Chinese City Collects Kids In 'Baby Boxes'

China's one child policy is ending.  The limit put pressure on Chinese parents who had preferences for male kids.  So, imagine what the average couple did when they found out their one and only was gonna be a girl?

Many either aborted the kid, or birthed the fledgling female and parked her at social welfare agencies.

Shenzhen wants parents to leave those kids in little boxes deployed around the city. Some warn the boxes will make it easier for "irresponsible parents" to dump their unwanted kids.

Shijiazhuang has had the boxes taking in over 170 infants since 2011. Other cities in China setting up too.

Baby boxes were all the rage in medieval Europe. Germany started using them again last year. But the UN says the boxes violate the rights of children.

Ah, but abortion doesn't violate anyone's rights,  right?

Geneticist: Humans Arose From Chimp-Pig Matings

Dr Eugene McCarthy, of the University of Georgia says the trail leading to Homo Sapiens began with a hybrid offspring of a male pig and a female chimpanzee.

Gene's epiphany came when he realized there's one animal that has all of the traits which distinguish humans from primates.  'What is this other animal that has all these traits?' he promiscuously postulates. 'The answer is Sus scrofa, the ordinary pig.'

To get there, Gene has to bypass a few laws of biology, like sterile offspring in hybrids. A jackass for example is sterile - the result of a mule mating with a horse.  And those two creatures are nearly the same thing!

Gene's dream hook-up goes like this: the original pig-chimp coital congretio was followed by several other pig-chimp 'backcrossings', where the offspring of a given pairing lived among chimps and mated with them - becoming more like chimps and less like pigs with each new freak of nature

The 'monkey-fucks-a-pig hypothesis' as it's now referred to by critics gets the most heat when considering pigs and monkeys are not 'interfertile'. Even if the female chimp did do the nasties with a pig the pig sperm would ignore the monkey egg anyway.

So it kinda looks like Gene is gonna have to find another way to justify his paycheck.

Japan Building Moon Wrapped Solar Farm

Here's one of those why didn't I think of it dealies... The current energy consumption on Earth each day is around 16 terawatts.

A Japanese company has a clever idea...Shimizu Corporation's Luna Ring project would stretch 6,790 miles of solar panels around the moon's equator. The giant ring would also be 250 miles wide. All of it made from the moon itself.

The moon rotates neatly like a pie plate on a stick, not tilted like the Earth. And the moon has no clouds to block sunlight. So the panels will get direct sunlight exposure 100% of the time.

The 13,000 terawatts of continuous solar energy harvested each day would then be shipped back to Earth in real-time via microwave and laser beams.

And guess what's recharged interest in the venture? The wreck that is Fukushima.  Ironically the nuke plant disaster is giving birth to an idea that would power not just Japan but the rest of the world too.

Isn't that a hoot?

Christmas Tree Saves Family In Pittsburgh

Christmas trees seem like a waste of forestry, but the tradition is well embedded in the American psyche and continues to be the center of Christian tradition in the USA.  So be it.  But did you know a Christmas tree can also act as a bullet shield in drive-by shootings?

Thirty five-year-old thug Dionne Lee McKelvin has been arrested for shooting a woman in the arm and chest during a drive-by shooting near Pittsburgh, PA. Several houses were hit by the bullet spray.

Tina Smorey’s house was among those hit by a stray bullet passing through the front of the house, coming out in her living room wall and hitting her Christmas tree.

“I was sitting on my couch and I heard six to eight loud pops. If the tree wasn’t there, we would have had that couch right under the windows; but ironically, we put the tree up early this year."  Well, Tina misuses the word ironic - there's nothing funny about Dionne shooting a Christmas tree instead of Tina's family.

Oh, and if you're one of the arm-chair liberals ready to pounce on the gun part of the story be informed Dionne is charged with attempted homicide AND illegal possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.

1500 Arrests Is The Charm

Chinese Gobbling Up California Real Estate

China is in the green, baby.

Millions of Chinese flush with cash from two decades of moving jobs and wealth from the USA and Europe to China are on the hunt for bargains.

The new Chinese middle-class wants their kids to get the best education and they want to make sure their kids inherit their wealth - so they're carving up California.

Brian Yang's plan is typical. Yang and his family still live in China, but he just purchased a home in Irvine this year. He has a five year plan. When his daughter turns ten he will move into the home along with his family and have her finish school in the US.

Many Chinese see their own country as unstable politically, and fraught with big problems like pollution and inflation. So they're paying all-cash for million dollar real estate, using it as a safe-haven for their new found wealth.

Sorta sounds like the way the USA was back in the day, huh folks?

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Chinese Wife Scratches Luxury Car To Force Hubby To Buy

Filthy Pre-Schoolers Spark Rage

A Buffalo, NY pre-school teacher sent her little charges home one day with a note pinned to their shirts. 

