getting a secret sex-change operation?

That's when you usually need lawyers, hideouts and a lots of counseling. The bill can range from around $30k to 'open a vein' and lay down and die kind of bucks.  But Wevorce thinks they can do it a lot cheaper and with far less middle-of-the-night blanket theft and visits by the cops.

For a mere $7,500 Wevorce cofounder Michelle Crosby says, 'Each party that works with Wevorce selects their own counsel to file their pleadings with the court house, so they never have to go to court.'

'We have built a referal network of attorneys that we call Hevorce and Shevorce attorneys who agree to review the pleadings and file them with the court for a flat fee.'  The pronoun word contractions are kinda creepy, but Michelle may be onto something.

It's new, about a week old.  So if you still have enough left in the marriage to logon to a website, give these guys a look.  But ya gotta stop fighting over who gets the computer, first.

1 In 9 Lose Job Over Facebook
School Health Insurance Covers Sex Change
Mother Blames Child's Death On Divorce
Women Pens Breakup Letter Includes Directions To All His Hidden Stuff

CA Homeless Barred From Legislator's Sidewalks

James O'Keefe is a crusader video journalist and class act.

Recall, this is the guy that exposed ACORN before most even knew that ACORN existed.  He also nailed Planned Parenthood workers agreeing to take money from race bigots.  And he pulled the scabs back on NPR executives in 2011 forcing the resignation of the rabid liberal Vivian Schiller, CEO.

O'Keefe runs Project Veritas which recently made a video exposing stark hypocrisy by two California Democrats bringing the 'Homeless Bill of Rights'.   And as an added bonus the video also contains an in-your-face DHS agent making threats against the video crew outside bill sponsor Tom Ammiano's offices.

The Democrats in California and the Obama regime are running amok folks, if you are not aware or are in doubt dare to watch:

Ted Cruz: Obama Has No Respect For 1st, 2nd, 4th or 5th Amendments
'Liberal Activist' Admits To Illegally Bugging Mitch McConnel's Office
Zimmerman's Prosecutor Withheld Evidence
CA Wants Resume And Fee To Buy Ammo
CA Obamacare Rate Hikes Over 146%
CA Votes On Five Job Killer Laws

Pro-Life Women Called 'Men With Breasts'

Why would any woman refuse the right to kill a kid in the womb, right?

PA State Rep. Babette Josephs, D-Philly, a rabid, frumpy, androgynous, hormonal mess describes pro-life women as “men with breasts.”

Seems Babette (ironic name huh?) doesn't like the ultrasound law in her state. So she pulled down her grannie pants in protest and uttered her absurd refrain.

Babette and toads like her are the real problem. Babette doesn't want abortion molested. Even for 'post or live birth abortion.'

Recall, Obama voted for it when he was a state senator in Illinois.  Luckily most people are against the abortion creep.  That is once they find out about it.

Stand-Up Robot Wheelchair

When is a wheelchair not a chair? When it's both. When you see this thing you'll wonder - why didn't I think of that!

Paraplegic's are doomed to sitting which can lead to a whole seperate set of problems. They suffer from pressure sores, diabetes, heart disease and even risk cancer due to poor circulation sitting and laying all the time.

A Turkish engineering team from Tek Robotic Mobilization Devices reinvented and reimagined the wheelchair - Turk Yusuf Akturkoglu hurt in a horse riding accident is lucky user #1.

Yusuf says ' using this device, I can get up whenever I want...this device helps me to get mobilized. I can go to the kitchen and do whatever I want. I feel free.'

Old style wheelchairs required the occupant to get off a toilet or bed by lifting their body with their arms and throw themselves in a single tricky motion into the seat. Imagine taking this risk several times a day, and occasionally landing on the floor with no one around to help?

The Tek is summoned by remote control. Owners strap themselves in before hoisting themselves into a standing position. The Tek also has a small seat so the user can still sit when grabbing stuff off a shelf if they choose. Of course the Tek is robotic and filled with software to help navigate.

Gone are the days of wide bathroom stalls, blocked doorways, and looking-up at the world.

Hitler's Bastard Son Died In France

After decades of dedicated research by three generations of talented sleuths, the truth is finally known:  Hitler made a bastard son with a french teenager during the first world war!

Adolf's war experiences included a night-out near the French town of Fournes-en-Weppe.  Adolf  met Charlotte Lobjoie after she started to flirt with him as he sat on a curb drawing.

‘One day I was cutting hay with other women, when we saw a German soldier on the other side of the street. He had a sketch pad and seemed to be drawing. I was picked by the others to approach the man.' said Mlle Lobjoie.

Charlotte confessed son Jean-Marie Loret was conceived after a ‘tipsy’ evening in June 1917, and born later the next year. She told her son about Adolf, their walks, and her inability to follow his ramblings about German history and politics.

French magazine Le Point documents German soldiers took envelopes of cash to Charlotte Lobjoie.

British Royal Engineer Leonard Wilkes  wrote in his notebook while fighting in France: 'On September 30 in 1944...An interesting day today. Visited the house where Hitler stayed as a corporal in the last war, saw the woman who had a baby by him and she told us that the baby, a son, was now fighting in the French army against the Germans.'

Ironically, bastard son Jean-Marie grew-up to fight Hitler's Wehrmacht in 1939. Jean-Marie even joined the French Resistance after the German occupation of France.

Nazi Eugenics
Lebensborn: SS Bastard Kids 
Pictorial: Hitler And His School Girls 
Hitler's SS Hopped Up On Crystal Meth

Yelling Wins Arguments

Intimidation's an ugly way to win arguments, still, arguments are often won that way.  Remember Hitler yelling?

Researchers from Washington State University analyzed a billion tweets from a million Twitter users. The more opinionated the tweets were, the more influential the tweeters were assumed to be.

