Obama Mannequin Record Sales

Obama said had he produced a son the hoodie-clad Trayvon Martin would have been him.  So a Vegas company created an urban-styled Obama mannequin and it's selling faster than a watermelon at an NAACP convention.

The company says demand is so brisk they're ramping up units for the public market now.  The eerie fiberglass likeness is popular at stores frequented by blacks. And gays seem to be gobbling them up for some unknown reason.

From the company brochure, ‘These fiberglass-constructed mannequins have two styles to choose from, full body or just a head.’ Sounds like the same idea behind those life sized sex dolls.

The picture above shows 'Obama' complete with knit hat, Chicago-plaid shirt, and a hoodie sweat-jacket harkening back to his days hustling government money while working at ACORN.