MSNBC: Life Begins When Parents Decide

MSNBC has cornered the media market on maudlin mouth-movers.

One of them is Mellissa Harris-Perry who's the corn-rowed, hyphenated, wimpy half-black female the network lets run loose like a urine-soaked monkey throwing feces at zoo-goers.

Born in one of the libbie hell-holes, Seattle, WA  Harris-Perry has gone thru a couple of marriages and even attended a divinity school at one point.  Something bad must have happened because her agenda is now planted solidly on the dark side.  

Harris-Perry is a born-hard hyper-libbie and abortion fanatic.  Her on-air rants and antics are a yawn, but does she speak for women who prize the 'right' to privacy over the 'life' in a womb? 

One recent idiotic notion of hers was to advance the feeble idea that 'children' belong to a 'collective' and should be raised by the 'villiage' - any of these terms ring a bell?

When Texas finally passed and signed their limit on late-term abortion Ms Harris-Perry stuck on a pair of self-constructed tampon earrings.  This allegedly to call attention to what, in her outraged mind, was Texas usurping her notion of unlimited abortion on demand. 

But today's gem can only be explained by a truly troubled mind.  Mellisa offers her 'solution' to the enigma - 'when does life begin'.  Her answer?  Parents Decide...

MSNBC is teetering on the edge of oblivion.  Why, should be obvious.

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