Despite real experts among the twitter users, the tweeters who 'yelled' louder had more followers and more retweets of their inaccurate and error prone assertions.  The accuracy of predictions though were close, the pros got it right 47% while the amateurs guessed right 45% of the time.

The stats showed people trusted 'loud' amateurs more than 'loud' pros. The researchers think people are irrational when deciding who is right and who is wrong, giving precedence to those that simply exude confidence, despite being wrong most of the time.

Oh, did you know adding all the numbers on a roulette wheel equals 666?

Apes Yell When They Lose
Guy On Welfare Trades Checks For Sex
Krauthammer Maps Obama's Fall On Benghazi

Britain Takes Royal Mail Private

When was the last time Britain did something right?  Ya gotta go all the way back to Margaret Thatcher and maybe even the battle of Waterloo.  But Britain is back on track this week, why?

Britain's taking the Royal Mail private by offering a $4.5 billion buck IPO underwritten by Goldman Sachs and UBS.

The Royal Mail is 300 years older and just as lumbering as the USPS founded by Ben Franklin. Royal Mail started going out in 1516 carrying love letters from Henry VIII and the Tudor court.

The Royal Mail, again like the USPS is the UK's largest employer.  But unlike the USPS the Royal Mail is actually making a little profit. Unions oppose the sale, of course.

What is Obama's answer to the same problem Britain is about to solve? Pour more billions in debt and red ink down the shit-well un-affectionately called the Post Office.  Remember, the USPS is also the largest employer for blacks and the largest union shop too.

Millions To Lose Insurance Coverage Due To Obamacare
12 Jobs Going Extinct Including Mail Carrier
What USPS Bankruptcy Really Means
USPS Bolts From Brooklyn

Nerf Invents Long Range Sniper Rifle

Homeland Security says they're looking into it. The same way they're 'looking' into 3-D printers and 'looking' into all our emails.

What is it?

Nerf's N-Strike Elite Centurion sniper rifle that shoots canister-sized darts over 100 feet with accuracy.

Toy trade publications got a chance to test fire the menacing product which will sell for $49.99 this fall.  Shooting across Nerf's corporate offices Corinne Iozzio said the The N-Strike Elite Centurion giant darts, 'whistle, an oddly satisfying addition to long-range shootouts...this thing is freaking huge.'

The rifle measures 41 inches gun-butt to tip of barrel.  The weight and cost of ammo are unknown.

We at the Angle realize this toy could be a threat to national security if purchased by the wrong people and used in an improper way.

Since Janet Napolitano isn't shy when it comes to molesting chemo patients and senior citizens at airports we expect no less attention to this product.   DHS will no doubt need to corner the market and buy all they make, just like they're doing with firearms and ammo from other manufacturers.

Harry Reid Saves USPS For Junk Mail

Harry Reid took illegal campaign money from freshly federally convicted Harvey Whittemore.

Surprise?  Nah.  The crusty over-the-hill Nevada senator lugs a trainload of shit behind him that could fertilize the whole Nevada desert and still leave enough to cover the Rose Garden.

The US Post Office is obsolete. Few, even Democrats, can deny why the USPS shouldn't be downsized, be privatized or even shut-down entirely.

Yet, the ever goonie Harry Reid thinks he's found a way to keep the boondoggle agency running. Reid skipped the required-by-law budget and took the floor to defend the USPS funding bill.

"Madam President...I'll come home tonight here to my home in Washington and there'll be some junk mail...seniors love getting junk mail...their only way of communicating or feeling like they're part of the real world...unless we act quickly, thousands of post offices ...will close.' And by presumption seniors will not get their junk mail!

Reid's irresponsible impulse is to blow billions on a junk mail flow so seniors can feel connected. Why is Reid still around?  Ask Harvey Whittemore, and the Las Vegas SEIU.

Dutch Catholic Church Castration Crazy

The Catholic Church used the Castratium (left) to clip kids speed bags so they could sing in the choir at a falsetto level longer.

The unlucky few were called Castrati.  Finally outlawed in Italy around 1870, the last castrato was Alessandro Moreschi who died in 1922.

But Holland's Catholics may still be messing with the gruesome art. Evidence is surfacing that hundreds were castrated for the 'crime' of witnessing priest abuse.

The Dutch government suspects the Roman Catholic Church also did it 'to get rid of homosexuality.'

Henk Heithuis claims he was mutilated in 1956 after he reported two monks to the police for abusing him in a Catholic boarding home. Heithuis died two years after the castration, but Cornelius Rogge, 79, a well-known Dutch sculptor who knew Mr Heithuis said Heithuis showed his mutilated genitals to him before he died.

Some estimates say there could have been 1800 such castrations since 1945 in a country famous for whacky windmills.

Women Sole Earners In 40% Of Households

Want more proof Obama wiped out incomes and jobs?

Women are now 47% of the workforce and the chief breadwinner in 40% of all households according to Pew Research.  And since women earn less than men all these families have lower incomes.

Marriage rates have fallen to record lows. Over 40% of births are out of wedlock. Over 50% of these mothers are low-income with low education, and more likely to be black or Hispanic.

For marrieds, the median income is $80,000. Single mom's median is a disgraceful $23,000.

While the Democrats are busy growing the debt to record levels their policies have led to a record 11 million on disability and less than 60% of the workforce working.  The overall median income has also dropped 20% during Obama's reign of incompetence.

Furloughed Federal Workers Collect Jobless Pay
USA Ranked 6th In Happiness
US Dollar Losing Reserve Status 
1 In 7 On Food Stamps
MA: 1000 Dead Collecting Food Stamps
Women Donate Less To Charity Than Men 
Top Cities For Working Women

D.C. Speed Traps Net $84.9 Million In 2012

Washington D.C. is fifth in number of traffic traps behind New York, LA, Houston and Las Vegas. But the bankrupt city ranks first in the sneaky way it traps drivers.

