Where Is The 'Gayest' City In America?

Where do the most gays call home? Sin cities San Francisco, Miami, Orlando, New York, Chicago, or Hollywood?  Nope.

Salt Lake City, Utah is 'gay central' according to the magazine The Advocate.

How did Brigham Young's town get so gay? By counting the number of nude yoga classes and LGBT (lesbian gay bi transexual) bookstores reveals a direction and a trend.

Add to that the gay-favored bands performing to large crowds like the Gossip, the Cliks and the Veronicas and you start to get a picture.

'Far-less-oppressive-than-it-used-to-be Salt Lake City has earned its queer cred,' the Advocate says. The Mormon capital passed a series of anti-discrimination laws that led to an explosion of gay life in the town.

The 'this is the place' and once considered uninhabitable by humans wasteland now attracts the tanned, buffed, and debauched homosexuals at a brisk rate.  Is there a paragraph in Revelations we missed?

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