Race Bully Makes High Schooler Cry

How about a little morning outrage to go with that latte?

Naively, a group of high school juniors from Piedmont Governor’s School in Martinsville, VA, brought their handmade story-quilt to the local city council for show-and-tell. 

“We got to walk across the Philpott Dam and the small black person represents us before we learned all the information and then the bigger gold person is how he feels after he’s been enriched with all the different knowledge,” a female student explained.

Black councilwoman Sharon Brooks-Hodge interrupted the student and blew race into the presentation, “Excuse me. Um, why is the small black person the negative image?”   The student confused and shocked explained: “It’s not negative. It’s just showing how much we increased.”

Brooks-Hodge was ready before the end of the sentence: “I take offense to that.”

“I didn’t mean to make it offensive,” another student tried to explain.  Now brooks-Hodges was loading the second barrel - remember, this is a bunch of high school 16 year-olds.

Brooks-Hodge deepened her race-charge, “Whoever reviewed that to make a small black person the before and the gold which you are afterwards...I take offense to that and I hope that you do not display that.”

The female student started crying.  One teacher stood to explain it had nothing to do with race.

The NAACP quickly tossed in their race-grenade demanding the students be 'trained' on race sensitivity.

The city council hasn't decided if the quilt will be hung in the building.

Psst, Ms Brooks-Hodge the reason blacks have a negative image has nothing to do with a bunch of high schoolers stitching black stick figures onto a quilt.  No.  Blacks get a bad name because of people like you and what blacks are doing in Detroit, Oakland and here  www.thugreport.com.


Pain Game: Kick To Groin Or Birthing A Kid

Sex is easy for men. Women get stuck with 9-months of back-breaking front-loaded ever-growing cargo.  Then spend a whole sweaty man-hating day delivering it..

So after millions of years is mankind ready to test and answer the question few would dare to ask? Which hurts more, squeezing a bowling ball sized object through a finger-hole sized vagina, or a swift, deliberate, targeted, quick kick to the groinal area?

First, the ground rules.  The word "pain" comes from the Latin "poena" meaning a fine or a penalty.

Birthing a bowling ball or beating the be-jezzus out of the inhabitants of a nutsack results in somatic pain. Somatic pain arrives when nociceptors send pain signals to the brain and spinal cord after the nerves are cut, bruised, squashed, stretching or are otherwise transmortified.

The cervix, vagina and testicles are covered in nociceptors. The contest is judged a tie. But the female takes home a bigger prize enduring the ordeal.  A baby.  The male gets to stay curled in a fetal position for the rest of the day pondering trading places with her.  But he only does it once, she?  Who knows.

Caution: the video contains graphic material and loud, banshee like screaming and crying.

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Starbucks Target Of Poison Orange Juice

Ramineh Behbehanian, 50, walked into a San Jose,CA Starbucks two days ago with a couple of bottles of orange juice in her handbag.

Patrons and staff spotted her stuffing the two bottles into the refrigerator alongside other drinks.

For some reason the fire department was called.  Once on scene the hazardous response team tested the suspect bottles and found the orange juice spiked with isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol.

Quick thinking patrons got her license plate number as she drove off, so once the cops arrived they were able to track her down.

Why Ramineh decided to poison people in her San Jose neighborhood is a mystery.  Had anyone managed to drink her little toxic surprise they would've started vomiting, convulsing, siezuring, losing body heat, turned blue and finally keeled over and died.  The unlucky ones surviving would've been blinded.

Ramineh may be part of a giant Iranian cell of orange juice terrorists.  The list of stuff to ban is getting longer; guns, steam cookers, welfare recipients, orange juice, rubbing alcohol - and that's just in the last two weeks.

Starbuck's Customer Virginia Gets 'Vagina' Written On Cup

15 Useless Earth Facts

Take a break, put the java down...

It's Monday and there's nothing you can do about it.  So why not load up on a bunch of irritating facts about Earth you can spring on people and get left alone in a corner.

  • The day is not 24 hours long, it's 23 hours, 56 minutes, 4 seconds in sidereal time.
  • The Chinese great wall is not visible from space, but Peking's air pollution is clearly seen.
  • 38,000 man-made objects have been launched into space since Sputnik in 1957.
  • The Earth is smoother than a bowling ball. Mountains and trenches only 1/5000th of the equator.
  • The Ozone hole is smaller now than it was at any time over the last 10 years.
  • There are 8.6 million lightning strikes a day.
  • Dinosaurs got big because there was 50% more oxygen than today's 77% nitrogen, 21% oxygen.
  •  97% of all the water is salty.  3% is fresh.
  • Antarctica has more water stored as ice than the entire Atlantic ocean.
  • Sharks kill 9-12 humans a year. Humans kill 100 million sharks a year.
  • 99% of all the gold on Earth is floating around in the 9,900F degree molten core.
  • 40 million tons of dirt is blown from the African Sahara to the Amazon each year.
  • Continents are moving at point oh seven-nine inches per year.
  • Only 14% of all species have been identified, and just 1% of species in the oceans.
  • 200,000 people are born each day. 2 people die each second. 110 billion ever lived since man 1.
That's enough for now.  Next time we will do 50 on things short and wet.  Stay tuned.

Americans Fear Government More Than Terror

How much fear does it take to cause the average guy on the street to fear government more than a terror bomber ripping off legs or worse?

Fox News polled 619 random registered voters the day after the Boston bombing. For the first time since May 2001, a majority said 'NO' when asked, “Would you be willing to give up some of your personal freedom in order to reduce the threat of terrorism?”  WAPO got the same results

As Ben Franklin aptly noted, “They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.”