The place has long been run by Democrats - illiterate liberals scamming commuters to pay for their corruption and wasteful spending.

For example, each day the Washington Circle tunnel cameras sandbag 205 drivers who edge over the 25mph limit nicking them for a $100 fine.

The politicians laughably claim the lowered speed limits and locust-swarm of cameras are for safety. Hogwash. Not when the city extorts nearly $100 million a year on 25mph commuter lanes.

One camera on K Street raked in $8 million in 2012 alone. The camera is right at the point where the speed limit drops to 25mph.

Critics point out that most of the cameras are placed on commuter routes rather than outside schools or residential streets. The main motivation is to collect fines, not increase safety.

'...cameras are in locations where the speed limit [is] 25mph or 30mph, it's not hard to believe some people may go over the limit...,' says John Townsend II, of AAA Mid-Atlantic.

Karma would dictate the politicians behind the scheme would also get trapped, but when they get one of these tickets, guess what?

Find Local Traps At
Trapster Speed Trap App Shows DC The Worst
DC Speed Trap Fascism

Dukes Of Hazzard .vs. Duke Of Dump

The Dukes of Hazzard TV series followed Bo and Luke Duke (Luke Duke?) running moonshine in a late model muscle car. The two inbred cousins living in Georgia had sold enough booze to get them into a 1969 Dodge Charger - appropriately named The General Lee.

The essence of the plot had the two in constant high-speed escapes trunning the same sheriff, who like Barney Fife, had just the one bullet and the IQ of a housefly for tools.

The 'moonshiners' get'n white-lightening into the hands of the same brain-damaged customers - week, after week, after week....and well into syndicated reruns. Fans of the show had an aggregate and tested group IQ hovering in the 60s.

Famously, the Dodge Charger was bright orange, with large black decals '01' on the doors. Bright orange to hide in plain site we get, but an ought-one on the doors? Fans may have lost track of the beastly car unless they could see the leading zero on the number decal, apparently.

The Duke Of Dumb - Paul Stender from Indianapolis tied a cruise missile engine with over 10,000hp to the roof of his '67 Chevy Impala.

Paul's mutant theory was to push the junkyard relic to speeds far in excess of 300mph. For some reason.

We don't question how Paul got the '67 Chevy, or why his death wish involved going over 300 in an antique death-trap, but how does a redneck like Paul get a cruise missile engine?

Paul has a 29-yo blond wife, who isn't pregnant, or fat, and some insist he even baths daily.   So why would Paul tempt fate in this way?  Paul?

Sound Pulse Gadget Cures Erectile Dysfunction

Penis placebos are horning-in on TV time.

Barely an hour passes that a Viagra or Cialis commercial filled with bathtubs on beaches, or Cheshire-cat grinning middle-aged minority couples circling each other warning us whoopee time is near.

Then the alleged payoff: don't let your erectile dysfunction ruin that 'thing you use to do'.

The pitch is plain, pills treat the symptoms, but zapping the meat-pony with sonic-pulses from the ED1000 make the whole thing come back like the Everready bunny.

Here's the beauty part. Patients receive 100 blasts of sound waves per minute for 3 hours over a 9-week period. The guy gets a 'tingling' feeling after each zap - for once a treatment that is better than the cure!

Word of caution - isn't there always a word of caution? Doctors say if your problem is in your head, then sound-zapping treatments will be the ONLY pleasure you end up getting.

But, if Vern's veins are clogged from years of burgers and beers, then Vern is in for at least one more thrill-ride before that big heart-attack grounds him permanently into a limp grave.

Coffee Can't Catch A Break

Coffee, like booze, seems to go in and out of favor with medical researchers who can't seem to make up their minds whether these things are good or bad for your body.

This week coffee is back on the back burner again. 

Professor Kevin Croft, of the University of Western Australia found over-consumption (5 cups or more) of chlorogenic acid (CGA) could prevent fat loss and lead to insulin resistance. Translated? At five cups coffee makes you dumpy and diabetic.

CGAs are also found in tea, plums and pomegranates.

'It seems that the health effects are dose-dependent. A moderate intake of coffee, up to three to four cups a day still seems to decrease the risk of developing diseases such as cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes,' Croft summarized.

A related study published in the European Journal of Neurology found that coffee drinkers can cut their risks of dementia by 60%, and lower their risk of Parkinson's by 60%.

So more is less and a little is just lovely. Sorta like how everything else works in life.

Country Living Increases Parkinson's 80%
USA Booze-Bar Map
Fad: Inhaling Alcohol To Avoid Calories
World Happy Country Map
MD Spends 3-Years Eating Burgers In Every State 
Psychiatry Lists Coffee Overdose As Mental Disease
Obsessive Coke Drinker Dies With Swollen Lungs 

Crazy Korean Concocts Vaseline Suit Of Armor

What is art is an age old question. Most answers are all wrong.

Korean 'artist' Jung-ki Beak woke up one day with itchy eczema and protruding patches of psoriasis. So he meandered to the medicine cabinet to find a fix. There in the back, behind the expired pharmacueticals and candied cough drops was a small vessel of Vaseline.  Long past the expiration date.

So Jung-ki darted to the drug store and bought all they had.

'I am interested in the function of Vaseline because it has a very important meaning in my individual living habits,' Jung-ki crowed. The Angle doesn't know what that means, but it sounds kinda creepy..

After a few hours alone the compulsive artist was covered in the stuff and smelled like a lube bay at a truck stop.