'Several children aged 3-4 are coming to school (sometimes daily) with soiled, stained, or dirty clothes...some give off unpleasant smells and some appear unclean and unkempt...parents please take care of them...'

Parents went ballistic and demanded the TEACHER be disciplined. The school board complied and suspended her.

Fair? Of course not.  The stink is not about the teacher asking parents to wipe their kid's asses, it's about the bend-over the school board is doing to please whining parents who insist on having their kids go to school looking and smelling like a slaughterhouse janitor.

At least one guy got it right, 'This country is becoming a nation of over-sensitive wussies. If you are sending your kid to school filthy and stinking, you are a crappy parent...It is not the school/districts job to teach these parents how to parent and take care of their kids properly.'

Ya think?

Santa Arrested Groping Elf

Herbert Jones, 62, was arrested for indecent assault and battery.  Keep reading, it gets better.

Herbie was working his seasonal mall job dressed up as Santa Claus when he just kinda lost his focus and decided to reach out and pinch the butt of one of his 18-year-old female elves.

A witness female elf told police she saw Jones “reach up in the area’s of [the victim’s] behind.” The elf said she was “unsure if his hand actually made contact” with the victim elf's buttocks, the victim elf later reported “that Santa ‘pinched her butt.’”

Herbie's side of the story is a little different, of course. He said he was in his Santa seat sure enough but the teen elf  “walked by and brushed her buttocks against his hand.” Jones insisted he too was shocked when he realized what was happening and “pulled his hand away in an attempt to avoid contact.”

At least that's what Herbie told the judge this morning.

Are the two teens out to get some twisted elfie revenge on Santa, or did Santa try to sneak himself an early Christmas gift? You be the judge.

Morning After Pill Fails For Women Over 165 Pounds

If you're female and weigh over 165 pounds you have a lot of problem already.  Now add the morning after pill to that list. A warning from the makers say the drug won't work for you.

HRA Pharma, the French makers of Norlevo are changing warnings to reflect the weight limits. European pharmaceutical regulators are following suit.

The US CDC says the critical bovine cutoff is a beefy 166 pounds for the average American woman.   But no warning labels are required yet. Some of the OTC pill names are Plan B One-Step, Next Choice One Dose, and My Way.

The really bad part? Data from 2010 show the average US white woman 20 years and older weighs 166.2 pounds, and the average black female tips in at a pulse-pounding 186  - rendering the pills useless.

So, if you have a fat female friend frolicking, frisky, and foolish sleeping around without protection send her a link to this article - it may just save her some grief. Either that or encourage her to lose the weight.

Man Butt Dials Victim During Hitman Huddle

How to plan and execute the perfect murder probably doesn't start with an unintended cell phone call to the intended victim.

Larry Barnett, 68, has his ass planted on a bunk in the Jonesboro, Arkansas jail for plotting to kill an ex-employee.  Larry  'unknowingly made' a cell phone call while instructing a hired killer when his butt squeezed the send-button and redialed the last number dialed - the ex-employee 'target.'

'I don’t care if you have to burn his house to the ground with him in it. I don’t care what you have to do, make it look like an accident,' Barnett told the professional killer.

The ex-employee made his own cell phone call to the cops and had them listen to the conversation in real-time. A kind of cell-to-cell here you go officers.

Of course the murderee didn't stay home to tempt his fate. The cops found the house burglarized and the gas stove setup to explode.

Barnett was easy to locate because he owns Legend Motor Company.  But the hitman's still at large - very large.  And Larry's cell phone is sitting in an evidence bag at the police station today.

Man Sends Drunk Wife's Picture Over PlayStation
More Likely To Be Murdered Than Die From Food Allergies
Suicidal Woman Sues Cops For Saving Her Life

Hangover Hell Begins At Forty

Twenty-somethings think they're immortal and guzzle brew to prove it.

But the party ends at age forty says science.

Older bodies swap alcohol-absorbing muscle for fatty tissue. The old sack of bones hold less water exaggerating and making the effects of dehydration more pronounced.

And it's dehydration that turns your skull into a ringing bell and the rest of your body into a slogging-Russian-weight-lifter trying to roll out of the sack the next day.

Finally, older people already struggling with sleep issues throw alcohol on brain refusing REM sleep. With less sleep the mild hangover morphs into a massive headache and the brain can't crawl out of it's catatonic stupor as well as it did when twenty.

Got fantasy for your twenty-fifth year class reunion?  Suck it in man, you're gonna end up nursing a single glass of wine all night and lying about your life, not waking up with your face stuck to the sidewalk like you did on Senior Ditch Day.

Party on Garth, party on Wayne, okay...I think I'm gonna hurl, dude...

Obama Kisses Iran Slaps Israel

Wake up!

Obama and John Kerry are crowing today about a 'historic' agreement, as the liberal press trumpets, with Iran.