After a decade of declining freedoms, privacy encroachments and Obama's attacks on the constitution people are beginning to see what Franklin meant.

The poll showed 51% of Democrats would give up their consitutional protections to let Obama do pretty much whatever he wants.  The GOP and Independents say Obama is using terror and social issues to snip their rights..

If you're not sure, just repeat Franklin's sage observation while pondering last weeks gun grab.  The answer always eludes people with the IQ of a lame liberal secular humanist.

Obama Vacation Time Double Working Econ
SCOTUS Ruling On White Student Discrimination
Russian Scientist Says 250 Year Cooling Coming
Blacks And Hispanics Lost Their Asses Under Obama
55% Of Americans Ignorant Planned Parenthood Does Abortions

Aussies Make Women's Underwear For Men

The Aussies are way ahead of the USA in decline.

The only reason the down under guys are afloat as a country is because the Chinese are raping their natural resources. And the didgeridoos are perfectly happy to bend over and ask for more.

HommeMystere is out with a full line of bras, boustieas, teddies and panties - for men.  And man are these things disgusting.

The company, for some reason, wants to point out the garments are not just for gay men. Whew, for a minute some of us were confused.

Homme added: ‘We provide our lingerie for guys.  Guys?  Like what kind of guys?  The kind that open doors for women or the kind that open doors for women and then have to pull part of their panties from their ass-crack after bending over to get the car door handle?

‘We are not concerned if you are gay, straight, vegetarian, republican, Anglican, martian or any other persuasion...we just design and manufacture attractive luxury underwear for men.’  Oh brother.

These guys can't be serious, oh wait, they are serious and frankly need to be forced to wear their own crap in public in front of their parents.  The Angle is getting homosexual panic just cleaning up the illustration for this piece.

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Home Defense: How To Avoid Shooting Your Kid

Serious home defense is no accident.  Just buying and training to use a firearm is only the start.  In order to use the weapon effectively it must be stored safely and yet be handy when or if it's needed night, or day.

And if you have kids in the house, safety is extra important.

Most think keeping kids away from firearms is the extent of safety precaution.  Nope.  Consider the scenario where one of your kids are grabbed by the intruder and used as a shield.  Or one of your kids passes behind the perp just as you fire.  The round could easily penetrate and pass thru soft tissue and hit your kid.

So, what do you do?

Botox Blues: Body Builds Antibodies

Botox is a bustling billion buck industry built on vanity.  The process involves injecting tissue with botulin - the most toxic substance, microgram for microgram known to man.

The guy that discovered the poison found it growing inside sausages.  So he coined the term botulism from the Latin word for sausage - botulus.  But enough sausage history.

Some women are so hooked on stabbing their faces with ever increasing dosages the crap is causing their immune system to produce antibodies to fight the infection.  It's like the reverse of overusing antibiotics.

German researchers discovered patients who needed larger doses – including those prescribed it for medical reasons to treat spasms or sweating – were more likely to stop responding.

Abhilash Jain, a medical lecturer at Oxford University, said many patients using Botox had no idea that they could become immune to it.

Looks like women are gonna have to go back to accepting what nature dishes out.  Either that or start taking rejection drugs to blunt their immune systems.  Wait.  Then they may develop cancer.  Well, a smooth forehead is likely worth the risk, right ladies?

Kids Pajama Smartphone App Debuts

Will nothing be spared the onslaught of "there's an app for that?"

Juan Murdoch a realtor from Idaho Falls has six kids so he's always looking for shortcuts.  Droning through yet another reread of Snow White, Juan had a brain-fart.

Juan furiously covered one of his kid's pajamas in black felt-tip marker and later hired a guy expert on Braille to make sense of it. Juan and his consultant had invented interactive pajamas which, when scanned with a camera phone or tablet, streamed out bedtime stories.

The pajamas look ridiculous of course. They're covered with 47 clusters of dot-like barcodes.

Not everyone's happy with the lazy parents pajamas. Some say it's an 'unnecessary' use of technology. You know, a solution looking for a problem.

Another cynic wrote, 'What's next, an app that potty trains?'  Guess what, there's an iPhone potty training app too.

Juan's undeterred says his own kids are hooked on the interactive nightshirts. Juan wants to invent more barcoded garments for Christmas. Just think, kids can start texting as soon as they pop out of the womb-chute.  Isn't technology great?

Obamacare: 19th Century Cure-Alls Reborn

Technology and rationality seemed to trump thousands of years of crude, backward thinking and trudging superstition by the time the industrial revolution got going in the 19th century. Or had it?

Infant science was credited with 'cures' for 'what ails ya' but the magic was nothing more than morphine and cocaine.

Looking back it's easy to judge the stupidity of consuming a concoction containing opiates powerful to fog your senses.  Are people smarter today?

No.  People are just as naive, arrogant and stupid as they were a short 150 years ago.  A hundred years from now people will look back and see Al Gore's Global Warming Cultists the same way we judge the morphine laced sugar water consumers of 1885.

The elixirs, potions, and snake oils sold to millions in the 'backward' infancy of the age of enlightenment are still all around us.

Want proof, consider the secular left-wing worship of personality.  The Islamic crazies brain washed in 5th century Quran. And the green weenies ready to trash all of modern life in the name of faux science.

Billions are still living in squalor, disease and ignorance two-hundred years after mankind declared all such things obsolete.  The more mankind advances, the more liberals regress.

San Francisco Votes To Keep Stealing Yosemite Water

Utter the words Hetch-Hetchy  and San Francisco libbies start to make little sweat beads on their upper lips.

Yosemite is a national treasure filled with pristine water and deer ticks. Back in the 1920s San Francisco waged a water war and won.

