Clint Clips Obama Media Pit Bulls Pounce

Clint Eastwood's one-man show at the RNC was a big hit - on Obama.

Conservative Eastwood turned to an 'empty' chair on stage chiding an apparition of Obama for failing to avert the record poverty, job losses, and debt that will be Ofail's legacy.

If there is one thing the hate-steamers understand it's the power of an iconic Hollywood celebrity like Clint Eastwood breaking out of the Stalinistic ban on poking fun at Obama.

Bashing Bush is allowed, sure but no one is to touch the Messiah.  And for four long, cold, dark years that's how it's been. Until last night.

Eastwood's persona as Dirty Harry is based on an anti-authority justice-seeker.  The 'mayor' is the bumbling fool that gets it wrong, and the renegade cop Dirty Harry has to flirt with a firing to catch the bad guy and set things straight.  So when Dirty Harry goes up against Obama the picture is perfect, and the hate-streamers trot out their vitriol in quick fashion.

Clint managed to sting Obama and the hate-streamers in just the right way, and at just the right time pissing them off like only Dirty Harry could do.

The audience was primed for what came next.  Romney's perfect acceptance speech and spot-on answers to Eastwood's charges.  As Clint well noted, the USA belongs to we the people, and the current goof in the whitehouse has not been a good caretaker.

So today the hot-head Obamabots are vomiting on their own shoes scrambling to do damage control.  Swell.

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Yahoo: Romney ‘Happy...Black People Drown’

ABC, NBC, CNN & Yahoo News - the hate-stream media are peeing in their coffee over the RNC convention.  Pulling their collective pants down around their collective ankles and taking a collective dump on their collective shoes..

What came out of David Chalian's (Chief Of Yahoo News)  mouth near a hot mic was pure sphincter spew. Chalian said, Romneys ‘Happy to Have a Party When Black People Drown.’

The quip made in a fit of ignorance naturally.  Hurricane Isaac passed Tampa before the RNC proceedings proceeded.

Ofired has been campaigning uninterrupted. Obama is mooning voters in Virginia today as New Orleans is being soaked in century-record rainfall.

And NBC is pretending to cover the convention by editing out GOP minority stars like Utah's Mia Love and the newly minted ex-Democrat, ex-Obama ally Artur Davis.  Remember, NBC spins news, they don't report it.  So we have to assume black and Hispanic conservatives are inconvenient for them.

Well, no need to get too hyped over fascists in the left-wingers media.  We defeat them along with Obama in November - together.   And if they don't wanna stick around for Romney's first term they can pack up their GM Volts and move to Mexico.

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Red Ink Race: Obama $16T States $4T

Code Pink is running around Tampa dressed as hairless vaginas.  Nevermind, Obama and the states are drowning in red ink.

Obama's debt is well known and a disgrace, but did you know the states collectively have over $4 trillion in the red stuff too?

And among the 50 states (no its not 57 states Barry) California, of course, has nearly a quarter of that failure running a whopping $614 billion of the red stuff!

The worst five states drowing in debt are California, New York ($300 billion), Texas ($286 billion), New Jersey ($282 billion), and Illinois ($271 billion).   Notice all are blue except Texas.

California is a laugh.  Not in the sense we revel in their misery.  But in the way California has self mutilated. Democrats have run the legislature since the 1970s.  The very guy that put unions into state government was Jerry Brown back in his first two terms. Deja vu, Jerry is back!

Now Jerry is asking Californians to raise their own taxes, again.  California already has the highest state income taxes, and the worst business climate in the nation.  If Californians do not vote to raise their taxes even higher in November, $10 billion in automatic cuts will kick in wiping out whats left of California schools.

Anyone else think there is a relationship between blue state California and blue Obama's regime?

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Mitt Romney: One Term Wonder

Mitt Romney will be a one-term president?  Huh?  Mitt Romney will defeat Obama and will use his one term as president to 'do the right things' that will result in his defeat in 2016.  In fact, Romney may well choose not to run in 2016 at all, but why...

The USA is in deep doo-doo.  Few rational thinking people dispute the obvious.  A perfect storm of an aging economy coupled with a left-wing assault on the very essence of what made the country great - self-determination and innovation is wrecking the dream.  The aftermath of Obama's disastrous presidency is massive debt, poverty, and a near fatally wounded country-core.

To repair or even stop the bleed the next president will be required to grab (not just touch) the third-rail (entitlements), pull down decades of social engineering and blocks to business (regulations), and slash the size and power of the federal government itself.  Any and all of these things will mean political suicide, and Mitt likely knows it.

Some in Mitt's campaign are making comparisons between what they think Mitt will do and what James K Polk did.   Polk promised he would serve just one term.