So what's not to like?

Iranian diplomat Mohammad Zarif triumphantly proclaimed the deal gives Iran the right to enrich weapon's grade material unmolested.

Obama quickly claimed a 'win' in the middle of last night, but conveniently omitted the - Iran gets to keep making a bomb part.  You see, Obama lifted sanctions against Iran secretly a few months ago, so the negotiations since have been completely one-sided.

The Israeli government is correctly alarmed. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called the deal an “unbelievable Christmas present,” noting Iran is free to sell oil again and still gets to go after their bomb “for practically no concessions at all.”

Remember, Obama's rear is against the wall over Obamacare. And Kerry was denied the WH lying about his war service. Why is anyone shocked these two would claim a victory where Iran finishes their bomb and Israel is thrown under the Mosque?

Iran Gets 6-Months To Finish Their Bomb
Iran Building Two More Nuke Plants 
Netanyahu: 'A Historic Mistake'
Obama's Iran Deal: Worse than Munich
Israel Warns: "Suitcase Nuke" Over Iran Nuclear Deal
Author: Iran Deal Makes Israeli Strike Inevitable
Saudi Arabia Strikes Out On Own Over Iran Deal

Middle School Spreads Obama Race Propaganda

Obama is an abject failure.  Anyone saying so out loud is immediately tagged a racist. 

Just as Hitler's Germany focused on school kids in order to embed their notion of a 'New World Order' in young minds, likewise, the Obama regime is up to the same dangerous nonsense.  Hitler knew that kids could be manipulated far more easily than adults.

A book about Obama is exposing the fourth-graders at Illinois Bluffview Elementary to a bitter lie - that opposition to Obama is based entirely on his race.

Parents are outraged. But Bluffview school administrators defend the book saying it's not part of the school curriculum.

Don't believe it? Check this out: “But some people said Americans weren’t ready for that much change. Sure Barack was a nice fellow, they said. But white voters would never vote for a black president. Other angry voices were raised. Barack’s former pastor called the country a failure. God would damn the United States for mistreating its black citizens, he said.”

Obama's Dept of Education chief Arne Duncan is behind the Common Core standards now the 'law' in all but four states. And this little book is part of that ploy, folks.

McDonalds Uses Opera To Terrorize Teens

An infestation of teen loitering in an Australian McDonalds just outside Sydney was threatening sales.

Matthew Watson, the operations manager copied his solution from a nearby car park using Barry Manilow music to drive off an intractable pubescent pullulate.  But instead of blaring Barry he choose arias from Don Giovanni and La Boheme.

It worked!

The tactic is not without critics.  Some who live nearby say the music is too loud but others say "it might bring a bit of class to the area".

Though the teens are clearly repulsed, Stef Awns laments,: "It's a shame that classical music supposedly has this impact on people".

Wonder if Mozart and Puccini could have guessed their masterworks would one day be used to frighten and intimidate teenagers rather than entertain and enlighten them?

Black Teen Playing 'Knockout' Shot By Victim

Principal Says Jelly Sandwiches Are Racist

Verenice Gutierrez, principal of Harvey Scott K-8 School in Portland told the Portland Tribune she is reprogramming her staff to recognize that peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are an example of insensitive racism stemming from "white privilege' in American society.


Gutierrez explains, “Take the peanut butter sandwich, a seemingly innocent example a teacher used in a lesson last school year...What about Somali or Hispanic students, who might not eat sandwiches?”

So Gutierrez setup a race-boot-camp for her teachers to include,  “intensive staff trainings, frequent staff meetings, classroom observations and other initiatives,” to help educators understand their own “white privilege,” in order to “change their teaching practices to boost minority students’ performance.”

Gutierrez says her 'mandate' is improve education for students of color, particularly Black and Brown boys - her words folks. Sorta like a red-guard cultural revolution purge...

How did a squirrel like Verenice Gutierrez get into the school system? Ask the parents in Portland.

Facebook Dating White Males Dominate

Facebook's 'Are You Interested (AYI)' app has exposed the dating preferences of various race groups.

AYI isn't a dating service, it works more like a nudge. If someone wants to get the attention of another or respond to a nudge, they click 'yes' or ignore the overture.

The data revealed men of all races prefer a partner of another race over their own.  And found black men and women are routinely ignored by other race groups.  However, white men are acceptable to women of all races.

Results also showed most men prefer Asian women.  And Asian women prefer contact from white men even over Asian male interest.

Men respond to women three times more often than women reply to men’s messages. No shock or surprise there. It appears men are still more aggressive than women when it comes to dating.

Asians, Blacks and American Indians prefer swimming in their own race pools yet whites are ready to dive into the deep end regardless of race when interest is shown (again, except when a black female or male is doing the nudge).