What was lost 80 years ago?  A glacially carved, granite-ringed valley of towering rock and waterfalls in Yosemite National Park .

San Francisco drains the Hetch Hetchy water for a paltry $30,000 a year. The rent was set by Congress under the Raker Act in 1913.  The dark deal went through despite opposition by 200 newspapers across the country and dire warnings by John Muir the naturalist.

Last November Obama was reelected and voters in San Francisco defeated a measure that would have begun a process to restore the Yosemite Valley.

"The opposition to removal is akin to the famous expressions many years ago about relinquishing the Panama Canal: `We stole it fair and square and we should keep it!' - Don Hodel  former Interior Secretary cynically noted.

Ed Lee, current SF mayor, Diane Feinstein former mayor, and of course the ever looney Nancy Pelosi are all ferociously defensive about the ill-gotten H2O from Yosemite. When it comes to liberals wrecking the environment, well, that's a big never mind right Al Gore?

Robber With Bat Killed By Kid With Shotgun

Once again we wake up to the story of a home invader nailed by a home owner with a shotgun.  And once again we have a happy ending due to the legal ownership of said gun. 

Cops in Midland, Tx got the 911 call around midnight on Tuesday.  An attempted robbery by 32-year-old Samuel Pompa carrying a baseball bat in his hands went south when Pompa came face to face with a 19-year-old occupant who had a12-ga shotgun in his hands. 

The 19-year-old told the cops he fired the shotgun to protect himself. No arrest was made.

Pompa was later carted off to the morgue sporting a sizeable hole in the middle of his chest.

Gabby Giffords and her hypocrite husband Mark Kelly say they are 'going after' senators who voted against the gun grab bill.  It seems Ms. Giffords refuses to learn the lesson - that she well may have avoided brain damage had she had a gun of her own the day a crazed schizophrenic showed up and shot her.

But then, Giffords is a Democrat and liberal so don't expect that level of common sense anyway.

Black Philly 10-Year Old Pulls Gun On Woman
Man Stops Stabbing Spree At UT Store With Gun
GOP To Stop Napolitano From Wiping Out Ammo Supplies
Home Invasion Survivor Still Sleeps With Lights On

Weed Killer Roundup Linked To Parkinson's

Herbicides are terrific right up to the point they are implicated in Parkinson's, cancer and low sperm counts.

In years past other chemicals used to control plants and insects met with scrutiny and are still controversial up to this day (dioxin, DDT, malathion).

So does it follow that benign herbicides like Roundup present a problem?  Monsanto's Roundup is a best seller for good reason, the herbicide kills weeds.  The product is used on crops, lawns, marijuana, and golf courses. And now it too is suspect - the culprit is glyphosate.

Stephanie Seneff, a research scientist at MIT, and Anthony Samsel, a retired science consultant published a study implicating Roundup.

‘Negative impact on the body is insidious and manifests slowly over time as inflammation damages cellular systems throughout the body, we have hit upon something very important that needs to be taken seriously and further investigated,’ Seneff said.

Monsanto insists that the glyphosate in Roundup is safe. They say the substance has been studied extensively and no link to health hazards has ever been established.

Remember what 'they' said about Asbestos, Lead and Mercury?

Remembering Ted Turner Pooping Pants Dissing Dead Soldiers

The US Military fights and dies so Ted Turner can sail his yacht, throw rich guy parties, and get hitched to goonie Hollywood B actresses (and just as quickly divorce them).

Ted Turner said he thought it “good” American soldiers are committing suicide at record rates because in his tiny mind it shows an aversion to war.

Really?  When did Ted get appointed grand poobah judge of our warrior heroes or get his mail-order amateur psychologist certificate?

What happens to guys like Ted Turner is being surrounded by yes-men for so long they their shit don't stink. Well Ted your shit and your breath stinks more than most, especially when you pee on your own shoes showing glee over military suicides..

Enough about Ted and his tight ass.  Most of us will just take solace when Ted exits the planet choking on a piece of pate, a hot-wing, or a pickle or something.

Married Cheater's Favorite Steak House

Married's who cheat are low-order life forms infesting the planet.  So where do these 'specimens' like to seal their deals?

AshleyMadison.com a website for cheating married people surveyed 43,000 of their claimed 18,800,000 member base.

Cheaters liked Morton's Steakhouse most, but any large chain near a hotel would apparently do. The cozeners sputtered like moths to the dimly lit rooms and proximity to clean sheets.  The lurid lechers were also particular about the minimum distance from home. Twenty-miles.

Imagine the hacker group Anonymous digging into AshleyMadison's little turd-pile of cuckolds and milksops? Forget the steak, it makes the mouth water just thinking about mass emails going to spouses of these animals, doesn't it?  Hello?  Anonymous?  Oh wait, maybe Anonymous hackers are AshleyMadison customers too? Nevermind.

Office Kitchens Nastier Than Office Toilets
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Member Of Anonymous Accused Of Rape At Occupy Camp

NJ Teacher Fired For Peeing In Classroom

Before we get going know that the Paterson, NJ teacher in question is strapped to a motorized wheelchair.

Ron Tuitt taught at Paterson's schools since 1996.  On April 18th Tuitt was stripped of his tenure and fired by NJs Education Commissioner.  What did he do?

Charges included the time Tuitt took a leak in a classroom trash can.  Tuitt also allegedly peed into a plastic bottle and asked students to take it to the boys' bathroom.

Now the shocker.  Tuitt gave students joyrides in his motorized wheelchair.

Tuitt denied some of the charges.  He also pointed out that he's wheelchair bound and the principal removed  accommodations needed by him when nature calls.