Polk's achievements were monumental.  During his one term he beat Britain out of land claims in the Oregon territories.  He won the Mexican-American war subsequently annexing Texas, California, New Mexico and the rest of the Southwest.  He got the Walker tariff of 1846 thru, which created a boom in pre-civil war commerce in the South. he established an independent treasury system that lasted until 1913.  In addition, he oversaw the opening of the US Naval Academy, Smithsonian Institution and the groundbreaking of the Washington Monument.  Finally, he engineered the first minting of a US postage stamp.

In short, Polk got it all done, even winning a major war...then got out.  Romney will do the same thing, only this time the war is internal and far more critical to win.

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Down's Girl Faces Execution For Qur'an Burning

Ah, Islam...  Pakistan was born because Islamics tore up India after independence.  Ever since, Pakistan and India have faced-off in a nuke arms race of their very own.

Pakistan is not a pal, and not much of a country, either.  The place is crawling with blood thirsty Islamo-fascist knuckleheads.

Obama makes no secret he likes these guys.

Pakistan's Islamics are frothing extra foamy today.

An 11-year-old Down's Syndrome girl is facing the death penalty.  Furious mobs of Muslim locals crowded outside the home of the little Christian girl Rifta Masih after she 'allegedly' burned part of an Islamic holy book - the Qur'an.

Pakistani cop, Zabi Ullah, said today the girl was arrested and has been held for 14 days while authorities investigate. And guess what?  She didn't have a burned Qur'an!

Angry Islamic mobs have often beaten and killed people who are accused of violating the blasphemy laws - the goofy laws that place the Qur'an above a human life. Oddly, the little girl's arrest is largely for her own protection, but imagine this confused, mentally challenged child's trauma?

Anyone surprised there is good reason to fear Sharia Law cropping-up it's ugly head ANYWHERE inside the USA?

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Romney-Ryan Freight Train Runs Over Obama

Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are forcing the smear-mongering Obama to face his failures this week.  The subject is the economy, and entitlements.  And Obama is finally facing a little music, finally.

Ryan is at The Villages today with his 78-year-old mom. Ryan's solution for mom's Medicare is to split the system so that those 55 and older are untouched, and reform the rest so those 55 and younger will be able to have something similar when they retire.  In short, a solution, rather than a theft - as Obama's $750 billion buck raiding to feed Obamacare is doing.

Romney's over-arching economic plan is well detailed and has been endorsed by some 400 economist.  Almost everything Obama has done TO the economy has resulted in the not unexpected crushing of economic activity.  And let's face it if Obama were hired in the private sector to do this job, he would be getting his own pink-slip, like millions have been handed since the goof took office.

What will Romney do differently?
  • Cut marginal and corporate taxes (just like JFK did in 1961)
  • Cut federal spending to 20% or less of the GDP - start winding down deficits
  • Cut regulations to end federal bailouts and federal constraints on business
  • Put Social Security and Medicare back into solvency
  • Repeal and replace Obamacare to correctly make healthcare cheaper
  • Open drilling and overall energy development, finally
So when you hear Ofail's smear machine distort what Romney is proposing just pass this blog to your friends, facts always trump fantasy - something Liberals really hate.

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Black Panthers Threaten RNC Convention

Is there a credible threat or just a bunch of thugs running their mouths at the 'New Black Panther Party?'

Remember Eric Holder giving these gorillas a pass after intimidating voters on a porch in 2008?  Where is Homeland Security?

NBP self-proclaimed 'Field Marshall' King Samir Shabazz is pictured left. Allegedly Shabazz's job is to setup 'militias' in major US metro areas whose mission is to "go into nurseries and kill white babies and murder white people in the street."  What is the definition of a domestic terrorist now anyway - Homeland Security?

Masquerading as a legitimate organization 'NBP Chief Of Staff' Michelle Williams today ranted that the black community in Tampa is "under siege," charging white people and black conservatives as the perps.  Homeland Security loudly silent.

Willliams doubled down saying she, "vowed that as long as whites keep characterizing blacks as 'niggers,' her 'feet [will be] on your motherfucking necks, I just want to say to all the listeners on this phone call, that if you are having any doubt about getting suited, booted, and armed up for this race war that we’re in that has never ended, let me tell you something…the thing that’s about to happen to these honkies, these crackers, these pigs, these people, these motherfucker…it has been long overdue.”

Obama's little race card is turning into a full deck of 52 it seems.  Homeland Security is too busy running frat parties the Angle guesses, instead of doing their job.

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The Good The Bad The Ugly States

What makes a state a great place to live, and what makes a state a miserable crud-hole trapping residents in a life-style spiral of not wanting to get up in the morning?

Note the map. Gallup got one state wrong - California.  California is sinking faster than the Titanic and those left living there will be gutted of  their property, jobs, and general sense of well-being.  City by city, home by home California is doomed.

