Arkansas Arms 20 Teachers

Slowly and deliberately some school districts in the country are waking up, arming up and raising the bar on school shooters.  And it's long overdue.

Israel's teachers are not only trained to use a handgun, all of them have served their mandatory time in the IDF (Israeli Defense Force), including the women.

Cheyne Dougan is the assistant principal at Clarksville High School in Arkansas.

Dougan is part of the initial group of 20 teachers and administrators that will carry concealed weapons. All 20 in the program received 55 hours of training and $1,100 stipend to purchase a handgun and holster.

The district has posted signs warning potential bad guys about the armed staff. None of those carrying weapons will be known outside of the group so if a shooter does show up he/she will have no chance to guess who will step in front of them and end their insanity with a single shot.

Some of the parents aware of the program are yanking their kids out of the Clarksville school because they want them to go where mass shooters have a better chance to get an unchallenged shot.