'I make the armor, with Vaseline for the weak parts of the body...[I use]...Vaseline as a function of protection.'

Wonder if Jung-ki realizes wearing his goo-suit outside will make him the most popular guy in Pyongyang prison since conjugal visits were reinstated?  Oh yea, need it be said not to try this yourself?

Southern Poverty Law Center Issues Hate Group List

The hypocrisy of the left is infinite.

The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) is like the ACLU, the NAACP, the Congressional Black Caucus, and even the so-called mainstream Democratic Party. They see racists, haters, and domestic terrorists under any rock that's not on their turf.

Colorado Sheriff John Cooke says, “We don’t pay any attention to [SPLC] at all. If you’re not left wing, you’re a hate group according to them.”

The Holder DOJ has been abusing of power targeting reporters like James Rosen of FoxNews. The SPLC carries that banner, and pushes it to the point of outright disgrace. The McCarthy era used the same techniques to smear political adversaries. Liberals love to copy-cat.

The SPLC doesn't list Muslim Jihadists as a “hate group” despite these groups advocating the destruction of Israel, homosexuals, and the USA itself.

In the end, the SPLC and their brothers in hypocrisy are a yawn - people see them for what they are now, country haters, plotting behind a facade of legitimacy.

Did Osama Bin Laden Blow Self Up?

$40,000 Aston-Martin Bicycle Sold Out

A world-wide recession hasn't stopped Aston-Martin from building a very limited edition $40,000 bicycle.

Assessed the ‘world’s most technologically advanced’ bike, the elegant One-77 is based on Ashton-Martin's $1.6 million 750hp supercar of the same breeding stock.

Yet more astonishing is how quickly One-77 buyers are willing to fork-out the price of a sizeable house in Brazil, China, or Texas to pre-order the feather-weight two-wheeler.

Sure the seat will sample biometrics from the middle of your ass-crack.  And yea, the two-wheeler has built-in blue-tooth wireless so you can hands-free your cell calls while peddling furiously down the road.  Oh, expect the superbike touch-screen display mounted on a one-finger-lift-frame built from carbon-fiber to keep a smile on your face, but for $40k without a kick-stand?.

Project manager Simon Roberts says, ‘the cranks measure the left and right leg power 200 times a second and the electronics on the handle bars measure things like GPS, heart rate, temperature, humidity, and altitude.’  No. The bike doesn't come with a blow-up doll or instructions on how to adapt one.

In a world where billions are scrambling for food clean water the decadence of sticking a $40,000 bike on a roof-rack does seem somehow wrong.

Slaughterhouse Bullet Bounces Off Bulls Forehead

Some jobs make you wonder why you get up in the morning. One of them is being the assistant to the guy that shoots cows at a slaughterhouse.

A professional slaughterman bounced a bullet off the forehead of a target bovine.  The ricochet hit an 18-year-old teen assistant who was airlifted to an Auckland hospital where he underwent surgery to remove the bullet.

The slaughterman called the cops. The guy didn't miss, the gun was inches from the middle of the creatures forehead - but the skull bone was just too sturdy.

The officer arriving first noticed the wriggling and wounded cow. The slaughterman didn't finish-off the cow tending to the teen instead. So the cop fired several more bullets into the cow.  Guess what?  The cow refused to die - taking several more minutes to succumb.

The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals wasn't called because police said the shooter didn't have “evil intent.” Wow.  That's a relief.

Still, Occupational Safety and Health and the Department of Labor were notified and are investigating.

Math Professor Finds Love Despite 287,000 To 1 Odds

Back in 2010 University of Warwick mathematics Professor Peter Backus decided to compute his chances of finding his soul-mate using the Drake Equation (the formula used in astrophysics to predict how many Earth-like planets exist in the Universe).

Pete's answer? Just 26 women in all of the UK would fit his young age, high educational and humble physical preferences.  He also factored in the chances the female would find him acceptable, and whether her cats would tolerate him.

So Pete spent the next three years without a girlfriend.  But then it happened. Pete found Rose, a friend of a friend who came to dinner uninvited.

Did Pete change his assumptions or the calculation? No.  He says the numbers are grim, but they don't say the chances are nil. The professor clarifies, ‘Keep looking, and spend a lot of time hanging out in places where other people who satisfy your criteria hang out. That's what the equation shows.’

If you feel compelled to run your own numbers, here's the equation: N = R* x Fp x Ne x Fi x Fc x L.
Good luck.

Woman Arrested With 51 Cats
High IQ People See World Smaller
First Date: Dining Worst, Bowling Best 
Women Blame Men For Breakups
Cellulite Cure Arrives
Math Weenie Computes Best Creme For Tea
9 In 10 Want HR To Stay Out Of Sex Business

Study: Men Better Drivers Than Women

Want proof women are inferior to men when it comes to driving a car?. 

During the DMV driving test women fail most in parking, backing up, negotiating turns and making lane changes. True, men tend to be aggressive and risk taking, but men score consistently higher than women on these tests.

Oh sure you can find anecdotal evidence in an attempt to defend female drivers.  Fore example some will try to change the point by claiming insurance rates are lower for women.

But those people are cherry-picking and minimizing the distinct danger females pose when it comes to dealing with situations that demand acute reflexes, split second decision-making and quick reactions.

The eleven reasons men win:
  1. Men have fewer accidents than women, per mile driven 
  2. Women use cellphones and text more than men
  3. Women suffer from debilitating PMS and sleep deprivation
  4. National polls reveal most correctly think male driving is better than female driving
  5. 99% of winning race car drivers are male
  6. Women cause more fatal car wrecks than men
  7. As noted above, men pass drivers tests far faster and with higher scores
  8. Men are more proficient at judging speed, spatial analysis, & mathematical calculations
  9. Cars are in male DNA, women have no clue how they work or how they are constructed
  10. Women more likely to drive distracted with kids, pets and fixated mirror staring
  11. Women are geography challenged while men imprint directions using landmarks
Finally, the conundrum of Asian drivers.