Still, the bulk of the case pivoted on Tuitt's wild rides in the wheelchair.  The peeing part is a pettifogging ploy. How is Tuitt supposed to control his classroom if he has to motor down the hallway to take a leak?  

The Angle smells the smell of a dirty diaper smell on this one. Too many question unanswered and still early in the blogging day.


Napolitano: Obama Picks Laws To Enforce Or Ignore

Testifying at the Senate hearing on immigration Janet Napolitano gloated that she and Obama have the authority to decide which laws to enforce, and which laws to ignore.

ICE union president Chris Crane testified  “that agents are prohibited from enforcing the law and, indeed, the ICE officers have filed a lawsuit [to that effect].”.

Napolitano lifted her skirt and exposed Obama's nefarious motives.

Obama wants illegals to pass thru unfettered.  Napolitano says Obama directed that "our officers...focus on narco-traffickers and human smugglers and money launderers...".

Fantastic, just how do agents seperate the narco-trafficers from all the other swarming masses jumping the fences?  Silence.

Obama and Napolitano are ignoring enforcement of current immigration law.  The new law gives these two even more power to keep doing what they are doing.

“Biggest challenge on #immigrationreform has been well founded lack of trust that Obama administration will enforce the law,” Rubio Tweeted on Tuesday.  Really? Rubio must have been at the hearing.  Three more years, folks.

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5 Jihadist Attacks On US Soil Since O Arrived
Harry Reid 'government inherently good'
MA Gov Patrick Refuses Welfare Rec Release On Bombers
Gallup: Fox News Most Credible, CNN Least Credible
Underground Tax Free Econ Over $2 Trillion 
GOP To Stop Napolitano From Wiping Out Ammo Supplies
Will Obama Be The Last President? 

Date Rape Passe, Date Carjack Instead

Nimeha Milien met Donald McGee, 19, while texting.  Soon Donald convinced Nimeha to pick him up at an intersection in Hollywood, FL. After McGee got into Milien's car he said he wanted to go back to her place. Nimeha said no and instead drove  to Ocean Inlet Park where they took a romantic walk on the beach.

'We sat there. We spoke. Nothing wrong happened,' Nimeha said. 'It was like normal, all conversation.' And that's when the 'date' started going weenie.

Date over, McGee wanted to be dropped off at a Wendy's parking lot in yet another part of town. Again, Nimeha complied. As she pulled into the parking lot McGee stuck a .380-caliber Kel Tec 6-shooter in her face and ordered her out of her car.

As the carjacker sped off Nimeha got a good Samaritan to help her. As they followed the carjacker Nimeha called 911. The cops quickly nailed McGee after a high-speed chase.

Carjacker McGee was arrested and charged with armed carjacking, robbery with a firearm, possession of marijuana, driving without a license, and fleeing police.

Nimeha got lucky. She wasn't shot and she got her car back. Next time she better find a guy who has a car of his own. And oh yea maybe get a Kel Tec .380 too. You know, for those special times when the date just doesn't seem like a keeper.

Top Five Pressure Cooker States

Gallup spent 2012 repeatedly polling the same 353,564 people asking the same question, ''Did you feel stressed during a lot of the day yesterday?'

The giant urban crud-holes California and New York didn't top the list as expected.  Likely due to the big blue bastions of lame-liberal ineptitude making people move rather than sit and stew.

Still New York and New Jersey would have taken spots 6 and 7 had the list been stretched to include 10 states.

The top five bottom feeder places to live where people wake up each day and wish they were born someplace else were:
  1. West Virginia
  2. Rhode Island
  3. Kentucky
  4. Utah
  5. Massachusetts
West Virginia, Rhode Island and Kentucky have made the high stress list five years running.  If you are stuck in those states you may as well rent a U-Haul and move to Mexico.

The laid back states are not too surprising:
  1. Hawaii
  2. Louisiana
  3. Mississippi
  4. Iowa
  5. Wyoming
Hawaii is only really stressful if you have to work and pay taxes there.  Since 90% of the natives are on welfare and doing crack it makes sense they feel pretty good about doing nothing all day.  The other four on the best list are GOP run states doing pretty well, thank you very much.

Obama Paying People To Be On Food Stamps
Obama Airport Sequester Spares DC
Yet Another Green Money Pit Bites Dust
L.A Still Has Worst Traffic In Nation 
Worst Jobs List 
Williams Sonoma Pulls Pressure Cookers From Stores 
Fed Judge Says Obama Lacks Authority NOT To Deport Illegals

Bill Gates Handshake Faux Pas

Talk about hand to mouth.  The media in South Korea is ablaze today over a simple handshake Bill Gates offered to their lady president Park Geun-hye. Notice everyone in South Korea has a Park in their name?

One would think South Korea would be a little more focused on the nukes perched on missile launchers ten miles from Seoul than the petty outrage shown over a billionaire forgetting to read the manual on handshakes in Asia.

But hey, people in Britain are still miffed Michelle Obama crushed the queen with a man-hug and high-fived half the palace guards on her way back to the limo.

Oh yea, the problem with the handshake is not the handshake, it's the hand in the pants that has them peeved.

Apparently the 'proper' way to shake hands in South Korea is the two-fisted pump with both palms covering the other shakers sweat-balled fist.  No ass-grabbing is allowed either - what a way to run a culture.

Gates isn't commenting on the rumpus.  Why should he?  Microsoft is in the turd-house lately and he has a pant-load of polio vaccine to peddle so if South Korea wants to make something of it, let them go gobble some Gaegogi (Korean dog meat).