Now on to what Gallup came up with - the good, bad, and don't touch that among the states.  Gallup polled residents on their optimism, jobs, quality of life/water/meds, and satisfaction at work (if working at all).  The rankings largely reflect those states taking it in the rear on foreclosures, fat asses, red-ink, and eroding economic factors.

The best state is Utah.  Mormons have it figured out and they don't mind sharing with others.  If you want to live among happy people, find a decent job, get treated well at work, and beat the odds on how you feel about life in general - move to Utah and get happy feet.

The worst state is West Virginia.  Obama has targeted WVa ferociously by ripping out their heart and coal industry.  Residents of WVa have every reason in the world to teeter on depression and despondency.  The EPA signed that state's death warrant by targeting coal for extinction.  And they succeeded.

So, unless you can afford to leave the country entirely, maybe this list will help steer you to where the grass is a little greener among the pie pieces of the USA we affectionately call - the various States.

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Rational Democrats And Ardent Conservatives

Has the hour arrived?  Are there enough American Patriots from all sides able to join forces to rally and save the nation? Are we finally ready to get serious?

November 2012 is as pivotal as the election of Lincoln in 1860.  That election ended the grip of the party of slavery - the Southern Democrats. The election of 2012 may likewise mark the final end to the disastrous super-majority of Democrats in 2008 that led the country into the abyss.

We need rational Democrats and ardent conservatives to join forces and elect Romney and Ryan.  We need common sense to regain a foothold in the country.  We need to get back to work and stop the nonsense and false direction.  We can only do all of that TOGETHER.

And from there stop indulging in demagoguery, flagrant policies, and class/race warfare.  Instead, begin to repair our deeply damaged country by growing-up and working on the problems in an open and straightforward way.   Are there enough of us left to rise above the background noise and get it right?

Obama Whines Michelle Needs A Paycheck

Just how disconnected is Obama from reality?  The nation is suffering more now than during periods of the Great Depression, yet the noodle-head in the whitehouse seems cruelly indifferent wasting time lying and smearing his challengers.

Obama steals $700 billion from Medicare to prop up his hated health law and fully expects seniors to react negatively to Paul Ryan and not him when told Medicare and Social Security are in financial trouble.

Obama's hubris is reflected in off teleprompter remarks dissing small business owners - though Obama has never owned or run one himself.  And now Obama wants Manchelle to be given a paycheck?  What?

Why would taxpayers pay Manchelle? Well, Manchelle did decorate the whitehouse, or at least she hired others to do it.  And Manchelle showed up at a Disney World staged rally to bend over a few times for obesity.  Lest we also not forget, Manchelle did attend the Olympics in London for a month, highlighted by the first-vacationer giving a group hug to the mostly all-black US basketball team.  Oops. Almost forgot, Manchelle has also done a lot of shopping gobbling up $7,000 coats and $500 shoes - who has the time...

So there you have it...  Manchelle is on the job without pay.  She joins 100 million Americans who are also still waiting for a paycheck after four years of Obama failure.  But is there injustice here?

Remember, Manchelle has also taken a half dozen million buck junkets on the taxpayers. And the whole Obama family gets fed, meds and housing on taxpayer dime. Did Obama intend for those perks to be subtracted from her pay envelope?

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Paul Ryan The Lion From Janesville

Mitt Romney's executive judgement appears solid as illustrated by his selection of Paul Ryan as his running mate.

No need to go over the horrendous failures of Obama/Biden.  Let's take a look at who Paul Ryan is and what it means for Romney to pick him.

Ryan is from Wisconsin, a fifth generation native and seven term congressman from Janesville, WI.  Ryan has a degree in Economics.  Ryan was appointed the youngest member of congress to ever serve as the Chairman of the House Budget Committee. 

Ryan was already at the center of what the 2012 election is all about - the crushing debt and deficits accrued by the Obama regime.  Ryan's budget is a heroic and fair start to what will be the central argument not only in the crucial 2012 election, but offers voters an utterly clear choice about the near future of the nation.

Friends call Ryan a 'regular guy.'  Ryan is intelligent and serious - a debt killer, a real live fighter for fiscal sanity.  But most important, Ryan has the numbers on the economic mess Obama has made worse, and comes with solutions not just empty political rhetoric.   

Will voters chicken out and allow Obama to continue mounting debt and destroying the private sector?  Or will voters choose, like the voters in Wisconsin, and the voters in the midterms, to begin working on the correct solutions and stop the bleed?

The Paul Ryan choice signals a Romney presidency 180 degree turned from the destructive course Obama has forged.  Ryan will be demonized of course, the guy is the real deal and the Obama/Biden screw-up team wants you to stay until the end.

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