Two-Headed House Cat Lives Twelve Years

Frank on one side, Louie on the other the cat was born with two faces, two mouths, two noses, three eyes — and an owner with a ghoulish sense of humor.   

They kept him-them-they around for twelve years - entering the Guinness World Records book.

The owner, Marty Stevens, "rescued" him-they from a shelter just prior to euthanizing - rescued?  "Every day is kind of a blessing; being twelve and normal life expectancy when they have this condition is one to four days," Stevens said, stroking Frank and Louie's soft fur as he sat on her lap purring. "So, he's ahead of the game; every day I just thank God I still have him."

It turned out she didn't have to worry about him choking, because Frank and Louie used just one of his mouths to eat.  How convenient.

The world we live in...millions of healthy human kids aborted without a thought, but there needs to be an extraordinary effort to save a two-headed monster of a cat, after all, its a kitty-kitty.  Apologize for the cynical tone, but saving a two headed cat, and thanking God to boot?  C'mon.

Nevada No. 1 - Biggest Loss Of Income

In 2010 Nevada suffered an 11.9% drop in real median household income. The current year is even worse, anticipate another 12-13% drop.

Nationally, since Obama took over, incomes have dropped 10% per year, 20% so far, and going further down.

Other Nevada grim statistics:  13.4% jobless rate, more than 250,000 homes lost to foreclosure, more than 150,000 jobs lost, and the median value of a home has dropped 40%.

Obama says no middle-class tax hikes; losing income is the worst kind of "tax hike" anyone can experience, its a cut right off the top, and right in the heart.

These statistics are old news, and as they continue to get worse, the economic reality of Obama's spending failures may also finally sink-in.  The wealth and prosperity the nation had before the Democrats destroyed housing and wiped out the economy is nearly gone - 2012 is more critical than ever.

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Subprime Housing Bubble and Crash - Thanks Bill Clinton and Chris Dodd

EU Collapse? No Longer Hypothetical

The UBS Investment Group has issued a report predicting an EU collapse - no longer a hypocthetical.

Banks in Europe are in such dire shape, to properly shore them up, a cash infusion of $130 Trillion (with a T) would be needed - unattainable.

The UBS report begins by stating "...the Euro does not work. Either the current structure will have to change, or the current membership will have to change".  Yikes!

The report extends in two directions.  Direction one is a breakup of the EU itself, in which Germany, the anchor, or one or more member states simply leave the union due to default or panic.  Direction two is the collapse of the common currency itself, thus pushing member countries back into their own currencies as they existed before the EU was formed.  In all scenarios 25% to 50% of GDP will be wiped out across the EU.

The report's chilling conclusion - ""Europe” as an integrated polity becomes meaningless. It is also worth observing that almost no modern fiat currency monetary unions have broken up without some form of authoritarian or military government, or civil war".

The scope of the problem is reflected in the Top 20 Debtor nations, all but the USA, which is 20th are in Europe.  See the list: Debtor Nations: Top Twenty Facing Ruin.

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Japanese Yen Jumps To New Postwar High...
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S&P Downgrades Italy

Standard and Poor's downgraded Italy by one notch to A/A-1 and kept its outlook on negative.

"It only adds to the contagion risk over Greece and has encouraged the flight to safety in markets here," he added, pointing to a sharp fall in the Australian dollar on the news.

Moody's seems to be playing politics rather than looking out for its clients.  It has refused to follow the S&P in the US downgrade, and said it was "still looking at Italy". 

Here is a fun list of the relative credit ratings of countries worldwide - find your country.   Here are the USA states - find your state

The credit rating is crucial to countries and states, as borrowing costs are directly related to what the rating reflects.  Remember the days of junk bonds?  They are still around, anything below AA+ is considered junk status.  You can now get junk muni-bonds for states like California, and countries like Argentina.

Obama’s Campaign Throws Gays ‘Under The Bus’

North Carolina’s gay community has been “thrown under the bus” to help President Barack Obama win the critical state in November 2012, local gay activists told The Daily Caller.

The issue is over a 'definition of marriage' amendment being brought to the NC state legislature.  The scheduling of which has been manipulated so Obama doesn't have to face the issue in the November 2012 time period.  The issue is being moved up to May 2012.

Obama “does not want to go into North Carolina — a swing state he captured in 2008 —to talk about marriage,” said Heather Cronk, the D.C. representative for GetEQUAL, which opposed the amendment. “He thinks he can’t win on that … [but] its seems unbelievable that the Democratic Party in North Carolina, the Democratic National Committee and the president would all roll over at the same time and stack the deck against us.”

Advocates of rights for gays say they could have defeated the amendment in November, but they see little chance of winning in May.

Obama has been busy violating his oath of office by refusing to defend the federal law already passed, known as DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act).  Obama's crazy tightrope walk on this issue is one of the most garish examples of Obama hypocrisy - given Obama's alleged pious religious belief system and the zig-zag his administration plays over Gay rights and privileges.

Obama Wants Payroll Tax Cut - GOP & Dems Say No

Obama's payroll tax cuts will threaten an already running red Social Security trust fund, say House Liberals, and the GOP agrees.

“It is a horrible idea,” said Rep. Pete Sessions (R-Tex.), chairman of the National Republican Congressional Committee. He said it was wrong to diminish the amount Americans pay into Social Security at a time when the program is at risk of insolvency.

