Obamacare Ballet

Back in the day Obama, Pelosi and Reid claimed their magnum opus (Obamacare) was a medical cost cutter and a magic wand for the uninsured.

So far, the uninsured are still uninsured and costs are sticking taxpayers back in the bailout cross-hairs.

About 7 million have enrolled in Obamacare, yet the pro Obamacare goons claim 8 of the 42 million uninsured are now covered!  Of course, that's absurd.

Worse? The full employer mandate is still coming and already 10 million and possibly as high as 20 million have lost their insurance.

So the IRS says 6 to 8 million people are gonna get gouged for signing up.  Begging the obvious.  If 10 million have lost their insurance and 40 million are uninsured why isn't the IRS going after more like 45 million people?

Anton Chekhov would liken Obamacare to ballet: 'I don’t understand anything about the ballet; all I know is that during the intervals the ballerinas stink like horses.'

Obama Sucker Punched Israel

It's no secret Obama is the weakest president in US history.  But did anyone expect the Oconfused to run interference on Iran's nuclear programs?

The Jerusalem Post reports the Obama administration has already agreed to most of Iran’s demands in the P5+1 huddle over Iran’s nukes.

The Post quotes an Israeli official saying Obama 'has given the Iranians 80% of what they want.'   The Obama toadies deny the contention of course, sorta like denying terrorism exists at all.

Why would Obama freak-out over Bibi Netanyahu's invitation to address congress?  Oh yea, he's working to cut a deal with the devil and doesn't want Israel spoiling the party.

Did you know Valerie Jarrett aka 'the Obama whisperer' was born in Shiraz, Iran? 

Obama Squirms Iran Snickers
Iran Funding Hamas
Obama GITMO Releases Accelerate 

Death Of Unions

Obama has shoved a record 93 million out of the workforce and lowered middle class wages by nearly 10%.

So shouldn't karma bitch-slap Obama voters too?

The Bureau of Labor Statistics says union membership fell to 11.1% of the workforce.  That translates into 14.6 million workers - the lowest number in one-hundred years.

Unions fester most among government workers taking a 35.7% share.  Yet just 6% of private sector workers pay union dues.  Another big reason government payrolls should be cut back.

The AFL-CIO Richard Trumka down-shifted into denial mode insisting unions are signing up millions of new members.  Hey Dickie did you see the self-driving trucks yet?

Half Of All Jobs Automated By 2030
Obama's Class Warfare Hurts Poor Most

Japan's Robot Run Hotel

Seventy years after an atomic bomb incinerated Nagasaki the city is building the world's first hotel run entirely by androids.

Half of the hyper-modern Henn na Hotel will open July seventeenth.  Seventy-two rooms now, seventy-two rooms next year.

Company head Hideo Sawada hummed, '...we’d like to have more than 90% of hotel services operated by robots.'

No wonder the Japanese stopped having kids, they won't be needed...

Obamacare Bombshell

The name Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) is a cruel irony. The Democrat's super majority pooped the perversion without a single GOP vote.

Then Obama snorted,  'I will sign a universal health care bill into law by the end of my first term as president that will cover every American and cut the cost of a typical family's premium by up to $2,500 a year.'

The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) reported today taxpayers will fork out over $50,000 for every Obamacare enrollee. CBO says $1.993 trillion will be spent to cover expansion in Medicaid, CHIPS and Obamacare subsidies.

Deja vu the Democrat's...Social Security, War On Poverty, Student Loan crises and the Subprime Housing crash...

CBO Says Obama's Debt 'Unsustainable'

Hearing Voices

David 'Son of Sam' Berkowitz blamed murdering eight people on a demon inhabiting a neighbor's dog.  But did the mendacious monster Berkowitzget really get orders from a demon in a dog?

Researchers say some 1 in 25 people hear voices daily and an astonishing 40% of the population hear one or more voices at some point in their lives.  The intrusive speaking is often loud, incessant, threatening, ominous and even excruciating. 

Traditional psychiatry blames schizophrenia and frowns on patients talking back.  But some voice-tormented say no.  The voices come from trauma, not schizophrenia and they want to make peace with the cacophony of elocutioners.

So more than 200 voice-hearers from around the world met in Thessaloniki, Greece, for the sixth annual World Hearing Voices Congress last week to discuss the problem.

Do you hear voices?  Contact the Hearing Voices Network (HVN).  At least they'll know what you're talking about...