South Korean Dog Dishes
Psst Bill Get Your 'Complete Idiots Guide To Cultural Etiquette' On Amazon Here

Ultra Orthodox Jewish Sex Manual Debuts

What you are about to read is at your own risk and will require a little work.  If shortness of breath or leg cramps develop give up.  Oh yea, you'll also need a Yiddish dictionary.

Jewish sex therapist and maven (yes, Jews need sex help too) Dr. David Ribner penned The Newlywed's Guide to Physical Intimacy.

The manual is intended to fill in the gaps for Jewish regulars on subjects including, but not limited to oral sex and masturbation. But, thank G-D there are no pictures except for a sealed envelope in the back of the book which is loaded with diagrams, oy vay.

Dr Ribner wants everyone to know that contrary to myth ultra-orthodox Jews don't have sex through a hole in a sheet.

Regardless, Ribner says modern Jews have stopped spelling out the basics for their kids, so rather than risk the pitselers getting wrong ideas from the goyim he offers a way out. After all who wants to go thru life a pisher when shtupping is the prize.

Expect to find the book in both English and Hebrew. Ribner has no illusions and admits many religious booksellers will refuse to carry the tome. Still, trying to save the boychick from the bobbemyseh is certainly no bubkes.  The Angle applauds the effort.

Judaism 101: Kosher Sex

Koch Bros Buying Big Liberal Newspapers

Rupert Murdoch's Fox News empire already carves heart muscle out of CNN, MSNBC and NPR.  So imagine the libbie bed wetting over a Koch bros takeover of big names among left-wing print media.

The Koch bros are an entire galaxy in the conservative universe.  Americans for Prosperity PAC are the Koch's $125 million a year gorilla formed solely for the purpose of 'leveling' the field against George Soros and Warren Buffet.

The Tribune company wants to dump their newspaper holdings for a paltry $600 million.  With $115 billion in buying power the Tribune buy would be chicken change for the Koch titans.

So what Tribune rags would fall into the hands of the worst nightmare a knock-kneed liberal would swill in a puddle of night sweats over?  How about the Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, Baltimore Sun, Orlando Sentinel, Hartford Courant, and the Pasadena Sun?.  The Koch's controlling these papers would drive a wooden stake thru the blood-sucking heart of liberal hives Los Angeles, Chicago, and Hartford CT.

So what better way to geld the loudmouth pukes in the left-wing media than to simply buy them out.
No need to wonder whether the Koch's would take a hands-on approach. An anonymous source at a Koch seminar said 'they see the conservative voice as not being well represented.'

Oh joy - may the air fill with a curdling cacophony of stagnate panic. And may the stain of coagulated cannabis laced bong water drool down the front of their Che shirts while the fermented fecal aroma of bad tofu sesame-balls turn into convulsive fits of an irritable bowel syndrome.   The Koch bros are coming the Koch bros are coming!

Internet Sales Tax Inevitable Under Reid-Obama 
Fox News Cable Ratings Trounce During Boston
Pew: 93% Of Households Lost Net Worth 09-011
Pew: 7% Of Rich Got Much Richer
Change In Wealth By Household 
CA Passes Homeless Bill Of Rights
Dem Sen Max Baucus Retires - GOP Will Replace Him
George W Bush Ties Obama Poll Numbers Finally

Mexican Drug Gangs After Your 401K

Mexican drug gangs are ready to take your cash and your life.  And are not above luring prey using teen Latinas as bait.

Nancy Michelle Mendoza Moreno, 22, has been arrested in Mexico and extradited to San Diego to face charges of luring high-profile men and delivering them to Mexican drug thugs.

One example of Ms Moreno's handiwork played out in a Chula Vista, CA Starbucks.  Nancy lured Mexican businessman Eduardo Gonzalez-Tostado to her aunt's house.  Senior Tostado excitedly showed up with candy and flowers in hand and was quickly beaten and stored in a pantry.  Gang members sat on Eduardo for eight days waiting for $2 million ransom money from Eduardo's wife.

Unbeknownst to the Tostado kidnappers was a tracking device placed in the suitcase loaded with the $194,000 ransom. Two of the five men were sentenced to life in prison without parole. The rest were released into the wild and remain at large.

Kidnap and extortion isn't new.  Targeting fat, weak old men looking for sex with a teen is the toasty part. The hard part for Eduardo is he risked everything and Nancy isn't even that cute. 

AZ Busts Mexican Cartel - 3 Tons Cannabis $2.4M Cash 

Obama July GDP Gaming Plan

Obama is dishonest.  Rather than make a sincere and honest effort to understand and fix the economy Obama is gaming the system - again.

Carter changed the way the jobless rate is computed.  Under Carter those leaving the job market were taken out of the equation thus skewing the ratio and making it 'appear' lower.

The real Obama jobless rate adding back the 90 plus million who have given up looking for a job is well over 10% - hovering near 15% factoring former full-time now forced into part-time jobs. 

The other big stinger number is GDP.  Under Obama GDP had fallen to and remained near recession levels.  In fact as it stands today, the GDP is negative again - one reporting quarter from official recession.  So what's a floundering president to do?  Change the way the number is computed, of course.

The GDP number is being changed for the July reporting period and beyond.   So radical the change that the current negative number will suddenly become a positive 3% or higher.  How?  By treating intangibles like R&D and the cost of making Hollywood movies as an asset instead of an expense.  It's like adding the principle of a house or car loan to your income statement.

Smoke and mirrors, baby.  When the number is bad, change the formula - that's the Obama way.  Oh did we mention Obama is going after your Internet bucks now?