In December of 2010, Congress approved a one-year reduction in the employee share of the payroll tax, to 4.2% from 6.2%.  Obama wanted it reduced to 3.1%.

“We remain gravely concerned that yet another, unacceptable cut to Social Security’s revenue stream appears to be on the table,” a group of 62 House Democrats wrote in a July letter to Obama.

Odd bedfellows. Officially Obama and the Democrats refuse to acknowledge the deep problems with Medicare and Social Security solvency, now it appears both sides are getting in gear.

Ironic Obama wants to extend the payroll tax cuts.  Usually, its the GOP that wants to cut taxes, but lets face it, the Democrats created these social program beasts, now decades old, too many are dependent on them - the 3rd rail of politics.

Israel Facing Fresh Threats From Turkey and Egypt...

The Muslim world continues to undermine and vilify Israel.

Turkey, Egypt, Libya and Iran are clear threats to Israel, thanks in large part to the incompetence, and indifference of Obama.

The Israeli embassy was destroyed in Egypt, a clear act of war. Turkey says they will challenge the arms embargo on Gaza creating a new flash-point as well.

Israel deserves all the protection and aid the USA can provide. Israel is a bulwark in the same war the US fights against radical Islam.

The record of Israel’s contributions to the world is impressive:

- The cell phone was developed by the Israeli branch of Motorola
- Nobel prizes awarded to 167 Jews accounting for 22% of all individual recipients
- Israel’s $100 billion economy is larger than all the Arab countries surrounding it combined
- Israel has the highest ratio of university degrees than any other country
- Israel produces more scientific papers per capita than any other nation
- Israel developed the first fully computerized, no-radiation diagnostics for breast cancer
- Israel is home to the most advanced R&D for Intel, Cisco, HP, and IBM
- Israel is the only liberal democracy in the Middle East
Israel also designs and produces its own weapons in defense of a postage-stamp sized country. Left alone, Israel would no doubt double their contributions to the world, and never need to waste the disproportionate industry and treasure needed to defend itself, or require aid of any kind from the USA.

Sad that the world still  has so many's as if Nazi Germany was never defeated.  Did you know that the Muslim Brotherhood was a close ally of Nazi Germany?

Crisis Threatens Israel’s Mideast Ties

Court Awards Frenchman's Wife Sex Damages

A Frenchman has been ordered to pay his ex-wife $11,948.45 (£8,500) in damages for failing to have enough sex with her during their marriage.

The 47-year-old ex-wife demanded 10K euros in compensation for “lack of sex over 21 years of marriage”. The ex-husband claimed “tiredness and health problems”.

France’s highest court in Aix-en-Provence ruled: “By getting married, couples agree to sharing their life and this clearly implies they will have sex with each other.”

The ex-wife did not say how the money would be used, or how that amount would satisfy her sexual frustrations.

What frequency was considered "enough"?  Was kissing required?  Foreplay? What are the rules?

Should this legal precedent spread to the USA, marriage will become a thing of the past. No one will be safe. The burden of putting out will overwhelm the system, and strain couple's beyond the limits of human endurance. A dangerous new twist on the old scam - women marrying for money, and using lack of nookie as their grounds for getting it.

Fair warning to all eligible males: women are becoming a nitemare - animals.

Obama Labor Boss Buys Canadian-Built Car

Labor Secretary Hilda Solis has junked the standard black limo and purchased a shiny new GM Chevrolet Equinox to make her DC rounds.  She assumed it was made in the USA.

The problem: GM SUV is built and assembled in Canada from parts also made in Canada.

"What better example could I set if I encouraged my staff to go and purchase and seek how we could acquire a vehicle that would for me would send a signal that we're for supporting our American workers, American-made products, fuel efficient as well," Solis said incoherently to Dave Cook of the Christian Science Monitor.

Solis has visited U.S. car and truck plants. She said she was wowed by "the pride that they take making our automobiles here in America."  Nice speech, and nice Canadian made car.

Obama has hired some of the most ardent and incompetent staff of all presidents, and it shows.

Obama's Labor Secretary is as dense as they come, and just as ideological, shocking 

When Solis' office was notified the car was Canadian, a spokesman shot back a lengthy prepared statement that began “Modern automobile manufacturing is a global industry...".  Oh, okay, that clears it up.  Never-mind.

US East Coast Earthquake Threatens Nuclear Waste

The media is missing a major story.  Obama and Reid together have allied to shutdown the National Repository for Nuclear Waste at Yucca Mountain, NV.;

Nuclear waste is being stored at nuclear power plant facilities nationwide due to this disruption in decades of planning.

Last week’s central Virginia earthquake caused 25 spent-fuel storage casks — each weighing 115 tons — to move on their concrete pad at Dominion Virginia Power’s North Anna nuclear power plant.

Nuclear plant operators originally anticipated that spent fuel would be reprocessed, with usable portions of the fuel recycled and the rest disposed of as waste.  This would have been done at the Yucca Mountain facility, but all that changed with Obama was elected, and after years of obstructing and maneuvering by Harry Reid.

Now we have a national crises brewing.  These wet and dry storage facilities are in "temporary" steel tanks and bunkers, never intended to deal with the growing stockpile of nuclear waste.