World's Fat Map

In the midst of the wars on terror, cops, climate, women and the middle class why not check into how the war on fat is fairing?

Pacific Islanders tip the scales most proving you don't need a Burger King to become a butterball of blubber.  But what about places people care about?

Well surprise!  The USA and Saudi Arabia are tied at 33rd.  Followed by Mexico at 32.1, the UK at 26.9 and Australia at 26.8.  Somewhere midriff.

But if you wanna be thin to win, move to Equatorial Africa. The famine diet in Congo, Kenya, Uganda and Mali work wonders on a waist.  The bad news should be obvious.

Dummy's Path To US Citizenship

Since Obama hands out stay-in-USA-free cards who's gonna humiliate themselves flunking a US Citizenship test?

Well, legal immigrants wait years in long lines and study for, take and pass the 15 question test with at least a 60% score.

So why not make high school seniors born in the USA pass the test?

Michigan principals opposes the idea, sputtering: 'we...have a long-standing position that high school content standards need to be focused on career and college readiness.' So getting kids ready for college precludes the basics?

Here are the dreaded fifteen questions (click answers below).

1. How many amendments to the Constitution? 12, 27, 35 or 42
2. How long is a Senator's term? 4, 8, 6 or 10
3. Name the national anthem. America The Beautiful, Star-Spangled Banner, God Bless America
4. Which two are the longest rivers? Ohio, Missouri, Mississippi, Rio Grande
5. Who is Chief Justice? Hugo Black, John Roberts, Ruth Ginsberg, Antonin Scalia
6. What are first 10 amendments called? Bill of Rights, Ten Directives, Preamble
7. What Rights In First Amendment? To Vote, Freedom of Speech, Keep And Bear Arms
8. Why the Declaration of Independence? Womens Suffrage, Break With Britain, Frees Slaves
9. What is one purpose of the Constitution? Define Branches, Protect Rights, Establish Treaties
10. When was Eisenhower a general? WW I, Civil War, WW II, Crimean War
11. Name one state bordering Canada. California, Idaho, Ohio or Massachusetts
12. What was Cold War about? Trade Policy, Communism, Climate change, Slavery
13. Which country was an ally in WW II? Japan, Russia, Germany, Italy
14. What territory did USA buy from France in 1803? Alaska, Louisiana, California, Quebec
15. When was the U.S. Constitution written? 1776, 1812, 1787, 1789

DNC Debbie Spitting Mad, Again

The DNC queen of cockah and the ding-bat of disdain, disparagement, derogation, derision, disgruntlement and double-dealing duplicitousness is Debbie Wasserman-Schultz.

Remember Debbie fingering the GOP as the 'party of no?" The slogan an attempt to deflect Obama and Reid's obstructions after the GOP 2010 midterm?

Voters ignored dumb Debbie and spanked the Democrats in 2014 anyway.

Leaving Obama delusional and defiant, Reid fired, Pelosi pouting, and Debbie threatening obstruction and aggressive filibustering!   So Debbie are the Democrats the party of 'poopie pants' now?

Obama’s Yemen ‘Success’ Fell Apart Last Night

Chef Suicidal Over Salt

Tormented you're not a one-percenter?   Irritated over Iran?

Try cheffing in Zhengzhou, China.

Chef Gang became suicidal after colleague chef Fang scolded the sensitive culinarian for half an hour in public over a salty dish.  So Gang bolted for a high-power tower coughing, cowering and crying 'till firefighters arrived.

Gang may not be the crappy cook Fang alleges, but Gang's gotta get out of the kitchen if he can't stand the heat..next time his Peking duck could get cooked in one of those towers.

Criminal Body Shape

Guess what?  Science can now identify criminals even years after they were videotaped in the middle of a crime!

Forensic research teams used eight body metrics developed at the University of Adelaide to correctly identify criminals - even through clothing.

The eight are height, length of the body from the hip bone to the feet, length of wrist to elbow, jaw line, pelvic width, chest width, face width and skull shape.

A forensic team tested the theory on 4000 US military personnel and proved the concept is as solid as a fingerprint.

TSA already scans people  Criminals fly commercial, right?

Bertillon Did It First
Criminal Genes At The Scene
Fun Forensics Body Fluids
Browser Fingerprinting

Sharpton Hustling Oscars

Failing the Nazi Aryan litmus test one became Untermenschen and required extermination.