What might be one take-away from all this nudging?   Over time it appears Whites, Asians and Hispanics will inter-breed readily, and blacks will eventually die out.  Blacks are also aborting at higher rates than all other groups resulting in a decline in their numbers.

Male Sex Drive Linked To Breast Milk
Bill Gates Builds A Better Condom
Gay Marriage Push Comes To Halt
24,000 Year Old Skeleton Proves Indians Came From Europe

Muscled Males Sport Super-Sized Snouts

Did the gene lottery place a proboscis the size of Buick on your face?

The curse comes from what type of muscle mass one musters and  how much oxygen is needed to keep the sinew singing.

Males have lean muscles which demand higher volumes of O2. Women grow blubbery muscles - the soft, gelatinous kind that swim in fatty-acids and not oxygen.

Thus, men get turbo-charged air-scoops averaging 10% larger than the standard sniffers women protuberate.

Science stumbled onto the idea studying Neanderthals. The grizzly species had small foreheads and a face full of schnoz tuned to intake the massive volumes needed to feed their ice-age adapted hulking frames.

'Even if the body size is the same, males have larger noses, because more of the body is made up of that expensive tissue. And, it's at puberty that these differences really take off,' says study author Dr Nathan Holton.

Hey Nathan, explain Asian noses then, ooops. Gotcha...

Ancient Humans Interbred With Neanderthals

Study: Orgasm Fakers Cheat Most

Women who fake orgasms are 70% more likely to find fun outside their marriages says new research from the UK.

Dr Justin Lehmiller, a psychologist from Harvard University analyzed the findings, said: ‘The more orgasms a woman had faked, the more likely she was to have cheated previously and the greater her likelihood of cheating again.'

The study showed 68% of women who admitted to cheating also said they often faked an orgasm. Some 28% of men confessed doing it too, but it remains a mystery how a man can fake an orgasm.

Oddly, many of these women claimed their orgasm 'show' was to 'protect' the feelings of their partners. Yet somehow these same women failed to connect their philandering with stealing confidence and trust from their partners.

Aren't women strange?

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Was The 2012 Election Rigged?

The 2012 election hinged on two big issues - Obamacare and the jobless rate.

Obama got caught perpetrating the dumbest deception in presidential history.  The 'keep your insurance' lie was sustained right up to the moment Obamacare went live and millions started to get cancellation notices.  The lie was often repeated during the 2012 election cycle.

Obama got another big fat gift from the Census department a few weeks before the vote in November 2012 - a fraudulent jobless number.    Remember it?  After years of stagnant jobless reports suddenly and conveniently the number dropped from 8.1% to 7.8%

The Labor department uses census taking of 60,000 households to determine the jobless number. The New York Post is reporting unidentified sources say a number of Census employees have falsified the monthly numbers.

Despite Census employee Julius Buckmon getting fired in 2010 for bolstering the numbers the practice has continued - and did so even more critically during the final quarter before the last election.

Everyone's losing except Obama.   Lies, lies and damn lies folks. Is it time for a redo?

Fox News Uncovers 2012 Fraud
Now Obama Says 100 Million Have Enrolled
Obama Deletes 'God' From Gettysburg Address
How Democrats Tried To Make Obamacare Repeal-Proof
33% Of US Cities In Decline
CBS: Obama Crashes To 37%

Science Finds Cure For Skin Aging, But...

Doctors have long used diluted bleach to treat severe eczema, but why bleach did the trick was a mystery, until now.

Did bleach kill harmful bacteria? Or did it somehow destroy the dead tissue in a way that allowed healing to take place? Nope.

The culprit was inflammation. In fact, it's inflammation that's a bigger problem than the infection itself in most cases. That's why you take aspirin or Tylenol to keep a fever down, inflammation causes damage to tissue and the brain.

Tests showed that low doses of bleach blocked a chemical that triggers the immune system's inflammatory response.

But don't dart out and start taking Clorox baths. The dosage is infinitesimally small, and wiping bleach over large areas of your body will not just turn you into an albino it likely will do more harm than good.

For now, it's mainly for severe cases of skin disease, open sores, diabetic tumors, and women with mustaches, like postmenopausal Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi.  You don't wanna end life like Michael Jackson, do ya?

Racist Oprah Says Racists Must Die

Obama's presidency has exposed bigotry, racism, and class envy in the black community.

One black celebrity after another (with a few exceptions) repeat the false notion that Jim Crow still exists.  Yet, ironically, it is white America that put Obama into office.  Remember less than 1% of the total vote are blacks.

So, why do people like Oprah, Harry Belefonte, Spike Lee, and Obama play the race card?  Because it's a cheap way to get their way.

Oprah did an interview on a BBC talk show yesterday and slammed her home country as if she had just escaped a KKK lynching. The billionaire princess of trailer-trash talk shows is biting the hands that have fed her and made her the rotund star she is today.