Many theories attempt to explain the inexplicable actions of an Asian on the roads.  Why do they drive at half the speed limit, make sudden and near colliding lane changes, and even stop and backup to regain an exit missed on a freeway? 

No one knows for sure, but one thing is certain combine Asians generally and Asian females in specific and you just cited why people over 80 and Chinese women shouldn't be allowed behind the wheel.

Pacemakers And Insulin Pumps Open To Hacking

The hacker is neither genius, nor champion, nor warrior fighting the excess of overbearing governments. Hackers are the sludge layer of software engineering - smart-asses who destroy and steal for 'sport'.
The 'Wikileaks' and 'Anonymous' weenies of this world are not heroic, they are techie con-men in a modern age. And their motivations are oft nefarious.

So when medical device makers forgot to design wireless security into their products hackers took notice.

Why would anyone want to hack into patient wearing a pacemaker or insulin pump controlled by a microprocessor and unsecured software? Because they can.

McAfee's Barnaby Jack managed to hijack a well-known make of insulin pump in just 2-weeks hacking its radio signals using a small antenna. Barnaby says, 'we can make that pump dispense its entire 300 unit reservoir of insulin and we can do that without requiring its ID number.' Barnaby notes, 'When you actually look at these devices, the security vulnerabilities are quite shocking.'

Pacemakers are just as vulnerable. Hackers can simply command the devices to overload and shock the patient's heart 'till it stops beating.  Or place a diabetic into a coma flooding them with too much insulin.

Will a hacker kill someone for sport? Remember, these are not 'normal' people. Be forewarned if you've got one of these things in your body. And demand your supplier get busy and fix it.

Eastern Bloc Hackers Raid 780,000 Medicare Accounts

Sexism Seemed Sensible In The Sixties

Sexism and racism were normal once.  The sins of the past have taken seed in the jack-booted politically correct fascism of the present.  

The axiom 'you become what you hate' is overcoming the victims.

Blacks are becoming more and more racist. Women are becoming more and more sexist. Want proof?

Black race hustlers Al Sharpton and Louis Farrakhan sound no different than George Wallace and Lester Maddox did during Jim Crow days in the south.

Even the alleged liberation of women has turned some into molesters and predators, evidenced by the epidemic of female teachers bedding students in the public schools.

Indulging in sexism and racism to fight racism and sexism is a sliver of false logic only a liberal could concoct.

Case Study: Female Teacher Molesters Result Of Lenient Sentences?
Cannes Winner: Lesbian Affair Between 15 And 40 Year Old
Reverse Racism Rampant
Former NAACP Head Says Sharpton/Jackson Race Hustle
Booker T Washington On Race Hustler Motives
Sexist Workout Routine From The 50s

Texas Arms School Teachers

Texas is on the job.  The visionary legislators in that state totally get what to do about school shooters showing up and slaughtering unarmed teachers and kids.

The 'Protection of Texas Children Act' written just after Sandy Hook is now on Gov. Rick Perry's desk.

The soon to be signed law allows schools to place one armed marshal (can be a teacher) on campus, one for every 400 students. Their identities to remain hidden, omitted from public records.

Marshals who are also teachers must keep their guns in a 'lockbox within immediate reach.'  Non teacher marshals can simply conceal-and-carry their firearms while on duty.

Texas already allows teachers with conceal-and-carry permits to bring concealed guns to school, but only if the school gives permission - so far few have done so.  This law takes schools out of that loop.

Texas also reduced the training time to needed to get a conceal-and-carry permit. Some 500,000 have the permit already. About a million more will soon take advantage of the eased restrictions.

As Texas Senator Brian Birdwell noted: "The Second Amendment is not about the gun, it's about the right to self-preservation." 

So while the blue states leave their teachers to bring just a grimace to a gun fight, evolved states like Texas and Arizona are a little more serious about stopping school carnage.  So be it.

Israel Arms Teachers, Why Not USA?
Obama Throws Gun Defeat Temper Tantrum
Teachers 'killed' In Assault Simulation
Illinois Passes Conceal-Carry Law
Texas Approves Drug Testing Jobless Claimants
Texas Passes Merry Christmas Protection Bill
Burger King Robber Foiled When Employee Hides Getaway Car
Teacher Strip Searches Students She Suspected Of Using Cell Phone To Cheat
Texas Passes Tax Cuts For Business

Godzilla Wasp Captured In Indonesia

Behold the wasp nightmares are made of.

Lynn Kimsey of UC Davis discovered the giant insect on the Mekongga Mountains. She says ‘I’m going to name it Garuda.'

Lynn notes, ‘when the jaws are open they are actually longer than the male’s front legs...I don't know how it can walk.'

Wow Lynn that's really neat! This is a lady that's spending too much time in a tent alone, folks.

Obama Owns Women

Obama's got women by the nads. The raw manipulation of women worked well in 2012 as the weaker sex in swing states voted for Ofail by a 2:1 margin.

Women are easy to fool.  All Democrats need do is raise a false-alarm over abortion and 'ownable' women get frothy at the mouth.  For example, the Sandra Fluke $9 birth control pill snake-oil-show was cheap and effective.

Some women are smarter, quicker, and far more competent than liberal males.  Examples include staunch fighters like Michelle Malkin, Ann Coulter, Dana Loesch, Laura Ingraham, Angela McGowan, and Star Parker.

Liberal females by contrast are air-headed, reactionary, emotional and predictable.  These lames include Nancy Pelosi, Jane Fonda, Barbara Streisand, Rosanne Barr, and Hillary Clinton.