American Sanity Sinking Under Obama

Obama can be blamed for a lot more than just wrecking the medical system, piling up insurmountable debt, putting 100 million out of the job market, wiping out retirement for half the baby boomers, bringing back terror bombings on US soil, and failing to stem the march toward nuclear war.

What toll does the bridge tender take? Ponder the following:

Over half of all MDs say they will be out of medicine in three years thanks to Obamacare. A shortage of 45,000 MDs already exists. Imagine finding a doctor in 2015.

Suicide now outpaces the carnage on the highways as the leading cause of injury death; Under Obama more US military died last year by suicide than in combat;

Over one-third of the 'lucky' ones who have a job suffer chronic debilitating stress. Add more than half of 18 to 33 year-olds reporting insomnia, depression and anxiety disorder;

Almost two in ten kids aged 12 and older are taking SSRI antidepressants;

One in four women in their 40s and 50s are taking antidepressants, according to a major study by the CDC;

One in five high-schoolers are now diagnosed with ADHD, and one in five preteens now have either ADHD, anxiety, depression or bipolar disorder;

Stress levels are kicking up cancer and heart disease rates. And domestic violence has tripled since Obama took office.

Another 6.4 million kids between 4 and 17 are on Ritalin or similar psycho-stimulants;

Nearly one in three adults have a serious drinking problem, that’s more than 60 million.  One in four are using illegal drugs like marijuana, cocaine, heroin, hallucinogens and inhalants (glue and hairspray);

True, Europe is even worse off, but we don't live in Europe do we? The 'misery index' isn't even cited anymore. Why bother?

Obamacare Seniors Rout
Black Bar Owner Threatens To Shoot White Taggers

Snotty Reese Witherspoon Threatens Cop

What's it like to be a Hollywood princess when your husband is being arrested for DUI?  Ask Reese Witherspoon.

Atlanta PD say they observed a silver Ford Fusion weaving in and out of lanes last night, so they made pursuit and pulled the vehicle over.

The pair in the car were Reese Witherspoon and her husband Jim Toth.  

As officers began to question Mr. Toth, Reese began to get testy.  When the cop asked for registration and drivers license Reese decided to pull rank.   Reese interrupted, "Do you know my name?" The cop answered, "No, I don't need to know your name."

Witherspoon snorted, "You're about to find out who I am ... You are going to be on national news."

Now Reese was kicking into princess-drive making hand gestures and spitting out choleric commentary over how long it was taking to arrest her husband. At one point, she got out of her car.  The officer ordered her back inside. When she got out a second time, he arrested her for disorderly conduct.

They were both taken to jail, booked, and released a short time later.

The officer said Toth insisted he'd only had one drink, but when given a Breathalyzer test, Toth's blood alcohol level was .139.  The legal limit in Georgia is .08.

That was then, today Reese is out with her walkback.   In a press release this morning Reese was a lot more contrite, '...The words I used that night definitely do not reflect who I am. I have nothing but respect for the police and I am very sorry for my behavior...'.

Well okay, nevermind Reese baby we forgive you. Next, no doubt, Reese will make a PSA on boozing and driving...you know something only the rich and special can do to make it all better.  Oh and yea, the incident did make national news, good call Reese.

Detroit: 50% Of Adults Illiterate

Over 50% of Detroit's adults are unable to fill out basic forms, read a prescription, or handle other tasks most Americans take for granted, according to the study by Detroit Regional Workforce Fund.

This study "shows the staggering degree to which public education has failed in one of the most economically depressed cities in the United States," says Doug Mataconis of Outside the Beltway. And it's "even more shocking" that half of the illiterate population "somehow made it through public school."

How bad is illiteracy?  Whites 7%, Blacks 24%, Hispanics 44%, and 14% of Asian are in that boat.

Who is jobless?  Whites 8.2%, Blacks 17.1%, Hispanics 12.2%, Asians 6.4%. See a correlation?

Looking a bit deeper, whites and blacks should not be illiterate, they are native born.   Hispanics and Asian have the obvious disadvantage having to learn English from scratch.

The ultimate disgrace in dysfunctional union dominated public schools unable to convey the basics is beyond comprehension.

Warning: Depression Is Contagious

Depression is a drag.  The funk ranges from feeling a little 'blue' to full-blown bipolar manic depression.  If you are 'lucky' enough to just feel down once in a while you can take comfort knowing the mood will pass quickly.  But some get depressed and don't shake the bleakness for months or even years.

Two researchers at Indiana's Notre Dame say some 'choose' depression as a reaction to life's roller-coaster early in adolescence and stay that way to the end.  But their research is more interesting than the obvious.

They followed 206 room mates paired randomly. Students who ended up in a room with a depressive were likely to ‘catch’ their room mate's style of thinking and develop a vulnerability to depression themselves.

The reverse case was also true. Students who had a room mate not prone to depression showed a decrease in negative thinking and ultimately less depression.

Researcher Dr Haeffel concluded: ‘Our study demonstrates that cognitive vulnerability (depression prone) has the potential to wax and wane over time depending on the social context...this means that cognitive vulnerability (depression prone) should be thought of as plastic rather than immutable.'

Good news for the depressed and confused.   Stay away from depressed, negative people if you are a depressive.  And when you get depressed get your ass out of bed and mix with other positive people.   You must stay away from booze and junk food.  Many 'self medicate' trying to escape in a bottle or a bag of chips and end up worse off.

The 'choice' to remain depressed is yours. The sooner you stop feeling sorry for yourself the sooner you'll start to feel better.


40% Of Europe Is Depressed

A full 40% of Europe's population suffers from depression, anxiety, insomnia or dementia.

"Mental disorders have become Europe's largest health challenge of the 21st century," say researchers at Dresden University.