After dismissing Obama's failures as due to racism, she coughed up an ugly image for the rest of us; 'there are still generations of people, older people, who were born and bred and marinated in it [bigotry], in that prejudice and racism, and they just have to die'.

Oprah conveniently ignores the obvious. The only race hate bred, marinated, and brewing in the USA today are among blacks like herself, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Shiela Jackson Lee, Eric Holder, Martin Bashir, James Cone, Cornel West, Louis Farrakhan, Elijah Cummings, Richard Aoki, Van Jones, Alcee Hastings, Maxine Waters, and Alice Walker.  Are these among those she says 'have to die?'

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MSNBC Martin Bashir 'Someone Should Piss And Shit In Palin's Mouth'

Warning: 16 Cities Foreign Tourist Avoid

The US State department has a list of travel warnings for 34 countries.  Central African Republic, El Salvador, Iraq and North Korea top the list.

But did you know other countries issue the same warning for 'dangerous' US cities to avoid?

Here's a snapshot:.

Boston: Avoid the night in Dorchester, Mattapan and Roxbury, the North End and Fenway.
New York: Stay out of Harlem, the Bronx or Central Park.
Wash DC: Avoid NE and SE. Stay away from Anacostia, day or night.
Baltimore: Nowhere is safe.
Cleveland: Avoid Cleveland Heights, Lakewood and Euclid.
Detroit: Don't even think about going there.
Chicago: Stay away from the West Side and anywhere south of 59th Street.
Atlanta: Avoid the southern part of the city, and downtown after dark.
New Orleans: NW of Dauphine Street, NE of Ursulines Avenue, S of Magazine Street are trouble.
Los Angeles:  Do not drive or walk in South Central or East LA.

So what's common among these cities?  That's where blacks call home.  And frankly, the advise foreign governments give to their tourists work for anyone living INSIDE the USA too - especially if your skin color doesn't match the night.

Couple Return 'Bad Seed' Adoptee To State

The cops were looking for Cleveland Cox, 49, and wife Lisa, 52, on a misdemeanor charge of reckless abandonment of a 9-year-old boy. They turned themselves in this morning.

The couple allegedly dumped the youth at the Butler County Children Services soon after filing a report with the Sheriff's department citing the adoptive son 'suffers from mental issues, and threatened to kill everyone in the house with a knife'.

Neighbors say the Coxes are good parents and nice people. One of them described the 9-year-old adopted boy as a 'bad seed.'

But the DA isn't buying the baloney. County Prosecutor Michael Gmoser got an arrest warrant for the couple despite ordinary misdemeanor charges.

'When you are the parent and you recklessly abandon a child or children, there are criminal consequences,' Gmoser said. ‘Children are like that box of chocolates...You really never know what you're going to get...’

Wonder if Gmoser was connecting the box of chocolates to the fact the orphan is a black kid?

The Coxes face six months in jail and a $1,000 fine if convicted. Cute twist on child-rearing - a get-your-money-back warranty on snotty and misbehaving kids. Wouldn't that be nice?

Oprah: "Obama Disrespected Cause He Be Black"
Obama: "I'm Really Good At Killing People"
Family Of Seven Raid Toys-R-Us Flash Mob Style

Obamacare Tax On Home Sales

Obamacare is a giant suppository shoved up the country's collective ass.  Not just because millions are losing their insurance, not just because an Obamacare alternative plan costs 200% more, and not just because the website is down.


The real rectal reaming comes rolled into a dozen new taxes snipping away at an already weak economy.  Is much of your 'wealth' still tied up in your house?  Did you plan to sell it one day?  Guess what...

If you're single with an AGI of $200,000 or file jointly with an income of $250,000 or more, you're gonna give up a chunk of your home equity to Obamacare. Upon sale all proceeds over $500,000 in 'profit' are already subject to a 15% capital gains tax. But Obamacare wants a pound of flesh too - another 3.8% tax will be exacted on the whole sale. It's like paying a double real-estate broker fee.

And what are you buying for that donation? Oh yea, you get to lose your health insurance and be forced into a watered down policy from Obamacare costing 400% more (preimums will spike in 2014 thanks to the healthy young forgoing the privilege of joining the Obamacare party).

Top Ten Dirty Obamacare Democrats
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College Cancels Student Healthcare Plans

Passengers Revolt Over Blind Guy Kicked Off Plane

US Airways has got some kind of hard bark when it comes to blind travelers.

Blind passenger Albert Rizzi's guide dog wasn't far enough under a seat to please a flight attendant on a Philadelphia commuter hop yesterday.  The yellow lab became a little restless after it had to lay prone for a full hour and a half while the plane sat on the tarmac.

Suddenly Rizzi was being escorted off the plane. Rizzi said, 'And I hear nobody else moving, and as I'm walking to the front, I'm like wait a second, why am I the only one getting off?'