Smart Girl Politics Action says Obama is effective “distracting” women voters with baubles like affordable college education and contraception diversions.

So thanks ladies for being so easily duped and carrying water for the wrong side.

Obama Targets Women Because They're 'easy' 
Remember Ann Rosen?
UCLA: Ugly Women Are Liberals
10 Ugly Women And Their Ugly Liberal Viewpoints
10 Conservative Women That Save The Gender
Ann Coulter: 'all beautiful women are right wingers'
Singer Michael Bolton Lays Down For Hillary 
Brit Cops Arrest Three For 'racist' Tweets 
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Obama Threatens Britain If They Leave EU

PETA Dodges Own Dog Food

Between 1998 and 2012, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) euthanized nearly 30,000 dogs and cats.  That amounts to just over 90% of the animals they took in during that period.

PETA rakes in nearly $30 million each year, much of it raised from pet owners who think their donations go to helping animals, not destroying them.  In fact, PETA admits they make a financial trade-off to destroy the animals rather than bear the higher expense to care for them.

PETA spends donated funds on controversial campaigns such as equating people who eat chicken with Nazis, scaring kids away from milk, and intimidating those who disagree with them.

PETA's animosity toward the use of animals for food somehow compels them to indulge in extreme messaging.  Still, no irony's lost portraying themselves as fierce animal defenders while at once disposing of animals for economic factors.

PETA Uses "Microwave Baby" Case as Billboard Inspiration
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Kids Need Two Glasses Of Milk A Day

Obama Strategist Said Stay-At-Home Moms Worthless

Democrat strategist and Obama insider Hilary Rosen charged Mitt Romney's wife, Ann, who chose to be a full-time mom as less than worthy, you know, a 'mom'.

Rosen soiled herself on a CNN segment “war on women.”  The elitist gaffe-maven Rosen snarked, “Guess what, his wife (Mitt Romney) has actually never worked a day in her life.”

Ann was watching. Mrs Romney noted in a tweet just after the show, “I made a choice to stay home and raise five boys. Believe me, it was hard work."

Did Ann apologize for raising her kids? Of course not. 

Obama and his female foppers smear stark misogynist-goo on their faces when it comes to stay-at-home moms and their value.

Rosen remained defiant, disgraced and never apologized. Rosen's tweet-back, “I’ve nothing against @AnnRomney. I just don’t want Mitt using her as an expert on women...”  At what point did Mitt 'use' his wife - he didn't.

Rosen is a typical example of what passes for female among left-wingers ranks.

Obama Whitehouse Pays Women Less Than Men 
Ass Kisser: Hilda Solis Says Michelle A 'fine example' Of A Working Woman
Rosen At White House More Than At Home 
Gay Dem Card:  Rosen Being Attacked For Being A Lesbian
Rosen Brags About Buying Votes As Lobbyist
Rosen Paid Millions To Destroy NAPSTER
Leper: Axlerod Tells CNN: Rosen Is Your Employee Not Ours

Science Discovers 'Gluttony Gene'

Just after the human genome was mapped just about everything from bad breath to sexual orientation to political ideology got 'blamed' on a gene.

Genes alleviate 'carriers' from responsibility, right? After all, if you have a gene for it, you were born with it, you can blame your parents - you're a victim.

Science discovered a 'greedy' gene called Bdnf.  Diddling with mice a mutation was forced on a single Bdnf gene. The mice sunk into a frenzy of non-stop eating and rapid weight gain.

A lab full of mullet-haired, fat-assed mice guzzling beer, watching football and spitting seeds into a cup resulted.

Oddly the same obesity gene affects memory. Convenient.  Human whales eat till they bleed, become racked with guilt, and conveniently get memory loss of over-eating - a tidy little cycle of gluttony.

Tam Fry, spokesman for the National Obesity Forum said yesterday that the researchers are ‘on the right track’. See, the ugly fat freaks are getting ready to get paid for being lazy, and undisciplined.

Obese Man Dies Fused To Chair

BBQ Grill Boasts More Bacteria Than A Toilet Seat

Bacteria are everywhere and on everything.  Most people think the nastiest and most prevalent germs are in places where doodoo and peepee preside.  Not true.

For starters, the BBQ you're gonna use this Memorial day has more bacteria than a toilet seat.  No matter how long you burn your burger swimming in sizzling fatty foam on the grill the bacteria survive the ordeal - it's like licking the wet edges of a public toilet when sinking your teeth and gum into the charcoal'd delight.

What bacteria and how many? The average grill has 1.7 million microbes per 100cm sq - a toilet seat only has 1 million of the buggers waiting to jump on your butt on the each visit.  Patio furniture, garbage can lids, door knobs, and the handles on refrigerators are all loaded up with  e-coli, salmonella and listeria all of which can cause vomiting and diarrhoea.

The bacteria grow unabated because these devices aren't washed as often as a toilet seat.  And neither are the hands that vector the vermin.  Germaphobes rejoice, there are brand new ways to freak out over this holiday weekend!

Unions Finally Getting Pissed Over Obamacare
One Flu Shot For Life
Preserve An Opened Beer Forever

PETA Demands Dead Cow Memorials

Last year a pair of cattle trucks flipped over on an Illinois highway near Chicago. About twenty bovine were obliterated and the drivers unhurt, thanks for asking.

PETA wants a pair of highway markers to memorialize the dead cows.

PETA is demanding that the Illinois Department of Transportation okay the signs in order to draw attention to 'negligent driving' in Illinois.

IDOT spokesman Josh Kauffman says the request is doomed. Rules require  human family members who lost loved ones in highway crashes get roadside memorials - not candidates for Burger King's whoppers.