Fast forward to self appointed 'race hunters,' Obama, Holder, Farrakhan and Al Sharpton.  According to their doctrine the USA is full of racists. The fiasco in Ferguson their litmus test.

In the 'era of Ferguson' sayeth Al Sharpton, Hollywood must pay for not nominating a black for an Oscar this year.  Wonder if Al knows the Academy President is Cheryl Boone Isaacs, a black woman?

Why did George Soros blow $33 million to fund the Ferguson riots?    When will enough be enough?  So many questions, so little time...


Double Penis Execution

Has it been 20 years since Lorena 'Gallo' Bobbitt sliced off John Wayne Bobbitt's vagina miner?  Well if you missed the movie a woman in China just did the sequel.

Fan Lung, father of five made the crucial mistake of using wife Feng's cell phone to exchange juicy emails with concubine Zhang Hung.

So Feng pulled a Lorena and snipped off Fan's joystick in the middle of the night with a pair of scissors.

Surgeons were able to rewire Fan's wounded winkie. And that might have been the end, except... the still fuming Feng sneaked into Fan's hospital room and jerked-off Mr. Johnson a second time.

Feng feed it to the dogs...so the saga ends there...or does it?

Feng's in jail. Ms. Hung says she'll wed Fan as soon as he can wobble again.  And men worldwide are bracing for a third schmeckel sequel...

Death Of Business In USA

Why are a record 92 million people out of work?  Why are wages down and full-time jobs being lost? Why record debt, poverty and almost 50 million on food stamps?

Because for the first time in US history more businesses are dying than starting. And most of the damage has been on Obama's painfully incompetent watch.

Gallup CEO Jim Clifton says, “for the first time in 35 years, American business deaths now outnumber business births...when small and medium-sized businesses are dying faster than they’re being born, so is free enterprise...”

The good news, now we know why.  The bad news?  Now we know why.

Mexico's First Gay Marriage Halted

Senior and senior Víctor Manuel Aguirre and Víctor Fernando Urias tried to marry back in November, 2014 but a bomb scare at Mexico City Hall stopped them short.  So the pair took their plight to the Mexican Supreme Court.

With favorable decision in hand, Victor and Victor rented their tuxedos and packed up their flowers and finger food and trekked to Baja to take a second shot.

But Baja official Angelica Guadalupe Gonzalez Sanchez who conducts compulsory pre-marital interviews says the pair are 'too insane to wed' and 'suffer from madness' and refused to certify them.

Did you know gay sex was decriminalized in Mexico in 1871?  Seems like 144 years is long enough to wait, doesn't it folks?  Heck, all gays wanna do is be miserable like he rest of us!

India Revolt Over LGBT Youth

Driving While Woman

Who drives best, men or women?

The incontrovertible truth is women are better drivers than men.

There are two exceptions.  Woman abuse cell phones in traffic and do the one-handed lipstick trick more than men.

But when it comes to stepping on the gas, driving drunk, road rage, profanity, territory marking or just plain being a dick behind the wheel - men have no match in a female. 

Here are some fun facts to fester (source):
  • 94% of all fatal or major bodily injury crashes: men
  • 27% less likely to have an accident: women
  • 15% lower insurance costs: women
  • 3 to 1 DUI, reckless driving, seat belt tickets: men
  • 2 to 1 speeding, stop signs, failure to yield: men
Some guys readily accept reality, others will want to get even...see what we mean?

Worst Female Drivers
Worst Male Drivers

Bad Dog

The dictionary defines a dog as: a domesticated carnivorous mammal that typically has a long snout, an acute sense of smell, and a barking, howling, or whining voice.

So when Barky licks your leg, takes a dump on the yard furniture or tries to mount the cat you still feed him...after all he's got the IQ of a toaster oven, right?

Wrong.  Take a look at the flea-bag, left.  This one took a vacation inside mommies purse.  Not satisfied with tampons or other trinkets this little hair-ball managed to chew open a tube of red lipstick and sputter the contents onto himself and the cordovan leather couch.

So now what?

Russians Ban Transexuals From Turnpikes

Russia just banned transgender, transvestites, bigender, cross-dressers, hermaphrodites, pansexuals, and genderqueers from driving.

The Kremlin says those afflicted have "mental disorders" which increases the risk of car crashes.

Those bans make sense. But the commies also restrict "pathological gamblers" and "compulsive thieve's" from the roads. Which begs the question - how does one spot a "pathological gambler?"