The other passengers became outraged and started insisting the blind guy be left alone. So the captain told all the passengers to get off. The flight was over before it got off the ground.

US Airways is claiming Rizzi was verbally abusive.  Odd, wasn't the issue the dog?

US Airways and American Airlines are in the middle of a giant merger that'll birth an aviation behemoth - a giant unfriendly skies one could predict.

Pilot To Passengers 'We're Going Down'

Venezuela Runs Off Body Image Cliff

Something is wrong in South America, especially in Brazil and Venezuela.  Most picture South Americans as alpaca herders or stomping barefoot in a tub full of cocoa leaves.  But there' plenty of narcissism in their bigger cities, enough to match anything Europe or the USA can muster.

Case in point, see what's going on in store windows in Caracas, left?. 

Super-thin mannequins with giant-big breast implants are being blamed for an epidemic body-image problem among Venezuelan poverty stricken females.

The mannequins are said to mimic what poor women across the country are morphing themselves into spending what little resources they have on trying to attain what the mannequins now reflect.

And boutique owners who have these mannequins have enjoyed a spike in sales.

Osmel Sousa runs Venezuela's Miss Universe program. He says, ‘If 'defects' can be easily fixed with surgery, then why not do it [referring to noses and boobs]?’

Sousa callously offers, ‘inner beauty doesn’t exist. That’s something that unpretty women invented to justify themselves.’

Gotta pity the females who end up anywhere near a guy like Sousa...giant, fake boobs are an aberration, not a thing of beauty.

CAL-OSHA To Require Porn Actor Goggles

Few argue government should take a proactive role in crafting and enforcing safety regulations for the workplace.

The hard part comes when civil servants burn-out and get over-zealous.  CAl-OSHA is filled with such autocrats.

A major chunk of the porn industry haunts the Hollywood Hills. Porn needs a large population base to keep a steady supply of willing schlong slingers coming through their doors. So porn and the golden-shower-state are a natural.

Of course with buckets of body-fluid free-flowing HIV is never far away. So former Assemblywoman Allyson Huber (D-El Dorado Hills) came to the rescue and wrote AB640 instended to sterilize and stop the sinister scourge

CAL-OSHA wants bigger teeth in the proposed law by mandating porn actors wear safety-goggles presumed to keep semen out of their eyes. CAl-OSHA's deputy chief of health Deborah Gold says the law is already in place for both condoms and goggles.  But existing penalties don't take a big enough bite out of bottom line.  And porn makers say sales suffer when actors wear condoms. So they ignore the law.

Peter Ackworth, CEO of fetish site says the draft regulations 'basically criminalize the production of porn.'  What?  They can't  hide the goggles?

Well, California drives-out legit businesses from their land daily - why should porn get a pass...

Burglars Foiled By Female Tomahawk Champion

Two Hispanics broke into a mobile home in Hemet, CA.

Before looking for valuables the pair scarfed down a bunch of snack food before turning to take the wrist watch off the sleeping owner, Robin Irvine.

Robin made ready and just as Nicholas Joseph Ulloa, 22, touched her arm she bolted from the bed and grabbed her tomahawk.

'I could have thrown it,' Robin told the cops. 'I could have put it right in his spine. It would have paralyzed him.'

But the burglars were already pooping their pants and running away so she took pity on them and let them go.

Apparently the unobservant thieves didn't see Robin Irvine's shelf filled with tomahawk throwing trophies. Talk about picking the wrong trailer.

The cops quickly located and arrested Ulloa who was crouched in a bunch of bushes sitting in a pool of his own pee and clutching a sack full of Robin's stuff. The other guy is still out there, and so is Robin.

UC Berkeley Bans The Term 'Illegal Aliens'

Fat Kids High Fashion

Obesity is epidemic worldwide.  So what does an 'advanced' entrepreneurial western nation do to address the problem?

How about design a fashion forged to fit fat pre-teens rather than help them lose the weight?

Ruth Smith is a mother of one over-weight prepubescent boy. The rotund mom wants people to crowd-fund her plus-size kid's clothing line for ages 5-12, 'Hey Mom, It Fits!' - designed to 'give children confidence in their personal style.'

As Ruth rationalizes, 'A child shouldn't be stuck wearing sweatpants/shirts or a plain, baggy t-shirt simply because his/her body isn't society's image of adults we should be supportive and help them through rough patches...'

How about that for a chunk of elucidated avoidance of confronting the real problem?

Mexico's Fattest Teens Get Fast-Track Diet

Karma: Obama Supporters Losing Healthcare

Despite Obama's emphatic promises to the contrary millions are losing their custom-fitted and far less expensive private healthcare policies.  And as an extra bonus they're also losing their family doctors.

Given the Democrats were the ONLY ones voting for Obamacare it's sorta sweeeeeet when Democrats get slapped with the sticker shock and sting themselves.  Whom among us deserves it more?