Wow! And we thought the obesity epidemic was bad.  Maybe they are both fat and depressed?

No doubt there is a correlation in the USA - drug and alcohol abuse are tied to an impulse to 'self-medicate.'

Did you see Chris Christie defy his critics wolfing down a doughnut on national TV?  What's with that guy?  Talk about eating your anger...

Vanity Epidemic Eroding Culture

Vanity is 7th among the 7 deadly sins. The Romans used the term vanagloria, or 'self boasting.'   So when the Catholics compiled their sin list, Pope Gregory folded vanity into the 7th sin and called it 'pride.'

Thousands of  volunteers were told to stare into a mirror at themselves for ten minutes.  Most became anxious and depressed about their looks.  True most were pretty damned homely, but we digress.

Scientists didn't expect people to get jacked-up so quickly. A neurosis called Body Dysmorphic Disorder apparently leads to self-hate.  BDDs are the anorexics, Hollywood actors, politicians and meth addicts of the world.

Researchers say women stare in the mirror 38 times in a day.  Wow. The Angle is lucky to get a dump done in the morning let alone take time to gawk moronically into a mirror for ten minutes.  Who are these people?

iPhone Controlled Vibrating Underwear

Durex makes condoms, lubricants and vibrators for the world.  So what...

Well, the genitalia obsessed company put their 'heads' together and came up with a new product they think will make sex crazed consumers fall further into their laps.  An underwear that vibrates when accessed by an iPhone.

Durex calls it Fundawear.  Why?  We guess because anyone with your Fundawear's phone number can send your joy junction into a cacophony of sizzling, prickling, shivering, stinging, ringing, throbbing, tickling, twittering, toe-sucking, mind-numbing, uncontrollable coital mess.   So they have to be fun-to-wear, right?

The company describes Fundawear as 'the future of foreplay.'

Ben Moir, technical director of the project, said: 'After the laughter had stopped, we knew it was going to be an awesome project...people will want this.'

See where this is going?  Fundawear addicts sitting alone on a bus bench redialing their underwear, over and over, night and day, refusing to get on any bus that stops.  Fundawear couples running up cell phone bills playing hide-the-salami on two different continents.  Married Fundawear men cheating with married Fundawear women.  Fundawear dominatrix adding spikes, whips and leather to the basic model while others try to squeeze into smaller and smaller sizes.  Teens stealing mom and dad's Fundawear staging wild underwear parties.

Streets fill with incessant buzzing.  The ultimate distracted driver.  This cannot end well.

Kilt Wearing Men Have More-Better Sperm

Florida Sex Predator Front Yard Signs

Child and adult rapists living in Bradford County, FL are easily found.  All ya gotta do is drive by their houses and read the bright red metal signs emblazoned with their names and crimes planted in their front yards.

'If it prevents one more victim in my community, I've done my job as sheriff,' Sheriff Gordon Smith said. At a cost of $10 a piece the signs are going up fast.

The secular pukes at VICE magazine think the road signs will result in neighbors harassing sex offenders.  You hear this idiotic false-logic defense of child molesters from liberals a lot.

But there's no evidence, no example, no history of anyone attacking a child predator just based on knowing where they live.  Instead consider the predators are the ones guilty of attacking people.  A point lost on the lameoids at VICE.

John Goodman, a convicted rapist, says he doesn't have a problem with the signs. 'I've done learned my lesson. I don't do things like that anymore,' Goodman confessed.

There you go VICE. One of the predator 'customers' is fine with the advertisement of his location. Did you interview John? Maybe he can give you guys some pointers.

Florida First To Regulate Drones

C-Section Babies Suffer Damaged IQ

Scientists at Yale University found increased levels of the protein UCP2 in babies born naturally.  The protein fosters short and long term memory health, a key components of intelligence development.

UCP2 is also thought to improve the chances of newborns breastfeeding. Breast milk jump starts the immune system in infants, and contributes to digestive health once the kid starts to eat regular food.

Caesareans (C-section) damage IQ yet are now the majority of births in US hospitals. The procedure is also said to damage women's fertility and open them to risk of bleeding and infection. So why are they being done? Money. Getting women quickly in and out of the hospital saves money and increases surgery fees.

If you want your kid to have the best chance to develop a robust IQ, immune system, sleep and eat well DO NOT have a C-section.   And try to breastfeed them for at least a year.

Infant Diet Critical To IQ
Nancy Pelosi Not Born Naturally
Movie Popcorn Linked To Alzheimers
Horrified Breastfeeding Mom Pasted On Porn Site 
Oral Sex Cures Morning Sickness?

Insincerity Not Cheating Marriage Killer #1

Couples looking to make their union last may be surprised to find 'forgive and forget' a bad idea.

James McNulty, professor at the University of Tennessee, found forgiveness builds resentment. Bending over backfires and is likely to be seen as insincere and manipulative.

McNulty says the ‘short-term discomfort of an angry but honest conversation’ works best.

In other words, be honest, and if you are angry, be angry, but don't be patronizing or pretend understanding.

The best way to shatter any relationship is to become abusive. An abuser carries grudges and will use name-calling, screaming, and tear-down tactics rather than explain the problem concisely, and move on.

McNulty notes, 'believing a partner is forgiving leads agreeable people to be less likely to offend that partner and disagreeable people to be more likely to offend that partner.' Stated differently, when forgiving your partner be aware of the 'grudge carriers', they will take advantage of that olive branch and repeat their offense thinking you will keep forgiving them.

One discovers after trial and error that any relationship not based on good-will isn't worth working on. If good-will is lost the marriage is doomed anyway.   So don't fret, be honest, express your anger when necessary and be a good sport when the table is reversed - over time the table reverses a lot.

