Muslim Husband Mutilates Defiant Wife

Obama says the most beautiful sound he's ever heard is the Muslim Adhan - call to prayer.  Obama is scewball, of course.

The ugly truth about Islam is not just the jihad dealie. The sinister face of Islam is also the ferocious misogyny embodied in horrific acts of inhumanity impotent males commit against females, wives, daughters, really women in general.

Muslim Rafiqul Islam, 30, blindfolded his wife Hawa Akhter, 21, taped her mouth,  and told her lovingly he was going to surprise her with a gift. Rafiqul then told her to hold out her right hand, whereupon, he chopped off all five of the fingers.  Incidentally, she's right handed.  One of his relatives threw Hawa's fingers into the trash so there was no chance for reattachment

Rafiqul is a migrant worker with an elementary school education. Jealous, and filled with the Islamic code that dictates husbands 'own' their wives, he repeatedly warned Hawa that there would 'severe consequences' if she didn't give up her dream to get a college education.

Rafiqul got life in prison.  Hawa is learning to write with her left hand and she's completing her studies.

The brutish, backward, 5th century culture that is Islam is a cancer in the world.  Obama still gets a woodie, though, when he hears the Adhan - a sound he shares with Jihadists.