San Francisco architect Lee Hammack says he and his wife are “cradle Democrats.” They gave money to Obama's campaign in 2012 and worked the phones for his re-election.

Hammack got his letter last week. The two were on a $550 a month Kaiser Permanente plan since 1995. Kaiser said due to Obamacare their premiums would have to more than double to $1,300 a month and get reduced services.

Undaunted and circumspect Hammack rushed to the 'Covered California' Obamacare site and checked out his options. Ehhh. No cigar. The Obamacare plan had a hefty $975 a month premium, almost double his old one, and far higher copays and deductibles.

Hammack and his liberal wife join over one million other Californians now huddled in the same boat.  Too bad we can't force Hammack to give up his house and his savings to pay down Obama's debt too.

Anyone feel sorry for this pair? Hope not....they're one of the reasons Obama and Nancy Pelosi got the power to fling the Obamacare pile of poop on the rest of us. Happy now that you can 'see what's in it?'

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Women Work More Than Men Countries

Italian women are either desperate, dumb and dull, or they're somehow fine with lazy-assed bed mates lounging and loafing while they put in a double-work-week around the house.

In fact, the top five countries where women put in more hours than men is topped by Italy.

In order and excess hours worked:  Italy 21, Spain 15, UK 11, USA 9, and China 8.

British women do more unpaid housework and childcare than women in all other countries, yet in Italy where the birth rate is negative the women work twice as hard as the men.

Unsurprisingly, women have less time for fun and tending to their own needs.

All this at a time when men are working less. In the USA, women have filled the part-time job ranks, while the guys are sitting on their asses at home watching TV. Why? Because women get paid less, and men, after six years of Obama recession, have no self-respect left.

Brave new world? Or just swapping old world slavery with ones that have breasts? Heck Obama even has them carrying weapons into combat in the Marine corp now - lucky us.

Obama Bootlicks Blackhawks Rags On Redskins

There's hypocrisy, rank hypocrisy and vicious hypocrisy.

Obama's well repeated lie 'you can keep your healthcare' has been obliterated by the millions of cancellation letters sent to Americans.

But don't expect Obama or the other Democrats to apologize, recant, or even admit the lie was meant to deceive in order to get the abomination passed into law

Oh no.

Now comes vicious hypocrisy. Senior CA Demotard Dianne Feinstein sat on Face The Nation Sunday snarking, “Well, as I understand it, you can keep it [your healthcare] up to the time...up to the time the bill [Obamacare] was enacted, and after that, it’s a different story.”

Feinsteins happy to carry a pail of shit kept full by the WH.  Obama thinks he can get away with denying he made the comment himself, though there are 30 videos of him saying othewise.

While Feinstein was making a horses-ass out of herself on NBC, Oracist was back at the WH stirring-up the Indian pot. Last month, Obama said if he owned the Washington Redskins he would 'think about changing' the team name.

Ogle Obama above posing with the Chicago Blackhawks on their visit to the White House a few days ago. Odd, Obama didn't note the Blackhawk's mascot and logo.  Guess Obama's race outrage only extends to teams not in Chicago.

DC Council Poised To Force Redskins Name Change 
Gallup: Ofail Falls Into The 30s

Woman Demands Big Mac Strikes Boyfriend With Truck

Crystal Greer Brooks, 33, of Kingsport, TN, was arrested after allegedly driving her boyfriend's truck over the hapless man and knocking him, "onto the hood and then onto the ground." Cyrstal then allegedly accelerated forward two more times, striking the man again.

Crystal denied hitting her boyfriend with his own truck, claiming that he had, "jumped onto the hood." Based on his injuries and tattered clothing, police disagreed.

A friend said Cyrstal, "was mad they didn't stop at McDonald's." Cyrstal was arrested and booked and now sits burgerless in county lockup.

The victim, who coincidentally happens to be the father of her kid, was given a domestic violence form and a ride to a pal's house.

Tennessee females must foment for fast-food, folks.  Pity the kids.

China Can Nuke Any California City Within Minutes

Probably not a surprise to many, but bragging about the capability is kinda new and that's what China's media did last week.

The headline? 'China For First Time Possesses Effective Underwater Nuclear Deterrence Against United States.'

The narrative provides 30 photos of presumed damage projections for Seattle and Los Angeles. The article details the fallout radiation from such attacks projecting a spread all the way to Chicago.

China's subs have been evolving since they first copied Soviet subs from the 1950s. The Type 094 Jin class entered service in 2010. The behemoths are capable of launching 12 to 16 JL-2 missiles with a range of about 8,700 miles - enough to cover the entire USA.

The article boasts, 'to increase the lethality, [our] nuclear attacks should mainly target the key cities on the West Coast of the United States, such as Seattle, Los Angeles, San Francisco and San Diego.'

