Man Sets Self Ablaze Over Wife's Lesbian Affair

No.  You haven't heard or seen it all, at least not until you read this story.

Lim, a 50-year-old husband and father of three set fire to himself when he discovered his wife had been conducting a lesbian affair with her female boss for 18 years.

"I rushed out of the room and saw my father on fire and tried to put out the flames using water from the bathroom," the couple's 18 year old son told police

Relatives later said they suspected Lim wanted to kill his wife and three kids but couldn't bring himself to do it.  Lim's plan B was apparently to light himself up, instead.

How did Lim miss an 18 year lesbian love affair with another woman?    What hints did he miss? And what about Lim's wife's boss's husband?  Finally, and most critically, at what point does lame Lim come up with setting himself on fire as a way to punish his wife?

Life is short, but this is ridiculous.