Chinese Executioner Says Job Is 'Easy'

Chinese police officer, Hu Xiao says his job as an official government executioner is not very complicated.

China does far more prisoner execution than any country in the world.  Though official numbers are kept secret by the Chinese government.

'In fact, it's not as complicated as outsiders think. We all use rifles, stand about four meters (13 feet) from the condemned prisoner with a barrel one meter-long, take aim, press the trigger, and that's that,' Hu summarized.

Hu added, 'Most prisoners taken for execution are so terrified they collapse on the ground and cannot stand.'  Prisoners must kneel for the bullet.  Hu freaked once when a prisoner suddenly jumped to his knees and ran toward the rifle barrel before he could get off the shot.

Hu insists the subjects deserve their fate, for him, it's another day at the office.

The US executed 46 in 2010, most by lethal injection.  Only Utah still has a firing squad..