Chew Your Boss Out Website 
Parents From Hell

Obama Throws Gun Defeat Temper Tantrum

Liberals like Obama are mostly knee-jerks.  Everything they defend is full of crap - Global Warming, Abortion, Big Government, Socialism, History Revisionism, Secular Humanism, Political Cronyism, Class Warfare, Tax and Spend.

After Sandy Hook Obama and his fellow irrational liberal ingrates felt it time to put a full court press on the Bill of Rights. After the Democrat controlled Senate refused to play the game, Obama went postal at the podium.

Trotting out 'victim' family members and added a weeping Joe Biden to the mix Obama stood spitting on his own teleprompter attacking those that refused to back his play on gun grabbing. 

Obama snorted that those voting down the gun bill had "no coherent arguments" for their position, and that the "gun lobby" had "willfully lied" in the course of the debate. Predictably while charging others of dishonesty Obama repeated his own 'big lies' on the issue.

Obama repeated his mantra that 40% of gun sales are private, and that guns can be bought over the Internet without background checks.  Both lies.  Ofalsehood also repeated that 90% of Americans want his gun bill.  Also not true, just 4% in recent Gallup polling think gun control is a priority.

The liberals are livid. Good. Dare we hope Obama's temper tantrum gives him insight into how US citizens feel about his brazen disregard for their constitutional rights?  Don't hold your breath.

NRA: 'Obama Bit Off More Than He Can Chew'
Reid Mocks 2nd Amend Defenders
Feinstein Fumes
Bloomberg Rages
Pelosi Vows Revenge
IL Dems Block Gun Control
Biden Threatens Obama Exec Orders
Obama Refuses Verdict Crafting New Gun Bill 
Obama Sets Up 2014 Target List For Senate
PSA Abuses Kids Over Guns And Fairytales
Cuomo Coma: Connects Boston To 'Climate Change'
NPR Blames Boston On Right Winger Hitler Fans
CALSTRS Invests In Investor Of Gun Makers
Schummer Channels Boston To Push Illegals Bill 
Obamacare Study Says Rates Will Rise 80% By 2014

Cat Parasite Inducing Suicide In Women

Cats are aloof, indifferent, finicky, and and treat furniture with disdain.  Women who prefer cats are usually homely loners who find comfort in an animal unable to convey loyalty or affection.

More important cats also carry diseases and parasites dangerous to humans.

Researchers found women infected with the Toxoplasma gondii (T. gondii) parasite got the bug from cat feces or eating undercooked meat and unwashed vegetables tainted by cat feces.

Over half of female cat owners are infected. Toxoplasmosis has been linked to mental illness, such as schizophrenia and suicidal depression. Over a million people succeed and another ten million attempt suicide worldwide each year - the majority of these are women.

Pregnant women can pass the parasite directly to their unborn babies.

The study found that women infected with T. gondii were one and a half times more likely to attempt suicide compared to those who were not infected.

Contrary to myth cats are not clean animals.  Don't try to inform cat owners of these dangers.  Most will get defensive and swill in denial. First sign the parasite has already taken hold..

Gay Marriage Slippery Polygamy Slope

Marriage has been strictly defined for centuries to be basically the union of (1) two consenting adults, (2) of opposite sex, (3) who are not close blood relatives.

Since the first settlements at Yorktown these pillars of marriage have been sacrosanct.  In the 19th century the federal government sent troops to Utah to suppress polygamy, for example.

Gays want to dump part two of the tri-def of marriage.  Sorta pick'n and choos'n as they say.  But if gays somehow manage to get what they want and obliterate the opposite sex part, then there really is nothing to stop the train from roll'n further down the track.

Yesterday Slate Magazine published an article, "Legalize Polygamy, No I'm Not Kidding."  The cynical author pretends to answer critics of gay marriage.  Author Jillian Kaneen gets cute in her little tome but her sarcasm is lost on the seculars that agree with her.

Marriage and government don't mix and that's where all the trouble's brewing.  Government should only sanction the civil portion of said unions.  Leave social and religious institutions the privilege of codifying the rest.

Of course the first time a man tries to marry his pit bull, or a woman tries to marry her Shetland pony the cops will show up.  So, at least for now, there will still be 'limits' on the marital messes morphing even further into the realm of the bizarro world.

Tenured Math Professor Fired Forcing Obama Pledge

Liberal academics are so desperate to keep Obama in power they readily stoop to race baiting, bullying, coercion, voter fraud, and even extortion. Such is the case with tenured mathematics professor Sharon Sweet.

Brevard College in Florida fired Ms Sweet after a an investigation found she forced students to sign a pledge to vote for Obama prior to the 2012 election.

'The termination took effect immediately, ending pay and benefits for Sweet who had been suspended with pay...,' read the press release.

Sweet was suspended three months ago after the school was tipped off by students. Brevard president Jim Richey asked the Board of Trustees to can Ms Sweet citing her  'harassment, incompetence, misconduct, and unprofessional behavior.'

Extreme example of grade coercion?  Sadly no.  Maybe lawmakers should start protecting students from these animals by making grade extortion a crime instead of just an unethical act of cowardice.

Professor Arrested Threatening Pro-Life Students
Student Pees In Teacher Lounge Coffee Pot
Another NY Teacher-Student Sex Dealie
Another College Prof-Student Sex Dealie
Another HS Teacher Gets Prison For Sex With Students
Short List Of Teacher-Student Sex Scandals
Teacher Run MySlutTeacher.com From School Computers
Two Married NY Teachers Suspended Same Day For Sex-Contact