We expect PETA to take this laying down, possibly on the highway somewhere? One can only make the suggestion - its up to PETA to make the commitment.

Animal Rights Group Says They Torched Cattle Trucks
PETA Going After Online Commentors In Lawsuit

Women Warned: Watch What You Wear

You're not just what you eat.  You're also what you wear ladies!

Men get a pass because there are only two habiliment speeds for men, grunge, or gallant. And if a fella is fabulously fastidious, well...  Neither of those two are good for women.

Wardrobe consultant Dr Jennifer Baumgartner offers a viewpoint  'You Are What You Wear: What Your Clothes Reveal About You'.

Dr Baumgartner says ‘All of our behaviors, from the food we eat to the men we date, are motivated by internal factors. Why is it any different with the clothes we buy and the way we buy them?'

The book pretty much indicts every fashion sense a female chooses.  So don't fret if you find yourself profiled. The whole premise is a concoction of Ms. Baumgartner's imagination.  Jennifer probably dresses like an Amish woman herself.

Besides there's still plenty of time to sign-up at and make a course correction.
  • Cleavage says you're power-hungry, swooning for attention, looking to control others
  • Jewelry says you're projecting wealth hence insecure about finances 
  • Designer clothes says you're also projecting wealth and lack confidence in choosing clothes
  • You're in a style rut if you wear the same clothes for years implying laziness and low self-esteem
  • Covering up and buttoning up implies you despise femininity.
  • Jeans and junk clothes implies you're tired and indifferent
  • Young women wearing short skirts are trying to suck the air out of the room
  • Old women wearing short skirts are a violation of the natural laws of the nature
The Angle's advise is not to panic. Head shrinkers see ominous motivation in everyone and everything.  Just go with your gut, and be yourself. Heck, why bother with clothes at all if it's hot outside.

Global Warming Weenie Threatens Arson Against Skeptics

Global Warming fanatics are sociopaths.  The oft dangerous fantasies of these guys represents credible threats to others and to our modern lives.

Steve Zwick is managing editor of Ecosystem Marketplace - a minor website indulging in the furtively inane business of pumping propaganda for the fraud referred to as Climate Change.  Zwick is a gift to those of us who work to expose the cult. 

Zwick spews in a Forbes Magazine piece, “We know who the active denialists are – not the people who buy the lies, mind you, but the people who create the lies. Let’s start keeping track of them now, and when the famines come, let’s make them pay. Let’s let their houses burn. Let’s swap their safe land for submerged islands. Let’s force them to bear the cost of rising food prices.”  Ooo look-it, another code word 'denialist', laughing.

Is Zwick just a lone-shooter?  An Eco-terrorist without a jail cell?  Not likely, but if the Secret Service has time to go and chat with Ted Nugent, how about someone from the FBI giving Zwick a look?

The data is troubling for Zwick.  Just in the past few months we are been given fresh, emphatic evidence that the alarmists have been wrong all along.   NASA, CERN, Australian and British Royal Geologic survey of Antarctic Ice have been publishing hard SCIENCE that contradicts goons like Zwick.

So Zwick is losing sleep and engaging in extreme fantasies. How special.  Hey Steve, arson will get you 30-years with Bubba who makes green-house gas that smells like prison food - have fun.

NASA Blows Hole In Global Warming Cult
Science: ‘no...scientific argument’ For Global Warming
Science: Man Made Global Warming Debunked
Wind Farms Increase Global Warming Effects

Marijuana Found In 80% Of Criminals Arrested

While debt ridden blue-bungler Colorado is getting ready to cash in on their brand-new marijuana legalization law Obama's drug czar is throwing cold water on killer-weed users there.

Gil Kerlikowske, the White House director of national drug-control policy, said a study by his office showed a strong link between drug use and crime. Over 80% of adult males arrested in Sacramento, CA, last year tested positive illegal drugs. Marijuana was found in 54% of the derelict dregs.

The study also found the same thing in New York, Denver, Atlanta and Chicago.

Dope activists are pissed-off at stats, of course.  “The drug czar should be ashamed of himself for attempting to deceive the American people in this manner,” said Steve Fox, the national political director for the Marijuana Policy Project.  Laughing.  Is this guy gonna cry now?

Odd bedfellows huh...One the one hand you have a former drug user himself, Obama and his admin working hard to keep the same drugs of choice Barry preferred out of the hands of his voters.  Of course, the drug czar wants to fatten Obamacare to handle drug rehab for all the new potheads coming out of Washington and Colorado.

Read more here:

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Atheist Map Of The World

Where are the atheists hiving up?

The country with over 50% of the population who say 'god who?' is China.

Of course, bloody China was mainly Buddhist before the atheist Communist takeover, so the concept of a super being was never in their DNA anyway.

Buddhists look to reincarnation to achieve Nirvana.  They eliminate the notion of a creator, a judgement, a good-evil paradigm, and a rising from the grave to garner a reward or punishment.  But back to the story.

The study was conducted by WIN/Gallup. The sample included 50,000 people across 40 countries. People were asked whether they considered themselves 'religious', 'not religious' or 'convinced atheist'.

The study is timely considering the new guy sitting in St. Peter's seat, Pope Francis said yesterday that atheists still have access to heaven if they do 'good' on Earth.

About 12% in most countries say they wake-up each day in a godless stupor. But some 90% Ghana, Nigeria, Armenia and Fiji are steeped in religious fervor.

That's surprising considering how rabid the Islamic's appear to be. Imagine an atheist homosexual un-hajibed female turning up in the middle of Hizbut Tahrir?  She would last about as long as a line of coke on a bathroom sink at Linsdey Lohan's house.