'The 12 JL-2 nuclear warheads carried by one single Type 094 SSBN can kill and wound 5 million to 12 million Americans,' Chinese Global Times reported.

The Chinese have 4 type 094 SSBNs prowling the Pacific and are planning the type 095 with even more capability by 2016. Isn't that a hoot?

North Korea Developing EMP Weapon

ObamaCare Doctor Fix: Forced Patient Taking

Most non chicken-brained liberals understood from day one that ObamaCare was a train wreck set to derail the medical system.

And now that the train has trundled off the trestle Democrats are slowly figuring out that doctors are not gonna want to ride either.

MDs are usually not among the blunt-force morons that vote in things like ObamaCare.  Many are small businesses too.  So when faced with treating patients below cost many MDs are refusing to bend-over and get that government finger stuck up their toches too.

In simpler terms -  most will refuse to treat government subsidized, underpaying patients entirely.  Shocking!

The Great Falls Grange debate in Virginia last week heard Democrat delegate candidate Kathleen Murphy say since many doctors aren't accepting medicaid and medicare patients she wants a law forcing doctors to treat them.  Murphy said she didn't know the government underpays for such care.  The goofy Dem also said she didn't know there's a shortage of over 45,000 physicians now and in ten years that shortage will balloon to over 90,000.

And that's BEFORE ObamaCare adds 30 million more to the teeming pile of underpaying patients.

The road to perdition is short and paved with mal-intentions squirting from the damaged minds of Democrats.

Left Handed People Prone To Schizophrenia

South-paws make up 10% of the population and have historically been  considered brain-damaged or even possessed by evil spirits.

In the last twenty-years some have tried to reverse the stereotype and assert lefties are in fact more intelligent, more creative, and are higher-achievers than the mundane righties.

But there's no empirical evidence that either characterization is true.

A study done by the University Medical Center Utrecht has a case of good news-bad news for lefties. Left-handed people are more likely to suffer from psychotic disorders and less likely to suffer from depression.

Dutch researchers had also earlier found that left-handed women are more than twice as likely to develop pre-menopausal breast cancer as right-handed women.

The suspect link arises from exposure to high levels of sex hormones in the womb - this can induce left-handedness and may also cause changes in breast tissue and a 40% greater chance to develop schizophrenia.

Lefties are also more fearful, hear sounds differently, have hotter tempers, are more defensive, are prone to boozing, tend to equivocate, and make crappy lovers.

Barak Obama is left-handed.

Pastor Manning's Halloween Gift To Obama

James David Manning is chief pastor at the ATLAH World Missionary Church on 123rd Street in NYC. ATLAH stands for All The Land Anointed Holy, which is Manning's name for Harlem.

Through the ATLAH church, Manning hosts a YouTube series called The Manning Report, which explores the negative influence of black celebrities such as Charlie Rangel, Al Sharpton, Cornel West and Jay-Z. Over the years Manning has also charged Obama with alleged criminal acts.

Criminal acts? Well, Manning hasn't liked Obama from the get go referring to him as a 'long-legged mack daddy' whatever that means. Obama defenders write Manning off as just a loud-mouthed black preacher, but now that Obama's single so-called signature 'achievement' has turned into a signature 'sack-of-shit' Manning is suddenly gaining audience.

Manning's October 27th installment is extra fun. The 'Last Word On Obama' as it were:

Sebelius: 'Men Often Do Need Maternity Care'

The ObamaCare meltdown would be a lot more fun to watch were it not for so many people getting harmed by the debacle.

Billions are being blown on dysfunctional websites, open security sores, blame-gaming, and propping up the no-doubt worst cabinet secretary since Robert McNamara engineered the lost VietNam war under Johnson - Kathleen Sebelius.

Sebelius is indeed lame.  And now she's almost alone to take the heat.

ObamaCare is collapsing under it's own feeble 2,000 pages and 74,000 regulations of weight.  Just six people signed up on day one and likely fewer than a thousand have signed up since.  Why so few?

Because the entire premise was faulty from the start.  The entire thing depends on millions of healthy younger customers without a job or if working, making less than $30k a year paying north of $6,500 before recieving a dime of 'free' healthcare.  It also depends on males paying extra for stuff like birth control pills, abortions, and maternity care they obviously will never need.

When asked about the pregnancy part for the men, Sebilius, cornered by Rep. Renee Ellmers (R-NC) gurggled:

Sebelius: The individual policies cover families. Men often do need maternity care for their spouses and for their families, yes.
Ellmers: A single male, aged 32, does need maternity coverage. To the best of your knowledge, has a man ever delivered a baby?

The real answer of course is, single males do not need maternity coverage.  Nor do young healthy people need to blow money on a service they can forgo entirely - just pay the $95 fine and get it when you get sick.  Remember, pre-existing conditions are allowed so why buy 'till you need it?

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