Also, tangibly missing are Galactophiliacs (attracted to human milk), Klismaphiliacs (obessed with enemas), Harpaxophiliacs (sexual thrill from being mugged), Furries (into wearing cat costumes), and Pony Players (don't ask).

Lets face it folks, if you're gonna take trannies off the turnpikes why risk cat costume wearers weaving in and out of traffic?  And Russia wants to rule the world, as if...

President Scott Walker?

The next president will inherent Obama's mountainous, malignant messes.   Sure the job has perks but so does scooping dog shit in an all night animal shelter.

Who among us is both qualified and and masochistic enough to make the sacrifice?  How about an American patriot - Scott Walker!

Republican Walker is tough and has proven he can win large in a double-blue state.  In fact, he won three statewide governor's races in four years.  Remember the 2012 cage fight with Democrats and unions?

Gov. Walker just hired Rick Wiley a former RNC political director whose resume includes the campaigns of Rudy Giuliani in 2008 and George W. Bush's re-election in 2004. 

Most say Walker's walking the plank to the presidency will be longer than most, but Scott has heard that before, right?

Myth: Healthy Obesity

We live in an age of double-speak, myth making and revisionism. We also live in an age of obesity were some have contended being fat is fine, even healthy!

And for a while the factless, feckless, frantic fat frauds flirted with the fantasy.

But a new study at the University College London concludes: '...we can now see that healthy obese adults tend to become unhealthy obese in the long-term...'

The World Health Organization says obesity is responsible for 44% of global diabetes, 23% of heart disease and 41% of cancers.

So which part of heft and health are glued at the hip?

Harvard Obamacare Architects Pissed
Weight Loss Surgery Works

Colds Come From Cold Noses

Remember how June Cleaver brow-beat the 'Beav' over his socks, plaid shirt, wool jacket, and pressed hankie?  Even on summer days?

Turns out June was wrong...the 'Beav' didn't get a cold from getting a chill, he got it from a rhinovirus rummaging around a cold nose.

The rhinovirus breeds in the schnoz at 91F! When your proboscis gets cold the rhinovirus rabbits down the back of your throat and sets up shop in your lungs. And since the immune system is lame and late recognizing the rhino-raid the 10-day train wreck we call a cold results.

The cure? Prevent beak temps below 91F...how you do that is your problem...we already gave you enough science for one day...

Nose Blowing Fractures Skull 
The Real Rhinovirus Story

10 Relationship Deal Breakers

Gwyneth Paltrow and her boy-toy parted ways after ten years and two kids. How did Gwynee know it was over?

"I really had the sense that I wasn't allowed to have needs, and I had to prove my specialness or self-worth by doing all this stuff and taking care of everybody else and I just sort of hit a wall."

Hit a wall? That's her end of the road?

Here are fifteen sure-fire ways to tell if you should get out:
  1. Politics and religion are fatal forces to f**ck with...
  2. You're pulling to hard on the sled slipping back down the hill...
  3. When love leaves, respect and breakfast soon follow...
  4. Verbal and/or emotional abuse suck the air out of the room.
  5. Sex - no longer fun, no longer frequent, no longer happening at all...
  6. Resentment and jealousy pave the road to Perdition.
  7. Health habits and weight control get sloppier and stinkier...
  8. Cheating, lying, stealing and cheating scorch the Earth.
  9. Relentless belching, farting, jaw clicking and throat clearing dominate...
  10. Money
Notice nowhere on the list is 'hit a wall.'  You fill in the final five...

Sheriff Supervises Spanking

Domestic abuse is a big problem in the USA.   The cops are expected to say who goes to jail and who gets the restraining order.  Worse, sometimes the officer gets shot trying to help.

Liberal social scoundrels use the explosive issue to meddle in standard child rearing practice - the use of spankings.

The unintended consequence? Responsible parents going to jail.  And their errant offspring grow up wild and feeling entitled - you know, like liberals' kids do.

A Florida dad called the sheriff New Years day to make sure the paddling of his 12-year-old daughter was proper and sanctioned.

Noel Sheriff is Sheriff of Okeechobee county who says: 'parents are seeking guidance on how to deal with their child. You are entitled to paddle your child, whether you use your hand, you use your belt or a paddle within reason as long as your paddling the buttocks.'

Sheriff Sheriff? Seriously?