Enlightened Buddhist Monk Sets Self On Fire, Again
Chinese Woman Threatens To Jump From 20 Stories Unless She Gets A Cigarette 

Crazed Woman Bites Another Over Road Rage

Sara Gillan, a 50 something with really big teefs, is used to getting her way, and when she doesn't she bites people.

Gillan was allegedly waiting for a parking spot in a Hunters Point parking garage. Just as another car swerved into the parking space Gillan was waiting for anxiously.  Outraged, Gillan jumped from her car and accosted a woman in the other car savagely chomping her on the chest and arms.

After the oral assault ended, Gillan: “ loose, she got the Taser gun,” said Trevell Council, who witnessed the spectacle. “She went and got the Taser gun and everything and she was trying to get her, but they was struggling and then she dropped it.”

Gillan was arrested and booked on charges of aggravated assault.

If  you see anyone fitting Sara's description waiting for a parking spot - get away from there.  Park at least 1000 feet away, and even better, just go back home as fast as you can and lock the doors, Sara may try to follow you.  (Related: Black Teens Beat 50 Year-Old White Man With Hammer)

Teens Getting Tight On Hand Sanitizers

Kids, meaning teenagers, seemed to want to stuff all of life's 'fun' into five and a half minutes of brain deadening antics.  And more often than not, some of them push self-indulgence to the point of irreversible harm.

Playing chicken in a car.  Binge drinking.  Suffocation games.. Playing meth-roulette. Sniffing glue and inhaling aerosols.  All goodies from yesterday.

Now gulping cleaning products is all the rage.  The idea is to first distill dangerous levels of toxic ethyl alcohol.  Guess isopropyl alcohol from Walgreens is too easy.

Bottles of hand-sanitizer contain 62% ethyl alcohol by volume and are inexpensive and easily purchased - without an ID. Distillation instructions are readily available on the internet, of course. Common table salt is used to extract the alcohol, creating a dangerous concoction far more potent and dangerous than texting while driving, even.

A few 1-ounce shots will induce slurred speech, burning stomachs, diarrhea, memory loss and even irreversible organ damage eventually leading to death if done frequently. Other hygiene products such as mouthwash, cough syrup and even vanilla extract can be abused in similar ways.

Two homeless people in Albuquerque, New Mexico, recently died after drinking a mix of distilled hand sanitizer and mouthwash.

So become informed parents. Stay close to your teens. Teach them that it is one thing to drink a beer, but something entirely different to swill down a few shots of nearly 100% pure grain alcohol.

Death or brain-damaged is no way to stumble through the rest of life.

More Gay Parents In Salt Lake City Than Anywhere

Liberals love to pretend they are more intelligent, more 'evolved', more tolerant, and more enlightened than conservatives.  Yet there's not even a mouse-turd-pile-sized mound of evidence that any of those generalizations are true.

Case in point.  Gays vote for Democrats because they buy the 'myth' that they are more accepted by them.  Real life fails to bear that out. In fact, gays are slowly finding that liberals present them with fake acceptance in order to use them for political purposes.  Conservatives don't use people.

Salt Lake City has more same-sex couples raising kids than any other city in the USA.  The heart of conservative Mormon country is also home to a growing black population and church membership.

The Williams Institute at the UCLA School of Law found the majority of same-sex parents are raising their kids in more conservative areas of the country at large. Mississippi having the largest rate among all states with 26 percent - yet Gay marriage is banned in the deep southern state.

What gives?

Gay Utah resident Weston Clark, who's raising an adopted 3-year-old boy with his same-sex partner, believes it's Utah's love of family that binds them all together.

'In Utah, especially those of us who are from Utah originally, it’s ingrained in our culture that family is important,' he told the Salt Lake Tribune. 'It doesn’t matter if you’re gay or straight, you still want that.'

So in the end, what's most important is not the battle over garnering voters by pandering divisive social issues.  It's about the kids, and family.  A concept which disgusts hard-core liberal Seculars.

Mentally Disabled Live Apart Due House 'Rules'
Women 40% More Likely To Burn-Out
Teen Pregnancy Rate Dropping Finally 
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Most Gays Are Pro Gun 
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DHS Deploys Armed Agents To Confront Teaparty

The IRS scandal may be a flash point that may yet awaken the sleeping masses.

The whole thing started when the IRS targeted 500 conservative groups and individuals for 'special' treatment, conveniently just before the 2012 election.  The Teaparty in particular has been singled out by the IRS and DHS because they symbolize staunch disapproval to almost everything Obama and his failed administration stand-for.

Consider that many of these groups were forced to dissolve because the IRS stalled or completely rejected their legitimate and deserved tax consideration - the same consideration liberal groups got approval on in an expedited basis.

The wholesale scandal may well have led to an undeserved victory for Obama because these groups may have had success in making a case against him.  Clearly the Obama presidency is more destructive than any yet seen in US history.

True, denying citizens their right to fair treatment by the IRS is a violation of free speech. But confronting Teaparty members protesting at IRS offices last Tuesday by placing armed DHS agents in their paths is far worse.

DHS made an appearance in states like Missouri, Florida, Illinois and Indiana.  They even flew helocopters over the LA protest site.

Richard Davis, director of the Arkansas State Fusion Center, said DHS expanded their mission to include “domestic terrorism and certain groups that are anti-government. We want to kind of take a look at that and receive that information. Includes putting political stickers in public bathrooms or participating in movements against the death penalty.”

Really?  Odd.  Has anyone seen DHS jack-boots at ANY Occupy protest? You know where REAL domestic terrorism is planned and people are raped and drugged?   Or how about the noise left-wing groups make in front of the Whitehouse over Afghanistan and Abortion?  Oh that's right, leftist's violent demonstrations are okay, Obama agrees with those anti-government goons.

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